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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 303

Episode 303:

Kang Seol is suddenly singled out by the director, or rather the former director, and takes over the position.

He looked at the director in confusion.



The director tried to stand up, his body trembling half-heartedly.

“I’m awake!”

“this! Santio! “Get ready!”

“Now wait a minute! But…”

The director looked down at Kang Seol with a clumsy posture and made eye contact with him.

Everyone was in a panic and didn’t know what to do…

The director’s eyes shot out light as if they were projectors.

Toward the snowy snow.


“Shouldn’t we stop it?”

“Wait… I don’t think this is hostile behavior.”

Bronn agreed.

“I guess it’s just… showing something?”

“Then I guess I’ll have to wait…”

Kang Seol greeted the light coming from all things without even knowing that they were having such a conversation.


is someone’s memory.

From my point of view, it seemed like it was the director’s memory.

It may be a bit difficult to describe it as a memory, but since the director is a mechanical device, it would be more accurate to describe it as a record.

A human figure came into view.

– From now on, you will be the ruler of all creation.


– It’s literally everything. All things will survive at any moment and protect what is valuable.

Looking at the man in the record, Kang Seol deduced a few things.

‘All things were created by humans? ‘Then why is there no record of it?’

If such a great invention was created by humans, wouldn’t it be right to make the achievement widely known? Why is nothing known?

– If we fail… or even if we do…

the man smiled faintly.

A sad smile seemed to mean something like this.

– Do your duty, O creation. Watch and record everything.


When Snowfall looked around, everything was dark, as if it were night.

The only people in the black space were the director and himself.

This poor machine lifted the snow to see if there was still something left.

He lifted Snowfall and placed it on his shoulder, like an adult lifting a child.


“… Ah!”

The world unfolded around the director.

A very small world.

It is a world of type.

Printers were gathering from all over the world.

These were someone’s records to inform others. Types of people gathered together to let people know what they had experienced and what they thought.

Even at this very moment.

Snowfall saw Pandea.

So many people caught up in the war.

A place where settlers and natives hate each other and cause conflict.

Humans who went ahead first.

‘… This.’

Moments that cannot even be described with the word fantastic. This was also felt by viewers.

– I… What am I seeing?

– creeps;; I have goosebumps all over my body right now.

– it’s crazy. This is crazy…

– Isn’t this the direction the media should be heading in?

– The value of the license fee changed.

Everything seemed small.

Dust-sized beings were fighting for dust-sized things.

Originally, the feelings of humans looking at ants were no different. Most people just consider it insignificant or remain indifferent. Is everything they pursue truly insignificant?

‘…what am I thinking now.’

Having become the director of the Mansang Library, I had empty imaginations, as if I were a god.

Kang Seol looked down at the director.


Although he was named Mansang, he was nothing more than a manager. It’s a cold mechanical device.

Even after holding out for such a long time, almost all of the authority he had was exhausted, so there wasn’t much he could do anymore. It is true that only with the help of someone can it return to its original form.

However, although his appearance may be worn, his sense of duty and order have not rusted.

He was fighting to maintain his duty as a god who rules over the library of all things. The connection with those who created it has long since been lost.



It may not have been possible for the director to deliver something to Kang Seol with his completely broken body, but I could feel the remnants of emotion like regret.

After being defeated so badly by Azran and the Raven, he was unable to do anything anymore, so he handed over the position of director to Kangseol, but he didn’t seem to feel relieved about it.

The director still wanted to be the director.

He wanted to do his duty.

However, since he could not return to his original form on his own, he had to borrow the help of someone else.

The right person for this was Kangseol.

‘But why do I have it?’

There are also two great wizards, Jaune and Santio, here right now. This does not apply to Bronn because he is a character from a book.

Snowfall stroked the director’s body in the black space.


The director quietly lowers his head with regret in his eyes, as if he had done everything he had to do.

The light flowing out has now faded, and the director no longer moves in that state.

* * *

A few days later.

Using the power of all things inherited from Snowfall, they returned to the 8th floor and each dispersed to do their own thing.

Moving between floors was only a small part of the director’s power.

Anyway, Jaune and Santio also achieved something after their efforts.

The two great wizards found other books that would help them reach their new heights, although they were not frozen truths.

“Okay… it’s a shame, but it’s still not that bad.”

“The fact that there was a harvest itself is important. In fact, after experiencing several crises, the quality and quantity of magical power has increased significantly compared to before. If things continue like this, I think we will soon surpass our previous level.”

“okay? Hmm… I have to go back quickly and look back on this schedule.”

“If we look at it carefully again, our level will definitely rise significantly.”

“okay. That’s a good thing. But… it bothers me.”

Jaune looked up at the spire, the highest point of the citadel.

Now the snowfall was there.

“You must be distraught, right?”

“Of course. “I suddenly had everything in my hands.”

“You heard it too, right? Are you saying you have no authority at all? “They say it’s just a facade, but I have to stay trapped in all things forever.”

“That would be fine as long as you give up all your positions, but…”

“Maybe it’s because of that problem? yes?”

“… I think so.”

“… I need to meet you before I make a stupid decision. “Let’s go together too.”

“Me too?”

“cancer! Why would he hesitate to pass judgment? huh? “A young man who lacks nothing!”

“That’s probably it…”

“It’s age. Hehe, I guess I should share some of this archmage’s wisdom.”

Jaune makes a sinister expression and Santio follows along with a sigh. The place they headed to was the spire where Snowfall appeared after returning to the 8th floor.

“So, if I bring up the story first, then you… huh?”

“… I’m here just now.”

As they climbed the spire, they saw snowfall. Snowfall was leaning against the castle wall and looking at the edge of the snowy mountain with faint eyes.

“Heh heh… being cool. hey! you! “What are you thinking like that!”

“It really makes you feel like you’re a god.”

Snowfall turned her attention to Jaune and Santio.


Snow Smiles slightly.

“…don’t make fun of me.”

he asked, looking at Jaune and Santio.

“Are you here to say goodbye?”

“Uh… right… I’m not going. “I’m not leaving right away… I’ll probably leave after I see you make a decision.”


“If Libra asks for news later, you still have to answer to the best of your knowledge.”

One thing I learned after snowfall came to the fore.

Regardless of where Mansang is currently, users will exit from where they first entered.

In other words, if Jaune and Santio escape from Mansang, it is unknown when they will meet again.

Snowfall will return to the ghost world and the great wizards will go to the real world.

The intersection is the Mansang Library, so you will also say goodbye here.

Jaune said, subtly or openly scratching his sideburns.

“Are you… distraught?”

Santio opened his mouth and scolded Jaune.

“Well, normal people don’t ask that directly.”

“Si is noisy! you!”

Jaune said, pointing his finger at the snowfall.

“Answer me, little scale. “Is it that hard for you to make decisions?”

Kang Seol looked at John and asked.

“Even if life was created by chance, life is life, so I have to decide their lives…”

Kang Seol’s concern was the treatment of glacier anglerfish.

These are beings born from printing.

These are people who have already disappeared from the original world. It was not an easy matter for them to survive.

“You’re so slow… You act like you’re a god, but isn’t that what happened to your head? “Do you really think you are God?”

“… So, Jaune, do you think deciding on the lives of others is something a human being should do?”

“stop! “Both of you…”

Jaune scolded.

“You idiot! “How many times have you killed so far!”

“… yes?”

“How many times have I killed in my life!”


“Are there more than those guys rolling snowballs over there?”

“I’m not sure, but…”

The number of lives that Snowfall has lost through its battles so far is probably greater than the number of Glacier Maws that fill the fortress.

“Look at that! “You look down on humans!”


“Do you know why the people who died after meeting you died?”

“That’s… each person has a different reason…”

“Each person is different! “We have a common reason!”


Jaune’s eyes did not waver.

“It’s because I met you. “We all fell apart after meeting you unluckily.”


“Even humans sometimes decide everything for someone else. Other people’s lives can be decided by a trivial connection or a trivial contact. okay? God is not special. It’s just a different way of thinking. What determines your life? This is something that even humans can do. okay?”

“… okay.”

Kang Seol looked at John as if he had just been punched.

“I am the illegitimate son of a coachman and a noblewoman.”


“When I was first born, I was almost stoned to death. I couldn’t even see my father, the coachman. “Maybe they said he died by drowning in a reservoir… You could say he was born under the curse of the world.”

“John, I didn’t know either.”

“Eh? “Didn’t I tell you, Santio?”

“yes. “I thought John was from the streets.”

“You b*stard! Even if you are illegitimate, a noble is a noble!”

“Oh, I see.”

Jaune continued talking.

“Anyway, think about it. “I, who was born cursed, am now a grown-up and saving the world, right?”

There were some strange phrases and words that I didn’t quite understand. Santio pointed out that point.

“John, so the point is….”

“You don’t know what’s going to happen next!”


Jaune shouted at Snowfall.

“Everything is strangely intertwined and doesn’t go as planned. So you can do whatever you want. “Anyway, other people will take care of the rest.”


“Humans are like that, history proves it, right? No matter what happens, these strange people manage to survive. “Even if someone else makes a mistake, those who are full of affection rush over and take care of it.”


“If there is a problem, me and this sheep head will come to help. So make your decision.”

“For the first time, we feel in sync. Okay, I will come to help, so make your decision with peace of mind.”

Kang Seol nodded and said.

“Thank you, my thoughts are a bit more organized now.”

“really? Was this Johnnet’s advice useful?”

“Enough. Thanks to you, I made up my mind.”

“Then when can we leave this boring library?”

Kang Seol answered that question.

“It’s today.”

“… what?”

“I’m going to summon the Glacier Maws now.”

The fate of Glaciermaw and the Library of Heaven will be decided now.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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