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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 306

Episode 306

“Shinyou! “Please look this way!”

“Here it is! “This way!”

“It’s Taeyul! “It’s Taeyul!”

“excuse me! “Look at that majestic figure over there!”

This was the main street of Chapa, one of the small and medium-sized cities of Khan, a great empire in the East.

Shinyo and Taeyul were passing by on horseback. The size of the troops under the leadership of the two was significant.

They did not lead this many people from the beginning. This was all because of the war against ghosts.

Most of the dragons who fought in the war were shaken by the power of the ghost army. Many of those who bravely stepped forward fell to the merciless blade and deserted the battle in droves.

In fact, local warfare took place in such a wide area that even Shinyo and Taeyul felt it was too much.


Taeyul’s words were passing by the citizens.


someone blocked his path and shouted.

“Damn you! “You are a bloodless and tearless b*stard!”

“Get it out!”

“You… you gave up! My family in Tochang….”


“You should have died there! you! Taeyul!”

“Take it out! hurry!”



Shinyo’s horse picked up speed and came right next to Taeyul’s horse.

“Please don’t be disturbed.”

“It is done. “Isn’t that wrong?”

“But… wasn’t he there in Tochang?”


“… yakshaga.”

Ghosts are said to be born with greater power than humans, but that is an individual characteristic, not a group characteristic.

Humans knew how to cooperate and worshiped that solid power.

The ghosts that appeared from all directions at any time and caused damage initially gained the upper hand against Khan, but as the war progressed in earnest, it quickly turned over to Khan’s advantage.

The turning point of the war was when the rescue operation at Ki Island, where Seol-hong, Chi-woo, Kang Seol, and Jin-ryeo were sacrificed, turned into a half-victory.

At the time, Taeyul was happy to see the rescued citizens, but when he couldn’t see Seolhong and his group, he was so saddened by their deaths that he urgently formed a search party despite everyone’s dissuasion.

In the end, Taeyul couldn’t find them.

However, it played a big role in the Khan and the ghosts’ warring states.

Their final appearance, sacrificing their lives to save the people of the empire, reminded me of how Khan became a great empire.

It was the sacrifice of many heroes.

They climbed over their corpses and built a stone wall.

It became an empire by erasing the traces left by the evil dragon.

The deaths of Seolhong and Chiu Yonghwa caused them to be revered. They proved their love for the people of the empire with their deaths, so no one doubted their noble hearts. However, that did not mean that those who had died would come back alive.

It was around the time of Giseom’s rescue operation that Yonghwa began to connect on a large scale.

Both Yonghwa and the central army fought with desperate determination to drive out the ghosts from this land, putting aside the achievements of the battle.

The operation became bolder and more rough than before.

In the process, countless deaths and blood spilled.

But I couldn’t stop.

I have already prepared myself to die.

Desperate determination.

A person who engraves this becomes a completely different being than before. The result was completely different from before, when ghosts used fear as a weapon to commit evil acts.

Khan’s power was revealed everywhere.

A legion of giant soldiers, as well as powerful men from the shadows, appeared one after another to help Khan.

Thanks to this, many talented people such as Taeyul and Shinyo gathered under the powerful Yonghwa. Rather, it has become stronger than before the war against ghosts.

However, even as they worked hard to drive out the ghosts, there was an opponent they did not want to fight with.


A person who creates unstable holes through which ghosts can invade the present world, and is an absolute powerhouse.

Unfortunately, even powerful Yonghwas like Taeyul and Shinyo had no means to deal with him.

Yonghwa and the generals of the central army, who came forward in an exciting manner, were all beheaded by the yaksha.

He also appeared in Tochang’s operation.

Therefore, Taeyul had no choice but to give up.

Because he couldn’t pounce on the yaksha like a moth and throw his forces into a fiery pit.

We had to step forward when we had a clear plan and defense.

“you! You killed it! Shameless b*stard… don’t pretend to be just!”

“Hurry and take him! “Close your mouth!”


Because of that, there were many people who criticized Taeyul’s cowardice. It is an inevitable step.

Taeyul was bound to be exposed to criticism no matter what choice he made, whether to criticize his cowardice for giving up the fight against the yaksha or his foolishness for losing all his troops.

It was fate.

Because Yonghwa are beings that have to be covered in both pollen and human waste.

“No matter what reason you give, it’s all just an excuse.”

“… How about relaxing a little? “Right now, I’m more worried that my brother will fall than the battle of the dragons.”

“… I may have already broken down when I lost Seolhong.”

“… Brother.”

Taeyul looked up at the sky with blurry eyes.

“He was such a small child. But what was clearly in those eyes were Khan’s people.”

“… Do you miss Seolhong?”

Seolhong lost his life while helping Taeyul with his work.

It was a wound that could not be washed away for Taeyul, who always walked by the law.

Perhaps I will have to carry this yoke for the rest of my life.

“I have no right to miss you.”

“Everyone is counting on us. If the yaksha finds an opportunity, we will kill his head together with Sang-gun…”

Shinyo looks uncertain even as he speaks.

The inaction of a yaksha cannot be measured.

To be honest, it was unclear whether he would be able to defeat the yaksha, even if he was a general ranked right below the general.

Moreover, since I am in charge of important responsibilities, I cannot chase after Yaksya endlessly…

“And… I am going to visit my teacher this time.”

“…To Master?”

“yes. “I think you can tell me a way to get through this.”

“Right. You could do that…”



Taeyul rode his horse with a stern face and rode through the crowd.

The back looked painful.

* * *

“You’re ready, right?”

When Duo-ok-sini stretched and asked, Chi-woo stood side by side with Seol-hong and answered.


Chiu returned from a wolf to a human to see if he could change his appearance.

“of course! Who is it today?”



They, members of the Twelve Ghosts, stood in front of Seolhong and Chiwoo.

After returning from Mansang, Duo Wuksini constantly helped Seolhong and Chiu with their training.

This too is the process.

The four ghost spirits went to Chi-woo and the seven ghost spirits went to Seol-hong.

“Giggles… Unlike the guys before us, we won’t be so friendly.”

“Everyone said that.”

Duoksini looked up at the sky for a moment and then…


I sneezed.


Duo-o-sini said while wiping her nose.

“Then let’s begin.”

Pot-! Pot-!

Contrary to the frantic declaration, the battle progressed quite tensely.

The intention was to divide the wilderness into two so that neither would be disturbed during the battle.

It was Chiu who took the lead.


[Chiu uses a whirlwind.]

[Wind proportional to the weapon’s attack power is shot forward and then returns.] [

When it returns, the damage increases significantly.]

[For each enemy hit, the damage is reduced by a certain percentage.]

[Damage is reduced by up to 70%.]



Two dragon fists were fired from both of Qiu’s arms. A reaction similar to a rainstorm.


Sagyehon, carrying one Dragon Fist wind, evaded the returning wind by rotating his body sharply.


“Suppress the spread. The glow-in-the-dark ears and maggots can’t even be touched by this moderately hurled wind. “If you are confident, you can put all space to sleep with your wind.”

“… suppress the spread.”

“It’s a good decision.”

Chiu used the martial art of sending energy into the wind. There was no opponent at Yonghwa’s level, but everything went wrong when he met Kangseol.

In a world he did not know, there were a mountain of people to whom his power did not work.

Only then was Chiu able to realize his problem. Since he has mostly learned a wide range of attacks, he appears weak in interpersonal combat.

Just as the threat that a storm poses to humans is less than that of a single spear.



This time, Chiwoo condenses a fairly strong wind and sends it out.

“Much better movement!”

“Don’t fuss!”


A similar situation was unfolding to Seolhong as well.



The Seven Ghosts fight against Seolhong using a long soft sword.

“Do you feel fear?”


“It’s strange, I can feel your emotions.”



A soft sword wrapped around a sword.


Seolhong threw away the soft sword and then brought up another sword.


[Seolhong uses Sword Song: Destiny.]

[You can raise the blade in the air and use it for attack and defense.]

[At this time, the blade continuously consumes durability and increases the weapon’s attack power. It only uses 80% of the power.]

“It moves slowly! “You’re yawning!”


“Compared to the power I have, my heart is weak… Why?”


The seven ghosts sticking out their snake tongues.

“Is that… not your strength?”



[Seolhong’s Sword Song: Uses an awl.]

[Blades thrown in the air all rush towards the opponent.]

[If you avoid the blade’s attack, you will attack one more time.] [

The attack speed increases during additional attacks . Increases by 50%.]



As the Seven Demon Spirits shook their bodies, the sword lost sight of him.



However, the Seven Demon Spirits barely managed to avoid the blades that came rushing in once again.

“Humans are afraid of dying. “Why?”

“what are you talking about?”

“Is it unbearable to be worthless, to lose control of the times? “It is truly foolish.”


The soft swords twisted and gathered together like a coil…


It was shot at Seolhong.

“Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssvkk though…”

[Seolhong uses Song of Swords: Iron Wall.]

[The bladers take defensive action all at once.]

[Defense power is acquired in proportion to the weapon attack power and the chance to block the weapon increases to 90%. I do it.]


The kite sword was blocked while digging into the wall.

“Isn’t it funny? You guys have never controlled the times for even a single moment. “You just get swept away by that huge current.”

“… You’re a little chatty.”


Seolhong’s mood changed completely.

[Seolhong’s Blade Song: Uses the buttonhole.]

[The blade connects to the designated partner.]

[The target in between takes damage equal to 400% of the weapon’s attack power.]

“Oh no!”



her she her her / her body was shaking their body a bit, and the Seven Ghosts who managed to dodge it] looked at the blade that pierced their right arm, which they couldn’t dodge.

“Clumsy. “ Do

you know how hard a glow-in-the-dark demon’s skin is?”

An ear-piercing sound.


When the Seven Ghosts turned their heads, the Four Ghosts were pushed back. There were traces of Chiu’s attack being repulsed.

“That’s it for today.”

Woodde Deuk …

Doo Bunduki’s hand and messed up the surrounding environment came back to the original.

“Wow…you look like a ghost.”

Chiu was impressed.

“I am a ghost.”

“Oh right!”

“Tsk tsk… The power that Hyemyeong gave you won’t leave you alone even for a moment. “The strength rises very quickly.”


“But the glow-in-the-dark ghost and the maggu are not easy opponents.”

“Can’t you just step forward?”

“It would be foolish for me, a ghost among ghosts, to approach a yaksha who eats ghosts. If you make a mistake and lose your power, a huge disaster will occur. That’s why I’m watching you.”

“Just now, but why did it end…”

“I think the conversation is over.”


Duo Wuksini looked at Xiamen’s house.

* * *

While the battle under the guise of training was in full swing outside, Xiamen and Kangseol were talking.

“How have you been?”

“I wandered the continent to break down the walls that blocked me.”

“… ah.”

Kang Seol was convinced that unusual changes had occurred in Xiamen. That’s because his energy changed significantly and even the message described him as a powerful helper.

“Did you achieve what you wanted?”


Ha-moon answers with a grin.

Kang Seol could feel that it was positive.

The two continued their conversation on various topics.

Then, I asked the most important question, whether the snowfall could no longer be tolerated.

“So have you found a way to awaken grief?”

“I found it… but I can’t use it right now. The demon spirit had already come into contact with the yaksha once and lost some of its energy to him. That’s what makes yaksha so scary.”

“Are you saying… that it’s difficult to wake up from grief right now?”

“First of all, the answer obtained from all things is so.”

Kang Seol frowned.


My worries grew as he rarely woke up.

But just then, Ha-moon said something that eased his worries a little.

“That doesn’t mean there is no way.”

“As expected… what is the method?”


Xiamen held the book forward.

“This is…”

“It’s part of the books I found all over the place. “It is the record of my teacher, Orgo.”

“Go up!”

“There were several experimental works recorded. “I actually implemented it…”

Kangseol tilted his head.

“But they all need to be thrown away… ah…”

“Why are you doing that?”

“… no.”

The reason why Kangseol stopped talking.

This is because there were some works that were not discarded.

No, to be precise, there were works that could not be discarded.

‘Works whose whereabouts are unknown.’

And among them…

“Here is an object made to deal with demonic forces such as Yasha. The name is Dohyang. “I saw its power in action.”


The power of the hometown.

And that that item will be helpful in this situation. But Kang Seol couldn’t think of that item right away.

‘Dohyang… you missed his whereabouts, right?’

The most important problem still remained.

“…What is your whereabouts?”


Xiamen said awkwardly.

“Do you know the existence of Little Heaven World?”

“… Small Heaven World?”


Suddenly the door opened and Jinryeo burst in.


“If it’s Socheonsegamyeon, is it there?”

“Do you know Socheon, Jinryeo?”

When Xiamen asked, Jinryeo blinked and said.

“That… the teacher of Shinyo, the dragon, lives…”

“You know very well.”




All three were just glaring.

Snowfall was lucky.

“Xiamen, I’m just asking this just in case… I wonder where that item is…”


Xiamen said.

“The direction belongs to Him now.”


“We are heading to Socheon World.”

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