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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 308

Episode 308:

Even though things went awry, they went awry for a long time.

‘I can’t believe that

this sword fell into the hands of a woman who was glaring venomously, rather than a grandfather with a worldly smile.

“Hmm… Are these guys really Yoa’s friends?”

Baek Kyung approached, tilted his head and asked.


The dragon, who had not yet heard his name, smiled and answered Baek Kyeong’s words.

“Is it suspicious?”

“There are more than one or two things that are suspicious. “It’s strange, isn’t it?”


Moby Dick is busy spinning around and trying to figure out his identity.

She repeated the above actions for a while, then gave up trying to find out his identity and asked the dragon.

“great. Rather, why did you come here? “You can’t even see Yoah?”

“Joah hasn’t come yet.”

“Hmm… this is getting more and more suspicious. Hey you guys. “How did the living come to Socheon?”

Xiamen answered.

“I came to get my master’s sword back.”

“knife? What sword?”


He pointed to the incense stick that Baek Kyung was holding tightly in his hand. Baek Kyung looked around and soon realized that the finger was pointing to her hometown and frowned.

“… this sword?”

“Hehehe… The successor of the leader who created the island came to visit.”

He had never revealed any of those details, but the dragon somehow knew this and revealed this to Baek Kyung.

“To my hometown…”

Baekkyung looks at Xiamen intently as the dragon says these words while stroking his beard. Kang Seol thought she would be angry, but the reaction she got was different from what he expected.


Baek Kyung grabbed Xia Mun’s hand.

“really? Really? Are you of that orgo?”

She was holding Xiamen’s hand and running around.


“Why are you doing that?”

Those who witnessed it clearly seemed embarrassed by Moby Dick’s somewhat extreme reaction.

“Yes Orgo was my teacher.”

“oh my god! oh my god! “What is your name?”

“It’s called Xiamen.”

“Xiamen! Nice to meet you. I never thought Orgo would have a friend!”

The name of a person named Orgo.

Is it just that it made Moby Dick excited?

“Do you know where he is now?”

“… I do not know. “Master has been disappointed in the world and went into retirement for a long time.”

“Well… since he is the one who created something like this, it must be worth it. “Even if it were me, I wouldn’t want to even breathe with people of an inferior race.”

At Baek Kyung’s words, all of Kang Seol’s group looked at Baek Kyung’s face.

The dragon looked embarrassed and stroked his eyebrows.

“So… Gyeong-i has a greed for money. “I can’t afford to waste my time on well-made items.”

“A universe created at your fingertips! Orgo is probably the most perfect man since the creation of man! Ah… it would be nice if we could meet each other just once… but humans have such a short lifespan, how can we go through life?”

“I’m so sleepy. “That’s why I passed over to Dohyang.”

Kang Seol and the group were finally able to understand how the situation had turned out. It was difficult to say that the transfer to the island was done voluntarily. It was probably closer to being taken from the dragon by force.

Hmm… Hmm…

The dragon cleared his throat and said.

“anyway. Kyungah. “These children have come to receive guidance from you.”




As the being about the size of Moby Dick became displeased, an atmosphere like a sheet of thin ice was immediately formed.

I didn’t know if the decision to kill everyone if they got caught was possible for that whale. Such a decision could easily have been made to Kang Seol and his party, who did not even have the slightest commonality in being of the same species.





Baek Kyung is impressed! He frowned and spoke back to the dragon.

“Don’t tell me. “I’m thinking about what excuse I can use to refuse right now.”

“… guy.”

“Oh, I remembered.”


She raised the index finger of her right hand and said this.

“This village specializes in dealing with demons. “It pushes out evil things and instills pure energy.”

Snowfall and Xiamen nodded.

The performance of the Dohyang created by Orgo was the same.

“So you’re not qualified to handle this.”


“Did you see me playing a traditional song to a child?”

Young kid.

Baek Kyung showed arrogant behavior like a fantasy beast.

Even though I don’t know Xiamen, even Kangseol was described as a child.

‘You deserve to be confident.’

You cannot get your hometown back.

Then how about something like this?

“Then, instead of getting the sword back, let’s deal with the yaksha.”


“Kyeong, these are called yakshas….”

The dragon explained to Baek Kyung about yakshas. The more he heard the explanation, the more his expression became displeased.

“What is a ghost world? How is the current world? If I leave Socheon, my strength will decrease, so I can’t go. Then, bring the yaksha to Socheon. In that case, I will personally deal with you.”

“What is that…”

There was no one who was completely maverick.

I don’t want to give the sword back and I don’t want to deal with the yaksha instead.

In short, it’s a tantrum right now.

‘I don’t plan on giving it back.’

Anyone could have guessed that.

That Moby Dick is now causing trouble.

The problem is that in other times, he would subdue the opponent by telling him not to say nonsense, but Baek Kyung was an opponent for whom such methods did not work.

‘In the worst case, a collision may occur…’

When Snowfall was even considering that possibility, the dragon said one thing.

“Kyung, that’s too forced.”

“Far-fetched? Did you say it was unreasonable? “It must be Yu-seon’s behavior to force humans into Socheon!”

“Hehe… Didn’t I give you a guide to count these?”

Moby Dick wrote evil.

“Then, if I return the Taohyang, I can now kill all the humans who visited Socheon…”

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-dd of it…

It feels like the weather is changing before my eyes.

An ominous feeling that it might rain even though it was bright.

It was impossible to think with the energy radiating from just one person. A strange power emanated from the dragon.

‘I can’t move my body!’

Everyone here except Baek Kyung was thinking the same thing as Kang Seol.

“Think wisely.”


“I’m saying this because I care about you.”

The old man’s eyes had changed into those of a reptile.

Eyes that give goosebumps and discomfort.

That cold yet lonely warmth prevented Baek Kyung from acting in an unreasonable way.

“… Let’s do it like this.”

“Hehehe! “I finally made up my mind.”

Baek Kyung took something out of his arms.



She tied bells to the thread decorated on the handle of the incense stick and hung them.

“If any of them can get this bell off Taohyang before the sun sets today, I will hand it over to Taohyang.”


The dragon stroked his beard.

Then he glanced at the snowfall.

Right then.


“Are you kidding me!?”

Duokshini, who had been hiding, appeared, breaking the door of the house where the dragon lived.

“Oh my!”

The dragon held his head.

“So it was you, after all? “I felt like a foul smell was piercing my nose.”

“Speaking patronizingly, you set impossible conditions! Is it okay to do this, Grandpa?”


The dragon looked at Snowfall.

“Are you going to be okay?”

Kang Seol thought for a moment.

‘…Can I do it?’

Is it really possible to steal the bell from that fantasy beast?

Even if you took hundreds or thousands of people, it would be something that would make everyone shake their heads.

There were things in the world that could not be accomplished with ambition and courage alone. So let’s put our heads together.

‘Do you think it’s possible?’

His voice, which flew into nothingness, soon returned as a different voice.

The answer was without hesitation.

– … sun.

Kang Seol nodded.

“it’s possible.”

“… what?”

He said with a stern expression.

“I will accept it.”


While everyone looked surprised, Baek Kyung clenched his teeth and laughed at him.

“You’re dumber than you look.”

* * *

A lazy hour in the afternoon.

Duo-o-sini and Xia-moon came to Kang-seol, who was concentrating alone, and said,

“Honestly, it’s impossible.”

“I think the same.”

“I’ll try roasting and boiling that old man, so let’s cancel this bet.”

Two people who strongly oppose each other.

Kang Seol suddenly became curious and asked other people’s opinions.

“… Seolhong and Chiu seem to be trusting each other, and Jinryeo is taking a nap.”

“I have a question. Is it possible for a human to sleep like that unless he or she is a newborn?”

Kang Seol smiled.

“Ha…what on earth are you planning, you b*stard? Moby Dick is literally a fantasy tree. Just because he looks like that, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Maybe that guy could be more dangerous than the yaksha. No, if you think about it in the long run, Yaksha is more dangerous.”

Xiamen asked Kangseol.

“…Are you confident?”

“Do you have any numbers in mind?”

Kang Seol nodded and said.

“there is.”

“… okay.”

“… I get it. “I’ll think of a separate way.”

Xiamen and Duoexini retreat.

Just when Kangseol thought that he could finally focus again, he was trying to get his bearings.

“What are you planning?”

“… I was surprised.”

The dragon came right behind Snow Seol and started talking.

– I’m surprised!

– Viewers are falling apart!

– Why should we be surprised!

“Don’t you see the future anyway?”

“I tend to only reveal what I need, otherwise I lose a lot. And isn’t it more fun to check things you’re curious about yourself?”

My first impression was right.

This dragon was a freak.

It’s so hard to believe that they are from the same clan as the insidious Hwageumu.

“It must be the power within you, right?”


“It’s hot and cold at the same time. “It’s a strange energy.”

“There’s nothing I can hide.”

“… Shall we let Gyeong win?”

Kang Seol’s expression hardened at the dragon’s words.

– As expected, grandpa!

– I believed it!

– I’m sorry for wishing you were dead earlier!

– ㄷㄷ To think that far…

Kang Seol thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Tell them there is no need.”

“what? Hehehe! You have a bad speaking habit! “Did the guy inside say that?”

Snowfall shrugs its shoulders.

“What do you think?”


“What is beyond understanding is revered. Something like luck or fate. In some ways, wouldn’t the fact that I help you have been just luck?”

The moment I heard those words.

Kang Seol remembered someone’s words.

– It’s not important that it ends. The important thing is to finish! With these hands!

Jamard was screaming while covered in blood.

“Relying on luck is a bad habit.”

“Hehehe… That’s interesting. “I can look forward to it, right?”

Snowfall nodded and sent the dragon back.

Now I’m left alone

“It’s only for a moment, right?”

– Yes, you only get one chance.

Ur’s answer was heard.

‘The moment he lets his guard down, you have to do your best from the beginning. I’m just… worried about Donghwa.’

– No need to worry. We have achieved a lot of growth in the world, so this is just a confirmation process.


Kang Seol nodded and concentrated his mind.

A voice came out of my head.

– Remember, the moment you cross the gate of nothingness is the moment of victory.

* * *

Moby Dick lay down, yawning, as he could not escape from this place until the sun set.

“so? “How long are you going to stop even trying?”

“Wait, we’ve just left.”

Chiu said while lying down as well. He had no intention of stealing the bell.

No, it wasn’t just that.

The others, even Duoksini, only talked to the dragon and had no interest in the bell.

When they acted as if they were not interested in betting at all, it was Baek Kyung who became anxious.

‘Have you given up?’

No, I don’t see a single guy.

I checked to see what he was talking about while talking to himself earlier, but there was no news after that.

Moby Dick laughed at his weakness.

‘If things continue like this, it’s an easy win.’

Can humans overcome the phantom beasts in the Small Heavenly World? Even if they were immortals, what about humans who just got lucky?

‘That’s absurd!’

The sun was slowly setting.

The sun will set in a little while.


Baek Kyung got up from lying down.

“Oh, it’s boring.”

I was thinking of picking it last.

I came up with a naughty prank that would make me realize the gap between myself and myself.


Moby-kyung releases Dohyang and leans it against a rock nearby. At that moment, the eyes of everyone here turned to the capital.

Baek Kyung pretended not to notice the gaze and just turned around and stretched.

Baek Kyung was not looking at Dohyang right now.

I hoped that someone would rush towards the sword.

And I wanted to see the miserably distorted expression of the overwhelming disparity.



It’s him.

That guy came.

‘No way!’

Baek Kyung quickly turned his head halfway.

Snowfall was seen rushing towards the hometown.

I thought it was clumsy.

I thought it was slow.

As expected, it made me yawn.

Time was fair, but it often seems unfair to those who enjoy it.

Time probably feels unfair to that man right now.

It was as he said.

Kang Seol had the feeling that time was slowing down.

No, this is because Moby Dick is too fast.

Not only the surrounding environment but even snowfall itself was considered too slow.

For a moment.

It was a moment I had prepared for.

Kang Seol repeated this and rushed fiercely toward Dohyang.

The moment when he was about to reach his hometown.

“… So far.”


Snowfall and Moby Dick crossing at incredible speeds.


Everyone’s eyes were searching for something.

The item that started this bet in the first place.


In whose hands is Dohyang?

And sighs poured out from the mouths of those who discovered it.



“Ha ha ha ha ha! Are you stupid? Ugh… Ahaha… It’s so funny that

my stomach hurts.

“Ahahaha! Are you faster than you look? Still, it doesn’t work for me… Huh?”

I felt empty.

Baek-kyung noticed something strange and checked Do-hyang’s water room.

does not exist.

There are no drops…

Baek Kyung’s eyes turned to Kang Seol.

Other people’s eyes were already on him.


The ground was melting.

Acrid smoke rose.

It was all land covered in snow.

Flames rose from his footprints.

Snowfall’s outward appearance was something everyone here had seen for the first time.

Long hair sticking out from a gap in the helmet wearing sophisticated armor.

The helmet was shaking.



Flames rose from the cloak he wore.

Baekkyung, devastated, said in panic.

“You… you were like that back then…”

said Kangseol, who had finally obtained the bell.

“…So far.”

[Take on the form of the knight ‘Crimson Knight Karen’ and a night raven.]

[Absorb the abilities of ‘Crimson Knight Karen’.]

[Occupation: Knight status.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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