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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 310

Episode 310 Moby

Dick’s conclusion was this.

“good! “I will help you!”


“You came because you needed help. Right?”

“How are you going to help? “We came here to return the Taohyang and awaken the demonic spirit.”

“I know, so I will help.”

“The hometown has already been returned, and the demon spirit….”

The demon spirit will be restored by the dragon.

Kang Seol tried to say that.

However, Baek Kyung laughed at his judgment and said this.

“Do you think he can help you?”


“Just helping you humans will lead to a serious loss of power. Especially in that case, the damage would be serious even with just a little help, right? “The master cannot help you.”


Duo Eoksini nodded.

“What she said is not wrong.”

Then he walked up to the dragon and nudged his waist.

“Did the sneaky old man do that on purpose?”

“Hehehe… what did you mean?”

“You anticipated this situation and deliberately brought us into a fight with Moby Dick. “Grandpa, there’s no way to help us.”

“Everything went as it should. I’m so glad Gyeong-I decided to help you. “You can trust it.”

Kangseol asked Duooksini.

“But isn’t it the same as she is a resident of Little Heaven World?”

Duo Eoksini flicked his index finger left and right.

“There is a way to help us without suffering any loss of power.”


“You either have to pay the price or you don’t have to be insignificant anymore.”

“… ah!”

Kang Seol was reminded of the situation just now by Duo Eoksini’s words. I made a fair bet and won that bet.

Through a series of actions, Baek-kyung had no choice but to hand over his head and acknowledge Kang-seol. To her, Kang Seol can no longer be considered an insignificant human being. I definitely became alert and conscious.

This alone allows us to avoid many of the restrictions.

‘…Is this something the dragon planned?’

There was a reason why the dragon attracted Moby Dick.

Up to this point, the question was whether Baek Kyung could help Kang Seol and his group, and the remaining question was why on earth he was helping Kang Seol and his group.

“…Why are you helping us?”

“Of course, I have conditions too.”

I knew it.

There was a purpose.


Baekkyung used Taoist magic and took out a scroll.

Baek-kyung hands it to Ha-moon.

Of course, Xiamen read the contents written on the scroll.

At first glance, I noticed that the scroll had the quantity of precious materials written on it that were so rare that they were difficult to find even once in a lifetime.

“I’ll have to stay in Socheon and make some of the things I want. “I was planning to ask Orgo when I meet him, but I don’t know where Orgo is right now.”

“How rude are you to Mr. Cha…”

“You stay quiet! “It’s a fair deal.”


Xiamen folded the scroll.

“Is it impossible?”

“It’s not impossible, but… the materials are extremely rare. “There are also materials that I have never dealt with before.”

“joy! These are things that are difficult for humans to obtain even if they sacrifice their entire lives. how is it?”

He stood still as if contemplating. Kang Seol approached and said.

“You don’t have to suffer because of us. “This offer…”

“It would be a good experience for me too. Umm… okay, let’s do that.”

When Xiamen obediently agreed, Baekkyung’s face brightened.

“Yeah, it was hard to save it….”

Kang Seol frowned.

He wondered if Xiamen had been forced to take on a task he did not want to do.

“If you were forced to take on this job because of me…”

“That’s not true. “This is something I do of my own free will.”

– Don’t go to the vending machine… No, Xiamen!

– How did we meet again! Exalted! Give up your extra money… no, don’t go!

– I can’t hide my dark intentions. Maybe this is love?

Things took a strange turn, but I was still moving forward. Baek Kyung said to Duoksini.

“Is this guy called Yacha that serious?”

“It keeps getting stronger, it swallows up the boundary stone, it loses its power when it collides with the sword of the Yasha, and its state is extremely unstable. “If you think about it, it’s full of problems.”

“It was definitely worth coming to find Dohyang.”

“You insisted on not giving it to me.”

“It’s troubling if helpers are treated this way. I’m trying to think of a way right now…”

“Achacha! I made this mistake! “I apologize for my rudeness.”

Duo Eoksini replied slyly.

Baek Kyung rested his chin and was busy thinking.

“Certainly, Taohyang has the power to drive out evil things. The problem that arises when clashing with the sword of Yasha can be solved. However… if everything I just heard is true, the biggest problem is something else.”

Baek Kyung said while looking at the snowfall.

“Even though he swallowed the boundary stone, his body is still intact.”


“The boundary stone is a piece of tremendous power in itself. It is not easy to destroy… Also, even if a boundary stone is destroyed, it is common for the force supporting the boundary to be transferred rather than destroyed.”


“If you use the power of the boundary stone as it is… the biggest problem is that it survived the collapse and can be used regardless of whether it is controlled or not.”

Boundary stones are literally the force that holds up boundaries.

And it is the power that transcends it.

If you gain that power, the tension in space will explode! And it is released.

Yaksa… can go anywhere.

“It’s not easy to deal with someone who crosses boundaries. “If the opponent runs away, there is no way to stop him.”

Kang Seol nodded.

“There are two ways. Either follow him or hold him back so he doesn’t leave.”

“Are both possible?”

“It’s possible. “For the former, just like the yaksha, all you have to do is swallow the boundary stone.”

At those words, the group looked at Kang Seol.

Kang Seol frowned.

“Of course my body will explode. “You’re not a yaksha, are you?”


“Let’s go to the latter. You smell like a strong witchcraft. “Is what I felt correct?”



“… Now I know how this guy works. Somehow… I like it! I will tell the author the explanation of the boundary. It will take a few days. “Even if it’s uncomfortable to learn, the yaksha won’t be able to run wild at will, right?”

Jamard admired Moby Dick.

She was a phantom beast who used Taoist arts and seemed to be well-versed in witchcraft.

“Ho… witchcraft?”

“In the grand scheme of things, sword power and main power are like one body… A simple transformation is easy. Rather, you…”


“Put your hands in front of you.”


Jamard put his hand forward without any doubt. Baek Kyung brought his nose close to the hand and smelled it.


“Haa… solid smell.”

– Dangerous.

– This guy is dangerous!

– I just saw the whites of my eyes!

– Jamard is taking a step back haha

Baekkyung said with a red face.

“I’m full of energy! “It was well managed!”

“Hmph, you have eyes to see.”

“The new thing is the official…”

Moby Dick and Jamard talked for a while about the mountain’s fist. Conversations with Baek Kyung often fell into Samcheonpo like this. It’s because she likes weapons so much.

Baek Kyung soon came to his senses and said.

“ah! To be honest, I wasn’t interested in Yasha, so I talked about something else for a while. Anyway, the boundary spell is only used in very special situations and would be very inconvenient. You’ll probably have to remain on guard throughout the battle. “You won’t be able to fight this battle.”

“…I can’t help it.”

“Hmm… Then let’s first try to figure out what that demon spirit is.”

* * *

The top of the mountain.

Lamentations were placed on an altar made of stone.

The sight of the limp, round creature broke Kang Seol’s heart. It seemed as if he was sleeping soundly.

“This is… a demonic spirit?”

“To be exact, it was a demonic spirit.”

“What was the demonic spirit? Not now? “No, it’s not more evil than that at all?”

Grief, who first lost her evil energy after meeting Frannan and found a reason to live after meeting Santos, resembled a human mind too much to be a demonic spirit.

“Well… there are various reasons… what are you doing?”

Moby-kyung was touching the body of the creature, Bitan.

“… look at the boat.”


“Oh no. “What is this texture? This is a material I’ve never seen before?”

It was from then on.

Moby Dick’s eyes began to shine.

“Ho, can I even say this? You will do it, right? “Because it’s a demon?”


“It must be revived immediately! “I can’t let such a rare thing sleep even for a moment!”

– This guy suddenly got motivated.

– Uh… is it a weapon?

– I can’t stand it! Talking weapon!

Baek-kyung asked Kang-seol while he was sculpting the body of Bitan.

“What if this guy falls in love with me as soon as he wakes up? Will you allow our love?”

“That won’t happen…”

Kang Seol thought for a moment and said casually what came to mind.

“Well… that could be true.”

– Vicious!

– This b*stard is the devil!

– Don’t take advantage of Geomtaku’s heart!

– If you save the patient, I will allow you to marry the doctor.

“Falling in love with a talking weapon… I see… Let’s begin!”

– What is that? Haha

– Let’s start right away haha

– I’m going to meet you now!

– Heartbreak! See you soon!


Push shot…

The scent rose in the air, and the thin threads extending from it were connected to the grief.

Like blood vessels.

* * *




Crows flew in a flock. You might think it would be ominous to see black birds flocking to a village, but it was a fairly common sight here.

This is a place where the dead outnumber the living.

Because it was a battlefield.

The moment it collided with the yaksha, Bitan was trapped here.

I was immersed in a fear that I could not escape.

【This is…yeah. I’ve been there before.】

While muttering lamentations,

a body squirmed…

A corpse with its eyeballs sticking out crawled on the floor.

Fraud abounded everywhere.

Bitan was so startled that she shouted into the air.

【master! …You b*stard!]

There was no answer.


The free-spirited eyes of the corpse stared at the place where the sorrow was. My body stiffened.

It should have been a familiar hometown, but it felt so unfamiliar.



It was a strange thing.

The demonic spirit becomes afraid of corpses.

That they are their parents.

Why is it scary?

He was distressed after returning to his hometown after a long time.

【I want to go back too.】


At that time

, someone raised the head of grief.

【Let go! who is this! Hehe…】

When I turned my head, someone wearing a bizarre mask was staring at me.

It was a mask whose expression changed.

I’m sure I’ve encountered it before coming here.



He was a yaksha.

Bitan and Yaksha looked at each other and did not move. Then the robe of the masked Yasha unfolded.

There were screaming souls inside. They were souls that had been eaten by Yaksa.

“Save me… give me.”

“Please… save me… someone…”

“Don’t leave me behind…”

Grief covered her mouth.


I thought it was disgusting for a moment.

Those spirits were disgusting and unpleasant to look at.

At some point, I started not liking cruel things that much. There was a time when I thought of it as a kind of entertainment.

Yasha said.

“Why are you avoiding me….”

【Let go! Let go! 】Bitan will return to its owner!】

The black-haired human is a place of peace for Grief.

It’s uncomfortable here now.

“You… are the same as me…”

Grief suddenly remembered the time she was with the Black Knight.

– Let’s kill! More life! want! More blood!

Are you really different from the yaksha in front of you? Grief began to doubt it.

【Oh no, grief….】


what is it?

“Come here and let’s make you scream like you did when you were born.”

It was then.

– … Tan!


– … Tan!

He shouted as if someone was disturbing him.

Yasha said.

“Don’t worry, no one is looking for you. “Everyone hates you.”

【no! Grief… Grief is…】

– Scream louder! There is a reaction!

– Vitaan! Come back!

My ears perked up in sorrow.


– It’s moving! continue! Keep shouting!

– Heartbreak! It’s here! It’s here! You have to come back!

Grief’s head snaps! and went back.

I clearly heard a sound from the direction I turned my head.

“You… must stay here.”

【… Grief hates this place now.】

Just being born that way doesn’t decide everything.

Flowers bloom even on battlefields.

It’s a joke!

Grief was as prickly as a puffer fish.


The tingling sensation made Yaksha lose her sorrow.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Grief rolled around on the floor and headed towards the direction from which the sound came.


Yaksha did not catch him.

Instead, he spoke in an inaudible voice.

“Save me…”

Grief, who had been running in the direction from which the voice came, jumped up, leaving the last step behind.

And shouted.

【Just wait and see! you! Because I will definitely come to save you!】


【Wait for the great sea urchin lament!】

… Wait?

“… heartbreak?”

【okay! Anyway, I’ll leave the heartbreak! See you next time!】

“Wait for the heartbreak.”


Yasha nodded.

“Wait for me. here.”

Standing blankly.

“The great captain laments.”


At that moment, the battlefield was torn apart and reality rushed in.

【Ugh! Huh… Huh…】

“Grief! I’m out of my mind…”


As soon as Bitan woke up, she jumped up and hugged Kangseol. A pleasant feeling of weight came to Kangseol.

【scared! It was scary! I was scared! But grief is revived!】

“Grief? are you okay?”

【But I have to go back to grief.】



Bitan turned her head as if someone was staring at her.

There stood Baek Kyung, with his arms spread wide and an expression on which the world had collapsed.


[Sacred Relic: Grief Exalted: Absorbs the energy of the journey.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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