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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 311

Episode 311:

Grief clings to Kangseol and is wary of her surroundings.

This is because there were people around me who weren’t there when I lost my mind.

“word! You say it? “Really?”

Baek Kyung was looking at Bitan with his mouth wide open and admiring eyes.

“Ah… but… that demon ate Taohyang!”

Only then did I check my surroundings for the snowfall.

‘… Dohyang has disappeared.’

The dohyang itself was a valuable item. To put it mildly, the fantastic beast Baek Kyeong would have loved it so much.

Such a direction was absorbed into his body at the same time as the heartbreak was awakened.

Baek Kyung muttered in a dazed state.

“He ate Dohyang… he ate it completely…”

Kang Seol hurriedly looked at Bitan’s condition.

[Sacred Relic: Grief]

Grade: Relic

Appropriate Level: 40 – 50

Attack Power: 150 – 150

Durability: 300/300

Weight: 1.0kg

A precious gem that is an ancient holy relic, pearl, changed according to the will of the successor. A strange tool that was made possible through the help of a master enchanter during the succession process to effectively deal with demonic spirits, which are a conglomerate of magical power, without much opposition.

After growing up once, I swallowed a lot of something.

Basic ability: All abilities + 40 (+ 8)

Special ability: Adjuster (Singularity) Various (unique) action Blood connection (unique) action Treated as an abomination and a holy object. Only one relic can be worn at the same time. When the demon spirit does not disappear, durability slowly recovers. Gwi (鬼) – Dark Shinni’s blade (unique) action Gwi (ghost) – Geundae’s iron wall (unique) action Dohyang (unique) action.

[Direction (Unique)]

– Greatly cancels out the effects of unholy weapons. Basic ability increases by 20% of the original ability.

‘I ate the whole Dohyang.’

I was disappointed that my abilities did not increase significantly, but I was satisfied with this because I knew well how absurd it was to absorb the effect itself.

‘Because grief was also a magic sword.’

That part may also resemble a yaksha.

“Now that it’s like this, embrace me too!”

【You don’t know about heartbreak! Go away!】

“Hey… You’re so kind….”

【Grief is bad!】


Baekkyung’s shoulders slumped, sad because he wasn’t loved. Duoksini smiled and asked Bitan.

“Hey, did you come into contact with the demon yaksha?”

【Yacha? Is that a yaksha?】

“Yes, a murderer wearing that clumsy mask.”

【that’s right! saw! It was him!】

“Recall the moment you bumped into that guy.”

Grief brought her hand to her mouth and thought for a moment.




“… And?”

【It wasn’t long before the sorrow awoke. So I don’t know the details.】

“But try to tell me in as much detail as possible.”

【Grief was born on the battlefield. When I opened my eyes, it was there again.】

Duo Eok-sini and Baek-gyeong, who was drooping, listened attentively to the story. The birth of demon spirits has always been an interesting part.

“How did that place feel?”

【Uh… I hated it! It smelled bad and it was scary.】

“Hehe… The demon spirit said such things. Maybe it’s because he resembles his owner, but he’s an interesting guy.”

【I was there.】


【Yes, Yacha.】

Duoksini’s eyes changed.

“That may be the essence of the yaksha. Was he taking off his mask?”

【No, I didn’t take it off?】


Duo-o-xi-ni, who was chewing her mouth in disappointment, asked again.

“What did you feel from him?”



【huh! A lot of things came out and begged me to save them.】

Duo Eoksini explained to those around her.

“Yaksha is a very old thing. It has survived by constantly changing owners. Could it be that the yaksha did not let go of the souls of the owners of the subdivision?…”

After thinking deeply, Bitan spit out one more sentence.



【I also asked you to save the yaksha.】


Upon hearing those words, Kang Seol’s expression froze as if in shock.

* * *




After Bitan woke up, everyone got ready. Baek Kyung taught Jamad the power to hold on to boundaries, and Chiu and Seolhong had to have their skills tested by Duo Eoksini.

Jinryeo was excluded from the battle with the yakshas.

Her surprising nature was helpful enough, but she decided that it would be better not to fight the Great Ghost.

It’s already been a few days since I came to the dragon’s abode.

Preparations were almost finished.

The dragon seemed to like his noisy living quarters and continued to be excited. However, he did not specifically give instructions or help.

As if looking across a river.

I acted like it was someone else’s business.

Thanks to this, Kang Seol also had time.

Since the owner, Kang Seol, had time, it was natural that his pet, Karen, also had time.

Snowfall had been away from her for quite some time.

My memory of the last time I saw her was hazy.

In fact, it is said that she had already completed her preparations a long time ago.

When I went back to the past, it wouldn’t have been awkward if she had come instead of Jamard, and there were several opportunities after that.

Yet she chose to remain in nothingness.


“I don’t know….”


Karen spoke first.

“I expected to find out, but when we meet again, I thought it would be different this time. Umm…”

“What do you mean?”


Karen sat down like an old soldier and confessed her feelings.

“It seems like this body is blocked by a wall right now.”

Karen speaks while imitating something of a middle-aged person.

The only impressive middle-aged person Karen knows is Lane, so it could be seen as an imitation of Lane.

“wall? Are you really talking about the wall of the realm?”

The reason Kangseol was surprised was because Karen had already reached the end of immortality. Facing the wall of a state means that you have already run as far as you can.

She was now looking for the next staircase.

“huh. I was blocked in nothingness for a long time. My skills were improving explosively, but at some point I felt like I was heading sideways instead of forwards. It seems similar to the wall Raine was talking about…”

“What did Ur say about your current condition?”

“They say if you persevere, you will achieve it… but I think differently. “I think I can move on to the next step a little faster… That’s why I came out.”

Karen looked at the snowfall and smiled.

“To meet you.”

For Karen, union with Snowfall can be a clue to take the next step.

Maybe that’s what you thought.

“It wasn’t.”

“Yeah, no. My strength has grown, but that is not my strength. It came to the side again. “I’m worried~ I don’t know…”

Usually, when you get blocked, you find a way to get to the next level.

Kang Seol thought of a few things and then talked about how to get to that level as quickly as possible.

Of course, that is the only way.

“We have no choice but to compete with strong enemies.”

“As expected, I have the same thoughts. “I was waiting for you to say that.”

“Isn’t there something in nothingness?”

“No, it looks like Azran or something made a mess and left Ur hanging there for a while. “Once the maintenance is completed, there will be things that can become opponents… but for now, there is a lull.”


“By the way, Karuna is in a similar situation.”


“huh! “Isn’t it fast?”

Isn’t this a synergistic effect that occurs when experiences accumulated from outside are taken to nothingness? The thought came to mind when I heard that Karuna had also become immortal.

“It would be nice if everyone could get together like before.”

“That’s how it should be.”

“Hmm… That day will come soon, right?”

“Not much time left.”

“Kahaha! Still, the outside air is nice. I’m feeling good.”

Karen stretched.

Kangseol glanced at Karen.

A knight of the highest order and immortality.


It would be difficult to find opponents except monsters.

“Are you anxious?”

Karen spoke up.

“Are you anxious?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid I might lose to Yacha or something.”

“I’m anxious for a slightly more complicated reason.”

I was anxious.

The people that Kangseol had to deal with in order to move forward were all monsters.


Yaksha is stronger than Karen.

I thought it might be a cause of anxiety.

“Do you think I’ll lose?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Kang Seol nodded.

“We will win. “As always.”

“Kahaha! “That’s the truth.”

While Kang Seol and Karen were talking, Seol Hong approached. Kang Seol stood up and greeted her.


“Have you finished your training?”

“It seems that the transmission of witchcraft has finally been completed.”

“Then… it’s time to leave.”

All work in Socheon was finished.

Now is the time to chase the yaksha.

The further behind you are, the more rough the chase will be.

* * *

The day I decided to leave.

There was a commotion in Socheon Yong’s residence.

“Ouch… stop pulling Muna.”

“Dudeoksini! “What are you doing to labor and management?”

“If you think about it carefully, you haven’t done anything, old man!”

The group did not stop her.

– ㄹㅇ Master Agari hahaha

– Hehehehe! You just smile and don’t want to do anything!

– In fact, Baek Kyung is a powerful person…

“Hehehe… Don’t bother the old man.”

“Give me something!”

“I still think so.”

“… huh?”

Baek Kyung was taken aback by the dragon’s words.

“Labor and management! “It’s okay to carelessly intervene in the affairs of the present world.”

“It’s okay. “What I give is not material.”

Those were strange words.

So what is being given away?

“You will have items stolen from the past.”

The dragon slowly opened one eye.

Those eyes were too creepy.

Items stolen from the past.

‘Wilderness spirit!’

It was difficult for anyone except Kang Seol and the others to know what happened to Hyemyeong and Mia. But the dragon knew even that.

The group looked closely.

Especially the snowfall.

Because the wilderness spirit was now in the arms of snowfall.

Kang Seol did not hide it and brought out the wilderness spirit.

Snowfall visible from the palm of your hand.

The wilderness was placed on top of it.

“I won’t hide it.”

“Hehe… Then this bell….”


The spirit of the wilderness moved somewhere from Kang Seol’s hand.

“Come this way.”

The place where Gwangya-ryeong headed was none other than Seolhong’s hand.

“Be mindful of your timing. It must be at your hand in your time of need.”

“No master!”

Patter patter…

The group was on the flagship.

The dragon’s beard and hair grew in an instant.

It seemed like it was buried in my hair because it was so thick.

The dragon, which looked like a fur monster, cut off all the messy fur with its hand blade.

That alone made it quite clean, but it felt much richer than before.

Seolhong asked the dragon.

“What have you given the girl just now?”

“Hehehe… “It is time for the salmon to swim up the river.”

It’s a riddle.

A dragon talking words that are difficult to understand.

The dragon looked at Jinryeo.

“You just slept all day.”

“Ah… how did you know….”

– Jinryeo, the one who knows no shame!

– If this is enough, just get out!

“You may seem indifferent, but I know you are courageous.”

“… yes?”

“There will be moments when you have to do what you have to do.”



A dragon who gives Jinryeo some advice.

As expected, the shape was a mystery.

A riddle that only those who know the future can solve.

Now all that remains is to leave Socheon.

However, unlike when I arrived, there were some things that had decreased.

Kang Seol looked at Xia Mun, who was standing next to Baek Kyung.


Xiamen smiled.

“I’ll see you again someday.”

“I hope so.”

That was the last time.



As the dragon waved his hand, Kang Seol and his group disappeared from Socheon.

Baek Kyung slapped his palm and put Xiamen on his back.

“Okay then, Nosa… we’ll go too.”

“… go ahead.”

“Good luck.”

I dig it, I dig it!

Moby Dick became a huge whale and rose into the sky.

Even they left.



Someone told the dragon who was left alone a favor.

“Haa… haa….”

Someone arrived at the top out of breath.

“… You’re here.”

“Yes, no matter when I come, the summit is too much for me. “I thought my stamina had increased.”


“But Master… the head…”

It was Shinyo who found the dragon.

She could not face Seolhong and Kang Seol by a narrow margin.

“That is what happened.”

“… Master, someone came here.”

“Have you not seen the wonder?”

“No, this is not his scent.”

“… Scent?”

Shinyo tilted his head and said.

“I can smell the scent from here.”

“… What scent was that?”

Shinyo’s face became calm.

Even though she lacks the ability to express her emotions, she even puts on a small smile.

“It has a nostalgic scent.”

“Hehehe… Yoya.”

“yes. “Master.”

“Go back.”

“… yes?”

“I know what brought you here.”

“Master, how can you…”

The dragon said with a smile.

“You, Yoa, you will meet the person you miss again.”

Shinyo frowned for a moment because he didn’t understand, and then his expression hardened.

“Oh my god…”

Shinyo said, stumbling.

“Are you… alive?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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