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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 312

Chapter 312

Just as in the south, aliens have infiltrated the Khan Empire, which has a large land mass.

It has been a while since Jeon Ja and Han Sang-im, who came to the adventurer association of Sangyo, a small and medium-sized city, have settled in Khan.



As I opened the door and entered, I could see the atmosphere of the association at a glance. No, wherever you go these days, the atmosphere is like this.

The eyes of the defeated soldiers.

The eyes of the fugitives.

Those dead eyes fell on Han Sang-im.

Han Sang-im tried to ignore those stares and checked the association community.

(New)[‘How much is Sangyo”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Why are the adventures in Sangyo not nutritious?]

What happened around here?

There isn’t much adventure and the pay is so low.

– That’s because the cities we interacted with around us collapsed.

– Eh? Could it be that gaksital again?

– Gaksital haha Anyway, if he shows up, the entire infrastructure will be ruined, so it’s ruined.

– Originally, there were two large-scale merchants and a large mercenary group here, so all the transferees gathered here haha

– Where is everyone?

– I did.

(New)[‘Why are there so many mountain bridges”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Don’t we have no choice but to admit it honestly?]

Khan is ruining himself.

No matter what it looked like from the outside, it seemed like everything was festering on the inside.

– No, I shouldn’t fail. I paid the broker how much to come here.

– How much did you give?

– One platinum coin.

– Oh my gosh, I gave you two.

– From the South?

– No, I’m from the North.

– The North is expensive by nature haha. It is not easy for the federation to catch all the brokers and move over.

– okay? Then I guess it wasn’t a rip off.

– But it’s true that you are being ripped off

– F*ck

(New) [‘Sangyo b*stards are full of fun’]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: It wasn’t like this when I was…]

Sangyo was crowded and the surrounding trade routes were all busy. I did. ㄹㅇ Not long ago… That b*stard wearing a mask ruined everything ㅡㅡ The mass deaths of transferees were also because of that b*stard, and among Yonghwa, the older one was Seolhong. Anyway, there was Yonghwa who was very popular, and I heard he also got ripped off by the mask.

– Oh, I heard. There was a rumor that Yongseok was a Jeonja, but equally it was said that his head was broken by a yaksha.

– Right now, Yongseok is secretly feeling a lot of transference.

– why?

– You lost, stir-fried, and fought with the ghost, and the dragon stone was completely torn apart.

– I see! But what do you think of Taeyul’s adventure this time? They say they are gathering transferees to catch that action mask.

– Why does that masked b*stard have so many nicknames? Haha. Anyway, I don’t recommend that suggestion. I can’t see the transfer interest turning out well. That’s why most people don’t even try that adventure.

– Ah…

– So, there are more and more escaped ninjas escaping from Khan. But honestly, from all the news I hear here and elsewhere, it’s hell.

– F*ck… When I fell on Pandea, my heart was filled with grandeur when I saw the natural scenery, but I never thought that sleeping on the streets would become a daily life in that nature… – My heart


Han Sang-im checks the contents of the community a little more and joins the association. sat down in the corner.

“It really sucks….”

“Why do you always complain and never leave?”

“The compartment is really spacious. “I’m welcomed everywhere I go?”

“You’re welcome…”

The transferees at the table next to us were giggling and laughing.

Chick… Chick…


Han Sang-im took out a cigarette and burned it, listening to the sounds around him.

“It’s true that Khan is a good place to live, but now I think it’s also a place I don’t want to live in. How long do I have to live like this? Huh… Is the world really making me draw my sword?”

“They are ghosts or something… They are much scarier than the demonic beasts. Have you seen it?”

“No, I only heard rumors, but they even talk and imitate humans… I heard that being crueler than that is crossing the line.”

“In the occupied city, they put people’s corpses on stakes…”

“It’s a shame, but let’s stop there.”

“Oh yeah.”

Han Sang-im sank into the chair and sucked the tobacco more deeply.

“But you say that an adventure in cooperation with the central army is worth it? Surprisingly, the rewards are great….”

“It looks like a mess, but now is not the time to take stock.” But if Jeon goes there, the only thing left to do is be the cheerleader?”

“If you become a vanguard, you become a sword bearer, and if it’s a support job, honestly, there’s no big difference between rolling with an adventurer or rolling with the central army, right?”

“No, there is.”


“The central army does not betray. “I know that transferees are f*cking at each other’s throats.”

“Ah… right. “The back of my head was flat because of that.”

“you also?”


Han Sang-im touched the back of his head.

“But this time, the Yonghwas were quite active.”

“The building I’m about to inherit is flooded, so I’m just going to use a bowl to relieve the water.”

“Whether he’s a hero or not… I’ve been looking into him since he was a b*tch. After all, life is practical.”

“But even now, the imperial people’s perception of Yonghwa is not much different from the ranking of Yonghwa.”

“Was it unexpectedly discriminatory?”



“Miss… you spilled it. “Hey, don’t shake your legs.”

“Damn it. “My grandmother always beat me because I didn’t fall off my leg.”

“Then what did you just…”


this time the entire building shook.

“Go outside!”

“What the hell!”

Association officials and other transferees came out of the association building.


“Run away!”

Han Sang-im came out and turned his attention to the downtown area of Sangyo. People poured out of there and ran.

Each direction was different.

This means that they fled in any of the four directions.


And soon Han Sang-im also joined the ranks and ran backwards.

Sangyo became a slave in an instant.


Because a person wearing a mask has appeared.

* * *

Doo doo doo doo…

A group of troops were running, kicking up dust. A goblin-like man with a black beard covering his face took the lead.

It was Eulryong, Khan’s general.

“I’ll turn my head and head to Sangyo right now.”


A familiar face was also seen next to him.

Taeyul and his subordinates, including Yongseok.

And it was Shinyo and Jangdu.

Taeyul spoke from the side of Sanggun Eulryong.

“General! The power needs to be overhauled! Yaksa is like this….”

“Don’t step forward, Taeyul.”


“What was the result of following your opinion so far in order to repay my Dragon Emperor with loyalty?”


“We were chasing after the yaksha all along and only saw countless corpses of the people of the empire.”

It wasn’t wrong.

Yaksa is a new phenomenon.

Didn’t stay in one place for long.

Thanks to this, even though I accompanied the Sangjang Army, I only encountered traces of Yaksha passing by every time.

So both Eul-ryong and Tae-yul of Sangjang looked forward to the moment when they could properly collide with the yaksha. And finally the moment came.

‘No… why not now…’

Before hearing the news from Sangyo, Taeyul’s army, accompanied by Eulryong, devoted a lot of effort to regaining the already occupied city.

As a result, quite a bit of damage occurred and repairs had not yet been completed.

It was too dangerous to collide with a yaksha in this situation.

“General Sang, but now is the time….”

“Hey, Taeyul, please answer.”

“I will answer.”

“What do you think is the perfect moment to confront the yaksha?”


A perfect moment.

It was only now that Taeyul realized that he had been drawing such illusions for some time.

‘But… if it is not in perfect condition, the yaksha…’

Eulryong continued to say, without slowing down his hand on the reins for a moment.

“I have one more question.”

“I will answer.”

“When the perfect moment you hope for comes, will the people of the empire still be alive?”


Neither of the two questions could be answered.

The thoughts of a tiger and a dog are different.

“Taeyul, I think you are a great person. He is upright and worthy of respect. “I think you are probably the one who has inherited the Dragon Emperor’s blood the most.”


“You are a criminal. “Maybe that’s why you want to create the perfect moment to hunt him down.”

Eulryong of Sangjanggun.

He spoke without even looking at Taeyul.

“There is one thing you must not forget. “I, Eulryong, am not fighting to win right now.”

Only then did he look back at Taeyul.

“It’s something we fight to protect.”

Taeyul knew a lot about Eulryong.

It is also true that he is a military officer from humble origins who was born and raised on the streets, and that he is a man of great standing who overcame all that to reach his current position.

“I was born without parents. “Women on the street took turns to breastfeed me after I was abandoned.”


“I was invited to dinner every night so that I wouldn’t go hungry. I also got a place to sleep. Some people might say that I am a man who grew up without a home or family and does not know affection. But the facts are different.”

Doo doo doo doo…

“I thought, counting the stars. They are my family and Khan is my home. I… wasn’t a tiger from birth. It was closer to a dog. The reason he wanted to become a military officer was not only because it was the only talent he knew how to do, but also because he wanted to protect his family. “Even now, that decision has not changed.”

Eulryong bit his lips tightly and said.

“This Eulryong is a dog. This is a dog that will go to any lengths to attack a person who is harassing its owner. Are you still planning to stop me?”

Taeyul bowed his head and said.

“Do as General Shang wants.”

We must protect the people of the empire.

It’s not that I don’t know that.

Having to protect something means that that something can be either a strength or a weakness.

In the current situation… it was clearly a weakness.

But I couldn’t stop it.

Shinyo said as he approached Sang-gun.

“General. We…”

“Stop, I think what Mr. Sang-gun said is right. Shinyo.”

Taeyul and Shinyo saw it.

A city in disarray due to Yaksha.

Traces of tears stained with blood and dead bodies.

Even if you are a strong Yonghwa, if you are swept by storms every day, you will be shaken.

They are already devastated.

Shinyo wanted to tell everyone about the news he received from his teacher in Socheon, but Shin-sin had ordered him not to mention anything, so he had to keep his mouth shut and watch the situation unfold.

“… Sang Sang-gun, please save the people of the empire…”

“It will be possible if you guys help.”

“Would it be possible?”

“Hahaha! let’s go! “Whether you are a yaksha or a ghost, I will cut you down with one move!”

Shanggun was stronger than Jangdu, the dragon stone of Shinya. The reason the empire was not checked by other countries despite the ghosts’ offensive was precisely because of the soldiers and their legions guarding this front.

I felt anxious, but I decided to pull it together and make a decision.

There will never come a situation in the future where a person with the same level of military power as the Sanggun joins and encounters a Yaksha.

So make sure to check this time.

Just how powerful is the yaksha?

And is it possible to prevent it?

If he can’t stop it…

‘That’s unlikely…’

It will be Khan’s first defeat.

‘No, I, Taeyul, will not stand by like that.’

* * *

It hasn’t been that long since Sangyo became a father figure. The majority of the people attempted to escape and the attempt was successful.


“Chase! “Let’s taste the meat!”

Of course, it only meant that we escaped from the city, but it did not mean that we were able to escape the pursuit of the ghosts.


“Go away!”


Huh… Huh…

I don’t know how fast an ordinary person could run, but he could never be faster than a ghost.



“It’s delicious… it’s delicious!”


Leap… Leap…

“Hehehehehe… What are you doing other than running away? Soon you too…”



Suddenly, the pupils of the ghost who was chewing something became cloudy. The arrow lodged in his temple may be the reason.


Doo doo doo doo!

A cavalry team emerged from the bushes and rode across the field. It was Eulryong and Taeyul’s group.

The longbow in Taeyul’s hand showed that he was the one who had just killed the ghost.

“Kill every single one of them! “They are evil people targeting the people of the empire!”

“yes! “Sangjang-gun!”

Push shoo shoo shoo!

A human who shoots a bow while running has tremendous combat power in and of itself.



An arrow stuck in a vital spot.

“Taeyul! “It’s Taeyul!”

“I survived!”

The people of the empire ran towards them as much as possible without being swept away by the cavalry.

“Join them over there!”

“That would be better!”

The former soldiers turned around and supported the cavalry. In an instant, the situation turned around.

Quasi profit-!


The dance of Sang Sang-gun was amazing.




The majesty of running while wielding a large spear really felt like a heavenly spirit had come down to earth.

“Run away too!”

Even ghosts felt fear of those stronger than themselves.

Ghosts running away from the Sanggun Army.

“Stand there!”

But right then.

Da da da da… phat-!

The running ghosts spread left and right like the Red Sea parting.

“General! “It’s too deep!”

“Catch up!”

Eulryong became a sharp spear and cut through the ghost’s camp. And soon he learned why the ghosts had dispersed.


“Yacha… it’s you.”

The yaksha was standing at the corner of the road, quietly looking at Eulryong. No, I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or somewhere else. Even what is behind the mask.


Eulryong lifted the spear above his head and spun it round and round.

[Eulryong uses Jincheonroe (震天雷).]

[Damage increases by the distance the body moves and the number of times the spear rotates.]

[Inflicts additional damage of the lightning attribute with a certain probability.]

“Noooooom. !”


Like a thunderclap, Eulryong’s spear struck the yaksha.

No, he struck down the sword drawn by the Yaksha.


A suspicious wave transmitted through the spear pole.


Eulryong sensed something ominous and quickly removed the spear.

Then he rode his horse, circled around the yaksha, and retreated.

“Nice guy. Condemn you and hold you accountable for the harm you caused to the empire…”

That moment.





Eulryong fell from his horse.

“Strength… strength… loss…”

The scary thing about the yaksha was that it took away the strength of the opponent no matter how strong he was. A stronger person would have prepared for it, but unfortunately, Eulryong was unable to resist that power.


The yaksha raised his sword.

“Save General Shang!”


Taeyul’s subordinates, including Jangdu, tried to dig in at full speed, but someone appeared in front of them.

Blah blah blah…


for me.

“No one can approach the yaksha.”

“That’s right…”

That was when the Yasha’s sword was about to pierce the heart of the dragon.


there was a burning smell somewhere.

Flames rose from the gap between the glow-in-the-dark ears and the mouth.


Feeling embarrassed, they simultaneously turned their heads back.


A strangely dressed knight was clashing swords with a yaksha.

Tae-yul, Shin-yo and the others, as well as Yagwang-gwi and Mae-gu, who were watching them, were all astonished.


The yaksha took a step back for the first time.

Maegu opened his mouth wide.

“… Nonsense.”



Taking advantage of that opportunity, three people wearing giant clothes joined the venue.


The three of them take off their hoods.

Taeyul and Shinyo’s eyes fluttered.

No, everyone in the hall froze.

“Seolhong… are you Seolhong?”

Seolhong smiled.

“It’s been a while, brother.”


With a loud noise, everyone’s attention, which had been focused on Seolhong, once again focused on the yaksha.

Jangdu stuttered.

“The author… no way…”

The Yaksha mask showed a slight movement.

The mask’s face looks like it’s crying.

Snowfall twisted her mouth.

“I’m a little late because of the supplies, Yacha.”


A fire rose in the field.

“I’ll save you now.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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