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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 313

Episode 313

“Snowfall! “It’s snowing!”

“Didn’t all the obsidians die along with the death flower?”

The fate of Seolhong and his party had just been concluded as being presumed dead, with unknown fate.

Until just now.

Jangdu was embarrassed to see Kang Seol’s changed appearance. They say the black thing was originally like that, but where on earth did that long hair and armor come from?

“What is that…”

Taeyul muttered with bleary eyes.

“He was alive… he was alive…”

At that time, Ma Song, Taeyul’s dragon stone, shouted at him.

“Taeyul! “You have to serve the Sang-gun!”

Hearing that voice, Taeyul suddenly came to his senses and shouted.

“Protect General Shanggun! Don’t let their magic touch you!”

Sang-gun fell from his horse and was lying in a very dangerous position. It didn’t seem easy to get him back, especially since Maegu realized that he was an important person.

“Do you think I’ll let that happen?”


A sharp wind blew from Maegu’s extended fingernails. The sharp wind flew into the chest of the fallen Eulryong.


But Seolhong swung his sword and blocked the attack. Thanks to this, the group safely rescues Sang-gun.

Seolhong’s sword was fine even though it blocked Maegu’s attack.

This is a sword specially made by Xiamen for Seolhong.

Although it had no special abilities, it was not polluted by demonic energy and its strength was enormous.

Xiamen made as many as 12 such swords and handed them to Seolhong.

Xiamen’s talent in producing a sword of this level of perfection in such a short period of time was astounding.

“Seolhong… you?”

Taeyul found the sight of Seolhong holding a sword unfamiliar. And what is this foreign energy that I feel from her?


Despite Shinyo’s call, Seolhong did not look at them.

Taking my eyes off Maegu was tantamount to suicide.

She inherited the power of oil painting for a while, but was unable to make it completely hers.

Maybe it won’t be possible even for the rest of my life.

The image of the silver fox Maegu was reflected in Seolhong’s pupils.

As a magical energy flowed from Maegu, Seolhong raised the sword to his chest and cheered up.


The golden energy that Hyemyeong gave me continued to grow. Maegu, who instinctively avoids this kind of energy, twisted her mouth and said.

“You also have that strange energy. “I guess that’s why you’re so confident in front of me, right?”

Seolhong made a callous expression, trying hard to hide the cold sweat flowing down his face.

Taeyul quickly pulled out his sword and tried to step forward.

“Seolhong! “I will help you…”

“Don’t come!”

Seolhong immediately rejected his offer.

Taeyul’s eyes, still in the same position as he was about to draw his sword, looked for an answer.


“Please don’t get involved in this fight. It’s too dangerous…”

“What do you mean! Khan’s enemy…”

“The enemy is not a ghost that can be suppressed just because it is numerous. On the contrary, we will be in danger.”

Although it was expressed euphemistically, it was said that no matter how much the weak tried, it would be difficult for them to even touch a single hair of the strongman.

On the contrary, it could have been a weakness.

Humans are living beings who are bound by the intangible value of affection.


Maegu laughed.

“You seem to understand the topic.”

On the other hand, Taeyul’s hands were shaking even though he knew what this meant.

“Are you… telling me to just watch?…”

“… I’m asking you to trust me.”



A huge crash sound was heard again.

As expected, this sound came from Yasha and Snowfall.

They had already entered into a full-scale battle.

Seolhong and Chiwoo looked at each other.


They also had to show the results they had gained from their training.


A thick layer of pure white fog covered the ground.

[Maegu uses Gloomy Dawn.]

[Up to 30% of the magic power used in the magic spell used in the fog is returned.] [

This also applies to the opponent, but only half the effectiveness is applied to the opponent.]

Blah blah enemy. ..

[The glow-in-the-dark uses quick freeze.]

[The ‘Released Frost’ effect is stacked on the opponent who inflicted damage during the duration.]

[Stacks up to 100, and the opponent will receive a negative effect for every certain number of stacks. ]

The glow-in-the-dark ghost froze the surroundings and prepared for a fight.


Maegu said, seeping into the mist.

“Let’s take a look at your skills.”

Her appearance was not revealed.

However, I felt like something huge was moving through the smoke.

* * *



her her her her her she her she she she her her her she she she or or or or or or or or or or it ( it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it? it


When I received the Yasha’s sword head-on, my hands inevitably trembled.

I shook off my ears and my morale.

Then this is pure power.


The yaksha lowered its posture and looked as if it was about to strike.

[Yaksha uses Coral Sword Technique: Pumpkin Slash.]

[If the opponent is hit by Pumpkin Slash, it continues with Combo: Pumpkin Drop.]

The hemisphere-shaped sword attack soared.


There was no way to avoid it.

All you have to do is accept it honestly.



Arms shaking.

Now, Snowfall and Karen have exactly divided the leadership of the night raven.

This is the optimal distribution they have chosen.


Before the yaksha made the next move, Karen kicked the yaksha’s abdomen.

The yaksha is frightened and blocks the raven’s kick with its elbow. The kick wasn’t as powerful as I thought.

Of course, that meant that a follow-up attack was being prepared.


A great deal of fear arose and settled into Karen’s sword.

The Yasha’s posture changed completely.


[Yaksha uses Daeryusan Sword Technique: Mulsujebi.]

[The slash pushes the target back several times. If the target hits a wall, it takes additional damage equal to the distance it was pushed away from.]


“Huh ….”

Turm … Turban … Touch

That’s it.

The second reason why Yaksa is a difficult opponent to deal with.

The first reason was that the sword absorbed the opponent’s energy, and the second reason was that the sword skills stolen in this way were used arbitrarily.

It’s irregular.

It’s unpredictable.

Even the energy contained in the sword was completely contradictory.

Sometimes it was as light as a feather and sometimes as heavy as an iron ruler.

Therefore, one should not think of a yaksha as a single swordsman.

‘Dozens… hundreds of swordsmen…’

Of course, he wouldn’t have been able to eliminate all the swordsmen he had caught, so he would mostly use a few of the best sword techniques. That was actually the case.

Still strong.

On the other hand, the only swordsmanship that the night crow uses now is Montra swordsmanship.

I learned some Eastern swordsmanship during my time with Karuna, but that’s only to a certain extent. It was not a weapon worthy of being used as a main weapon in such a situation where lives were at stake.

Karen’s sword was honest and Yaksha’s sword was variable.

So is it clear that Yaksha has the upper hand?



Karen’s slash from the head extended in a straight line and reached the yaksha far away.


The yaksha’s legs faltered for a moment.

Karen was not pushed away by Yaksha.

Kangseol took advantage of the short distance between them to check the level of the Yasha with his own eyes.

[Usurper Yasha (夜叉)]

Grade: Supreme

Estimated level: Unknown

The birth history of the yaksha is unknown.

However, it is clear that yakshas have existed for a long time and that many living beings who had access to them have lost their lives due to foolish greed.

Yaksa kills his opponent and takes away his power. This vicious monster uses life as a tool.

Anyone who encounters a yaksha must immediately leave the place. Death cannot be a means of escape from this monster.

Basic Ability: [Unknown]

Special Ability: [Unknown]

The Yasha’s true identity has been revealed.

No, Kang Seol wasn’t sure if this should be described as revealed.


Losing grade.

Although there were only a few people who reached immortality, the highest level, the highest level, was a level reserved for monsters who could truly have a great influence on Pandea.

Yasha is a monster that has swallowed countless souls. Although the power of his swordsmanship was not overwhelmingly different from Karen’s, the fact that he absorbed the power and swallowed the boundary stone seemed to determine his level.

Kangseol was trying hard to suppress his anxiety after checking the information from the Yaksha, but Karen suddenly laughed.


“…Why are you smiling, Karen?”

The helmet rattled.

“That’s so exciting! He’s strong, that guy. “This is nothing short of a blessing for the prosecutor.”


“A prosecutor with incredible skills is right in front of me. Just right. We are a blessing to each other! “Rain always said that!”


“Um… Anyway, there is such a thing!”

Kang Seol understood that Karen described this meeting as a blessing and that it could be so.

But I shook my head in my heart.

It may have been a blessing in disguise for the prosecutor versus the prosecutor, but

from Kang Seol’s perspective, it was a curse.

It’s a curse that will make you suffer forever if you don’t break it off.

Everyone here considers the yaksha to be a monster.

I think of the mask and the test in front of me as one.

The only people who are interested in the swordsman who is possessed by the yaksha are Kangseol and Misan. And the only person who knew about that prosecutor’s past was Kang Seol.



The yaksha came right in front of us in an instant.

Kang Seol quickly shook off the distracting thoughts.

‘This is the strongest opponent I’ve ever met!’

So there was no time to look away.



The strange rotation of the Yasha.

That movement did not match the sword the yaksha was holding. Perhaps it was originally a sword technique used with a shorter sword than the current long sword.

[Yachaga Turin Sword Technique: Uses 13 branches.]

[Uses 13 consecutive attacks.]

[The total damage is the same, but the distribution of the damage can be determined.]

‘Damn it! Turin Swordsmanship!’

It is a vicious sword technique from the East.

The one-armed swordsman also suffered injuries after clashing with someone who used the Turin sword technique in an underground arena.

In fact, the technology that was used at that time was the 13th branch.

The moment Kang Seol noticed the opponent’s sword technique, he quickly took the initiative from Karen.

Karen handed the initiative over to him without any animosity.

‘The inflection point will come three times.’



Two tricks that only made a lot of noise but didn’t put much force into it.

Next are the 3 branches.


Snowfall was the highlight.

‘The sword has arbitrarily become shorter!’

It was a shameful snowfall because I knew that a sinister figure was lurking in the third tributary. If I had tried to avoid this with just my sense of distance, I would have been in great trouble.

The Yaksha’s sword could expand or contract like grief. One important piece of information was engraved.



Snowfall, which avoided the vicious movements like a loach, was able to determine the timing.

‘The 7 branches are coming.’

Being able to determine the distribution of damage is a trap. Only distribution could be determined, and actions were not flexible.

Therefore, the inflection point for delivering effective strikes was always the sword technique.

Because he didn’t know this, the one-armed swordsman of the past was injured.

‘But now you know!’


Snowfall jumped into the air and poured forward.

Since his center of gravity was shifted forward, the yaksha also had to block it.

‘Isn’t it going to be difficult?’

The 7th branch was a sweeping motion at the bottom, and at that time, the sword turned into a whip.


Same thing this time too.

The Yaksha’s sword seemed to be able to change not only its length but also its shape. As expected from a magic sword, it was similar to grief.

However, the motion of swiping the bottom did not reach Snow Seol as he was already rushing forward.

Get the card!

The night raven’s sword that was scraping through the yaksha’s pauldron. If you go a little further, you will be able to injure the yaksha.




A memorization derived from the Yaksha’s other hand.

If the snowfall had not retreated, it would have pierced his head.


In the meantime, the yaksha struck out the grief, put away his turin sword technique, and took a breath.


The same goes for snowfall.

“Haa… haa….”

It wasn’t that I was moving more violently than usual, but the weight made me short of breath.

Karen regains control once again.

‘What should I do to get rid of him…’

As Kangseol was looking at the yaksha in worry, an alien sound was heard.



Snowfall looks at him in shock and sorrow.

Grief was chewing something.

It was a fragment of something.

【Grief has arrived!】

When sorrow collided with the Yaksha’s blade, part of it was bitten off.

After the yaksha checked the blade, his eye sockets turned into angry looks.

【Great Captain Bitan will save you!】

That was then.

“Rain… Tan?”

A voice came from the Yaksha.

‘There’s a reaction?’

The Yasha’s eye sockets turned round.

He looked surprised.

‘Couldn’t it have been said by a yaksha?’

His voice was uttered not by the Yaksha, but by the will of the prosecutor who was caught by him.

“Save me… I… wait…”

Now, someone’s words echoed in Yasha’s mind.

– I will definitely get it! … wait!

– Wait… wait…

whose voice is that?

“Wait… me… who?”


Lightning rained down from the Yaksha’s sword.

[Yaksha uses Thundercloud Sword Technique: Cumulonimbus.]

[Thunderbolt damage is added to the attack, and armor penetration is applied to the additional damage.]

Yasha’s sword turned into thunderbolt.


A yaksha charging towards you while wielding a thunder sword.

As always, it happens in an instant.




me mea me

The Yasha mutters and launches an onslaught.

Paper profit!



Karen curled her fist in exhilarating shock and struck the yaksha’s mask.



Yacha rolling around.


The yaksha rolled over so easily that Karen, who had hit the target with her fist, was stunned.

Why was the yaksha defenseless and counterattacked?

The reason was soon revealed.


‘As expected… it’s here!’

This was the point where I judged it to be the most dangerous moment, assuming I was dealing with a yaksha.


The boundary stone he swallowed began to take effect.

The surrounding space was about to distort.

Kang Seol shouted.


Then, a huge troll appeared behind the snowfall.

“Where are you going?”


Jamad, who appeared with darkness, placed his palms face to face and cast a spell.

[Jammard uses Shadow Spell: Tail Biting.]

[All people within a certain range are tied up in a limited space.] [

The space tracks the target who activated the transference escape method.]


Boundary Jamard, who had activated the spell, was impressed.

“Damn it… the power of the boundary stone it absorbed is much stronger than expected! Non-combat personnel will be thrown out!”

Problems of one kind or another always arise during battle. The snowfall was also expected to some extent.

If we were to guess, there were so many people occupying space uselessly that Jamaard couldn’t keep up with the border.

Once you make a decision, act quickly.


Everyone except Kang Seol and his party, who were currently engaged in battle with the ghost, were thrown out of space.

Shinyo, Taeyul’s group, Sangjang Army, and Jungang Army were thrown out during this process.

Taeyul flew out of space and called out to Seolhong.


“Please leave it to me!”

It’s a joke!

A transparent membrane was formed and they disappeared somewhere, as if they had cut the world and moved.

Those who were left behind could also see their appearance.

More like a remnant, blurry than reality.

* * *

– Small and medium-sized city Hucheong –

It was one of the cities that suffered great damage due to Yaksha and is currently recovering from the damage.

“Wow… that seems like a good idea.”

“Damn it. “Can’t you see that the city is in tatters?”

“Man, they say that Gaonashi will never appear again where it once appeared. Let’s think positively.”


“And isn’t that why people are gathering now to feel safe in the place that he swept over? “If it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t have been able to start a business again.”

It was literally like that.

The yaksha did not appear again in the same place.

As if there were rules.

“Eat well, don’t talk nonsense, and come here! “Help me with this!”

“Why is a sign a sign? The repairs haven’t even been completed yet, but this guy is hanging up a sign. Will you come to your senses if you collapse one more time?”

“I haven’t tried this business before. “Now is your chance. If you put up something flashy while other houses are leaving their signs tattered, wouldn’t it stick in the minds of people passing by?”

“… It’s gorgeous. “I guess I spent some money… I live a tiring life.”

“Stop talking nonsense and help me.”


Jeonja, who had climbed onto the roof, added his strength.

However, usually things like this were difficult to make feel good.

“It’s sweet after the repairs are over… I’m not even a laborer, but they treat me like a regular… It’s so convenient…”

“Hey! “I suffered so much trauma…”

That was then.


“… Huh?”

Hold on!

“Oh man!”

“Uh huh?”

“Holy shit!”

The man quickly grabs the store owner and runs out of the store.

Soon the collapse began.


A huge crack appeared as the building collapsed.

The crack pushed out the space.

And those who witnessed the battle taking place within the crack screamed.

Because it was an unforgettable, unforgettable sight.

“Ear ear ear ear ear… it’s a ghost!”


Jeonja, who rescued the store owner, looked at the crack with a mesmerized expression.

“Ugh… are you okay?”

“… mister.”

“hey! what’s the matter!”

“It’s a guy…”


“He… is back…”

A monster who always wears a strange mask and attracts ghosts. A cruel person who is currently attracting the most attention in Cannes.


And now someone confronting him.


When they were seen engulfed in fire and lightning, people scattered in all directions.


The amplifier spread an alert throughout the city.


“Run away too!”

“Why did you show up here again!”

“Who are those people?”

Even though Kang Seol and his party checked them beyond the border held by Jamard, they were not at all shaken.

No, I was agitated at first.

Until this situation has happened more than three times.


The newly made signboard tilted and fell.

Currently, a strange phenomenon was occurring that caused an uproar throughout Cannes.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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