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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 316

Episode 316:

A man is standing in front of a beautiful tree.

It was such a huge tree that dozens of men could barely surround it by holding hands with both hands outstretched.


The man’s name is Yoohyeon.

He mostly did things that seemed useless.

He walked the path of the sword, but no one knew his name. He had no interest in fame.

I was only interested in the act of pushing boundaries.

When he was young, he suffered from illness frequently due to his very weak body. Therefore, I picked up a sword to overcome this. And even after becoming an adult, he did not let go of that sword.

Yuhyeon looked up at the tree.

“Thank you for your hard work today.”

Yuhyeon had a family.

The reason it is said to have existed rather than to have existed is because they are all dead.

His mother died and his father raised him alone, but it is said that he suffered misfortune after accompanying him on a guard mission to the top. Yuhyeon only heard the news but was unable to delve into the details.

It was a common death faced by the poor.

There was something that her father left to Yuhyeon.

It was this tree.

No, to be exact, it was probably a tree seed.

This tree was exactly the same age as Yuhyeon.

I don’t know where the seeds came from, but it is said that his father planted them the year Yuhyeon was born.

It is said that Yuhyeon’s father once tried to cut down this tree.

It was because he thought that the tree had taken all the nutrients and that Yuhyeon was weak.

– Such a damned tree! I will cut down that tree someday, Hyuna!

The father’s thoughts about Yuhyeon were enormous, but the tree had already grown too big. Even if all the village’s men were mobilized, the ax blade did not get stuck in the tree. This was an incident that was engraved in the minds of the villagers as this tree was a cursed tree.

In the end, Yuhyeon’s father failed to keep his word to her, and Yuhyeon still remembers what he said to him while scratching his head in humility.

– Well… Yoo Yoohyeon is a little bigger, so cut it yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down that tree, shake off the disease, and move on to the world?

It is more of an interpretation than a dream.

However, the words Yoohyeon’s father said, which she made up at random, became an important indicator of her life.

That tree needs to be cut down.

We need to cut down that tree and move forward.

Yuhyeon was walking that path again today.

“ruler! Then…”

I didn’t just blindly hit the tree with an ax.

An ax wasn’t even stuck in that tree in the first place.

Instead, he used an unusual sword that his father acquired while wandering in the past.

It didn’t feel sharp or flashy. Instead, it was very hard.

Even if you hit the sword against a tree all day, there was almost no damage to the sword.

Maybe the reason I was able to do this useless thing all this time was because of this sword.



“thank you!”


“thank you!”

He struck down his sword in a comical posture.

I repeated this until the sun went down.

The meal consisted of wild vegetables and mushrooms that didn’t even taste good. And sometimes meat.

A rumor spread throughout the village that Yuhyeon lost her father and went crazy.

“Am I crazy…”

Yoohyeon sometimes muttered to herself and paid attention to the rumors.

If you look at it from the outside, it probably isn’t really wrong.

A person who works hard to cut down trees every day.

If it weren’t for Yoohyeon himself, he would have been dismissed as a crazy person.

The beginning was wrong.

Left alone in the world, he wanted to show that he could accomplish anything. To my parents who left before me and to the people in the world.

The next day came.




“Thanks… huh?”

Something strange happened today.

Maybe it had something to do with that strange feeling I had been feeling for a while.

Yuhyeon looked up at the tree.

It’s God.

It was clear that God was watching him.

Otherwise there was no explanation.

There was a lot of force in the sword that I was constantly striking, and although it was difficult to express it accurately, I felt like I had some idea of what the sword was.

“Uh… did I do well?”

There was no answer.

There was no way the tree could answer.

“Please tell me, if I’m not crazy…”

Yoohyeon asked.

“Are you watching me?”

What about the voice of God?

Is this a voice that sinks like the sea?

Or is it a voice as excited as the sky?

If not that, is that really crazy?

Yoohyeon shook her head and said to herself again.

“If I had known you would be watching… I wouldn’t have been so lazy. Tskcha….”

I stand up holding my shaky legs and hit the tree again.


them with their 3 a.m.

“thank you!”


“thank you!”

* * *

The high heavens.

“Snowman, what are you doing?”

“Ah, plump paulownia tree.”

“what? “Are you a prosecutor this time?”

The plump paulownia tree, a heavenly resident close to snowfall.

He also received help when training the grave robber Golan. When he approached Kangseol, Kangseol answered the question he asked.

“Yes, but…”

“Huh? Ah… oh… you picked the wrong one.”


“Oops! You don’t like the expression “selected.” Um…”

Paulownia covered her mouth after checking the status window of the horse that Kangseol was training.

“Um… um…”

“If you have anything to say, say it.”

“Can I say something harsh?”

“It’s not possible. “I can hear you.”

“Hehe… Is that possible?”

The paulownia tree, which was watching Snow Seol, scratched its head.

“A weakling with paranoia and paranoia. Have you developed a hobby of collecting negative quirks?”

“Uh-huh! “It’s because I was born that way.”

“I can’t give up… Have you ever thought about giving up on adventure? It seems like I’m just wasting time…”


Honestly, it’s not that I haven’t thought about it.

This man named Yoohyeon, who was tied to a large beautiful tree and was always hitting on the tree, was weak.

If there were grades in the birth of horses, it would be okay to receive the lowest grade.

There was no area where he was better than others, not only in his environment or qualifications, but in any other area as well.

“So, it’s right to give up…”

“Snowman didn’t give up until the horse gave up.”

“… That’s not really why I’m watching.”

“… then?”

“It’s fun, really.”

“hmm? fun? “In what part?”

“Would you like to watch from the side?”

“It’s good.”


The paulownia tree sat next to Kangseol and quietly observed Yuhyeon. And snowfall is also watching over him.

So much later.

“Isn’t that too much?”

“yes? Ah….”

“You’ve been knocking on wood all day, right? This is it… When are you going on an adventure?”

“That’s right, the interesting thing is that your ability level increases when you pound on wood like this.”

“…what about your abilities?”

“… That will happen in the future.”

“Have you seen the future?”

“I asked Yoohyeon everything.”

A smiling snowman.

“But why are you muttering to yourself every time you hit this guy?”

“I think Yuhyeon’s fate is tied to this tree. “Yoohyeon thinks this tree is a god.”

“Hmm… But what part are you thankful for?”

“well? I don’t know that either. “It seems like they’re grateful for anything…”

“It’s really strange to hear. hmm?”

The words Yoohyeon said as she looked up at the tree came to mind as a dialogue script.

– thank you! How was it? Are you feeling better than before?

“…to whom are you speaking?”

“Maybe a tree… and… me?”

“I can see why you’re so into it. “Well, sometimes it’s nice to have something like this.”

“Yes, Yoohyeon… I think she’s listening to me. So I like it.”

The paulownia tree shook its head and left.

From then on, Kang Seol raised Yu Hyeon. Compared to other horses, training was not difficult.

And it became more and more fun.

Miraculously, Yoohyeon became stronger.

Snowfall rapidly after watching.

And finally.

Damn it…

[Use the sword to cut down the Celestial God’s Tree.]

[Achieve the special achievement ‘I’m All Healed’]

[Obtain the special title “The One Who Overcomes.”]

[Enlightenment! A new ability is awakened.]

[Jeolgi: Awakening to cutting with one mind.] [


: Cutting with one mind is born!]


A huge tree fell towards the forest.


“… Huh?”

For some reason, when Kang Seol saw that scene, a tear rolled down his face.

Even though it wasn’t something I did, my heart was pounding.

– thank you! Thank you….

Yuhyeon finally felled the tree that had tied her to this land.

He soon went out into the world with only a few days worth of lunches, a few fragments of the Celestial Tree, and a sword.

This was the record of Yuhyeon before he became a yaksha.

A yaksha transformed into a night crow. No, I was lost in thought when I saw Yoohyeon finally appear.

– Weak guy… Don’t try to push me away.

“Joyoong! “Be quiet!”

Kwasik! Kwaziik!

Yoohyeon strikes the Yasha’s mask again with her fist.

It was the final fight that Snowfall had been looking forward to so much.

If the tragedy lasts too long, there comes a moment when it feels like your breath will stop.

When Kang Seol saw Yu Hyeon’s skin visible through the crack of the yaksha’s broken mask, her heart broke as if it were being torn apart.



Yoohyeon took a natural stance.

Snowfall knew.

There was only one method for the One-Shim Sword.

There are at most two or three swordsmanship events that take place after that.

However, other sword techniques were not the ones Yuhyeon mainly used.

The true power of the One-Heart Sword comes from its single-minded cutting. A move that emits such great destructive power that it could cut down the Heavenly God Tree in one go.

If you try to fight it, it will break.

‘What should I do…’


Karen also took a stance.

“I’ll try.”




Heartbreak, Karen, and Snowfall focused all my senses.



It felt like the entire space was being torn apart by Yuhyeon’s sword.


[Yakchai season: I use one-hearted cutting.]


. ]

Is the distance appropriate?

Aren’t the steps not enough?

Is your breathing stable?

Has the distribution of power been disrupted?


Yuhyeon’s sword flew like a beam of light.





The night crow could not bear to face the force and avoided it.

One arm was empty.

Because Yoohyeon’s swordsmanship surpassed all of the power that the original bone could absorb and the power that the armor created through incomplete combustion could absorb, one of the ravens’ arms was blown away.


“… Hahaha!”


Karen and Kang Seol also felt the pain.

I was able to endure it a little due to the excitement of battle, but the pain was still very painful.

But they laughed.

To this absurd power.

And he paid respect to the person who exerted that power.


When the raven brought the fallen arm to the amputation site, the blood of origin put it back together neatly.

Yacha… No, if Yoohyeon was a monster, Kangseol was also a monster.

“It’s huge…”

“… It can’t be avoided, right?”

“It can be avoided. Instead…”

Karen’s expression hardened.

“Then you won’t be able to win.”

Kang Seol nodded at Karen’s words.

A decision was needed. Like Duoksini said, maybe we should get out of here and look for the next opportunity.


“He’s crying… he’s crying.”


“I want to save the heartbreak.”

Karen tapped the handle.

“Kahaha! “It’s been a while since we’re in the same mood, right?”

“Are you going to help me?”

“Well… the owner…”

Kang Seol stiffened and answered.

“Let’s see the match here.”

“You have to bet everything on the next move… If you’re scared, you can back out. There will be another opportunity. “You have a lot to lose, right?”

Kang Seol shook his head.

“It’s okay because I’ve always put everything on the line.”


“You know that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lose, right?”

“Hehehe… That’s right!”

Karen also smiled and responded.

I could never lose this fight.


Mae-gu, who had been feeling perplexed by Seol-hong and Chi-woo, rushed towards the yaksha.

“Hey! The situation is not good, so I step back ….


“This can’t be right….”

Maegu’s head just flew off.

Even at the moment of death, there was a question in Maegu’s eyes.

“Aaaah… I’m scared… I’m scared…”

The glow-in-the-dark ghost held his head in fear at Maegu’s cruel death.

Now, the only thing that could stop the runaway yaksha was snowfall.


Whoa whoa…

That breath.

I remember.

Everything, even Yoohyeon’s breath.

“If you want to do anything, do it quickly. There is no time.”

Jamard seemed to have been hit hard by the successive boundary transfers. He looked serious as he spoke with blood bleeding from the corner of his mouth.


The raven took a stance.

It wasn’t much different from Yuhyeon’s posture.


The raven absorbed the flames it had accumulated through grief.

[Incomplete combustion reaches its peak.]



I was out of breath.

A battle of strength and power.

I had to end everything with this one move.

I hated to imagine losing, but after witnessing Yoohyeon’s power, I couldn’t help but think of that future again and again.

If I fail, this moment will be the last time I breathe.




I took a step.

There was no stopping now.

Yuhyeon’s sword began to fall.

– wait! I…

Yoohyeon ignored the Yaksha’s words and held out the most powerful sword of enlightenment he had.


I felt as if my whole body was being sucked into that sword.

Yuhyeon’s sword is a sparkling star.

It looked exactly like that.


Time passed slowly.

Each twinkling star has its own shape.

Grief has someone crying.

To Karen, Lane feels like a wall.

And standing before Kang Seol was Yoohyeon, smiling brightly.

The paths were different, but the destination was one.

The three paths must lead to one.


Slashes rained down along with Yoohyeon’s spirit. [Yamha is a season: uses one





The first thing that came was the shock, as if my heart had been turned upside down and everything inside was spilling out.


A wall that must be overcome.

A person who must be saved.

And Yoohyeon.

The starting paths may be different, but the destinations will all be the same.

All three shouted like Yuhyeon.






In an instant, I felt like my grief was exploding. The raven’s flames came together and formed a huge blade.

A flame in the shape of grief struck diagonally, pushing back Yuhyeon’s slash.


One last step beyond the twinkling stars.

– Look, you can do it.


– You came….

A crying yaksha.

– ….

Yoohyeon smiles.

So they finally reached there.

To a new world.

[Raven: The Trinity is complete!]

[A great step! Karen steps into the realm of supremacy!]

[A meteor shower is pouring down! After the battle, enlightenment comes.]

[Enlightenment! Karen awakens a new ability.]

[Season: Drawing a sunset changes into Season: Complete Combustion.]

[Season: Complete Combustion is born!]




Yoohyeon and the night crow crossing each other.

“Thank you… thank you…”

Yuhyeon was the same as always.


there was a crack in the Yaksha mask.


Yuhyeon’s body was divided into upper and lower body.

– No… no!

The yaksha struggled to hold his tattered body together. A disgusting slime spread out from the upper body and covered the lower body.

Kang Seol approached Yoohyeon, who had collapsed.

The eye sockets of the dark mask.

Yuhyeon’s sparkling eyes were there.

“Thank you… Hap… Ni…”


“My name… Yu… Hyeon…”

Yoohyeon rummaged in her arms.

Then he took it out and held it out in the direction from which Kang Seol’s voice was heard.

He was holding it so tightly that it was not easy to even check what it was.

“This is…”

A crude sculpture made of wood.

What was unusual was that the statue had no facial features.

As if it was made while thinking of someone whose face I don’t know.

This was a statue made of heavenly wood.


When Kang Seol realized that, his eyes became red.

“You really… came…”

“… what?”

“I will… save you… so… wait….”


“Wait… wait…”

– Because I will definitely save you! … wait!

– Please… wait… wait….

That was exactly what Kangseol shouted at the game board after losing Yoohyeon to Yasha.

“…Did you really hear it?”

“I waited… it was late… but… you came…”

Yuhyeon’s breathing became shallow.

“…thank you.”

His breath stopped.


Kangseol took off the mask from him.

I could see Yuhyeon’s greatly distorted skin.

I gently closed my eyes.


Kang Seol looked blankly at his statue made of heavenly wood.

[The Yasha has been defeated.]

[The first achievement, ‘Great Step’, has been achieved.]

[The first title, ‘Supreme Stage’, has been obtained.]

[The mid-settlement of the long journey has been completed.]

[The Yasha’s keepsake has been acquired. ]

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