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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 317

Episode 317

Now the Yasha falls to the ground and looks embarrassed with a face that is not Yoohyeon’s.

– Useless guy! You are useless until you die!

The Yasha cried out, belittling Yuhyeon’s value.

Kang Seol ignored the Yasha and placed his hand on Yu Hyeon’s forehead.

[The story of ‘Yuhyeon’ begins.]

In an instant, Kangseol was sucked into Yuhyeon’s memories.

Kangseol became Yuhyeon.

* * *

“Ugh… keuhuheuuk….”


A swordsman who is cut with a sword and bleeding profusely.

The prosecutor who had been dealing with him just now was covered in blood and slapped his body against him.

“Do… run… run…”

“… what?”

“… You have to run away… You…” A demon wearing a



The murderer who had stained the entire area with blood was finally put to death.

But the aftertaste was bitter.

‘It was definitely… strange, right?’

Standing in front of his corpse, Yuhyeon thought deeply.

“It was strong… very strong.”

The sword that flies faster than the senses and absorbs energy the moment they meet was too much for even Yuhyeon.

Still, I defeated him.

Now, countless people who would have been sacrificed by this man have been saved.

And it also comforted the souls who fell cruelly to him.


Yuhyeon couldn’t take his eyes off the sword the murderer was using.


A sword that exudes a bewitching energy despite having consumed so much blood.

It seemed to show that this is what a sword is.

– Do you want to have it?


“Who are you!”

Yoohyeon stood up and shouted.

There was no one around.

– It’s yours, you can take it.

“What is this…”

Yuhyeon looked at the dead murderer’s face just in case.


Definitely dead.

Instead, his mask was emitting evil light.

– Take me, prosecutor. I’ll give you what you’ve never had before.


Yuhyeon naturally holds the Yasha mask in her hand.

Like a carnivorous plant that lures insects with its colorful patterns and ultimately leads to a terrible ending, the yaksha tempted Yuhyeon.

… no!

‘Uh… God?’

It was clearly like I heard a voice.

A voice that leaves no trace, so much so that it can be called an auditory hallucination.


there was a fog in my memory.

It became hazy and I couldn’t see clearly.


“This… crazy… murderous… you… someone….”



It’s strange.

What was reflected in the pupils of the man who had just died was clearly a mask.

A masked person was standing there.

Yoohyeon looked down at her hand that killed the man.

“Where… is this? “I… I… who am I?”

Yoohyeon held her head.

“I… what the hell…”

Yuhyeon, who had already surrendered herself to the uncontrollable flow, heard the voice of a yaksha.

– You are the one who has awakened to Yaksha blood and slaughter.

Yuhyeon muttered with blurry eyes.

“I am… Yacha….”


The rain was washing away the blood covered in water.

No, that might be an illusion.

What was falling from the sky was blood.

More blood pours from the sky.

And it stops Yoohyeon from breathing.


The existence of Yoohyeon is being erased from the world.

The world is changing into a world where only yakshas exist.

“I can’t breathe…”

My heart isn’t beating.

I don’t feel any warmth.

I can’t even remember the last time I had sunlight on my face.

Maybe it would have been better not to cut down that tree. If I had stayed there forever, things like this wouldn’t have happened…

Yuhyeon cried.

The world is soaked in blood.

The water level goes beyond the waist and above the chest.

Soon you will be submerged from head to toe.

“Save me… someone… me… I don’t want to disappear like this.”

Yuhyeon cried and screamed like a child.

“Save me! Ugh… Someone save me… Someone save me… please…”

Who will save himself?

We’ve already come too far to turn back.

If there were such a person, there would be only one in the world.

“Save me… God….”

That was then.

– Wait a minute! Yoohyeon!

A voice I had forgotten came to me.

You haven’t abandoned me yet.

“I’m sorry… I… I am now…”

Yoohyeon disappears into existence and becomes a yaksha.

Everyone who remembers him will disappear and only God will remember him.

– Don’t forget! Yoohyeon! I will definitely get it! wait!

“Yes, I… Yoohyeon…”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

“You were really watching….”

– Please… wait… wait… no…

Yoohyeon smiled as she looked at the sky as she disappeared.

“Don’t cry, God. Because I will definitely not forget and wait. So….”


Surrender yourself to the blood.

The body flows aimlessly along the river of blood.

‘I’ll wait… I hope you come…’

It sank.

To a place with no end in sight.

It seemed like it would never come to mind.



‘Ah, this is…’

A familiar feeling.

The thing in my hand is a sword.

This is when I swung the sword so fiercely that my entire grip was torn off.


I close my eyes and swing the sword with all my might.


Trees are cut down.

Open your eyes again.

‘… uh?’

The landscape is also cut along the trees.

The knight was looking intently at himself.

‘Why did I swing a sword?’

This feeling is familiar.

It’s the same feeling as when I was covered in sweat with the sun shining on my face.


A feeling that could only be expressed in that way arose.

Why do we have to fight with the author?

Even though I feel like I really miss it.

Questions come later.

Do your best with familiar movements and familiar spirit.


The other person also does his best.


Unintelligible sounds are heard from each other. That alone warmed my heart.

For some reason, the emotions in the eyes of the approaching knight came to me clearly.

‘I’m sad. … why?’

Complex emotions intersect with the sword.

The moment the swords met, I burst into tears and my emotions flooded me.

Things that have been frozen for a while.

“Thank you…”

It was such a great sword.

Yoohyeon couldn’t help but think those thoughts as she collapsed.

‘It’s you! ‘Why are you crying? You won…’

The world is shaking.

I can’t walk anymore.


to the mouth. Blood flowed from the mouth.


Why am I here?

I don’t know.

The field of vision gradually fades away.

Someone is looking down at them.

I can’t see my face.

Just a smudged shadow.

It’s still good though.

Is this the end of everything?

“Thank you… thank you… ni…”



Yoohyeon my name!

“My name… Yu… Hyeon….”

I rummaged through my arms.

There must be.

I needed to tell you this, but I wanted to tell you.

… found.


The image of a god carved from heavenly wood.

“You really… came…”

“… what?”

“I will… save you… so… wait…” “


“Wait… wait…”

I heard it.

your voice.

God made me cry.

“…Did you really hear it?”

Yes, I heard it.

“I waited… it was late… but… you came…”

I should smile… I want to smile, but I can’t make an expression…

Thank you for watching.

“… thank you.”

Have I become even a little closer to you through this?

It’s a miserable life, but…

I hope you remember me.

* * *

[You have inherited the legacy of ‘Yuhyeon’.]

[You have inherited the deceased’s abilities.]

[You have inherited the one mind.]

[You have inherited the one mind.]

A message that reminds me of something.

But Kangseol didn’t have time to look at them all.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…”

Many people watching him were perplexed.

Because I’ve never seen him suffer this much.

Because Kang Seol always had a grumpy look on his face and didn’t shy away from doing bad things.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…”

Kang Seol struggles to hold in his hands the halo of light left behind by Yoohyeon’s body disappearing.

I knew it was futile, but I couldn’t stop. There was a huge hole in my heart, so I had to fill my hunger.


Everyone heard his screams.

A projection of the phenomenon created by the runaway of boundary stones, later called Yachaheun.

Those who watched the snowfall from afar only focused on the fact that the yaksha was dead.

“Seolhong did it!”

“His dragon stone did a great job!”

“Khan has finally driven away the nightmare!”

The death of the yakshas is their joy.

You can be happy to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, some people were talking about Kang Seol’s origins as a transfer worker, so the transferees who witnessed this scene were speechless.

“That monster is a metastasis…?”

“That doesn’t make any sense…”

“… It must be a lie.”

No matter how they reacted, the matter was concluded.

The rest are things that snowfall has to bear.

This is penance.

It is an arduous path of wandering in search of words.

Still, I couldn’t stop.

Yasha, seeing his unstable appearance, smiled.

– Write me.

“… what?”

– I will erase your sad memories.


– Then it will all be like nothing that happened. How do you feel?


the snowfall caught the yaksha’s mask.

Just like when Yuhyeon was possessed by the Yaksha.


Yasha’s laughter became darker.


Seolhong shouted at Kangseol.

Are you planning to repeat the same tragedy?

Kang Seol held the mask in her hand and looked at it with sad eyes.

– Yes, me….

The Yaksha’s whispers grew louder.

– Accept me…


Just then, a small hint of incontinence was added to the Yaksha’s mask.

– … Huh?


Snowfall’s hands were shaking.

The Yaksha’s mask was being pulled.

On both sides.

– Argh! It hurts!

As the Yaksha screamed and turned into a tearful face, Kangseol spoke in a dry voice.

“What’s wrong…”

Yasha looked into Kangseol’s eyes.

“You should smile.”

“… what?”

His eyes held such deep darkness that even the yaksha felt fear.

Frustration, loss, futility.

All of that was melted inside that pupil.

For the first time in his life, the yaksha felt fear of humans.

“You took Yoohyeon’s expression.”

“Stop… stop….”


“I will obey… I will obey you…”

“There is no need.”

It will be dark.

The place where Kangseol’s heart touched was darkness.

“Please… no!”

A monster that has deceived countless swordsmen for a long time and harvested their blood.


I’m going to fall in love!

The last time was now.



The storm of negativity swirling within him was sucked into the sword that was paired with him.

[The incarnation of the yaksha has been defeated.]

[With this, the incarnation of the yaksha disappears and its power is returned to the ‘mysterious – yaksha (夜叉).’] [

The first achievement ‘If I can’t have it, I will destroy it’ is achieved.] [

The first . Earn the title “Relic Destroyer.”]

Snowfall turned his head and looked at the luminous ghost.


The glow-in-the-dark ghost raised his hand and said.

“Ha surrender! “I just did what Maegu told me to do…”

At last, the fight that had stained Khan with blood came to an end.


“It’s over! It’s really over!”

Seolhong tried to approach Kangseol.

“Let’s go back…”

But Kang Seol shook his head.

Because I couldn’t go back.

he asked Jamard.

“Was it too much?”

Jamard nodded, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Soon, those in this space will be swept away by the shock created by the boundary stone.”

“What are the measures?”

“Waiting quietly.”

“What happens if I get swept away?”

“Well… we wouldn’t know, but they would be torn to pieces.”

At this point, Seolhong also knew how Jamad and Kang Seol’s story was going.

Only then did I learn why the space was able to remain safe even after a huge amount of metastasis occurred in a short period of time.

“No way… I was blocking the explosion of the boundary stone…”

Jamard was holding on forcibly.

Now that the Yaksha had disappeared, there was no one who could stop the explosion of the boundary stone.

“Well, the power of the border stone will be recovered well.”

“Then that’s a good thing…”

Kangseol nodded to Jamad.

“Get them out of here. “Is that possible?”

“Yes, it is possible. And I expected you to.”

Seolhong and Chiwoo’s faces turned pale.

The blood had completely drained.

“snowfall! don’t do it!”

“snowfall! do not do that! Let’s go back together! No, if you have to stay, I’ll be there too!”

Kang Seol shook his head.

“I was the one who had to leave.”

“I’ll come back… I promise…”


“I promise!”

“If possible, I didn’t want our farewell to be like this…”

“Promise me! Then… you can wait. snowfall! Without you…”

“If I survive…”

Kang Seol grinned.

He didn’t want to suffer any more from horse-related problems. My heart has already been torn to shreds and turned into rags.

“Let’s come back and see.”

Another promise.

Seolhong was able to endure the promise he made despite all his efforts.

“It’s almost time.”


Seolhong, Chiu, and the glow-in-the-dark ears flew out of space.


The surrounding scenery had changed.

“Hehehe… Hehehe….”



People rushing in.

This was the field of Sangyo where the fight with the yaksha first began.

Shinyo and Taeyul were the first to run over and hug Seolhong and Chiwoo.


“Uh… you don’t have to…”

The glow-in-the-dark ear scratched its head and obediently listened to the instructions.

Seolhong looked at Yachaheun and shouted.

“Shinyo… We have to save Taeyul… Kangseol is trapped there…”

Taeyul nodded.

“Send a messenger to Zodiac urgently! To the great shaman of the Dragon Palace….”


Kwahahah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


The image of snowfall reflected in the Yacha trail disappeared before my eyes.

Finally, the condensed power of the boundary stone exploded.

My vision became blurry.

Seolhong stumbled and collapsed.

“Snowfall… Where did it go…”

It’s probably not dead.

He probably didn’t die.


“I will definitely…find it.”

She fell limp after saying those words.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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