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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 321

Episode 321

Burtul’s brow twitched as he sat in the chair.

An absurd thing to encounter in a completely unexpected situation.

“… How did you get in?”

“Because the boundaries are lax. “Is there any other reason?”

“… It’s not wrong.”

“I will immediately issue instructions to strengthen security.”

“It is done. Even if we strengthened our guard, we wouldn’t have been able to stop this guy.”


Ishii and Yeba were overjoyed at the fact that Kangseol had come to save them, but they also felt a little uneasy when Kangseol spoke Troll language for a moment.

“You’re a troll, right? Now…”

“Be quiet…”

“No way, one of the gang…”

“Ugh! “Please stay quiet.”

As Snowfall began to converse with them in his fluent Troll language, Burtul and the Shaman became intrigued by this strange being.

“That’s interesting. Where did you learn to say it?”

“I often did things related to that.”


“I propose it in that sense.”


“Tell me a story about why the situation got to this point.”

The shaman looked at Burtul.

Since he had no right to speak, he meant that there would be no other response than to wait for Burtul to open his mouth.


Burtul thought for a moment and said this.

“After listening to the whole story?”

“I’ll think about it later. “Anyway, I have no intention of colliding with Glaciermaw.”

“What you mean is that you will take your men and run away from here. “Do you think that’s possible?”

Kang Seol smiled brightly.

Burtul, who felt something creepy in that smile, touched his forehead for a moment and then continued.

“Good, it will soon become known to humans anyway.”

He continued to wiggle his hands as if he was anxious and explained why the situation had turned out this way.

“Emon has stirred.”

“A mole? “You’ve been blocking it well so far, right?”

“That too has reached its limit. “We can’t stop them now.”

It was strange.

Emon’s power existed in the past.

They were one of the few surviving beings in this harsh polar region and were a race of not very intelligent people.

“The situation has become like this… it is not just one reason. Several factors combined to cause the problem. “The first Emon became wise.”

“Are you getting smarter?”

“In the past, they would have trusted their numbers and put their bodies first. But… something happened and they became completely different from the previous Emon. “Now they’re even talking about it.”

“… speak?”

The wild dogs possessed intelligence and occupied an equal position. Snowfall was not predicted at all. After hearing the unexpected words, Kang Seol became even more interested in this matter.

‘Things are more complicated than I thought?’

I thought it was a change in the balance of power.

However, if what Burtul said was true, this could have been a serious issue that would affect the entire North.

“If our intelligence had increased, wouldn’t we have been able to consider an armistice?”

“Not like that. You’re saying this without knowing Emon. They are overflowing with greed. The desire to procreate, the desire to expand, and the desire to conquer. They gather like clouds and make everything a mess. “He is someone whom intelligence cannot communicate with.”

“They even killed our lion. “Emon are people you can’t deal with.”

Even the shaman helped.

Snowfall glanced at him for a moment.


The shaman who received that look flinched.

It wasn’t sent with murderous intent, but the reaction was excessive.

‘It’s because the gap is so big.’

Usually, if the chieftain is the size of a glacier maw, he or she will be in the position of a warchief, and their close associates will often be great shamans.

‘But this guy…’

His magical power is far short of that of a great sorcerer.

There didn’t seem to be any other talents.

‘How far did the glacier maw fall?’

Kang Seol put off evaluating them for a moment and focused on the conversation.

“How far have they gone?”

“Emon’s eyes and ears reach almost everywhere in Hygeltongue. “He may still be hiding underground here, stealing our stories.”

“… The situation is serious.”

The entire Hygeltongue became the mole’s territory.

In this case, if it were a different transfer company, the most convenient method would have been considered.

Leaving Hygeltongue.

But Snowfall had a slightly different way of thinking.

He didn’t think from the horse’s perspective.

I thought of the entire Pandea as a giant game board and considered how the events within it would unfold.

‘If we leave Emon alone, the power structure will change.’

I’ve had this experience a few times in the past.

We hesitated and did not stop the expansion of forces that we thought were a bit excessive, and we ended up in great trouble.

If Eamon’s power expands, it will inevitably clash with the federation of humans and dwarves that reigns in the north, and if the federation is shaken, it means that a gap will be created.

The shaking of the game board is bound to have a significant negative impact on the players living there.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a common federation or a glacier maw than for Emon to reign as the loser of the polar region?

“But that’s how far the glacier’s mouth was pushed out?”

“That’s not it. As I said, it is for complex reasons. … The Glacial Maw is not the mighty Glacial Maw of the past.”


“It’s all because of my shortcomings.”

“Brutul! It’s not like that! “Everything…”

“I’m just saying what I think.” “The reason I gave Emon a clue was because I wasn’t as talented as my predecessor.”


It wasn’t wrong.

Kang Seol evaluated Burtul like this.

A leader who is not even half as good as his father.

Unfortunately, this was true.

Whether it was Bronn or Branca, the time when they existed was when Glaciermaw was at its most prosperous.

Not only the individual’s military power, but also the leadership that made the tribe strong.

“But it’s hard to believe that the snow mountain was taken away for just that reason…”

The snow mountain was an area that the Glacial Maw had ruled for a long time. It was a natural fortress, and it was an excellent terrain where if you just held on, a blizzard would rage and drive away enemies.

Even leaving aside the fact that the glacier maws who have to survive within it are also in pain.

“… They got their hands on some artifact.”


“One of their generals, a guy named Jakcha, attacked the castle with the great sorcerer Krom. Although we were outnumbered, I thought we would repel them without difficulty using the terrain as a stepping stone…”

Burtul trembled.

“Chrom waved his wand and everything froze. “There was a chill worse than a blizzard.”

“… cane?”

“It was a staff with a blue crystal ball.”

Blue crystal ball.

When Kang Seol heard that, he twitched his eyebrows.

I felt like I couldn’t sense anything.

“Do you by any chance remember what the crystal ball looks like?”


Burtul and the shaman looked at each other for a moment and said:

“So… it has a white bird pattern…”

“Oh my…”

“Why is it like that? “Have you noticed the existence of the relic?”

“Ah ah….”

Kang Seol’s heart was greatly shaken.

The agitation was transmitted to nothingness.

– Why do you do that? Is this something you know?

Kang Seol nodded.

‘It’s Azran’s stuff. Crystal of dawn.’

– …Really? Azran’s stuff?

‘Yes, he didn’t use it after he achieved enlightenment, but it was still something he used for quite a while.’

The crystal at dawn might be the thing that Snowfall, or rather Ur, needs most right now. He was learning frost magic through the banned book, The Frozen Truth, so adding the Dawn Crystal to this would be a great help to his level.

– … snowfall.

Ur spoke seriously.

– I think this matter will eventually have nothing to do with us.

‘I happen to think the same way.’

But just as Kang Seol was trying to continue the conversation.


The temporary station shook.

‘earthquake? No, this is…’

the shaman shouted.

“What’s going on!”

“It’s a mole! “The Eemons have appeared!”

“Oh my… Burtul! Command!”

Burtul looked at the snowfall with tired eyes and gave an order to the shaman.

“I will come forward directly. “Get ready to meet them.”

“Then these people…”

“… You should escape when the time is right, if you can escape from the moles.”

Yeba and Ishii looked at each other for a moment and then turned their gaze to Kang Seol.

Kang Seol responded by shrugging his shoulders.

* * *


“Stop it! “Watch your step!”

The raid began in the middle of the night.



Red blood painted a picture on the pure white eyes.

Even if you hit it hard, the moles holding the spears were less than half the size of the glacier maw.

But the fight was equal.

It was because of someone leading the moles from the front.

“Hehehe! Lord Irizard commanded us! You! “I will kill you all!”

Emon, wearing strange and flashy armor, introduced himself.

“I am Irizard’s faithful servant! Wow! Come out! “I’ll salt you and bake you!”


Burtul, who hurriedly came outside upon hearing the news of the attack, frowned and stepped forward.

“Squeak… You didn’t run away?”

“Glacier maws don’t run away from moles or anything like that.”

“Squeak! “Your shabby throne is already in our hands, so tell me!”

The mole’s eyes were shining.

“Where did you hide her?”

“It also has a long snout, just in case someone thinks it’s a mole.”


[Kuakha uses an icicle egg.]

[Three consecutive attacks are activated.]

[The wound area freezes, reducing body temperature.]



Burtul also used a spear of a size appropriate for his body.


bang! Taang! Taaaang!

Burtul easily blocked three consecutive attacks.

‘Oh… it’s quite… isn’t it?’

An all-weather warrior who can reach transcendent intermediate level only by hitting the ice mole well. Burtul, who led a large tribe, was an opponent he should not have struggled with.

However, Judging by the way Burtul’s hands were shaking, the current fight seemed to be too much for him.

“Kiikhi! You say you are weak. “How long are you going to be weak?”

“You already defeated me with your words, mole.”


[Brutul uses Shard Strike.]

[Ice shards rise from the ground following the direction of the slash.]

[Enemies hit by the slash are guaranteed to be frozen if they are hit by

the ice shards .] !


Brutul’s harsh attack.

“Kihi! “It makes me yawn!”


On the day of cooing, I knew how to utilize my strong body properly. Neither the slash nor the ice fragments hit me at all.

‘Brutul will lose.’

If the opponent’s strength was speed, he had to engage in hand-to-hand combat and hold him down. I had to use my weight and strength to block the opponent’s speed.

‘It’s stupid to accept something like that.’

Perhaps the mole across from me is thinking the same thing as Snowfall.

Although Burtul seemed to be quite old, he showed inexperience in combat.

it could be.

If you don’t have talent.

‘It would be a different story if that talentless person was the chief of the tribe.’



The mole easily took his spear and taunted,

“Squeak… Did you think you were the King of the North? Giggling… such a ridiculous thing to say!”




“Is there a king without subjects? “Giggle, giggle, giggle!”


The roaring glacier maw was not something difficult to handle. The level is at best intermediate level.

However, Kuakha showed a devil-like power to Burtul.

Because Burtul was so far behind.

“Heo-eok… Heo-eok….”

“I heard that your son is talented, unlike his father… Is this true? “If it’s true, we should take care of it in advance.”

“Noom! “Don’t even think that the person who is going to kill me here will overtake my son!”

“Giggle… I’m going to die? ah! “You could die.”


“But I am not the one who will die for you.”




she her she her her she her her her her her her her



“Kihahahahahaha! Kuakha is now king! It’s a cooing king! “I will make you my slaves!”

“Haa… haa….”


Kuakha pulling out the spear.


“Kihi! What should I do first when I become the king of cooing? Can I kill you every day? huh? “Say it’s okay.”


“If you don’t like it, die.”


A spear with a chain flew towards Burtul’s face.


“Kihi… Huh? human?”

Kangseol, who was quietly watching the fight, blocked Kuakha’s spear.

“Why are humans here?”

“It’s so noisy.”

“Is Kuakha so noisy? Kihi… It’s noisy?”


“All the people who said Kuakha was noisy are dead! Kuakha will kill you!”

Yeba and Ishii shouted.

“It’s snowing! Dangerous!”

“You can’t come forward!”

Those who did not know Snowfall’s power always called his actions reckless. It was like that this time too.


Kuakha pulls the chain and retrieves the spear.

She …

Huuwoo …

The snowfall was deep breathing.

“Are you nervous? huh? Kihihi… Kihihihi….”

[Kuakha uses the northwest wind.]

[The weapon emits cold wind.]

[The wind is affected by the blade effect.]



Kuakha revolved around the snowfall.




“Kihihihi! how is it? Can’t you see? huh? “You won’t be able to find it, right?”

That moment.

Jamard woke up and wrapped around Kang Seol’s body.


It was almost at the same time that Kuakha sensed something ominous. Then I decided to avoid it and did it.

No, I tried to run it.



“Squeak… Squeak….”

[Earth Spell: Uses rock hand.]

[Restricts the target.]

[Strength and intelligence determine grip strength.]

“Let go! “Let go of this!”

A huge hand made of rock grabbed Kuakha.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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