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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 323

Episode 323

– Sharing a body with a dead troll is really unusual, isn’t it? By the way, when was the last time you saw a human? Humm….

She was a chatterbox.

I was just messing around with myself and said this.

– ah! I remembered! Azran!

Kang Seol smiled.

– It was a weird guy named Azran! He was a guy who only half-listened to what I said, and it was really shameful!

Ur, listening to this story in the void, chuckled to himself.

– Tsk tsk… Azran deserves it.

After meeting the Prince of Frost’s vision, Ur acted as if the word Azran was his favorite thing in the world.

It’s a bonus to smile happily when you hear his name. It was still like that now.

Madria explained further.

– It was strong! That kid. Although he is a human, he has a clean heart… and….


The water splashed down to Kangseol’s face.

Madria came right in front of Snowfall and spoke.

– I felt similar to you. What are you?

“I came here to help Glacier Maw.”

– really? Isn’t there another ulterior motive?

“There is another ulterior motive. “I would like to receive the Crystal of Dawn in return.”

– oh! Even the name! How did know?

That was natural.

‘Because the Dawn Crystal was created with your help.’

– anyway! So you’re saying I don’t have to be thankful?

“For now, yes.”

– Hmm… Still, a person of great lordship stepped forward… but Glacial Maw cannot defeat Eemon.

Kangseol asked back at Madria’s words.

“How come?”

– Because there is Irizard!


It seemed like the mole called Kuak had uttered that name.

‘Irizard… Irizard….’

I felt something strange and looked at Burtul, and he lowered his head and stayed still.

– … You didn’t know?

“yes. Who is Irizard?”

– He is the Genshin of Glacier.

“… yes?”

– It’s called Genshin.


A fact so shocking that Kang Seol is embarrassed.

“Could it be that there is a Genshin behind Eemon as well? Then… isn’t this a fight between genshins?”

It’s wrong.

Things went wrong for a long time.

Snowfall, who had been grinning at the thought of hitting a mole on the head and swallowing a crystal, instead felt like she had been hit on the head with a hammer.

– huh! You know you can’t go back on your decision to help, right? What happens if you break your promise to Genshin?

“… this is a scam.”

– Sometimes, everyone says that when they encounter something unreasonable. But listen, it’s probably good news for you.

Madria created something with water.

It was a doll in the image of Madria herself.

– This is me.


Madria splits in half.

Madria’s doll was divided into two.

She held one of them and said:

– This is me now. And the remaining one is Irizard.


– It’s okay because Irizard and I’s power has become infinitely weaker compared to other Genitals. It’s probably hard to give even half of their power. Since it’s split in two, half of the peninsula is impossible!

Even this was excessive considering how absurd Genshin was.

Even half the size of a truck would be bigger than a human being.


– Ah! Did you just complain that things went wrong?


– Be honest! Do you like it!

“Why are you and Irizard at odds?”

– Irizard is nothing more than a condensation of the malice within me. In other words, should we say that it was a mass of evil that was made to be easy to separate… But it became difficult to control, so should we say that it ran away… “… I guess that’s why it controlled the

mole from behind and shared its power with it.”

– huh! Irizard is looking for me now. It’s creepy!

Even though moles attacked frequently, he was extremely calm.

“Are you okay?”

– … no. I hate the future where I am absorbed by Irizard and another evil awakens… I hate it.

Since Genshin was a powerful being, he had some basic foresight.

– But since I met you, that future is gradually becoming blurry. Why? Are you hiding something from me?

It was clear that she was excited to see the snowfall that would erase her uncertain future.

“… Is there any way to win this fight?”

– First… we have to go back to the snow mountain. Only when I return there can I function fully.

Kang Seol suddenly stood up and said.

“Snow Mountain… let’s try it.”

– Uh… what are your plans? Do you have any plans in mind?

“There is, roughly.”

– really? Just tell me a little bit, okay?

Snowfall whispered in her ear.


Madria tilted her head.

– who?

Kang Seol smiled without answering.

Adventure 33 – (Special) ‘Whacking a Mole’

You were swept away by the explosion of a boundary stone and flew to the faraway land of the North, near Hygeltongue.

Here you came into contact with the Glacialmaw and intervened in their long-running struggle.

It’s already too late.

The ice mole emons are aware of your presence and will harass you until you fall.

There is only one way to escape from them.

This is to help Glaciermaw win against them.

Goal: Destroy the faction Emon

Caution: This adventure is very dangerous.

Please note that situations in this adventure change from moment to moment.

Current remaining time: “Unknown.”


The departure was quick.

The situation will not get better if we remain hidden in this temporary station.

Due to the mole’s habit of burrowing into the ground, problems will arise at any time.

‘And it’s not appropriate for a waiting position.’

Daeju (大呪).

The shamans who supported each attribute shone like stars.

And the stars resonated with each other.

‘It’s getting closer. I’m sure… there isn’t much left.’

Another large pole was moving.

Slowly towards the snowy mountain.

It seemed like it would probably arrive soon.

“Ugh… It’s cold…”

“Do you want a drink Ishii?”

“It’s okay, if you drink before battle, you’ll die just fine.”

“Don’t you think this battle would be a good place to die in the first place?”

“… It’s not wrong.”

Snowfall asked the two humans who followed the Glaciermaw’s advance.

“Yeba Ishii. Don’t you regret it? “You can go back.”

“Are you trying to keep us apart? no! “It stinks… I can’t go back because it stinks.”


Yeva shouted.

“The smell of adventure! Ah… how long has it been?”

“… It can be dangerous.”

Yeba and Ishii shook their heads together.

“It’s okay because I’m not a vanguard. “I plan to faithfully play a supporting role.”

“Why are you helping?”

“So you helped us?”

“of course! “We may not be of much help, but it’s better than nothing, right?”

“… thank you.”

The transferees sometimes surprised the snowfall.

No, to be exact, some of the transferees.

I tried to help him with courage greater than my abilities. Same thing this time too.

“do not die.”


“Did you hear that, Ishii?”

“Yes, you are talking.”



“Are you a kid?”

“Are you an adult?”

The heightened emotions that Kang Seol had been feeling while talking with them just now disappeared as if washed away.

“I can see the snowy mountains!”

“Over there!”

Before we knew it, we had reached the very edge of the snowy mountain.

As in the past, time has passed, but the ice fortress boasts a majestic force.

Burtul asked Kangseol.

“We don’t even have proper siege weapons. But how…”

“We are setting up camp here.”

“Are you talking about this place?”


“It’s easy to be a target! There are so many moles that there is even a risk of night raids at night…”

“I know everything. So it’s okay.”


“Trust me.”

“… I will trust you, my lord. “Get ready for camp!”



The Glacier Anglers who arrived at sunset were busy preparing for camp all night long.

‘The moles are watching.’

They would have expected to see some kind of movement as soon as they arrived at the snowy mountain, but contrary to their expectations, the glacier maw was camped in a disadvantageous position, so they were not able to attack them hastily and may have just kept their heads down.

Before I knew it, it was getting dark at night.

“Build a fire.”


It wasn’t a very good decision, but I had no choice. In particular, Ishiina Yeva would not be able to survive the night without fire.

Snowfall sat on a chair decorated with skulls. It was a chair fit for a great ruler.

And two more chairs were prepared.

Burtul sat in one chair and the other chair was empty.

“Why did you tell me to prepare a chair?”

“Well, it’s just a welcome thing.”

“… illusion?”


The glacier maw could not help but be agitated no matter what the Great Lord said.

They set up camp right in front of the enemy lines and take their time. Even if it’s just for one day, feeling anxious is inevitable.

Snowfall closed her eyes and counted the numbers.

“Oh, now that I think about it, they might mistake us for moles.”

He instructed Yeva to do something.


After listening to Kang Seol’s instructions, Yeba nodded and tied the bow to the string.

“Are you really shooting?”

“Shoot. Because everyone is here.”

“Hey, I don’t know!”


[Yeva uses a flare.]

[Consumes arrows and magic power to create a light that illuminates the surroundings.]

[The size and pattern of the light can change.]


As if lightning had struck the sky. The surroundings became brighter.

Like broad daylight.

“It’s no b*stards!”

“The moles are surrounding us!”

Kang Seol turned his head in the direction from which the sound came.

swarm of rats

The moles had gathered together like a swarm of rats, not only blocking the road leading to the snowy mountain, but also half-surrounding the camp.

“Pick up your weapons and line up…”


Kangseol raised his hand at Burtul’s shout.

A gesture to get there.


Kang Seol smiled as she looked at it.

“… I’m here.”

“Something came….”

“Can’t you hear?”




There’s no doubt about it.

This was the sound of drums.



In addition, the sound of stepping on snow could be heard up to here.

As the sound gradually got closer, the moles couldn’t help but just watch.

“Squeak… Squeak…”

“They… are strange…”

“Dangerous… smell…”

Even with the addition of intelligence, it was still far from enough.


People covered in snowballs, probably from being hit by a lot of snow, were approaching the campsite.

The one in the lead among them was fearlessly breaking through the perimeter of the camp and coming closer to the snowfall.

“Who are you?”

“If you come near, I will fight you!”

Kang Seol waved his hand to dissuade them.


“Leave it alone.”





The sound of drums and the sound of stepping on snow.

And the sight of the sound continuing endlessly.

The long queue seemed to have no end in sight.

The snowball monster slowly approached and sat down on the chair that had been prepared in advance.

“This is it… a customer pretending to be a host.”

Kang Seol said with a grin.

“I waited.”

“Aren’t we all adults?”

“I hit it.”

“Well… it didn’t suit me… hehe…”

Burtul’s expression hardened.

“This voice…”


The one who takes off the mat that supported the frozen snow and throws it away.

“It’s been a while, Burtul.”

“I can’t believe it… I can’t believe it…”



“I feel a little better now that I’ve warmed up for a little while. “Then, since you are tired from the long journey, it would be okay to go into the fortress and untie Hoepo, right?”

Kang Seol nodded.

Then Bronn’s troops began to line up in perfect order.

“Get ready, the meal will be at the castle.”


“You’re back! “To that damn place!”

The flare’s light has not yet gone out.

Of course, the moles were also able to accurately understand the situation at this point.

“Quick! Wow! “It’s no guy!”

“Kkiik! scared!”

“I’m back! I’m back! “He’s dead!”

“The dead guy is back!”

“That can’t be possible… Retreat! “Go back to the castle!”


The last remaining, no, the last remaining great shaman of the waterfall.

A pillar that supports the ocean.

“I missed you, you rats.”

“It’s Bron! “It’s Bron!”

“Run! “It really smells like Bronn!”

Bronn and his soldiers from the Great Sun have returned to Hygeltongue.

The moles began to run away towards the fortress.


[The powerful helper ‘Bron of the Great Tsunami’ appears in this adventure.]

[The powerful helper ‘Bron of the Great Tsunami’ joins your allies in this adventure.]

[Force: Glacial Maw Force : Bronn’s Glacial Maw is a new member.]

[Force: Glacial Maw is being reorganized.]

The great lords of the ocean and the great lords of the earth have gathered in one place with the same intention.


A massive sphere of water began to form around Bron.


“I came back from hell.”

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