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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 324

Episode 324:


Bronn’s water beads gradually increased in size.

“Run! “It’s flying!”

“We must hide in the ground!”

“That’s it! that!”

Bronn giggled and spread his palms.

“In lieu of greetings, you moles!”


“It’s coming!” and!”


[Bron’s Waterfall Spell: Uses torrential rain.]

[Creates a water arrow using moisture and strikes the target location.]

[The penetration power of the water arrow is affected by the number of wisdom and intelligence water arrows.]

[Max . You can keep it for 1 minute.]

[If you run out of moisture, the spell is canceled.]


Arrows made from water beads flew towards the moles as if they were extending tentacles.


“Kkiik! “Kkeeeeeek!”

“scared! scared!”






A water arrow that immediately pierces a hole in the body.

Having a large hole in one’s body was a big problem in itself, but Bronn’s magic was even more effective in extreme conditions like this.

Blah blah blah…


“It’s frozen! “It’s frozen!”

“Hang up! “Please save me!”

“I hate poetry! scared!”


The pierced wound froze and expanded internally.

As a result…



The mole’s healthy muscles and bones were broken and tattered. The number of seriously injured moles increased dramatically.

‘This is Bron of the Great Sun…’

It was my first time actually witnessing that power, but I could immediately see what kind of skills he had with just one move.

‘… It’s a monster.’

Of all the trolls I’ve ever met, I think Bronn is the strongest.

In particular, he skillfully cooked the moles as if he had experienced dealing with such a large army once or twice.

“I hid!”

“That’s not right!”

The moles, who were unable to evacuate to the castle or hide in the crypt, laughed at Bron.

This was because it was easy to avoid Bronn’s water arrows if you left the open area.

This was the blind spot of wide-area spells, or even wide-area specialized abilities.

Abilities with a certain level of lethality consumed a significant amount of mana, but their effects were not consistent.

A wide-area ability was used to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of killing with the minimum amount of magical power, and if the value was even slightly off, it was difficult to inflict even a wound on the opponent, let alone kill.

Not only the terrain, weather, and geology, but also resistance.

Unlike the abilities of a decisive battle against a single entity, all environments were obstacles.

This was the case now as well.

As the moles began to seek cover and hide, the number of casualties rapidly decreased.

‘I guess I’ll have to step forward.’

There may be other ways for Bron, but the simplest way is for Kang Seol to assist Bron.


Partszuzuzuzusut… Snowfall,

who accepted Jamad, placed her hands on the ground.

As the landowner of the Great Sea showed his strength, Jamaard, the landowner of the land, also had to show some strength.

[Earth Spell: Use explosive mining.]

[Emit a shock wave on the ground and move toward the target.] [

When the target is reached, a strong shock wave is emitted and destroys the terrain.]

[At this time, ore exists in the destroyed terrain . If you do this, 150% damage will be applied.]


The snow and stones of the snowy mountain bounced off the ground like an earth dragon wriggling.

Doo doo doo doo!


“This way!”





With a deafening roar, the moles hiding in the rocky area exploded en masse.

Things like this happened all over the place at the same time.


Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Hehehe… there was no need for the guests to come out.”

Bronn joked and approached Kangseol. Kang Seol shrugged and answered.

“I want to rest quickly.”

“Then please give me a little more.”


A feast of magic that makes the world cry.

Just as Snowfall was overwhelmed by the scenery of Socheon, the unfamiliar appearance brought fear as well as unfamiliarity.

“This is… snowfall?”

“Glacier Maw… was this strong?”

Ishii and Yeba were probably the ones with the closest sense of common sense among those gathered here. Because I had a rough idea of not only the skills of the average transferee, but also the skills of people in the Northern Federation.

For them, the power of the landowners created an incomprehensible fear.

The fear that they might not be the same as themselves.

“Glacier! It’s time to take back the citadel!”

Burtul also did not stay still.


“Exterminate the moles!”

Now, not only Bron’s Glacial Maw but also the existing Glacial Maw were there.

It was shocking to suddenly have two landowners and a well-trained elite army join them, but now the priority was to deal with the immediate problem.

The moles in the fortress had to be driven out.

“Kkiik! Sigh! Shoot!”

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot the arrow!”

“Guess! Guess!”

A voice I didn’t want to hear rang through the night air.

The voices of the moles proved that even treacherous voices can be majestic if they come together as one.


As the two landowners advanced without difficulty to the vicinity of the fortress, arrows covered the entire sky as if they were waiting.

“Stop it!”

Since both lords were using offensive spells, they could not hastily switch to defensive spells.

“Roll out the ice wall!”


At that time, it was the great shamans of Glacier Maw who stepped forward.

Powerful beings who are not by Brutul’s side.

[Group: Glacier Maw Shaman uses Glacier Spell: Freezing Zone.] [

Chooses a direction centered on the caster and defends a wide area.]

[Only 50% damage is received from projectiles hitting the barrier, but damage is doubled from magic. Damage is received.]

[The barrier moves around the caster.]


Arrows hit the barrier as if they were porcupines. Yeba and Ishii, who had flinched when the arrow was fired, now felt like they were dreaming.

This was because it was his first time experiencing a large-scale battle, and the level was completely different from what he had expected.

“charge! “Take back the fortress!”


There would be no one who would ignore the Glacial Maw charging with a barrier in front of it.

“Quick! Good! “Get him out!”



A huge hole opened in front of the fortress, and a mole as big as an ogre appeared.


He was drooling as if he had lost his senses and was wearing a steel muzzle.

“What is that…”


Yeba and Ishii trembled in embarrassment.

I have an ominous feeling that even if I bring an ogre, I will definitely be turned into a mess by that monster.

They naturally took a step back without even realizing it.





As two more moles of similar size popped out, the hope of regaining the fortress became uncertain.

“Oh my god….”


“Release the restraints! “Order them to be killed!”

A mole general overlooking everything from the top of the castle. It is unknown who it is, but it is probably not an ordinary being.


Giant moles howling.

Kang Seol, who was watching them, was about to step forward, but Bron held out his hand to stop him.

“… Let me relax my body.”


Bronn looked back and shouted.

“What are you staring at!”


“Hurry and kill me! “It’s a mole!”

At that moment, the Glacial Maw tribe rushed forward like seething lava.

“Hahahahaha! “I’ll go first!”


The mole’s claws extend out.

The first glacier maw avoided it by sliding across the snow, and the one who followed took over the baton.


“Throw the chains!”

“You have to be big to be a mole!”


A sight seen from all over.

Snowfall witnessed it once again.

Savagery bows to an even harsher savage.

“This way! “This guy!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Slow! “It’s slow!”



A glacier maw that climbs on top of a mole’s head and strikes repeatedly with its axe.

“The flesh is so soft over here!”

“Don’t use poison! “It’s dinner!”


Quasi profit!


Of course, there was also a glacier that fell off.


“hey! Are you behind?”

“Puh heh… who’s going to search?”

“Hahaha! Follow me carefully!”


This was an insight into why the Glacier Maw had ruled Hygeltongue for so long.

They knew how to take advantage of madness.

Perhaps only this frozen land, Hygeltongue, could cool their boiling blood.

“Kkiik! “They’re getting close to the castle!”

“Shoot! Shoot! The fortress is invincible! “They don’t even have siege weapons!”

It was as he said.

Although the Ice Fortress fell once due to a mole’s trick, it was an iron fortress that had long been infamous in Hygeltongue.

In order for the glacier maw to retrieve it, it was inevitable that a great deal of sacrifice would be made.

But the moles still made mistakes.

They had forgotten that the Glacial Maw was a group of monsters skilled in combat, and now they were joined by Bron of the Great Sun and Jamard of the Pillar of the Earth.



“Shoot! Shoot…”



Pew pew pew pew pew!

Flying water arrows and rock fragments.

These were all projectiles created by Bronn and the Raven. The accuracy of the projectiles they fired was incomparable to the crude arrows of the moles.

“Quick! “Kkeeeeeek!”

“it hurts! it hurts! “There’s a hole in my chest!”

“Caw! scared! no!”

The large-scale witchcraft was a big problem, but the amazing things the Glacier Maw warriors were doing made all the laughter disappear.

“Hahahaha! “Bring it here!”

“Make them crash into the fortress!”

“Good boy! Just throw it in there! “Because we will step on you and enter the fortress.”


Let the mole, which is in pain, crash into the fortress to collapse the outer wall or use it as a stepping stone to climb up to the castle tower.

They did not care about the elaboration of the work or whether it was successful. The level of doing it because it is necessary.

The commander of the mole army sensed defeat.

I forgot.

The environment of battle is just a scenery to those who overcome it.

“… retreat!”


“Kkeeeeeeeek! “Run away!”

“Now you can run away!”

And the commander who gave the order remained in the castle tower and stringed his bow.


“I should give you a welcome gift before I go.”

What he was targeting was neither the Raven nor Bronn.

Those who cannot avoid these arrows.



The sound of waves moving across the battlefield.

Snowfall and Bronn were the first to notice that the arrow was insidious.

However, they were unable to intervene because the opponent was formidable and fired from a position outside of their range.


An arrow that breaks through part of the barrier formed by the great sorcerers and penetrates inside.

Although its strength was initially reduced as it passed through the barrier, it was still a threatening arrow.

Burtul hastily deployed a defensive spell.

Let’s go!

The arrow easily breaks even that and flies away.

As expected, Burtul had not yet fully recovered from the injuries sustained in the previous battle.

The arrow was now just around the corner.


At that time, someone holding a wooden shield rushed to the front of Burtul.

It was Ishii.



As soon as the arrow touched the wooden shield, the shield shattered and Ishii rolled on the floor several times.


The mole commander guessed the outcome and retreated, following the soldiers.

“Ugh… Ugh….”

It hurt like I was going to die, but I didn’t die.

And Burtul survived.

Burtul looked back at Ishii.

“… human.”

Yeba came flying towards Ishii.

“Ishii! “You stupid b*stard!”

“Huh… Huh… I tried to stop you, right?”

“You b*stard! Come out and do something! “I thought you were really searching!”

“Hehe… Are you jealous of your achievements?”

“Look back! “Just search!”


Bronn looked at them for a moment and then spoke to Snowfall.

“… They’re fun guys.”

“I was thinking that too.”


The sound of moles leaving the snowy mountain continued for a while.

“Bossy guys. You always avoid fighting. Well… Then….”


The glacier maw that climbed over the castle tower opened the castle gate.

“Is it a return?”

Following Bronn, the Glacialmaw army walked into the ice fortress.


of of a moment the gates closed as if nothing had happened.

Only the corpses of the moles buried in the snow revealed the outcome of the battle.


A land where blood freezes.

Its old ruler has returned.

…from death.


The chair on which the ruler of the castle sat was decorated with the bones of the giant monsters they had hunted when they ruled this land.

Bronn looked at them for a moment and then sat down in his chair.


The majesty of the emperor filled the hall as he took his place.

The high-ranking warriors of Glacier Maw and the snowfall group, including Burtul, waited in the hall for his thoughts.

Elbows raised on the throne.

Place your forehead on that hand.

Natural movement.

He was the true owner of this fortress.

“So… should we start by cleaning the house?”

The first move of the Polar Fear Glaciermaw is…

“Let’s start hunting moles.”


The bloodthirsty glacier maw howled.

[Force: Glacial Maw remains strong.]

[If there are no hostile forces nearby, the force enters its golden age.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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