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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 328

Episode 328

Meanwhile, Yeba and Ishii were waiting for snowfall at the ice fortress at the mouth of the glacier.

“What will happen to us?”

“Shouldn’t we think about what to do?”

“So, are you going to run away?”

“Is it possible?”


They sighed until the ground disappeared.

“I never thought things would get this complicated and big… If I had known it would be like this, I shouldn’t have brought Kang Seol to the garrison.”

“If it hadn’t been for the snowfall, he would have died a long time ago, but… we just got caught up in an unfortunate situation.”

“Is snowfall really true?”

“yes? You think so too, right? “I doubt it… Can a transferencer be that strong?”

“Did you see Jeon playing troll?”


“Me too…”

The more I thought about it, the more worried I became. I had doubts about Snowfall’s identity, but I couldn’t ask about it honestly.

After all, Yeba and Ishii were on the periphery of this war and were also the weak.

“This… what will happen if it continues like this?”

“There will be a fierce fight between Eemon and the Glacier Maw.”

“The fight will escalate into a big one, right?”

“are you kidding? of course! I think one of the two will be completely swept away this time…”

“Who do you think will win?”

“Of course… it’s Emon…”

“Isn’t that right?”

“You saw it too… it was bustling. “I couldn’t bear to deal with it.”

Although Bronn and his troops joined, the mole army that occupied the fortress was also only a part of Eamon.

In other words, the conclusion is that the more all-out war is waged, the more disadvantaged the Glacier Maw is.

“… Then who do you want to win?”

“First of all, it’s not Emon.”

“Me too… How should a federal member act in a situation like this?”

“A good member of the Federation should escape from here and report the current military situation in Hygeltongue to the Federation leadership.”

“But why don’t you do that?”

“Because we’re not great!”


“I don’t think they would even believe me in the first place… Let’s at least keep a proper record. “Because you might be accused of being a traitor later.”

“Good idea!”

Yeva complained.

“But if I think it would be nice for Glacier Maw to win… am I weird?”

“Uh… But wouldn’t it be better to be a troll who at least mixed words? “It’s not particularly strange…”

That was then.

“Open the gate! hurry!”

The castle suddenly became noisy.

“Shall we go? Ishii?”

“What are you going to do if you don’t go now?”


They climbed up the castle wall and looked at the people approaching the castle, climbing the snowy mountain.

“… oh my god.”

“What is that…”

When I recaptured the fortress the other day, I felt like a triumphant general.

But I really thought that the dignity of a triumphant general would only come out in situations like the present.

The number of Glacier Maw troops approaching the fortress was numerous, but the energy they gave off was truly terrifying.

“This is… Glacier Maw… The loser of Hygeltongue…”

“… Ishii.”


“Would the Federation believe us if we were told what we are seeing now?”

“Wouldn’t I hit Yeba on the head with the document?”

“I guess so?”

Sabak… Sabak…

the giant troll at the head shouted.

“Scola is back! “Open the door!”

Even though they couldn’t understand a single word of what he was saying, Yeba and Ishii shivered at the sound of his voice.

“Ishii… maybe this fight….”

“I just had the same thought.”

A war for the supremacy of Hygeltongue was at hand.

As time passed, the outcome of victory and defeat became increasingly unclear.

* * *

Bronn, sitting on the throne, looked around at those gathered in the hall. They were divided into left and right and talking about one agenda.

“Now is the time! “They are unprepared, so we must advance right now to where Irizard is and put an end to it!”

“This is a decision that makes me sigh. Things are not that simple. The number of moles has increased to unprecedented levels, and among them there are strong men who cannot be ignored.”

“If anything changes by taking time, what you say is…”

In the midst of the verbal exchange, Bron raised his hand to stop the discussion.


He looked at Burtul and asked a question.



“Don’t you know best? How does Emon’s military compare to ours now?”

“Equity or have a slight edge.”

“It’s okay to be honest.”

“… Emon still has the upper hand.”

This is Burtul, who has been fighting against the moles even after Bronn’s death. I knew the size of Emon.

“what? Even though there is this scholastic system, those moles have the upper hand?”

“Schola, calm down. Even in the last expedition, the forces were similar. What more can I say, since the expedition ended in failure? Emon’s power would have grown enormous without checks.”


Bronn diagnosed the current situation accurately, just as Brutul had honestly assessed it.

“If you collide, you will be destroyed.”


“No, I’m not talking about the destruction of Glacier Maw. “It’s ruin for both sides.”


“There is no way out, and both Emon and Glacier Maw are annihilated.”

“That’s… if you don’t try it…”

“No, there are almost no variables. “They are a numerous race without a strong base, so the battle will inevitably take place in the snowy fields.”


“It’s not easy to attack from one side or the other in a situation that is as obvious as fire.”

Burtul asked.

“Father, is there something on your mind?”

“You must have overwhelming power.”

“… yes?”

“Only by suppressing it with overwhelming force will the damage caused by war be reduced.”

It was obvious.

But how easy is it?

Burtul frowned and answered.

“But there is no way to increase power that much in a short period of time….”

“You will meet frost demons.”

Kangseol was quietly listening to the story, and then looked around at what Bronn said.

‘I expected that, but… the reaction was just as amazing.’

The scholastics were the first to write evil.

“Bron! Are you crazy! “A frost devil!”

As Skola gained momentum, the other trolls did not give up and attacked Bron.

“Bron, you banished the Frostghost. “They won’t help us.”

“It’s clear he had some ill will towards us. “Maybe they will wait for the simultaneous destruction of Emon and then aim for hegemony in an instant.”

“You’ve even forgotten why you kicked them out in the first place!”

Snowfall waited quietly until Bronn spoke. After the trolls’ shouting stopped for a moment, Bronn spoke.

“There are people here who have experienced death. Those guys would know. Hey you.”


“What is beyond death?”

The designated warrior shook his head and said.

“…there was nothing.”

“Yes, that’s right. there’s nothing. At least in terms of the death I experienced…”

he continued slowly.

“We have taken root in this harsh land. “We do not fear death, but we should fear worthless death.”

The value Bron mentioned is survival.

“Any other values other than survival are secondary.”

Skola laughed.

“Hahaha! Survive… Will the Bronn guys obediently follow your wishes? We know very well that this fight will decide the future, but in the first place, Frostmaw and we…” “

So, we plan to clash.”

“… what?”

“How are they feeling? I wonder if they can shake off the curse of the heroic spirit and if they can look at the same place as us.”

Burtul shouted.

“father! They are crazy about killing! “They are the ones who killed my mother and your companion!”


“But how could you say such a thing….”

Kang Seol was silent.

‘There was such a secret story… Is that why Frostmaw was banished?’

Brutul deserved to get angry.

But Bron, who experienced death, seemed to have different thoughts.

“It was I who hated Frostmaw more than anyone else.”

“… But why?”

“Just as I was given time to change my mind, they were also given equal time. So this time…”

Bronn closed his eyes.

“You might come to a different conclusion.”

“… I will go too.”

“… you?”

“Yes, I don’t think I will accept the results until I see it with my own eyes.”

“… good night. “Me, Skola, and Burtul.”


Bronn looked at the snowfall.

“Even great lords and humans.”

Yeba and Ishii asked Kangseol as Bronn’s finger pointed at them.

“What is he saying now?”

“I heard you guys are going on this itinerary together?”

“Ah… I see… Huh? “Us too?”


Ishii and Yeba swallowed their saliva and froze.

“I will set out to negotiate with the Frostmaw.”

Skola laughed while looking at Yeba and Ishii who were very nervous.

“what? Hahaha! “It’s too bad the humans came back alive!”

Yeba asked Kang Seol.

“What is he saying now?”

“I wish you good luck in the future. “If anything happens, just trust yourself.”

“what? “I…”

Yeva smiled awkwardly.

“Thank you troll! “It’s reliable!”

Skola looked at the snowfall.

“hmm? “What do you mean?”

“At best, they can’t stop themselves with something like death.”

“Tsk tsk tsk! indeed! “They are extraordinary guys!”

The next day, Bronn and the expedition team set off towards the Frostgwart’s residence with a small misunderstanding that did not need to be resolved.

* * *



“F*ck you, Schola. “If you eat all the food by yourself, what are you going to do when you come back?”

“Weren’t you attacked by frost devils? “You won’t fight until your stomach is full.”

“If you go with the intention of fighting, something will happen that will force you to fight.”

“If you go with the intention of not fighting, you won’t be able to respond when something happens that requires fighting.”

For a moment, Skola and Bronn looked at each other.


“Phew…” “

… It’s still the same.”

“Yeah, seeing as how we communicated even though you turned out to be a wet baby, it seems like we got along pretty well.”

Scholar tapped Yeba and Ishii on the shoulders.



“A rebar just fell on my shoulder!”

Skola said, pretending not to hear their fuss.

“If the frost demons make a futile effort, this scholar will at least avenge them.”

Although the repeated journey was a little tiring, Kangseol, who often went on long-distance expeditions, was in the group, so any accidents that could have occurred during the expedition were prevented.

After spending quite a bit of time, not counting the time spent trapped in an unattended cave trying to avoid a blizzard, I was able to reach the Frostgwart’s camp located deep in Hygeltongue.

Krl …

The huge white wolf was tied to a small pile and roamed with this.

“Are you sure that the stake is fine?”

“I think if you run at us, you’ll just be picked off…”

“Hey! “Don’t say anything sinister.”

It wasn’t just wolves.

Including snowy eagles, bears and snow leopards.

It felt like I was at a zoo.


“Ugh… what is that?”

“It looks like leather and flesh…”

The skin and flesh of the monsters were separated and placed here and there. It was an environment filled with the scent of death.

Yeba and Ishii froze, but the rest of the group headed inside without paying attention.


The huge troll looked down at Bronn.

“Bron… is it Bronn?”

“Yes, I came to meet Bram.”

“Hehehe… I’ll tell it to Bram.”

The gatekeeper troll licked his tongue and disappeared. And after a while, he brought the group into the garrison with a gesture to follow them.


As Kangseol took a breath, he felt something foreign.

‘This is…’

he told Bronn, his complexion hardening.

“Bron, there is a customer who arrived first.”

“… okay. “I took charge of it too.”

The size of the garrison was enormous.

I thought it would be some kind of village, but it turned out that it was comparable to the Glacial Maw troops stationed at the fortress.

A voice was heard greeting the group from inside.

“Ah… Bron my brother. I was waiting. “I definitely thought you would come.”

“Bram… I’m a bit disappointed with the way I was treated, considering… There are other guests besides me.”

“Giggle… Leave me alone. It comes to me on its own like you.”

Guests who arrived first.

They turned back and looked at Kang Seol and the others.

Although they had guessed the snowfall in advance, Yeba and Ishii seemed to have encountered unexpected people here.

“Two… moles….”

Bram looked exactly like Branca.

It had such a huge and hideous body.

he said with a smile.

“Hello, this guy is called Jakcha.”

Burtul clenched his fists.

Kang Seol recalled the conversation she had with Burtul.

– One of their generals, a guy named Jakcha, attacked the castle together with the great sorcerer Krom. Although we were outnumbered, I thought we would use the terrain as a stepping stone to repel it without difficulty…

Mole General Jakcha.

‘This is not an ordinary guy. His strength…’ He

radiated energy to the extent that it seemed as if he was the strongest among the moles, perhaps because he had inherited Irizard’s power the most.

‘Then the guy next to me…’

must be the great shaman Chrome.

Snowfall looked closely at the staff that Chrome held in his hand.

There was clearly a blue crystal with a white bird engraved on the head of the staff.


Kang Seol grinned and made eye contact with Chrome.

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