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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 332

Episode 332


The sight of heroic spirits shimmering with various lights entering the frost maw’s body was truly spectacular.

“Oh my god….”

“What am I looking at now?”

It was a heart-rending scene that I had never experienced anywhere else.

It feels as if the Aurora has come down to the ground and dances before your eyes.

It was a completely unfamiliar experience.

“Snowfall was a success!”

“You did it!”

If it had failed, this scene would not have unfolded.

Yeba and Ishii waited with confidence for them to wake up.

It was the same with Bronn.


He just observed their changes with a frown.


The wave of light continued for a while.

After a while, the first to open his eyes was Bram.



“Is it a success? Or…”



Bram’s new form began to change.

The teeth became even sharper, the muscles became denser, leaving no gaps, and a lot of pure white hair sprouted.

It soon grew to be several times larger than other trolls.

His facial features also changed accordingly, making it look like he was looking at a huge bear.

“Haaa… Haaaaa….”

“… That look.”

“It looks like the heroic spirits are planning to step forward in earnest this time.”

“Ha… Hahaha….”



Other tribe members were also changing their appearance as they accepted the power of the heroic spirit.

One who has turned into a wolf.

One who has turned into an owl.

A person who has turned into a snow leopard.

And the one who turned into a fox.

Everyone was giving off a force several times stronger than before.

Bronn saw Bram’s gaze looking down at him from above, and followed his gaze.

There, Snowfall was with her eyes open and her arms crossed.

Bronn eagerly waited for the answer he had been waiting for to come out of his mouth.



Bram said to Bronn with a grin.

“We will be with the glacier maw.”

[Force: Glacial Maw and Force: Frostmaw are close allies.]

[The power structure of Force: Emon and Force: Glacial Maw are changing.]

[The power structure of Force: Eemon and Force: Glacial Maw are asymmetrical. .]

“That means….”

“No matter how many Emon numbers increase, we will destroy them all. “Just like in the past.”

Bronn closed his eyes and shivered.

Not only was it not enough to achieve the purpose of coming here, but the power of the Frostgwart who had now become his ally had increased significantly compared to before.

“Weigh your timing, brother.”

“Ah… period. “There’s no need for a supply route, right?”

Bram and Bronn had the same thoughts.

The momentum had passed this way, and if this opportunity was missed, there would be no next time.

So I plan to do my best.

“Not required. “It is not a war that will drag on for a long time.”

Bronn answered, looking towards the north of Hygeltongue, the Eemons’ base.

“Okay, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs.”

* * *

Snowfall and Bronn and their party returned to the fortress just in time to join Frostmaw.

When news of the successful negotiation with the Frost Ghost reached the fortress, reactions were polarized.

There were conflicting reactions from those in favor of the alliance, who said that the time had come to finally end this war, and those opposed to the alliance, who said that the Frostmage had committed so many sins in the past that they could not join together.

While Brutul and Bronn were busy listening to the opposing faction’s stories and preparing for war, Snowfall was using the remaining time preciously.





“This isn’t right… Hmm….”

Parts tzu tzu tzu tsk…

Snowfall separating Jamard.

He was currently summarizing what he felt while fighting Chrome the other day.

“Before the circulation of the origin, the feeling of moving the origin itself is unfamiliar. “No, I can’t even feel it.”

– It’s the problem of multiple sources. There are more than one or two things that need to be considered in order to circulate unique sources. If you do it wrong, the source will be mixed up and crushed, so it won’t be your problem.

To make it easier to understand, Kangseol thought of the source as a large circle and assumed that each piece was filled with various sources.

‘I don’t think it feels like this…’

Each attribute could not be mixed with each other using ordinary methods. No, I felt anxious that if I tried to force circulation, the balance would be broken and a bigger problem would occur.

“You were here.”

While he and Jamard were talking about training, Bron came by.

Snowfall was grateful that there was a shaman nearby with whom she could share stories about the cycle of origin.

“That is correct. Just by contacting the mole, he was able to come up with a way to destroy Irizard’s power… That’s amazing. As expected, you…”


Bronn placed the water spell on his palm. As Jiang Xue observed his body, he found that his origin was mysteriously rotating.

The night raven also tried to follow him, but the source did not budge.

“Well, it’s not easy.”

“Hahaha, of course. I am simply circulating a source. “This also took an enormous amount of time.”

Bron emphasized the importance of source circulation.

“Irizard’s power gradually freezes the source, making it impossible to use magic. “It’s like freezing the heart… His very existence is a curse.”

“It’s a cycle… It’s a cycle…”

“It won’t be easy. “Maybe you don’t realize it until the moment you go into battle.”

“That’s strange. “When we take down Chrome…”

“That’s why I’m not worried. “It’s much easier once you get into practice.”

Snowfall got a clue from Bron’s words. When I thought back to the time I dealt with Chrome, I felt like I knew something.

“It is difficult to get a feel for the sense of moving the root, but if the opponent points out and persistently targets that part, strength is applied to the root without even realizing it.”

“Umm… isn’t it a circle?”

“… one?”

Bronn asked about the word circle, and Kangseol answered the question he had.


After hearing the answer, Bronn explained further as if he knew what Kangseol was missing.

“What is a circle?”

“Well… round…”

“What does that mean to you?”

“… meaning?”

“What kind of existence is a circle to you?”

“It’s just round… hmm?”

While talking with Bronn, Kangseol realized why the origin cycle was not being carried out easily.

“It’s hard to remember.”

“Yes, in my case, I think the root is the wheel. “I try to keep playing it out in my imagination.”

“Wheel… Wheel…”

Kangseol asked before following Bronn’s advice.

“But soon?”

“Okay… it’s tomorrow. I feel anxious. “A cold wave will hit soon.”

The weather was unusual.

The wind pounded on the castle’s door, and the food reserves had dwindled to the point where the future could not be guaranteed.

“As the number of players has increased, it is difficult to play a long game until you have enough power. “We must not give the enemy time to prepare.”

“What about the opponents of the alliance?”

“We will have to settle the matter sooner or later. “If I don’t make a decision until I go to war…”

Bronn smiled awkwardly.

“I can’t take you with me.”

“What about waiting for the cold wave to pass and then heading out?”

“We have a lot of problems. “It seems like there is nothing we can do because the guy who died and came back from the dead is rushing to get things done… If we sit still and get through the cold spell, the tribe will fill up with pus and it will be difficult to move.”


“The only chance is now. Everyone needs to look forward. “So that we can defeat Irizard.”

Kang Seol thought a lot while looking at Bron. What would have happened if he hadn’t returned to the glacier’s mouth?

Or, going further back, what if they hadn’t taken him out of the water? What if there were no coincidences in all things?

Around the time when Kang Seol had that thought.


A soldier appeared and told Bron the story.

Bronn quietly listened to the story and then spoke to Kangseol.

“Let’s go together. “It looks like the opposition is demanding an explanation.”

“Well, tomorrow is the departure day…”



That’s how Kangseol and Bronn returned to power.

The opposition was gathered together and waiting for him.

There were more veterans who remembered the past than young greenhorns.

“Bron, I’m glad you’re back alive, but… I don’t agree with everything you’ve planned.”

“I know it’s important to end this war! But… those guys can’t be trusted.”

“I won’t keep my promise.”


Bronn responded with a slight nod of his head.

“I understand your anger.”

“You understand?”

“Anger is our natural source.”

“You’re so shameless that you brought in the Frostmaw, the hideous face of the Heung tribe.”

At that time, Burtul, who was waiting next to him, stepped forward and spoke.

“Father, may I talk to them?”

Burtul seemed to have changed his mind after joining the negotiations with the Frostghost. Perhaps because of the war of words with my father, I understood that their presence was absolutely necessary for this war.

“… go ahead.”

Burtul said what he wanted to say to the opponents of the alliance.

“I also lost my mother to the person I trusted the most. I still remember that day vividly. And my anger grew.”

He smiled bitterly.

“Anger with a target is truly sweet.”


“One anger shows only one color. “The whole world becomes colored with that color.”

Burtul was a leader who understood the feelings of the tribe, but he was not a great leader. Because, unlike Bronn, he was not a visionary.

“What my father accomplished was possible even with my own limited strength. But… I couldn’t. Because I didn’t see that option. “Because we were blinded by anger and erased togetherness and understanding.”

“Don’t tell us that our anger is wrong!”

“… Right now we may have the greatest power, but the weakest ties.”

A growling backlash poured out of the mouths of the opposition.

“Are you saying… erase my anger? “How could that be possible?”

“It’s about redirecting the anger for a while.”

“… what?”

“Irizard is filling the world with anger toward him.”

“Why should we do that?”

“Perhaps this opportunity is now or will never come again.”


Burtul was the representative figure and leader who was most dissatisfied with the Frostgwart. When he said this, the atmosphere felt like it was calming down.

I had to redirect my anger.

But what next?

If you change the direction of your anger, you must have the strength to push forward in the same direction as the direction you went astray.

Bronn asked the opposition.

“… have you ever seen waves?”

“What do you mean?”

“I was not taught because all the waterfall masters fell down.”

Bronn’s growth from birth was full of strangeness. Now, that forgotten power has once again appeared in the world, and I have achieved great growth on my own.

His very existence was in touch with a miracle.

“I imagined it every day. Seeing me floating in the sea. “All I had seen in my life was the calm polar sea, but I imagined all the seas.”


“Breaking sunlight as well as stormy nights. And the sea that moves like that.”

It was the origin of Bronn’s power.

‘Ah… that’s why.’

Strangely enough, Bron’s power came first through sound. Not a single drop of water came out, but the sound of waves was heard first.

“There are things that become visible as time passes.”

“What do you see?”

“It’s a wave.”


“There is a flow in the world. I call it waves. “There are waves everywhere, even if there is no water.”

The waves that Bronn spoke about were also deeply related to this war.

“I see a huge wave crashing towards us.”


“If you ride this wave, you will reach land in no time, but if you get swept away by the waves, it is the end.”

A future where tribes are divided.

No one wanted that kind of future.

What the opposition really wanted might be an opportunity to vent their old anger.

“…Bron then how to ride that wave?”

“Facing it straight. Not being scared. What you don’t avoid. And…knowing the time.”

Bronn was confident.

“I plan to ride the wave. Your thoughts are like countless stars. It must be that diverse. I only guide you. “Don’t leave the decision up to you.”


“Lastly speaking… I need your strength to ride the waves.”

Departure is tomorrow.

If you failed to persuade the opposition, it was the same as losing troops without even fighting.

So Bronn did his best to persuade them.

Give the anger direction.

Now we all have to look at one place.

Not only Bronn but also other trolls were impressed by the noise of the opposition. I didn’t know what the outcome would be.

At that time, the story seemed to have been resolved, and the leader of the opposing faction, the Grand Master, spoke to Bronn.



“Those waves… must be huge, right? “To the point where I pour out all of this pain and anger.”

“Tsk… ah… of course. “I can risk my all.”

Bronn jumped up and shouted.

“Because a huge wave the likes of which you have never seen before will arise and sweep away Irizard and the mole chicks all at once.”

“Okay then! We will ride the wave you spoke of!”

A day before departure.

Finally, the glacier maw turned into a huge spear.

* * *

Thump… Thump…



When the day of departure dawned, the gates of the ice fortress Gargea opened and glacier maws poured out.

Because it was a large army that was difficult to see in size, looking down from a snowy field would have felt like a swarm of ants.




Snowfall and Bronn climbed on top of the tamed wolf.

The two great masters were, in fact, the greatest force that the Glacial Maw had at its disposal.

The direction of the decisive battle against Irizard will be decided by these two.

They headed towards the northern part of Hygeltongue, Emon’s stronghold.


The third day of departure.

“… Looks like he came first.”

There was no one at the meeting place with the frost devil.

It was clear that the situation was frustrating.

Yeba whispered to Ishii.

“You sure didn’t betray him?”

“Then what happens to us?”

“I don’t know… I think it came from scratching everything that wasn’t there…”

Their anxiety quickly became contagious.

“also! “You have no intention of keeping your promise!”

“You’re such a fool to trust the Frost Demon!”

When complaints poured out from those who still did not believe in Frostmaw, Bron consoled them.

“Looks like we came a little early! “Don’t be agitated!”

It was then.



Instead of frostbite, quite troubled guests arrived.

“Squeak… I was waiting.”

A voice that Kang Seol had heard once came from far away.

“It looks like we failed to attract the Frost Demon. Squeak….”

Grand shaman Chrome and Emon taunted Snowfall and the others from a distance.

“Zakcha sees further! A blizzard is coming! “You”



“in this place…”



A huge drum rang out.

A vague shadow flickered in the distance.

Thump thump…

thump thump…


The first thing that caught my eye was a huge bear.

Bram, leading the bear, shouted.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, brother!”

Bronn grinned.

“… It’s a little late.”

The moles became agitated when the frost demon appeared.

“Kkeikeek… they are them!”

“We have to finish the mission quickly and retreat…”

“Eye… Be quiet! “You’re still going to do that!” Whioooooo…

Chrom shouted, swinging his staff.

“This staff, given to me by Lord Irizard, even controls the weather! Now… look!”


“Now… Now there’s a blizzard…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Kkiik! “Wait a minute, a blizzard is about to blow…”

As the wand showed no response, Chrome began to sweat even in the middle of winter.

“Blizzard… why…”

“How long do we have to wait?”

Chrom paused for a moment and put his ear to the crystal ball of his staff.

Then he touched it with his hand.



Chrom puts his ear to his ear again.

Then, this time, I hit the crystal ball with a little force.



A crystal ball that shatters like ice.

It was a natural result.

Because it’s ice.

Chrom muttered, looking embarrassed.

“This Irizard deceived me….”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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