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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 333

Chapter 333:

Chrome, who was tasked with making the Frost Demon’s troops face a blizzard in the middle of a snowy field.

Since he was confident that he could undertake any mission as long as he had the staff that Irizard had given him, the shock of the crystal ball being shattered was enormous for him.

“Why… why… me….”

“Squeak! Run away! “Let’s run away!”

“Irizard me….”

“Kwiik! Don’t faint! heavy!”

“listen! Listen there too!”

Several moles hurriedly ran away, carrying Chrome on their backs.

“What are you guys…”

“Anyway, it’s good to have one less thing to worry about.”

Yeba and Ishii were talking amongst themselves.



their “As the Frostmaw tribe got closer and closer, everyone in the Glaciermaw was astonished at their changed appearance.

“What… what power…”

“… what on earth happened?”

When I thought back to the time when Frostgwart was expelled from the tribe, it was very difficult to imagine what it was like now.

After experiencing a crash once, the pain was so great that the space between my teeth was all wide open and my hair was sparse. Their final appearance, which had turned into a well-dried mummy, was now nowhere to be found.

As if he had become a giant, his size tripled and he showed off an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

“Hahahahaha! “I hoped that day would come someday, but I never thought that day would come from the hands of my brother who came back from the dead.”

“Brother, are you ready to fight?”

Bram responded to Bron’s words with a smile.

“Yes, it’s time to go.”

Everyone looked in one direction.

The large army gathered in the snowfield moved slowly, looking towards the north, where the moles were based.

* * *


A blizzard will arrive soon.

Those who know the weather well said that this blizzard did not seem to be that severe, but even so, it was a Hygeltongue blizzard.

Not a good environment for fighting.



Squeak… Squeak…

Due to the moles’ habit of hiding underground, it was extremely rare in the history of Hygeltongue for their base to be attacked.

Moreover, the basement is their territory.

No one would welcome taking risks and fighting them.

And since the person who exists at the top of Emon is Irizard, a fragment of the original God, in fact, it can be seen that Eemon is the top predator in the power structure after the fall of the Glacial Maw.


“come! and! “It’s coming!”




thud thump…

The sound of drums rings out.

This sound, echoing from so far away, was creating a fear that had never existed before in Eemon.

The fear of certain beings imprinted deep within them.

“It’s here… I can see it!”

Even if the Emmons gained intelligence, it was a very short history. It was nearly impossible for them to obtain knowledge covering all areas of society.

Therefore, the lack of knowledge was offset by a large number of people and a belligerent expansion offensive, but in the current situation, this turned out to be poison.


“How to!”

“Zakcha! What should we do?”

Jakcha made eye contact with someone in the snowy field far away. Snowfall did not avoid his gaze.

‘… can win.’

Kangseol met Zakcha’s shaking eyes and noticed that Zakcha was feeling a little anxious.

‘The fight will ignite in an instant.’

That would be the same thought of everyone gathered here. A fight that would ignite like rice straw in an instant and cause a huge fire was just around the corner.

The battle for supremacy in the Land of the Dead, Hygeltung, is a battle of how many enemies you can kill rather than how much you survive.

Snowfall’s heart also began to race.

The calm air just before war paralyzed everyone’s senses.

‘I focus on what I have to do.’

Each had different roles in this war.

Someone had to take the lead and attract the attention of the enemy, and someone had to penetrate into the enemy lines and reduce the number of enemies.

And the roles of Kangseol and Bronn were more clear.

‘Hunt Irizard.’

I had to end this war by defeating Irizard, the fragment of Genshin Impact. The most dangerous and perhaps the most impossible role.

There was no salvation and the obstacles were enormous.

A fight where you have to protect yourself only.

“Whoo… whoo….”



[I am moved by the drums of war.]

[I can’t feel the pain very well.]

[My desire for revenge becomes clearer.]


boom. …

Bron went to the front of the line and turned around.

“Now there is nowhere to retreat.”



Everyone held their breath at the sound of his voice.

“Everyone, don’t expect anything grand. “As always, we have been struggling to survive.”

“Haa… haaaa….”

The tusks opened and the breath turned into clouds and disappeared.

“When Madria fled to the pole to follow a different path from the other original gods, we struggled to survive.”

“Whoop… Whoosh….”

“Even when the losers of Hygeltongue did not acknowledge us, we struggled to survive.”

Maybe their lives are a history of defeat.

“And now the pain that Madria has been bearing is trying to take our land. So, I plan to struggle in the same way this time.”

“Whoa… whoa… whoa….”

Bronn said, widening his eyes.

“Then let’s struggle.”


His wolf turned around again and looked ahead.

A swarming Emon was glaring at them, holding a weapon.

Bronn slightly raised his hand and felt the wind.


Because of the strong wind, it was difficult for the arrows to do their job. It was the same over there too. No, in the first place, Glacier Maws were not people who could be defeated by arrows or something like that.

Bronn shouted.

“Wipe it all away!”

A signal of war.

As if waiting for that voice, the ice maws along with the wolf riders ran forward holding shields and weapons.



“I’ll kill them all!”


The illusion of the earth shaking.

Snowfall also shook the reins and moved with Bron.


Doo doo doo doo!

Glacial Maw’s battle line collided with Emon’s line.


The glacier maw is trampling onward.


“Blow off his head!”


“Surround us! “Kill them!”



“Aim for the legs!”

They probably won’t hear the correct sentence.

Scholas was at the forefront and led the troops.

“Dig to the right!”

Blah blah blah…

An ice awl erupted from the floor and pierced the body of the glacier maw.

“Whoa whoa….”



There were a lot more skilled shamans at the mouth of the glacier.


A giant made of snow was created.



Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

As the snowball giant struck down the mole formation, dozens of Emon flew away.


Snowflake’s mind became blurred for a moment.

The battlefield is literally in chaos.

If delicate technology dominated the central war, the polar war was solely a contest of strength and power.



The mole soldier’s head was crushed by a blunt object.

“Send in the ironclad moles!”


The ground cracked and a group of iron armored moles that I had seen in the castle came out.

‘… There are more than expected!’

Kang Seol looked at the number of moles and was worried about the main team. He then looked at them and then back to Bronn’s back.

He didn’t look back.

In some ways, it could be said to be cruel, but in other ways, it was a wise action.


Bram jumps onto the head of an ironclad mole.

Quasi profit!


His claws tore the flesh of the ironclad mole.

“I will kill all the moles today, so just wait.”


A monstrous force that broke the neck of that massive mole. Frostmaw, who regained his heroic power, recreated the nightmarish power of the Glacial Maw of the past.



… Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It was that moment.

‘… The ground is collapsing!’

Perhaps it was a trick planned in advance, but an unexpected trap was triggered even with the snowfall.

‘Crazy… even the moles…’

A trap that swept not only the entire line of the glacier maw but also the moles.



Because the entire ground collapsed, everyone had to be swept up in the collapse.

The height of the fall wasn’t that high.

If you’re lucky, you’ll survive without any injuries.

For the unlucky ones…


The shaking comes.

Role unclear.

The first thing I had to wonder about was what I had come here for and whether it was right to prioritize the lives of my colleagues.

Funny enough, in this situation, I couldn’t think of any other options. If I could at least confirm what choices I can make, it would give me a little peace of mind.

Snowfall looked at Bron.

He did his best to keep himself from falling.

It was like that.

He did his best to protect ‘himself’.

To arrive in front of Irizard in peak physical condition.




Snowfall quickly joined Bronn.


There were many groaning sounds throughout the world.

“Kkeeeeeek!” “The ground collapsed!”

“It’s your chance! opportunity!”

“Irizard! Irizard!”

Kang Seol turned his gaze away from the chaotic place and looked at a striking building.

An elegant ice structure built underground.

It seemed as if it had nothing to do with Emon.

‘I’m sure… that’s…’


This may be the place where the fragments of the original spirit reside.


“Oh my…”

“Why are you stopping?”

“Look up.”

A huge force was gathering in the direction Bronn pointed.

‘Oh my god…’

Irizard’s power was clear.

The curse of extreme cold itself.

It seemed as if the frost had gathered and was trying to bury the scene that had become a mess.

“… ugh.”

It was a force that was expected to cause so much damage that even Bronn was struggling to keep his footing.

‘We have to stop it…’

Even if Irizard was defeated, the main force being destroyed by Emon could not be considered a victory.

At that time, Snowfall and Bronn turned around and were about to head towards the road.


A huge water column soared up and faced the power of frost created by Irizard.



The force of colliding with each other in the air and disappearing.

The attack was narrowly prevented.


Bronn shouted as he looked at the person who blocked Irizard’s attack.


“go! “Bron!”


“You decided not to look back! “Go!”


“Only you can do this… It’s your last chance! hurry!”


Bronn and Snowfall head to the ice castle built underground, trying hard to keep their gaze forward.

“Stop it! Stop them!”


“You can’t go to Irizard….”

Fit! Fit!

A water arrow flew out and pierced the neck of Emon, who was blocking the front.


Snowfall and Bronn quickly pass by them, leaving only the sound of the wind falling.

At that time, Snowfall let out a yell.

“stop! “Bron!”


The head of the wolf Bronn was riding was cut off.

Snowfall also got off the wolf to keep pace and sent him back. In any case, it was a short distance from Irizard.

“… I can’t pass through here.”

Snowfall saw the mole radiating a stern force as he decapitated the wolf Bronn was riding.


“That’s it. “Your rebellion.”

There really wasn’t much left until Irizard, but my ankle was caught.


“How dare you set your filthy feet on Irizard’s place…”

However, someone cut off Zakcha’s words as he pointed his sword forward and spat out each word fiercely.

“Hahaha! “I knew it would be like this, Bron.”

A troll with blue eyes appeared riding on the wolf that had been sent back.

“… Schola.”


After getting off the wolf, Schola rushes toward Zakcha as if he were flying.




“… Go on, Bron.”

Skola said with a grin.

“You can’t fail this time.”

“… I get it.”

“Ugh… stand right there!”



“Mole wants to play with me.”

“Ugh… this b*stard….”



While they were competing, Snowfall and Bronn were entering Irizard’s residence.

[Entering the Corridor of Broken Frost.]

[Intermediate Perception is activated.]

[An enormous danger lurks.]

Indeed, an unknown energy flowed from within.

“Haa… haa….”



Snowfall looked at Bron, who was breathing heavily. He trembled as he moved forward.

“Damn it… I can’t calm down…”

“… Why did you come all the way here?”

“Tsk… So… I’m afraid of failure.”


“I’m afraid I’ll fail again, because this is… an important fight. “What if… I fail?”

“It will all be over.”

“Haha! That’s right. It will all be over….”

Bronn now saw the back of Snowfall, who was moving forward towards him with great strides.

“… hey.”


“Aren’t you afraid? “All of this.”


“Yes, the opponent is Irizard. “That…”

That moment.


something rolling on the floor.

It was Eamon’s skull.

Soon, a huge garden of bones appeared before my eyes. And the being that looks down on this place from above.


This transcendent being, absurdly taking on the appearance of a troll and looking down on Bronn and Snowfall, is none other than… –

… Welcome.

It was Irizard, a fragment of Genshin Impact.

– He who returned from the dead and the wanderer.


The wind blows stronger than when it snowed.

A chill that seems to freeze everything.


Bronn got down on one knee.

It was not a sign of submission or a sign of respect before battle.

“Haa… haaaa….”

It’s scary.

His existence.

Irizard’s eyes pitied him.

“I… I…”

“Wake up, Bron. “I don’t think you intend to fight in that condition.”

Bronn stood up, trying hard to hide his trembling.

And I had doubts about Kang Seol.

Why do you not tremble in fear even when facing Irizard?

The reason was surprisingly simple.

Snowfall always walked a diagonal path.

We have fought countless important battles with a lot at stake.

So for him, everything is just a process he goes through. In fact, he may have been the most special thing in Hygeltongue.


Irizard rose from the Garden of Bones and formed an armor made of frost.

Blah blah blah…

– I am a curse.

As Irizard revealed its power, Bronn’s fear grew, but on the contrary, that fear did not lead to defeat.

The person who faced that fear was his ally.

“Bron should I wait longer?”

“Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! sorry! “I was thinking about the past for a moment.”

“Can we begin?”

“… of course!”

Bronn’s trembling stopped.

Irizard, like Bronn, also had doubts about Snowfall. Because it was the first time in his life that no one showed any reaction in front of him.

– What are you…?

[A raid battle with Genshin Impact’s fragment ‘Glacier Irizard’ continues.] [This

is an adventure where you can acquire a certain amount of era power.] [

The results of the adventure are recorded in history.]

[The results of the adventure have an impact on Pandea. .]

[This is an extremely dangerous battle.]

[There are currently 2 members of the raid.]

[If the subjugation is successful, the reward is greatly increased.]

[The difficulty level is close to impossible.]


Kangseol became one with Jamad and took a ready stance. A posture with both arms slightly open.

It was an easy position to clap hands in place of a magic spell. As always, it was time to take a step forward.

The night raven smiled and answered Irizard’s question.

“He’s a shaman.”


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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