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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 335

Chapter 335:

The encroachment of the magic exercised by Irizard made Kang Seol and Jamard realize the unprecedented power of the circulation of multiple sources.

The prediction that achieving the cycle of origin would be a clue to heading to the next realm was exactly right.

Huo Oh Oh …

Their source was fiercely rotated.

A tremendous amount of magical power emanated from the night raven’s body like a flame.



Bronn hurriedly repelled Irizard’s power at the tremendous energy he felt behind him and left the place.


And a night crow took its place.


Immediately after the collision, Irizard’s ice melted a little. It was because of the power flowing from the night raven’s body.

– ….

With the signal of a momentary struggle of power, the close-quarters battle began again.


[Bron uses the Waterfall Spell: Wind and Wave.]

[The power of the wave hits the target.]


The wave flew towards Irizard like a sword blade.


The waves caught by Irizard’s hands were easily crushed. But the waves did their job just by taking time.


– Ugh….


Compared to before, the night crow’s movements became incomprehensibly faster.

Irizard was unable to withstand the attack and continued to stumble and retreat.

At first glance, Kang Seol and his party had the upper hand, but there were also elements of Irizard’s trust.

“Kk Jamard!”

Bronn freezes.



The raven leapt back and made contact with Bronn.

Damn it…

It’s back to its original state, but if things continue like this, the snowfall will be at a disadvantage as time goes by.

‘Thanks to circulation, the freezing speed is similar to the beginning… but it will reach its limit someday. But… I just felt another strange sensation…’

The moment our bodies touched each other for relief, another shiver came.

Kang Seol still didn’t know what this feeling was.

Bronn said breathlessly.

“Ha… ha… The source’s recovery speed cannot keep up with the battle.”

“… That’s not good.”

This does not mean that an unfavorable situation becomes advantageous just because the battle continues.

– How foolish you are.

“… what?”

Irizard taunted them.


Irizard’s power spread out in all directions and turned the entire corridor transparent.

I could see outside.

“Break his head!”


“Huh… Huh….”

The sound of the scenery outside was transmitted here.

– Are you feeling nothing?

Bronn responded to the conversation while waiting for his source power to replenish.

“It’s fierce, isn’t it? degree.”

– It’s a fight that didn’t need to happen.


– Everything is just artificial suffering created by your struggles. It is the result of your refusal to let the original spirit stand over you and be ruled by you.

“Do you want to say that we brought this suffering on ourselves?”

– Yes. Do you deny it?

Bronn replied, scratching his chin.

“No, since it was something we did, it would be true that we brought it upon ourselves. “I don’t deny it.”

– Then…

“But I won’t accept it in the end. Genshin oppresses and possesses us. “I, Bron, have never…”


“I’ve never taken someone’s word for granted.”

“Hehehe… That’s similar.”

Jamard laughed and laughed even in a terrible situation.

“O Genshin, I ask you, if we, who have served you for so many years, now reject your rule, would you be able to accept it?”

– Animals cannot say what they think, no matter how bold they are. Sin will be dealt with severely and all teeth will be pulled out. One mistake is the fate of the foolish, so I bow my head again…

“I see. As expected…”

The two trolls laughed like evil spirits.

“I will reject everything.”

– There is only death.

“Yeah, that too.”

Jamard and Bronn spoke with Irizard in front of them.

“what do you think about it?”

“I want to crush his face.”


– Clumsy intelligence is staining your future with blood.


Irizard’s body floated.

[Irizard uses a blizzard.]

[A blizzard rages in a wide area.]

– That’s how you die.


A terrible snowstorm raged inside the fortress.


her its its kind the rhyme of the rheuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

The raven froze once again.


Bronn put his hand on him and brought him back to his senses.

Damn it…

“I can’t give up like this… I can’t…”


[Mountain Spell: Use Mud Turtle.]

[You are covered in a shell made of mud.]

[All damage is taken by the shell instead, and movement speed is reduced by 20% in exchange for 50% of the damage.]

Mud with Bronn A jamad wearing a shell made of .

“Ha… ha… it’s a little better.”

“I have to think of a way….”

“Ugh… I can’t think of anything.”

Bronn said this with a miserable expression.

“Lack of absolute power.”

Jamard shook his head.

“Even he is not absolute. I’ve already used up a lot of energy. “Didn’t you notice that his appearance had changed?”

“The shape… is different… That’s right!”

Bronn remembered Irizard’s body melting slightly due to the collision with Jamard.

And the last time he saw Irizard, her lower body was crushed like a ghost.

“Yes, in the end, he is also an imperfect being. All you have to do is bring in enormous power and deliver the final blow.”

“… can I do it? “Time is running out.”


Kang Seol answered instead.

“There’s one thing I want to check.”


“okay. “I was…”

A feeling that both Jamard and Bronn had overlooked as they were concentrating on the battle.

When Kang Seol told everyone about her thoughts based on that sensation, the reactions were unanimous.

“This is crazy.”

“An even more terrible idea to solve a terrible situation.”

Kang Seol nodded.

“It circulates. “Bigger.”

“Yes, I can’t even leave a will if I circulate Bronn’s origin and my origin together.”

Kang Seol decided that the identity of this sensation that came when they collided with each other was the beginning of a cycle.

Perhaps the beginning of a larger cycle.

But it was an act of suicide.

It’s like the crazy idea of swapping someone else’s blood with your own blood to swirl your veins.

“Do you want to do it?”

“Let’s do it.”


“The signal…”

“It’s not necessary, you know.”

Soon the shell broke.



At the same time, a chill froze the raven, and Bronn slapped the raven’s frozen hand.


At that moment, Bron’s source power flowed into the body of the night raven that woke up from the freeze, and in the same way, Jamard’s source power flowed into Bron’s body.

Exchange of source force.

In other words, it was an impossible act.




The chain entangled around their forearms connected Raven’s left arm and Bronn’s right arm.

[The source power goes out of control.]


Jamard’s scream.

Kang Seol cannot share the pain he feels for the source.

Instead, there is still something that can be done.

“Do it, Jamard.”

Snowfall that completely takes away the initiative of the night ravens. Irizard flew right in front of his nose.

[Irizard uses a rift.]

[Collapses the selected area.]


A shock applied to a large area extending from the ground where the raven walked all the way to the castle.

Yuanshin had the power to deal with armies rather than individuals.

‘Maybe that’s why I’m still holding on.’


Snowfall, which escaped the collapse with quick movements, ran towards Bron without delay.

It was a race against time and no mistakes could be made.


Blah blah blah… The

snow hit Bron’s frozen palm just as he was running.

At this moment, another exchange of source power took place.


“Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yet… yet… yet but yet… yet but yet yet yet yet remains yet remains only yet yet remains only yet yet yet yet yet still

remains remains remains])…………………………….


Snowfall reaches out for Irizard’s chin, but cannot reach it.

And soon you will freeze.

Snowfall came up with a trick and pushed Irizard away, then pulled the chain hard.


Bronn, who was reeling from pain, was dragged by the wind.


Damn it…

Bronn collides with the frozen raven at the same time.

Thanks to this, the night crow regained its vitality again.

Bron and Jamard were going through great hardships right now, but the snowfall was not easy either.

An almost magical sense of combat and an outstanding talent for moving toward answers.

Irizard noticed his extraordinary nature.

– You… what the hell…


– Ugh….

Irizard gets punched in the chest and pushed away.

To his surprise, Kangseol was attacking him.

Without Jamard’s help, with one arm tied to a chain connected to Bronn.

– The effort is worth it, but it is a battle you cannot win.


Irizard’s hand stretched out towards Bronn. The sense of snowfall warned. Snowfall, who realized what the corrupted original spirit was trying to do to Bronn, quickly blocked his path.

– no use.

This is an invisible force.

It is a power that is difficult for humans to fathom.

Blah blah blah…


– … blocked?

The power poured into Bronn was the torment of the mental realm that he had awakened in the ruins of Wattala earlier.

This vicious force burrowed into Bronn’s mind and tried to break his weakened spirit.

And now it has been blocked by snowfall.

– Why are humans…

“Haa… haa…” Snowfall

is literally blocking the army called Irizard all by herself. Now he was buying time.

As things turned out like this, Irizard, who realized that it would not be easy to overcome Snowfall, became interested in him.

– What are you waiting for?

Kang Seol answered with tired eyes.





Jamard and Bronn were now on the brink of death.

It’s not that it’s not, but since the source power has been exchanged, it won’t be able to stand still.

This was the place where their origins existed.

In addition to the original Jamard’s origins, Bron’s origins.

A huge water wheel filled their field of vision.

“It’s freezing.”

The aberration was also frozen due to the runaway of Irizard’s power and source power. If this continues, the rotation will stop and everyone will die.

Jamard and Bronn hurriedly tried to break the ice on the water wheel.

“Haa… haa….”


Their condition was not good.

The snowfall seemed to be gradually pushing back.


“Why are you doing that?”



Bronn’s complexion also darkened accordingly.

“Is it a failure?”

“Seeing as how I can still say nonsense, I don’t think it’s a failure.”

“Tsk tsk… I’m being serious.”


“Yes, Snowfall would have been defeated by Irizard by now. “The speed at which the water wheel freezes has increased.”


It’s a




The name engraved on it.

But right then.


“Do you need help?”

Before they knew it, a group of people had settled down next to them.


Jamad was his brother, the brothers of the Sharp Rock Mountain.

And next to him, Magra, a troll covered in flames, was looking at him in anguish.

“I can’t wait to come this far. “What a huge desire.”

“…old man.”

And the one who breaks the ice by his side.


The black thunderous Ungus smiled faintly at Jamad.

“Look at the size of the source. You ate too much, Jamard. “Are you planning on dragging my surviving children to death with me?”

Now even Branca.

Everyone appeared and surrounded Jamard.

“what do you want?”

When Jamad asked, someone among them asked back.

“Do you still think you can set us free?”

The answer to that was too easy for Jamard.

“Shut up and fix this.”

“You crazy b*stard.”

“You’re crazy? “Maybe so.”

Jamard had no regrets about the path he had taken.

“So it sticks quickly. “I don’t have time.”

“Haha! “It’s still the same, Jamard.”

“I have a long way to go.”

“For what?”

Jamard answered, pausing his hand for a moment.

“We will put all the original spirits in coffins and we will be free.”

Jamard is removing ice stuck to the joint of the water wheel with his back turned.

The shamans who were looking at him closed their eyes and said.

“It’s really the same.”

“It hasn’t changed.”


their of their souls started to disappear like an illusion.


Heat lingered in the water wheel.

“… Unbelievable.”

Bronn quickly fell off the water wheel and rolled on the floor.

Flames rose from his water wheel and Jamard’s water wheel.



The water wheel that melted all the ice slowly moved.


clattering… clattering…


Soon, the source filled the space.

* * *

“Haa… haa….”

– That’s the end.


Kangseol coughed out blood and looked at Irizard.

As I said before, Irizard was also not doing well because her strength had been continuously reduced.

But I couldn’t reach him.

If this were a limit, it would be a limit.

– Why are you resisting so much? That will be a question that will not be answered even after death is given to you.

“Hehehe… If I had known that in the first place, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point, right?”

Irizard responded while looking at the snowfall indifferently.

– Yes, maybe.



Irizard approached the raven.

His intentions are unknown, but perhaps it was to bring an end to it.

However, Kang Seol had no intention of giving up his neck gracefully.

Snow Forced her posture to be straight and waited for Irizard’s next move.

“… what.”

– ….

Kangseol opened his eyes and muttered.

“What… this power…”

Bronn, who was standing limply on one side, raised his head.

A sparkle flashed in his eyes for the first time. And that eye light also emanated from the night raven.


[A great cycle is achieved.]

[A great step! Jamard steps into the realm of supremacy!]

[Meteor showers are pouring down! After the battle, enlightenment comes.]

[Enlightenment! Jamard awakens a new ability.]

[Jammard awakens great magic.]

[A great step! Bron steps to the heights of supremacy!]

Following Jamard, to Bron.

What is the great cycle that has caused the two’s energies to change so much?

After Jamard woke up, the question was answered.

“Ahh… how much…”

Bronn laughed.

“Is this a satisfactory power?”

The power flowing from the two was on a different level from their power when they first encountered Irizard.

– ….

Irizard continued to consume power as expected by Snowfall and the others. Therefore, if we collided with the current Kangseol group, we could not guarantee victory or defeat.


Irizard’s power soared upward as if exploding.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

His power to shatter the ceiling.

Irizard tried to fly towards the open ceiling.

Jamard and Bronn gathered in one place and muttered.

“Where are you going?”

Their spell resonated.


An incredible force applied to the entire ground.

Jamard made a peculiar hand shape and made a motion of raising it from bottom to top.


[Jammard uses the great magic: the shaman’s hand.]

Bronn also responded by creating an opposite hand made of water.

[Bron’s Great Magic: Uses the Shaman’s Hand.]

Their hands were not enough to expand the ceiling once more and stayed by Irizard’s side as she flew up.

– What… what is this!

“The shaman is…”

Jamaard and Bronn touch each other’s opposite hands that are not chained.


“Control the curse.”

Accordingly, a huge hand created by magic clashed with Irizard between them.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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