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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 337

Episode 337:

Northern Federation Investigation Bureau.

Gale, an investigator assigned there, was currently dispatched to the front line guard post.

The purpose was to determine the whereabouts of the missing combatants.

“You b*stards of the military, why are you handing this over to the investigation bureau?”

“It’s not like they didn’t do anything. They say they are bad at this kind of work, so they gave up on the investigation and just left it to us…”

“Aren’t we busy? How nerve-wracking it must be to leave everything else behind and come all the way to Hugeltongue.”

“Ah… are you scared?”

“Who is so scary! “I’m saying I’m shivering because it’s cold!”

“Oh, I see. “I understand.”

Investigator Gale and his deputy Jomon were quite powerful positions in the Federation. Because of this, there were many cases where he went out on a mission under the pretext of an investigation and played pranks, but in this case, he couldn’t do pranks.

If you do that, you will most likely freeze to death.

A full day has passed since they arrived here.

I had long since erased the thought that the missing people were still alive.

They didn’t come here to rescue missing people. All of this is to find out where the missing person has gone.

“Could it be a wild animal?”

“No matter how much blood I got, I would have sent a fool to the front line who couldn’t resist and was eaten by wild animals. “The Federation’s soldiers are the best.”

“… that’s right?”

“If you don’t call them that, what else can you call them who survived in this polar environment?”

“That’s true, but… if he died of starvation during the period when supplies were cut off…”

“That makes sense. But how long was the supply cut off?”

“I was disconnected for two months in a row.”

“The supply depot is pretty crazy too. Why did it cut off?”

“Well, as you know, isn’t that their reason that you have to nod your head when they put something to you?”

“It means that they can make excuses to get away with it.”

“You didn’t come all this way to argue about that, did you? It’s a public fact…”

“That’s right! So let’s keep looking for more.”

The investigators and their companions search for their traces for several hours again.

“Could it be that he committed suicide…”

“You left the guard post and went out into the snowy field to commit suicide?”

“That can’t be possible, right?”

“Of course it can’t be like that. And did you see it?”



“Ugh… the smell of alcohol.”

“Okay, there’s still some alcohol left. “There’s no way it’s going to be destroyed when there are still good items left in good condition.”

“If it were me, I would drink to the bottom before I die.”

“That’s right.”

“Sometimes you still act like an investigator.”

“then? “I thought you won by gambling?”


“To be honest, it’s your weakness.”

“Others say it’s an advantage.”

“It is a weakness of those friends to say that it has nothing to do with them.”

Investigator Gale said, raising his finger as if he were sharp.

“It’s Hygeltongue.”

“… yes?”

“It went to Hygeltongue. “Otherwise there is no explanation.”

“Ah… Are you going crazy and going to Hygeltongue? I think it makes more sense than suicide…”

“Why doesn’t it make sense?”

“That’s the place where the glacier maw and Emon fight for a long time. “It’s a lot colder than here.”

“There is no reason to skip it?”

“yes. There is no reason to go all the way to Hygeltongue unless you run out of food and go crazy. Even if one of the two discovers them, they will be eaten. “It doesn’t make sense unless you were taken away.”



Gale and Jomon blinked and looked at each other. Because I just spouted out a plausible hypothesis.

“Were they dragged away?”

“There is a possibility.”

“why? “Did those guys who were too busy fighting their enemy show up to the guard post and take them away?”

“Maybe you were trying to find out something…? Or maybe the hunt failed for a long time…”

“Don’t rule out both. “Because it’s a useful opinion.”

Jomon looked anxious and added:

“Neither Glacier Maw nor Emon have ever crossed the border of Hygeltongue?”

“… never happened before. “I don’t know this time.”

“… Are you planning to say that to the deputy director?”

“it’s crazy? That bratty old man is the one who warms up in the morning to refute my opinion. “At least I can communicate well with the director, so I’ll have to have a meeting with him.”

Instead of cutting the tobacco leaves, Gayle put a cigar in her mouth. Compared to other cigarettes, the pear is thicker.

Chick… Chick…

Gale got irritated by the match that didn’t even spark a spark.

“Ac… It doesn’t stick well.”


Suddenly the ground shook.

“what is this sound?”

“I do not know.”

“I meant to find out.”

“Oh my, I didn’t know.”

“Hehe… You’ve gained a lot of weight, friend.”

at that time.


The vibrations gradually became louder.

Now it is clear.

It was clear that something unusual was happening.

“What is this, an avalanche? earthquake?”

An employee came running from far away.

“Investigator! Investigator!”

“So what…”

“Look over there… look over there.”

“Has an 8th level demon appeared? Why are you making such a fuss….”

The direction the employee pointed was the ridge of Hygeltongue, which can also be seen from here.

“The snow… the snow is melting…”

Just as he said, the white part was gradually changing to a different color.


The suddenly formed greenery came rushing in.

The snow field could no longer be called a snow field.

Like a green tsunami, the snow covering the surrounding area of Hygeltongue was melted away.

And that tsunami even passed by Investigator Gale.


The unlit cigarette fell helplessly to the ground. This is because Gail opened her mouth without realizing it.

Investigator Gale has gone through a lot of work to reach his current position. In the process, we have committed many illegal acts that the feds do not tolerate, and we have also solved cases where all kinds of complicated things happen in the world.


He took out a new cigar and put it in his mouth.

This is also a thought process.

Chik… chik…

it caught fire.

I kept the smoke from the cigarette in my mouth.

If you inhale it, it’s a strong smoke that will kill you early.

I savored the taste on my tongue once, but perhaps because of the cold, the sensation was duller than usual.

But there was nothing like it to wake my head up.

Just as Jamad awakened the great cycle and rotated the water wheel, he also rotated the toxic smoke and actively exercised his brain.

“… Investigator.”


Glacier Angler and Emon.

If someone were to ask Gale which of the two she was afraid of, she would definitely choose the glacier maw. Although Emon was an emerging powerhouse, he was still a beast without any culture.

The problem is that this series of events continues to increase anxiety.

If the endless conflict in the Hygeltongue is to end, then…

it is a premature conclusion.


Smoke and unclean thoughts came out of my mouth.

“…F*cked. “I’ll be called here and there.”

The situation in the North will change very much after today’s events.

* * *

‘Hello, my name is Jamad’ sponsored Madness by 3000!

[The left fist is called the dreamland and the right fist is called the Nether Road. Say hello.]

– Haha, I peed my pants.

– This is romance… a charlatan! knight errant!

– There is also a ball for his minion Snowman.

– Oh right. There was a guy like that too.

– President Jamard! Take me!

‘Ppuseoppuseo’ sponsored Madness by 2500!

[Irizard Push! Genshin Impact! Stop working overtime! Manager, shout!]

– … I guess your work life is very difficult.

– Sigh… Sigh… Break….

– Manager, if you are watching, run away.

– Domhwangcha!



Perhaps because of the change that occurred at the end of the mountain, a huge waterfall flowed on the ridge.

This is probably the most energetic place in Hygeltongue.


Jamard was sitting there with his eyes closed and drawing something.

Hehe… Hehe…

It’s been a while, but Coco was there too.

Coco seemed to be expecting something, sitting next to Jamard and quietly waiting for something.


A black bead was floating in front of Jamad, emitting strange waves.

This situation has been going on for several hours now.



slowly the response came.

A tremendous amount of energy was released from the black bead that was starting to crack.


The shadow finally formed one shape.


[enlightenment! Creates a new creature.]

[The new creature is a vibrant Kukuru.]

[The creature inherits the memories of Kukuru from Early Evening.]

[The creature inherits some of the abilities of Kukuru from Early Evening.]

[The new creature Attribute is set to Sticky Darkness.]

[New creature type is set to Medium Beast.]

[New related abilities can now be derived.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use Shadow Shift.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use the scent of blood.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use Passive: Shadow Beast.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use Continuous: Lord of the Pack.]


As soon as Kukuru woke up, he looked around and growled. There seemed to be something he didn’t like.


Coco walked up to her and rubbed her snout on her back.


At the same time, Kukuru relaxed and hung out with Coco.

[Happy Coco continues Vibrant Kukuru: Affected by the pack lord.] [

Happy Coco grows gradually.]

[A pair of male and female shadow wolves exist.]

[Can be passed down from generation to generation.]

[Creations It now functions as a mount.]

[Speed is affected by Horseback Riding and Dexterity Shadow Affinity.] It

is only now that I have been able to take out the core of Kukuru that I obtained from all over the world.

Originally, he would have received Ur’s help along with an appropriate sacrifice, but since it was nothing to Jamard who had reached a certain level, he decided to guess the timing and resurrected Kukuru.



Jamard petted the two wolves.

– How cool!

– The owner is a snowman, guys!

– Hey guys?

Snowfall also sat next to Jamad and petted the wolf. And I asked him.

“Don’t you need time like Karen?”

“Yes, but the place you spend your time doesn’t have to be empty.”

It seemed that the summoned beast that had reached the supreme state needed time to embody it.

There was no news from Karen either, so it didn’t seem like the wait would be over in such a short period of time.

Kang Seol was wondering what to do if Jamard returned to nothingness, but Jamard actually said that he would not go back.

Jamard said bluntly.

“If you keep sabotaging me like this, won’t you be in trouble?”

“That’s right.”

Snowfall only now has time to check the rewards she received after completing this adventure.

Apparently, a cataclysm had occurred in Hygeltongue, so everyone was busy.



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