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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 338

Chapter 338

[You are very wise.]

[High wisdom understands the principle of the lock in an instant.] [

Injecting magical power unlocks the lock.]

[Checks for deposits of erroneous nature.]

[Special Materials are included.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.]

[Ability points are acquired.]

[Ability points are acquired.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated.]

[Ability points You gain additional

ability points.] [You gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent is activated.] [

You gain additional ability points.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[I am the b*stard’s The special ability is activated.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.] [Acquire

additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Miner’s Obtain a witty pickaxe.]

[Acquire confident boots.]

[Acquire a robe of cold wind.]

[Acquire fearless shackles.]

[Acquire a broken link of despair.]

.. .Treasures

were literally pouring out of the water. Most of them were difficult to install, but some were of good quality that could be replaced.

‘Treasure is not important…’

Although he obtained a lot of treasure, Kangseol no longer had much interest.

Treasures that are close to their unique level, or monsters or exalted objects that have great abilities but have strong penalties. And if it wasn’t at the level of a mystery, it wouldn’t be very impressive.

In slang, it means that one’s stomach is full.

And he mostly took risks that made it natural for him to do so.

‘… It’s shiny.’

[Acquire an ice star.]

[Acquire prosperity.]

[Acquire a glacier fragment.]

[Acquire 72 unprocessed gems.]

[Acquire 3 keys of unknown purpose.]

[Obtain 2 potions of nausea.]

I got a feeling.

All three of these were unappointed.

However, upon seeing their actual form, Jiang Seol frowned.

‘Material… two?’

Materials of the same grade are placed at a higher level than equipment of the same grade that is usually obtained as a reward from an adventure.

Depending on how it was smelted or synthesized, it could be reborn into various products, and higher-performance products were created that way.

‘Let’s check first.’

[Immortal Exaltation: Obtain an ice star.]

[I obtained an item that did not exist in the world.]

[Immortal Exaltation (不世出): Ice Star]

Grade: Immortal Exaltation

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.1kg

Corrupted Genshin Fragment of Irizard A gem filled with essence. The power contained within is immeasurable, but it is violent and causes conflict.

Special Abilities: Unknown.

‘Yeah, I thought it would be like this.’

If you have high expectations from the material, you are bound to be disappointed.

I had to feel this uncomfortable feeling until it was reborn as something.

[Immortal Exaltation: Obtain prosperity.]

[I acquired an object that did not exist in the world.]

Still, the next object was clearly shaped like a decorative cord, so it seemed to be a headgear.

[Exodus: Prosperity]

Grade: + 45 Stamina + 50 Wisdom + 55

Special Ability

Appropriate level for Exaltation: 50 – 62

Defense: 220

Durability: 170/170

Weight: 0.1kg

It contained the power of cold weather stained by a curse, but was purified. I gained the exact opposite strength. It has the power to enrich living things.

Basic ability: Intelligence: Prosper! (Unique) Action Step by step (Unique) Action When the wearer’s health is over 80%, a shield equal to 20% of maximum health is formed.


– Stamina regeneration greatly increases until the current stamina reaches 80% of maximum stamina.

[Step by step]

– Prosper! When in effect, 30% of the damage received is divided over 10 seconds.

‘… Good?’

Since it was a leather strap, it was almost certain that Jamard would use it, but the option was so good that it could be considered a common option.

– If I combine it with the blood of the beginning, I won’t die too badly lol

– Please just die!

– Now they even have actual cost insurance….

After handing Prosperity to Jamard, Kangseol inspected the last item.

[Unexalted: Fragment of Glacier]

Grade: Unexalted

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.1kg

A lost item containing the pure power of Irizard.

Drinking it is more effective than processing it. However, I don’t know if I can survive.

Special Abilities: Unknown.

‘This is also a material… um…’

It is explained that drinking is better than using it as a device, so it would be better to follow that.

Kang Seol naturally thought of someone.

– Thank you.


The fragments of the glacier naturally fell to Ilchibunshin.

[Ilche’s clone swallows the fragments of the glacier.]

Blah, blah, blah…

Ilche’s clone, which had already swallowed the crystal at dawn and frozen once, was now completely surrounded by huge ice, as if it were a frozen tuna.

[The change progresses slowly.]

Since the snowfall was around this time, I got the feeling that it was a good thing, but no… in fact, I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing.

I’ve invested in various things for Ur, but it’s been too long since I’ve actually seen Ur’s face.

‘Ur, how long do you plan to stay in nothingness? It’s coming back slowly…’

– Hehehe… You can look forward to it. The day Ur returns, I will give you as a gift a fear that will shock everyone in the world, including you.

‘No, I don’t need fear.’

– … Anyway, we won’t be able to talk properly for the time being due to the research on the alter body, so let’s solve the problem on our own.

With these words, Ur disappeared into the depths of nothingness.


– For some reason, I cried.

– lonely. I think I’m lonely.

I wondered if this was how Wild Goose’s father felt, but I passed it on as if it had some use to it.

– Snowman: Hey guys, it’s dad. How are you?

– ??? : yes? dad? Ah… uh… yeah… uh… I’ll hang up! busy!

– It feels strangely realistic. Are you a wild goose?

– ….

Next, it is time to check the title obtained this time.

[First title: Thawmaker]

Related achievements: Melting ice (Adventure: None)

Special ability: The range and destructive power of large-scale terrain change abilities increase by 20%.

‘Phew, I got this right.’

The numerous titles he had proved that it was difficult for titles to be related to battle.

This title was actually very effective, but the conditions themselves made no sense.

There are very few professions that have the ability to change terrain on a large scale, and even if they do have it, they only use it once in a while and there are very few people who can use it like water.

No, it was there.

For example, a shaman with acid attributes like Jamad.

Since most of the abilities were related to changing terrain, it would probably be very effective.

‘By the way… Is the yaksha digested yet?’

Even though the grief continued to absorb the sword, the yaksha was not easily absorbed. The speed was too slow for a heartbreak that was discharging all kinds of weapons into its stomach.

Maybe that’s how great the power contained in the Yaksha is.

‘Still, grief has given me a lot of energy… so there will be news soon.’

This concludes the inspection.

Other than the matter of the glacier maw, nothing was clearly finished, but it was still okay.

I had the power to get it all anyway.

* * *

“Are you going?”

“ah! huh.”

“Thank you, Snowfall.”

When I returned to the fortress, I saw that Yeba and Ishii had loaded their luggage into a cart and were ready to leave.

It was all a farewell gift from the Glacier Maw.

“I’m not leaving completely, but I’m planning to stop by often. These days, learning Troll has gained momentum and has become a speech.”

“… okay? But where are you going to head once you get out of here?”

“Should we go back to the federation? “I don’t know if they will accept it.”

Ishii hugged Kang Seol.

“I was thankful for the snowfall. “Can I add you as a friend?”


Add to friends.

A function that I couldn’t recall because I had so many memories of hanging out with the former.

“of course.”

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have survived… but it was a really good experience. “There were a lot of painful things after the transfer, but this memory… I think it will really remain in my memory.”

“snowfall! We can see each other again, right? “Come visit the Federation sometime!”

Kang Seol chuckled.

Perhaps, once Khan’s work is completed, I will have time to go to the Federation.


“i’ll wait!”

“We are going!”

Yeba and Ishii left like that.

Now that Hygeltongue is no longer a dangerous environment, their journey will be quite comfortable.

“Hey snowfall!”

As they left and entered the fortress, Skola hurriedly ran up to them. It seemed like there was urgent work to do.

“what’s the matter?”

“This way. “I have urgent business to attend to, so please follow me.”


Although he didn’t have many opportunities to get to know Scola, he seemed to already consider him a very close friend.

I followed him into the area provided within the fort and found Bronn holding something.

“… kid?”

Bronn grinned.

“Yes, he is the first descendant born after the war ended.”

– cute!

– This is a strange feeling!

– Open your eyes to the charm of trolls!

Kang Seol tilted his head and asked.

“Your child?”

“No way. “To begin with, I was dead and it hasn’t been long since I came back to life.”

“iced coffee.”

“I am the child of the waterfall.”

“… what?”

Bronn grinned and took the child’s hand.

“The child of the waterfall welcomes me again.”

“… Right.”

“Yes, maybe I should go back to my roots.”

Kang Seol left with a strange feeling. No, he couldn’t be here anymore.

I spent quite a long time here, and if there was a problem with Seolhong in the meantime, there would be a problem in getting Yuhwa’s maintenance back.

On the day he was scheduled to leave, a large number of people gathered at the fort.

– Hello little human! Big troll! see you again!

“… It’s rather big for a human.”

– anyway!

Madria smiled and waved.

She became very small.

Even though he was still a naughty person.

“… then.”


Kang Seol and Jamard paused for a moment.

When I opened the castle gate, the glacier maws were lined up left and right, looking in this direction.

“… huh?”

When they turned around in confusion, Bronn said:

“Jamade and snowfall. You have given us back so much. “There is no need to talk much.”

Bronn paused for a moment.

It seems like they regret breaking up.

“Someday… when you need it most… I will be your strength.”


“I’m your right hand man.”

Jamard blurted out.

“The right arm is already there. “He died a long time ago.”

“okay? “Your left arm will be okay, right?”

“The position is still vacant.”

“Then let’s do it.”



Snow Mountain is no longer called Snow Mountain.

The sound of stepping on snow has now become the sound of stepping on the ground.


“Forever precious guest, I will always await your arrival!”

“Forever honored guest! Hahaha!”

“Forever honored guest! Hehehe…”

I stopped walking again at the loud shout.

“It’s Yunan.”

“You can see it as a tradition. It’s a tradition I’ve never done since I came to Hygeltongue, but anyway…”

As Snowfall and Jamard left the long procession, Bron muttered from a distance.

“Farewell, forever precious guest.”

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