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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 341

Episode 341:


A gigantic ancient dragon served by the Rock Tooth tribe located on a sharp rock mountain.

One of the guardians of Pandea and the owner of the glorious name Mother Earth.

Anyone who sees her scales, her tail, her wings, and her majestic snout will be moved by her.

‘It doesn’t make sense… Why is Tancred here…’ For

some reason, Tancred was being chased while being restrained in the red prison right in front of Snowfall and Jamard.

Even though it is difficult to find a creature as strong as her on earth.

This was by no means a light matter.

– Please! This… isn’t helping me.

– … yes?

– Maybe it’s about helping the world.

If the person imprisoned in the Red Prison was Tancrid, her words were surprisingly close to the correct answer.

Isn’t there a way that protecting the Guardians isn’t helping the world?

Jamard approached the Red Prison.

“Are you… looking for me? Tancrid….”

Tantuinu said.

“All of my mother’s associates were murdered. Everything without exception. “I am the only one of her descendants who survives.”

“That’s… how could it be… who on earth would dare to challenge Tancrid’s majesty?”


Tantuinu’s dragon eyes filled with sadness.

“We slowly walked into despair. The mother was old and the invader was powerful. We… have flown by, relying on a glimmer of hope. Then… my mother sensed your energy.”

“… what?”

“My mother sensed your great energy in the North and remembered your existence.”


“Your mother wanted to find you. “He said he might remember me and that there might be hope.”

“So… like that…”

Kang Seol was lost in thought while listening to their story.

‘This must be…’

It resembled the content of a common book about an old man about to die looking for a connection he had encountered in the past.

The content contained therein may have been different, but the message conveyed was one.

It is desperation and loneliness.

‘The promise ends here. If it’s something that threatens the guardian of the earth, it’s better to get out of here. But…’

The success or failure of the work and its level of difficulty were of secondary importance here. The first thing to consider is whether

this is something you can refuse.

Of course…

“… snowfall.”

Jamard looked back at the snowfall.

“… also.”

Snowfall let out a sigh that came from deep inside.

“Okay, I’ll find a way.”

“…Thank you, brother.”

Jamard heard Kang Seol’s answer and turned back to the dragon. Tantuinu let out a shocking statement.

“The one chasing us is… Azanic.”


“Azanic, the sky dragon.”

Snowfall became even more frustrating.

He may be the only one with the power and reason to push the earth dragon Tancrid this far.

‘Ajanik… He survived. I wondered where he was hiding…’

Kangseol had encountered Ajanik in the past. No, it wasn’t enough to just encounter them, they fought a majestic bloody battle. It still remained as a legend and was passed down orally in the area.

Azanic, the battle between the master of the Winged Mountains and the dragonlord who wields the black spear, was one of the main characters.

‘Anyway, it has become clear that taking on this job now is suicidal.’

Fighting a dragon without Tancred’s help is suicidal.

Dealing with Azanik was a completely different story from dealing with Hwagmu, the evil dragon of the East.

The meaning of Ajanik’s name was related to death.

“What do you wish for?”

Jamard asked the young dragon.

“… what?”

“Are you running away from him?”


Tantuinu hesitated.

Kang Seol noticed that hesitation.

‘You still have something to hide. what?’

She nodded.

When Jamard looked back at Snowfall, he also nodded in response.

With this, I had to strengthen my resolve to pursue the chase again.


Jamard watched Tantuinu shrink in size and turn into a fairy again, and then focused his gaze on the red prison hanging around her neck.

The one who served asks for help.

The only ones who can help are yourself and your colleagues.

Jamard’s eyes contained many emotions. Snowfall came and stood next to him.

“I need to change my plan.”

“Do you think there is a way?”

Kangseol scratched his chin and said.

“Going to the underground garden of deep sleep. Sleep there….”

“I don’t know where that place is.”

“… okay? Then…”

Kang Seol turned around and spoke to Jamad.

“You can just trust me and follow me.”


Their trust in each other is absolute.

Suffering will shatter before their trust.

“It’s a good thing to hear.”

[New information is obtained.]

[The unexpected adventure ‘Dragon’s Helper’ occurs.]

Adventure 33-(Special) ‘Dragon’s Helper’

The dragon is the most mysterious creature since the creation of this land.

One such dragon came forward to seek help. Who is the person who claims to be the dragon’s helper?

Yes it is you.

You have discovered that the creature bound in the Red Prison is Tancrid. And the fact that she came to visit your group instead of just wandering around aimlessly.

You seek to separate her from the unknown evil that pursues Tancred.

Even if this plan is a bit absurd.

Objective: Give up the chase. Caution:

This adventure is very dangerous.

Please note that situations in this adventure change from moment to moment.

Current remaining time 「Unknown」


“Find it!”

“It’s around here! “It’s clear!”

Since they can’t understand the orcs’ words, Kangseol and his party climb a tree to check on the situation.

“Why don’t you leave right away? They have already chased after me…”

When Tantu-inu asked, Snowfall waved his hand.

“You just have to watch. “I need something.”


In a way, it was natural for Tantu-inu to be embarrassed by the sight of him taking his time even though his pursuer was openly chasing him.

The first rule in responding to a chase is to get as far away from the pursuer as possible.

‘It’s worth it because Tantuinu doesn’t know this forest very well.’

On the other hand, Kang Seol himself was quite knowledgeable about the Forest of the Sleeping Man.

A message that came to mind when I just arrived here.

[Intermediate insight is activated.]

[It is a dangerous tree.]

There was also a choice.

[Walking through the Forest of the Sleeping Ones, you found a suspicious tree. The stem appears to have the strength of steel, and the way it moves slowly is ominous. How will you act?]

1. Leave the colony and find another way.

2. Run quickly and pass this place.

3. Pick up a stone and throw it to check.

4. Climb the tree and cross.

Snowfall knows how to respond, so she climbed up the tree and observed underneath. Maybe something interesting will happen soon.

“here! “There are traces left here!”

“This way!”

“I didn’t get far! “There’s blood!”

The orcs are shouting something.

It was clear that he was excited after seeing the traces that Snow Seol had intentionally created.

‘Let’s get started.’

The Forest of the Sleeping One was literally the totality of life. In this place where the vitality of the tropical forest was exaggerated, everything seemed big.

Not only animals, but also bugs, trees, and flowers.

Each one had fatal and unique characteristics.

For example, like the tree he stood on.


“Ugh… Be careful! There was a tree trunk on the ground…”

A solid tree trunk stopped the running orc. To be precise, I mistakenly thought that the orc had tripped over its own feet.

But that wasn’t it.



The sound of an orc screaming.

Kang Seol grinned.

“what? what’s the matter!?”

“My ankle… ugh….”

There was a time when Kang Seol had been going in and out of this forest for a while as if she was going to go to her home.

Of course, I used horses back then, but I knew what the trees looked like and what to watch out for when passing them.

‘If you woke up the ankle breaker, you should be punished.’

The location that the orcs are passing by is a location where ankle snails grow naturally.

Perhaps because they were growing so widely, the snowdrops climbed the trees as soon as they were seen and moved across the trunks.

If you step into their territory, your ankles will become sore.


“The vines are coming! Cut and move….”




“The vines… the vines… wow…”

The bodies of the orcs who fell with broken ankles were buried with vines. It was an easier hunt than expected.

‘…Not yet.’

Orcs shouting in their unintelligible language.

“Uuuup… Save me… Uuuuuup.”

“The vines are alive!”

“what! “Start a fire!”


I tried to light the vine on fire using a torch, but unfortunately it was so moist that it only gave off a burning smell and did not catch fire.


Instead, it seemed like it brought out a lot of Ankle Jeok’s anger.

Whirly! “


‘s big ….”

The time it took for dozens of orcs to be annihilated was less than the time it took to have lunch.

“It’s okay. For now, I bought some time.”

“… Amazing. Still, wouldn’t it have ended sooner if I had used my strength?”

“I’m worried about something, so I’m planning to conserve my strength as much as possible.”

Tantu-inu purses his lips at Kangseol’s words.

The success just recently increased my confidence in Snowfall a little, but that didn’t mean I completely believed it.

“for a moment.”

“Is there something else?”


The snow fell down the stem and briefly reached near the bottom.

Crunch… Crunch…

The bodies of the orcs that had been wrapped in the trunk like a cocoon came out.

“… That’s terrible.”

Orcs that became mummified by absorbing nutrients.

And residue that looked like sawdust was discharged with their bodies.

Snowfall put them in one huge sack.

A sack that has grown to a size that almost exceeds the height of Snowfall.

Jamard also became curious and asked him.

“What is that?”

“It’s not that clean. “It’s a by-product of the ankle-jeok’s eating process.”

“…Do you mean feces?”

“It feels that way. “It doesn’t smell and it’s not that dirty, but the process is similar.”

Tantuinu asked with a frown.

“Why do you keep such disgusting things?”

Kang Seol smiled and answered.

“Even if it’s disgusting, there are some people who are fascinated by this kind of thing anyway. “I stand for that.”


This was also the reason why they attacked the group of orcs using their ankle paws without using any force.

‘Because I don’t know what will happen… ‘I have to take care of it first.’

The most common misconception among chased fugitives is that they are confident that they can always elude their pursuers.

Snowfall was wary of arrogance.

There won’t be a big problem until Azanik himself comes forward, but wouldn’t something happen?

‘I hope I don’t have to use it as much as possible…’

Kang Seol put the bag in her belongings and let out a sigh of relief.



Shadows rose from his cloak and scattered in all directions. This will soon become his eyes.

They were his crows.



Crows scattering throughout the Forest of the Sleeping One.

If nothing happens, the distance from the pursuers will widen again.

If nothing special happens.

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