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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 342

Episode 342

However, Kang Seol and his party were caught up again on exactly the second day.


The speed of the pursuers was too fast.

In order for the crow to be the eye, it was necessary not to attract the opponent’s attention, so his crow was placed at a distance where only the path and speed of the pursuers could be observed.

‘The speed is much faster over there, I don’t know why.’

I could tell that the speed was fast, but I couldn’t figure out what was causing the speed.

In tropical forests, movement speed is limited by space alone. There was hardly any concept of going straight.

The words ‘twisted’ and ‘messy’ were perfect.

‘We’ve passed all means of arresting the chase?’

It seemed like they had easily passed through all the means that Snowfall had prepared to keep them in their tracks.



Snowfall guessed the reason from the vibration coming from the ground.

‘I understand now. ‘Why did I cover it so quickly?’


A voice that rings loudly.

Monsters presumed to be ogres or cyclops were taking the lead in creating a path for the orcs.

They were forest predators.

The skin of ogres and cyclops was considered to be one of the toughest. That power was enough to fell any thick tree without using any tools.

Since they were at the forefront and clearing the way, they steadily pursued Snowfall without much interference.

No, according to the information relayed by the crows, groups like this were overflowing in the Forest of the Sleeping Ones.

‘It’s not just one group… It’s a bit much this time?’

The location of the snowfall may not have been determined yet, but it was scattered due to heavy heating.

But it was true that I was anxious.

Tantuinu said.

“They chased me all the way here. In order to shake off the chase, we have to compete here. If you do it wrong…”

Jamard dismissed her opinion.

“No need to worry.”


“Trust the snow, young dragon. “He is trustworthy.”

Tantuinu sighed.

“… Then I will believe it. “If you believe in him as your mother believed in you… then I will believe in him too.”

I was walking through a swamp with snow up to my ankles and checking the surrounding terrain.

“…what are you doing?”

“Just checking for a moment.”


“It will only take a moment.”

Snowfall comes after knocking on trees here and there for a while.

“All living trees. The consensus was that we need to raise the odds here. “We’re going to shake them out of here.”

“Is it a battle?”

“I am saving up my strength.”

“You can shake them off without using any force?”

“Instead, it will be a bit breathtaking.”


Boom… Boom…

Snowfall’s complexion changed completely.

“Get ready to run.”



The giants that appeared after breaking the tree all had one eye.

‘It was Cyclops.’


“There it is! It’s here!”

Thump thump thump thump…

Kang Seol’s group turned around and started running.


“Hold on!”

Kang Seol chuckled and increased his speed.

It was difficult to get my own speed in this place where the feet were so soft, but the opponent, who was relatively large, had much more trouble moving.

As Snowfall’s group ran away, the group of Orcs and Cyclops reached deeper into the wetlands.

Since the water level was not stable and there was ground to walk on, it was clear that if things continued like this, the distance would narrow again as soon as we left the wetlands.


‘… It doesn’t work that way.’

Snowfall continued to run and looked at the surrounding trees. This was a colony of some trees.

On normal days, this place would be no different from any other wetland, but today would be a very different day from usual.


When Snowfall looked back, a large army was chasing them using the flat path in the center of the wetland.

‘A little more… a little more….’


Cyclops seemed to be unable to bear it any longer and threw away the club he was holding.



A club that stays in the wetlands without much damage. The club only hindered the orcs’ path for no reason.

‘it’s okay!’

Kang Seol snapped his fingers.



Coco and Kukuru appeared.

“This is…”

“Get in!”

Coco and Kukuru were excellent means of transportation, but they were not suited to the terrain of the swamp, so their summoning had been postponed.

However, since there was a straight road now, there was no reason to refuse the summons.


“Coco! Kukuru! “We have to get to the other side as quickly as possible!”



Coco and Kukuru were running, but the situation had not changed dramatically.

He was still being chased and his location was still exposed.

Tantuinu sensed that the situation was not so good.

She made up her mind and spoke.

“I will lead the way…”

“Please focus on running quietly.”


Kang Seol took out the bag he had obtained two days ago from his belongings and tore open the bag.

While I was tearing the muzzle apart, options already came to mind.

[Many troops are pursuing us through the wetlands. How would you respond?]

There was no need to look at the options.

I’ve already decided on a response plan.


going out at a high speed, so of course the sack with its torn muzzle had no choice but to vomit out the contents inside.

Tantu-inu, who saw the remnants of the ankle-jerk pouring down, recalled what Kangseol said two days ago.

– Even if it’s disgusting, there are some people who are fascinated by this kind of thing anyway. That’s what I stand for.



When the residue they spilled came in contact with the water, it started to bubble.

‘… there was a response.’

Two types of trees typically grow in this wetland. That was certain because I had checked it through reconnaissance in advance.

One of them is the Weeping Tree.

Bubble… Bubble…

The tear tree began to greedily suck up the remnants of the ankle-dropper.



“It’s water! “The water is rising!”

The orcs then looked around. I couldn’t really feel it when the water level was low, but when the water started to rise, the surrounding area was all hills. In other words, they were now stranded in a large pit.

“why! “Why is the water rising?”

“I do not know! run! “Run now!”

The teardrop tree, which reacted to the residue of the ankle drop, is a tree that excretes a huge amount of moisture when it ingests nutrients.

It’s a natural cycle that if you eat something, you have to vomit it out.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the water level would not have increased significantly by controlling the amount of food eaten, but when the remains of the ankle snail, which was its favorite food, arrived, it started devouring them ravenously.

Because of this, the water level rose quickly.


while at the while

at at while at the same time?

“The water… the water is rising!”

“The one who knows how to swim should support the others! And hold on to the tree! “Don’t get carried away!”

The soggy ground was gone everywhere, and the change was so drastic that it made you feel like you had dropped into a deep river.

That’s how much water poured out from the roots of the tear tree. They were spouting water as if they were faucets.

Before they knew what to do with the rising water, Snowfall and Tantuinu had already reached the other side.

It was worth it for Coco and Kukuru to increase their speed.

“Haha… Haha… It was a good idea, Snowfall. But… they are not easy to defeat either.”

Tantuinu let out a sigh.

As expected, the harvest was less than expected.

They succeeded in drowning approximately half of the troops, but everyone else was able to survive by clinging to trees.

Moreover, Cyclops was still stomping towards us.

“Come on…”

“Not yet.”


“It’s not over yet.”

“… what?”

Tantuinu looked at the snowfall with incomprehensible eyes, then shifted his gaze back to the wetlands.

Even though the Cyclops was coming towards him, spreading fear to kill him, he was calmly looking down at the water’s edge.


I felt tingly from the intimidation of the Cyclops charging towards me, but they were only bigger than the Ogres and had lower intelligence than them.

‘Are you going to get a response soon?’

The Tears Tree is definitely the tree to watch out for here. However, the risk of death was low, although the tear tree alone would cause trouble.

If you could swim, all you had to do was get out of the water.

However, other than the tear tree, there were other trees living here.

Kang Seol muttered.

“You need to breathe, tree.”

Snowfall waited for the horror that another tree would create.

When an ordinary tree is submerged in water, its roots rot and it cannot survive. However, the deep-breathing tree, one of the aquatic trees here, survives well even in wetland environments because it can exhale through organs called aerial roots that extend straight above the water.

The famine had an absurd intensity comparable to ore leaping over trees, but it did no harm in normal times. As long as the water level was low, there was no problem in the tree breathing even if it stretched out just a little.

But it was different when the water rose.

The Deep Breath Tree’s famine aims to rise above the water, but when the water level rises rapidly due to the water poured out by the Weeping Tree, as it is now… ‘

Stretch the famine vigorously.’

Its long roots extend out of the water.


Famines stretching out from the water all at once.

“Ugh… wow…”

“What is this…”

If a living being remains in the water, it will be pierced by the famine and die in an instant.

The flower of death is blooming in the wetlands.


The Cyclops, whose foot’s skin was pierced, also hesitated and eventually fell.


Even though the big man fell, the famine was not broken, but rather it penetrated into Cyclops’ heart.

“… Unbelievable.”

The wetlands where the famine grew were colored red, and all but the orcs, who climbed to the top of the trees out of excessive fear, died.

No one could deny that it was an extremely horrendous sight.

“… “It’s terrible.”

Tantuinu took a quick look at the snowfall.

It is difficult for even her, a dragon, to see the way a human who created a world of hell looks at it.

He would probably regret what he had done or be trembled.

Most people she knew were like that.

A being that hides from accidents that it cannot handle.

Tantuinu was worried about snowfall.

Therefore, it is an observation.

Humans are fragile and need to be protected.

If this incident breaks your heart, it would be your duty as a helper to purify it.

Her gaze reached Kang Seol’s eyes.


Snow’s eyes were looking at the wetland, a look that was far from what she had thought of.


Kang Seol curled the corners of his mouth and looked very satisfied.

It was the same with the troll whose mother came to ask for help.

“That’s a pretty good tactic.”


Tantuinu asked Snowfall with puzzled eyes.

“…Are you okay?”

“… hmm?”

[Use environmental damage to kill a large number of troops.]

[Achieve the special achievement ‘Natural Death’.]

[Obtain the special title “Environmental Protector.”]

Snowfall checked the message that came to mind and responded with a satisfied expression.

“Let’s go. Just go to the underground garden and you will see a path.”


Tantuinu was now gradually learning why Mother Tancrid had led her to these people.

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