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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 345

Episode 345:

Snowfall thought for a moment about Janet’s question.

‘Exactly how much madness is there?’

Since you haven’t been to the madness store for a while, you must have accumulated quite a bit of madness. You could tell that just by looking at the smile on Janet’s lips.

Her pupils kept looking at the shiny equipment, and it seemed like she wanted Kang Seol to buy her something expensive.

‘First of all, I don’t need any equipment…’

It was clear that the equipment from the madness store would not be of much help in dealing with Azanic right now.

Most of the equipment that Snow Seol is wearing is of the upgraded, non-exclusive grade. As the value increases, even if only a small amount of value is added, the price is bound to skyrocket.

Going crazy and replacing well-used equipment was not something anyone in their right mind would do.

“How much of my madness is there?”


Janet said a little hesitantly.



“About 700,000….”

700,000 madness.

‘Did you come in with at least 500,000 more than last time?’

The last time he shook off the madness was right before he escaped from the south, so Snowfall had been accumulating the madness for quite some time. Moreover, if you think about the large-scale adventures he experienced while coming to the East, the enormous figure of 700,000 madness seemed natural at first glance.

‘There will be no shortage of madness.’

Janet smiled and guided Kangseol to choose the items with ease.

“Where… you are being chased by a dragon called Azanic… and you are hiding in the sleepyhead’s underground garden… your situation is hopeless.”

“Do you know everything?”


“Even to sleepyheads. “I never said anything about the owner of this place.”


Janet held up her fan and hid her sneer.

Janet’s laugh.

“We know everything. “Because we have to sell everything except trust and conscience.”

“… Don’t you sell that?”

“In fact, I sell it if the price is right.”

Janet talks about being chased by a dragon as if she were looking at someone who feels sorry for her. Is this situation in itself nothing to him?

“Actually, there are some parts I don’t understand.”

She criticized Kang Seol’s behavior.

“You can get away from Azanic as much as you want, right?”


“Why are you trying to fight him? Even though I know it’s impossible.”

This wasn’t just Janet’s question.

People watching the dangerous stunts were glued to the ground and their legs were shaking.

They enjoyed watching the acrobat staggering on the rope, but they also felt distressed.

Kang Seol grinned.

“It’s not unreasonable. “If all goes as planned.”

“I’m always watching you. Reliable trolls, ancient wizards, and even knights. “They’re all interesting people, but… I’m curious about you.”

Janet said this, looking through the snow.

“What are you doing this for? “You already…”

“Because there is a reward.”

“… yes?”

Kang Seol said indifferently.

“Because every action comes with a reward.”

“… You are quite crazy.”

Over there… Over there…

“The item you’re looking for is probably over here.”

The place where the snowfall stopped was a place where various seeds and unidentified ground powder were gathered.

Sigh… Sigh…

Kang Seol checked them by touching and smelling them.

And among them, there was one that really caught his attention.

“… This.”

“You recognized it right away?”

“Because I’ve used it before…”

This was clearly intact vitality powder.

A substance that grew a black flower in the early stages of metastasis to a monstrous size in just one day.

It was obtained as a reward after solving a problem that occurred in one of Griz’s secret laboratories.


Kang Seol, who was smelling it, tilted his head.

It smells a little different than before.

“Have you noticed the change?”

“…Have you improved it?”

“yes! Because it has marketability! I will do anything if it makes money. Now, before you even spread the powder and stretch out your fingers, the plant grows to a gigantic size?”

“Let’s buy it.”

“The quantity….”

“How much is prepared?”

“It’s about two carriages long.”

“Please give me everything.”

Janet grinned.

Snowfall was really comfortable doing business with her. I guess I guessed what I would need and how much I would need and put out the items quickly.

‘… How can we prepare like we expected this?’

This thought came to Kangseol’s mind as he watched her smiling and preparing other items.

Perhaps her very existence could be more dangerous than the approaching threat, Azanic.

‘It’s not that important right now.’

As time passes, there may be a chance to hear more details about the dealings with the gods.

“Hmm… I’d like to see some seeds.”

“seed? ah! “There are no seeds…”

“…are there any?”



The cart kept coming, shaking.

“That can’t be right.”

I couldn’t help but be amazed because I didn’t know that Snowfall had prepared this many seeds.

“If there is a seed you want….”

“Pungpong Stinkweed.” And are there any more of these?”

“Ah… you are mainly looking for something with a low price range…”

“You are looking for what you need.”

“Of course there is more. Would you like me to take care of everything for you?”


The quantity was considerable, so even if it were a cheap item, the madness would have been cut down to pieces.

‘Because steel silver grass is absolutely necessary…’

The seeds that the snowfall bought a lot were the seeds of steel silver grass.

As I packed up a lot of steel silver grass, Janet spoke to me.

“But this is a very personal question…”


Janet quietly expressed a personal question.

“Do you know what happened in the past in the underground garden?”

“… What happened in the past?”

“I tend to focus on everything about each and every customer. Being chased by Azanic and escaping to the underground garden were already expected. “Thanks to you, I learned a lot about past events that took place in the underground garden.”


This may be the reason why she is a top-notch businesswoman. Utilizing vast amounts of information to find the items customers need most.

However, sometimes there was a tendency to delve into too much detail.

“In the past, in the Forest of the Sleeping One, there lived a gigantic monster that people named immortal…”

“I’m not really curious about that story.”

“…Aren’t you curious?”

“Isn’t this a story that has nothing to do with me?”

“Well… that’s true.”

I also know about snowfall.

A huge monster named immortal.

It was a monster that disturbed him every time he went in and out of the underground garden.

One day, the monster followed me into the underground garden. And that very day was the day the monster died.

That may be the reason why there is no owner in the Forest of the Sleeping Man right now.

“I was confused for a moment because the items you chose seemed related to that. “Is there anything else you’re looking for?”

“And I’m looking for these items…”

Kangseol told Janet the items he was looking for in a whisper. Janet paused for a moment and answered.

“… This is a bit pricey.”

“And this too.”

“… This too. But…”

she asked in confusion.

“What are you going to do with these? “There is no connection at all?”


Kang Seol smiled and answered.

“Didn’t you know everything?”

* * *

flinch… flinch…

Kang Seol woke up from a dream and stood up as if in a seizure. He looked around the field for a moment, looking for someone.

There was no more time to hesitate, so we went straight into action.

‘I’ll be here, but it’s about time I showed up…’

I wonder if he ran into Jamard and Tantuinu, who left before him, instead of him. No, even if that was the case, it didn’t matter. When things didn’t work out as expected, Kang Seol felt anxious.

Right then.

“What are you looking for?”

Snowfall flinched and looked back.

A being standing upright on two feet and looking in this direction, just like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Should I call him a rabbit person, a human rabbit, or a giant rabbit?…

Soon, a choice appeared before Kang Seol’s eyes.

[The person standing before you is clearly a resident of the underground garden. Maybe you can get the information you want from this guy. What question would you like to ask?]

1. Who are you?

2. Can you tell me how to get out of here?

3. Can you explain about this place?

4. How was the underground garden created?

“Who are you?”

I knew the answer, but there were steps I had to take step by step.

It’s like an equation where you have to input certain values to get the answer you want.

“I lift! I’m in charge of this wide field! You are human! It appeared suddenly! “Is there anything I can help you with?”

[The rabbit who introduced himself as Lijigi seems to be willing to help you. You have to say what you want.]

1. Will you join me in the fight?

2. I want to own an underground garden.

3. Could I possibly get some flowers from here?

4. Can you tell me what’s beyond here?

“Perhaps I can get some flowers from the fields here?”

The first order to overthrow Ajanik.

I had to get a certain flower from the field.

“flower? flower? What flower are you looking for? “What color?”

A choice came to mind.

There were many different colors, but Snowfall clearly stated what she wanted.

“I think it was light purple.”

“Light purple… what’s the scent?”

“The scent is…”

Kang Seol pointed out each and every characteristic of the flower.

The scent of the light purple flowers is faint enough to be considered slight, the petals are large, and the taste is very bitter. There is a characteristic bell-like organ attached to the stem.

As Kangseol went through the numerous options he had experienced in the past, Jijigi said one thing.

“Uh… I got it! “The flower you are looking for!”


“huh! It’s a blinking flower! But the blinking flower…”

Dejigi said sullenly.

“It’s very rare. To me too! So… it’s precious!”


We’re almost there.

“Precious things must be exchanged for precious things! So…”

“You can tell me.”

“Is there anything sweet?”

“… something sweet?”

A choice that started again with a sly performance.

This time, the lifter had to match the object he was looking for.

Kang Seol knew from the beginning what Deuk-gi wanted, but he put the order together as well.

“What color?”

“Red as blood!”

“Is it a living thing?”

“no! “It’s the fruit of some tree!”

“What does it look like?”

“It looks like a pine cone! But it’s much harder.”

“What does it taste like?”

“Heavenly taste! “When you eat it, your mouth feels like it’s going to burn, but it quickly subsides.”

Now that I’m here to tell you, this is truly a crappy explanation. Kang Seol chuckled and recalled the memory of wrestling with lifting gear in the past.

‘I can’t believe I was so excited after hearing this explanation…’

Once again, I felt amazing about my past self.

“Where do you grow up?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure… Maybe it’s a hot place?”

The last option came to mind.

[What sweet does the fieldkeeper want?]

1. Sorry, but there is no such thing in the world.

2. Could you explain again? Slowly…

3. [Required: Unidentified hard fruit] Is this what you’re looking for?

4. [Required: Unidentified large fruit] Is this what you are looking for?

Snowfall took out a fruit from her belongings and held it out.

[Hands the sulfur dragon fruit to the fieldkeeper.]

[The fieldkeeper’s reaction is…]

“Huh? how did you know? This is this!”

[The fieldkeeper was satisfied!]

Of course, the sulfur dragon fruit was purchased from the madness store.

This fruit is extremely difficult to obtain as it grows in volcanic areas and only grows in locations where acrid sulfur rises.

‘It’s so far away.’

Because the place of acquisition was a long way away from the underground garden, even if you guessed its identity after listening to Djigigi’s explanation, it was difficult to get out of the underground garden and retrieve it.

In the first place, it was said that in order to meet the conditions, one had to go in and out of the underground garden frequently. Who would go through all this trouble just to get some grass and for what purpose?

But there were people who had to come here to get the grass.

‘Because it’s a place for traditional adventures.’

A lore adventure.

An adventure that those who have reached a certain level in their profession must inevitably go through to advance to the next level.

When you complete a lore adventure, you usually reach the position of ‘master’.

‘In my case… it’s a bit of a special case.’

Snowfall acquired the master title much faster than other professions.

It was thanks to Mirei, who taught the Night Raven.

It can be seen as a situation where he won the title before his ability because he realized the season of German.

This was not the norm and the majority experienced lore adventures.

‘And here…’

An underground garden of deep sleep.

This was a place where the legendary adventures of assassins, druids, and botanists were given.

Perhaps, as people’s skills improve, this place might become more crowded than it is now.

‘You’re going to have a hard time.’

In the Underground Garden of Deep Sleep, where traditional adventures take place, what you gain varies depending on your efforts. As you unravel one by one the troublesome secrets hidden in the underground garden, someone will receive the shape of a stronger beast and someone else will obtain a more dangerous plant seed.

[Obtain the blinker flower.]

[Handle with care. It is a poisonous plant.]

“Uh… but the blinker flower… is a dangerous poisonous plant. Are you okay?”

“are you okay.”

And someone will get a more insidious poison.

“Because I knew.”

This was the place where one of the legendary Ten Horses of Snowfall went on a legendary adventure.

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