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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 351

Episode 351:

Break the shell and come out into the world.

That was the first thing that came to Kang Seol’s mind when she saw Jamaard’s condition.

What kind of being has he become now?

Is he who has achieved great heights a different being than before?

The many messages that came to mind raised further questions.

[You can create a fantasy season.]

[Fantasy seasons cannot be passed down.] [

Fantasy seasons have greater effects than existing seasons.] [

A enslaved person cannot use fantasy seasons.]

[Fantasy seasons cannot be inherited.] Instead of being unable to create fantasy seasons, the number of uses and effects of great spells are greatly increased.] [

Instead of being unable to create fantasy seasons, the level of all spells is greatly increased.]

[Instead of being unable to create fantasy seasons, certain conditions are met. If you do this, you can perform an equivalent miracle.]

[Mountain Spell is now independent of the remaining amount of the source.] [

Mountain Spell destructive power and range increase by 40%.]

[10% of Earth attribute damage is reduced by 10%. Converts to true damage.]

[Earth damage equal to 30% of total damage is added when hitting.]

[Damage received, excluding fixed damage, is reduced by 15%.]

[The concept of magic is expanded based on imagination and origin. .]

[All resistances increase by 20%.]

At first glance, cracks like statues were visible on Jamard’s body.

However, rather than meaning oldness and weariness, it seemed to mean that his skin was a shell that could be shed at any time.

He has now become a completely new being.

‘You’re in Big Trouble’ sponsored Madness by 3000!

[The nosebleed won’t stop… Take me!]

– Tsk… He’s handsome…

– Yeah… Jamard used to look like this… When I saw him again, he was handsome…

– This is the look that makes him popular. This is the impact on . It just looks like a troll.

– shut up! You really look like a troll!

[warning! The level of the summoner is higher than that of the summoner.]

[If the current situation continues in the long term, loyalty may be affected.] [

Summons may attempt to become independent.]

[Summons that attempt to become independent may become hostile to the summoner. I can’t.]

Kang Seol felt embarrassed by the message she saw for the first time, but she didn’t feel uncomfortable because it also meant that Jamard had become stronger.

– A master-slave relationship that even the system recognizes!

– Starting today, I will give you the building.

– ??? : Kkanbukkiri doesn’t have yours or mine…

– Hehe… Jamard is the best. If I’ve made any mistakes so far…

“You’re finally back…”

– Hehe… Jamard, you’re the best. I didn’t do it on purpose…

Just by looking at Jamard’s changed body, his appearance was different.

Before, it had an ominous aura that seemed like nothing more than a lump of black clay, but now it was giving off an unapproachable aura.

However, I was also worried at the same time.

‘The independence of summoned animals… I’ll have to point this out sometime.’

When a summoned beast’s level rises above a certain level, freedom is given accordingly.

If the subject of servitude is a fantastic beast, in normal times it can have its own territory and even lead a group.

The relationship is no longer dependent solely on the summoner for all actions.

‘Moreover, now there is no problem even if the physical distance is a little short…’

Summoned beasts could not maintain their existence if they did not continuously receive magical power from the summoner. This was the biggest reason why summoned animals were subordinated to their summoners.

However, a summoned beast that has reached the state of supremacy is a being that can exist in the world on its own.

It was already a force that disrupted the very concept of a summoned beast.

Even though it was snowing, it was impossible to be carefree.

When Jamard is given great authority and power, what choice will he make?

Viewers watched the situation while trying to suppress their anxiety.


“… uh?”

Jamard gave up his skin, which was full of life with blood swirling around, and was covered by a shadow.

[Walking San Jamard is currently in a shadow state.]

“I’m more used to this now.”

Kang Seol smiled and responded to those words.

His summons, including Jamard, will probably make similar choices.

They sincerely wanted to be with Kang Seol.

With this, Jamard reached the perfect stage and the adventure came to an end.

I was excited even before I received any other rewards, as the best reward was having a summoned animal break down a wall.

‘But I still have to get what I get.’

This time, the adventure reward box was not thrown.

This seemed to be because the compensation had been determined from the beginning.

As Kangseol looked at Tantuinu, she spoke as if she had guessed his intention.

“Now the work is finished. The mother returned to the earth, but her wish was able to continue. So….”

Jeopuk… Jeopuk…

The cloth given to Kangseol.

“Don’t hand them your mother’s things.”

Green cloth.

[New item: Acquire dragon skin.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.] [

Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated. ]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent activates.] [

Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[The guy’s special ability activates.]

[I gain additional ability points.]

[I acquire additional ability points.]

The new items I have acquired so far through that arduous adventure are Jamard’s weapons, the Fist of the Mountain and the Watal. It was only a piece of parchment obtained from the ruins of Ra.

‘Even then, the parchment was merely a map.’

For some reason, Ur loved the clone he got there more than Snowfall… Anyway.

If you recall that you obtained the Fist of the Mountain in the second adventure, you could say that its usefulness made no sense.

‘If I make the soup like this, it will taste like the water I washed my feet with.’

In that sense, I had high expectations for the new item I acquired this time.

‘Please, it doesn’t have to be me, just use it!’

I could be satisfied as long as any of the snowfall’s summons could wear it.

The worst case scenario is that it is an item that no one can use. Since it was a priceless item, it could not be sold.

No, I didn’t want to sell it because it was unfair.

[Divine Artifact: Dragon’s Skin]

Grade: Divine Artifact

Appropriate Level: None

Defense Power: (+6 per level) (Currently Additional Defense +258)

Durability: 300/300

Weight: 0.1kg

A badge created by Tancrid himself using rock thread. Just by wearing it, your physical abilities increase significantly. It has no effect when used by an unqualified person. Also, the hidden power is unknown to this day.

Base Abilities: Increases all stats (+1 per level) (currently +43 Bonus Abilities)

Special Abilities: Unknown

‘Here we go again… Unknown.’

Why does that awful unknown keep appearing?

‘Now, the effect of Seonjian is likely to be minimal.’

The objects he deals with are so full of extraordinary things that he may not be able to see through their efficacy with just Seonji’s eyes.

Still, even if we exclude special abilities, it was an overwhelming ability.

‘What kind of defense does a cloak have?…’

If you could get a defense of 258 just by wearing something like cloth, there would be no one wearing armor in Pandea.

In addition, his stats were like those of a monster, making him an all-rounder.

Tancred even came up with bizarre delusions, such as whether he was being considerate because he didn’t know who would use the cloak.

‘Should I use it?’

Seeing that his abilities did not fall behind at all even as his level increased, I was jealous.

However, Kang Seol had a fire monkey that had already been strengthened once.

I don’t know what special abilities the dragon’s skin had, but just by looking at it right away, I didn’t feel the need to replace the cloak.

‘Besides… I’m also concerned about people saying I’m unqualified.’

An unqualified person.

It was a phrase often engraved on sacred or cursed objects.

If a cursed object is worn by an unworthy person, great misfortune occurs, and if a sacred object is worn by an unworthy person, it cannot achieve even half of its effect.

‘Hmm… I’d rather go this way…’

Kangseol was putting his cloak near Jamard’s shoulder without realizing it.

It was too shabby to be used as a cape, but it seemed like you could wear it on the cape area and choose the style however you wanted.

‘I think it would be okay if Jamaard used it as a badge to wear on his shoulder.’

– Haha, your husband is strong.

– Because it’s 3 to 2 tons haha

– Excuse me, is it an elephant?

And I was concerned that it was Tancred’s item.

While Snowfall didn’t have much interaction with Tancred, Jamard seemed to have many stories related to her.

Kang Seol wordlessly handed the item to Jamad.

– Dad, just mix rice with water and eat it. I like this.

– Hehehe… I guess I should at least treat my father to a meal after a long time.

– What would you like to get me?

– I’m going to give you some rice mixed with water. Because you like it.

– Wow….

It felt like Kangseol was the one doing the talent and Jamard was getting the reward, but since the positions were usually the opposite, it didn’t seem like a big deal to think about.

From the beginning, I thought that Jamard’s strength meant that Snowfall would become stronger.


As Jamard carried the badge with dragon wings on his shoulder, a message suddenly came to mind.

[New item: Dragon’s skin has found its owner.]

[New item: The special ability of dragon’s skin is revealed.]

[Memories are passed on.]

[Walking mountain Jamard encounters a new spell.]

Jamard’s eyes I headed towards this empty space.

As if checking something out there.


“What was conveyed?”

“It’s no big deal. “These are ways to use the power of the earth more efficiently.”

As expected, the owner of the badge seemed to be Jamard. Snowfall would have gained nothing by delving deeply into the power of the earth.

“Little creature, was that object in your hand something she left behind?”

“hand? Ah….”

Jamard raises his fist towards the sleepyhead.


“Hehe… It’s old. “It’s probably quite old.”

Kang Seol listened to what the sleepyhead said.

‘It looks like it might run out of soybeans…’

And I had prepared some things in advance just in case something like this happened.

Kang Seol took out a jar of honey from her bosom.


The sleepyhead raised his eyebrows.

– Because the beehive remains intact! If you take it to a sleepyhead, something good will happen.

As the forest keeper said, giant bee honey was very effective. Especially to the garden keeper, Sleepyhead.


A sleepyhead with bright eyes.

– Do your best to be a sleepyhead…

– If you don’t eat honey, you’ll get insomnia!

Snowfall squeezed out honey.

“I heard you like sweet things.”

“Hehe…a delicacy, a delicacy! I thought you were an uninvited guest, but you were polite. It was somehow unusual. A human who brings honey from giant bees… It’s been a while. “Did he really leave?”

It seemed like Kang Seol knew who the sleepyhead was missing, but she tried to pretend not to know and asked.

“Maybe something that can be exchanged for honey…”


“Any advice… Or something…”

As Kangseol tried to spin around, the sleepyhead took the honey from the stem.


“Good! That thing! “I’ll take care of it.”

Kang Seol clenched his fists.

Since Kangseol is involved in Jamard’s work like this, it may be natural for Jamard to be comfortable in the shadows as well.

“Bring it here and… what’s in your arms too.”


“Something from the cold earth. “It’s useless to have, so I’ll use it to strengthen my new items.”


Kang Seol quickly took the item out of her arms.

[Exalted from the world: Ice Star]

Grade: Exalted from the world

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.1kg

A jewel containing the essence of Irizard, a fragment of the corrupted Genshin. The power contained within is immeasurable, but it is violent and causes conflict.

Special Abilities: Unknown.

I kept it because I didn’t know its purpose, but I never thought I could use it here.

The sleepyhead who received the object flinched and said this.

“I have to get rid of it… because I won’t give anything away.”

“… yes?”

“no. “Ho… there are already traces of dirty hands.”

Snowfall scratched the back of her head.

There will still be traces of strengthening with ingots purchased from the Madness Shop during the fight with the Black Knight in order to somehow use the divine item.

It was an action that I wanted to live, but it was a very sad thing to say.

“That’s fun. ruler! “If it’s such a precious item, it might be a good idea to return it as something more precious.”

“… yes?”

Wasn’t it just reinforcement?

Light swirled around as a question mark appeared in Snowfall and Jamard’s eyes.


The clumsy-looking fist of the mountain was crushed and its shape gradually changed.

Bigger than before and more noticeable than before.

A pattern engraved along the black body.

A golden pattern that resembles a dragon flapping its wings has taken root in an old-fashioned way.

“This is…”

Both the owner of the object and the owner of the object opened their mouths.

[New: The Fist of the Mountain undergoes a revolution.]

[New: The Fist of the Mountain is reborn!]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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