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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 355

Chapter 355:

At the sound of a comment that seemed to be watching, Kang Seol naturally turned his gaze to the being hanging on his arm.

Of course, that didn’t mean I could see anything.

“… heartbreak?”

【Perhaps… I shouldn’t be there?】


– It’s like running into a local resident while singing in an elevator.

– Naturally move on to the medley!

– Tsk tsk tsk… I could destroy the world… Ah, Mom! Just knock and come in! World… what? I didn’t say that! Oh, Mom must have heard wrong!

Kang Seol was prepared to struggle alone in the pitch-black labyrinth, but unexpectedly, she learned that heartbreak could be with her.

【I… Shall I try to find the exit door right now?】

“… No.”

【Can I stay?】


Grief is not a summon and has life, but it cannot be placed on the same level as other creatures.

He is a demon.

In other words, it was both a soul and a weapon.

That is why, even though you have stepped into a pitch-black labyrinth, you can travel through all areas without any problems.

Snowfall’s heart sank.

It was not a feeling born of any fear or surprise.

The soft, soft feel of my hand made me enjoy the relief of being with someone.


Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss offss, he asked.

“Then will you help me from now on? “I won’t be able to see my friends for a while.”

Thump thump!

I could hear the sound of grief pounding in my chest.

【good! Because Grief needs to help the weak guy!】

“… Yes.”

– Thank you, weakling?

– Young children also can’t lie.

– Grief is so nice! Help even the weak ones.

– Information) It is possible to plant a snowman with honey chestnuts by yourself.

– Even double cropping is possible.

– The problem is that here, you could end up planting rice in reverse. Haha.

I was very annoyed by the word “weak guy,” but it wasn’t really wrong, so I endured it.

[The conditions for the hidden adventure ‘Adaptation Period’ are met.]

[The unexpected adventure ‘Adaptation Period’ occurs.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

The message above rang in the message window, but unfortunately, nothing was visible.

The message window was originally designed to emit soft light so that it could be distinguished, but as darkness engulfed the surroundings, nothing could be confirmed.

We decided to first assess the snowfall from the surrounding terrain. From what he remembered, this wasn’t such a cozy place. Also, if you were reassured that it was indoors, you could have been hit in the back.

‘It was the same with the Labyrinth of Asceticism and the Underground Garden.’

Obviously, the sky that was visible even though it was underground, and the environment that metastasized arbitrarily were not normal.

The Jet Black Labyrinth also had similarities to them.

‘First of all, the floor…’

The texture of the floor was not neat.

It felt like I was stepping on a wide rock.

‘The location hasn’t changed.’

In the past, when I went in and out of the pitch-black labyrinth three times, I remember hearing someone say that the floor had this texture.

‘It’s a rocky mountain.’

The first starting terrain is a stone mountain.

It was a forested terrain with several small lakes surrounding it.

‘I brought drinking water, but… I have to go down to the forest because I don’t know when I’ll be able to escape.’

Since the amount of food materials was not enough to last for 1,000,000 years, it was wise from a long-term perspective to go down to the forest where hunting was relatively easy.

‘By the way… are you all heading somewhere else?’

I didn’t see where the last two masked people were heading, but I thought I wouldn’t run into them.

And anyway, just like the Labyrinth of Penance, we will meet again when we reach the end of the pitch-black labyrinth.

‘Well… I don’t really have any plans to meet.’

While Kangseol was standing still and thinking, grief grabbed his sleeve.

【What should we do now?】

“Shh… there may be an enemy, grief. “You must speak quietly.”

【Like this?】

The volume of the lament was so loud that even if it was toned down, the volume was still loud.

“More than that.”


〔Like this?〕

Like pouting! Words of sorrow echoed in my head as if I was doing something like that.

I’ve done something like this many times before, but I’ve never done it consciously.

– Okay how did you do it?

Since Kang Seol was already used to talking with summoned beasts, she was able to answer quickly.

〔Hmm… Bitan will tell you! I tried to speak quietly, so it’s okay!〕

– … Well, anyway.

Snowfall fumbled around.

The search has finally begun.

There was an object nearby that gave off a heavy presence.

‘How big is the rock?’

Snowfall that confirms the width of the rock.

The rock was large enough for several people to spread their arms around it.

Snowfall meticulously checks even the surrounding area.

My guess was that it seemed to be a place high up on Dolsan Mountain.


Since we had already set sail, I had no intention of looking around the port.

Kang Seol sat down on the floor and crossed his legs.

It wasn’t that this posture was particularly comfortable, but from what I heard from Hyemyeong, there was no better posture for doing things that required concentration.

the world of unknown.

Where is this place?

Where else are you standing?

Snowfall had one ability that was suitable for times like this.

[Intermediate Perception activates.]

[The surrounding terrain feels blurry.]

[A strong wind blows.]

[Intermediate Perception activates.]

I cannot confirm the messages that come to mind, but the text written in the message is in my head. It felt like it was falling right into me.

Important information was relayed to Kangseol, such as what the surrounding rocks looked like and whether there was a cliff.

〔What should I do here now?〕

– … I have to adapt.

The gateways located in the pitch-black labyrinth were not simply trials that had to be passed to obtain rewards.

‘Rather, it’s closer to practice.’

That was one of the reasons why I decided to turn this way when the pitch-black labyrinth was revealed.

5 doors.

And the pattern hidden there.

For convenience, it is also called an accessory.

In the dream, there was a hidden symbol of magical blood and martial arts. Unfortunately for Kang Seol, there was no separate space in the jet-black labyrinth to perform summoning techniques.

Therefore, I had no choice but to choose the original attribute, Shadow, as the next best option, and of course, I naturally performed the hidden attribute of this door.

‘The attachment of this place is….’

Weapon technology.

The Shadow Gate had weapon technology as an accessory.

‘If you’re just looking at her attributes, a woman like Lucia or something should have come here.’

You are blessed because you ignored my words to choose carefully.

Anyway, it was true that it felt a bit clumsy for a summoner to have weapon skills, but Kang Seol was a transferencer who did not use a dedicated weapon, which was the rarest case among summoners.

He did not use a single weapon that a summoner might use, such as a magic book, a wand, a staff, or a crystal ball.

‘No, because grief cannot be transformed like that in the first place.’

Grief is a weapon whose properties change as its form changes.

At first it was a lamp, but now it came out of the lamp and walked around the world.

The form thoroughly followed the nature of the shadow. When it merged with Jamad, it became a sword. When it merged with Karen or Karuna, it became a sword.

The problem is that when the owner, Kang Seol, uses it, the shape of the weapon changes arbitrarily.

‘There are really more than one thing that needs to be fixed…’

I felt like I knew how messed up I had grown up to be.

Having a flexible form could have been an advantage, but it was the same as saying that there was no single type of weapon that had this advantage.

It was like a pearl on a pig’s neck.

Snowfall was planning to make many things right here, no matter how long it took.

All seasons born after the night raven belong to shadows.

The same was true for Karuna’s Ashura and Karen’s complete combustion.

There was nothing of his own.

The abnormal growth eventually came to a standstill.

Snowfall that becomes soggy.


‘What should I start with?’

Snowfall leaned against a rock and tried to organize her plan.

Unless I heard someone’s presence.



Since Snowfall was hiding behind a rock, she intentionally killed the sight.


The sounds of animals and even the stench that reaches up to the rocks.

And extraordinary momentum.

‘Be strong!’

If Jamard had been there, he would have been an easy opponent, but for now, he had to be as careful as possible.



The disappearing beast.

Snowfall sighed as the two-legged beast disappeared.


I can’t be this weak.

Bitan said, shaking Snowfall’s arm.

〔It’s okay.〕


〔The grief is also hidden.〕

* * *

About a week after Snowfall arrived here, he was able to come down to the forest.

Even in places where there was no light, there was day and night.

It’s just that the sun and the moon are not what distinguishes them.




I decided to call those bipedal beasts walking through the forest night beasts. In fact, it was called that way in the past.

‘It’s been a long time…’

The night beast only appeared at night.

No, the time period when night beasts appear is called night, so the order may be wrong.

They were all of different sizes.

Some animals were as big as a small garden, while others were much smaller than a human being.

‘Can I take it down?’

The power that Snowfall can use now is the power of the spirit that she obtained from the ruins of Wattala.

And a half-sized night raven that is used without shadow summons.

Even this could not be achieved properly, so even half of the body could not be properly changed.

‘How on earth are you alive? me?’

It might be a miracle in itself to be alive after going through all the twists and turns.

The good news was that Kang Seol knew how to get out of the first gate, or more precisely, how to get to and from the second gate.

‘Hunting night beasts and gathering darkness.’

The problem is that we don’t know how much of that number is left.

‘No, I said I could feel it… so I guess I can feel it too.’

In fact, it was useless to check how much more darkness needed to be collected.

Because the purpose of coming here from the beginning was to become stronger, not to obtain the Dark Labyrinth rewards.

There was no plan to get out of here until he was satisfied.

As night fell, Snowfall felt the night beasts gathering one by one in the forest.

Can you fight when you can’t even predict the future? I was worried about this, but there was an unexpected harvest. The spiritual power gained from the ruins of Wattala had a great effect.

The power of spirit could see through the essence of the night beast.

It showed the location and behavior of night animals accurately, as if it had been coated with a fluorescent material.

The problem was…


the nature of the night beast itself.

A soul contained within a black shell.

That was the soul of a failure.

A soul that is not even sure whether it died in the labyrinth.

He didn’t have any weapons and his clothes were far from fighting.

The eyes of the human-shaped night beast had no pupils and looked like a walking corpse.

It seemed like there was no reason left.



‘I can do it.’

It really felt like it was the first time in a long time that I was fighting without relying on the night raven.


Snowfall moves forward with confidence.


A night beast that reflexively turns its head.


The sword was lowered from top to bottom.




I aimed for the largest size and most powerful soul, but I couldn’t cut the night beast’s ulna, or wrist bone.



. Just that one attack made me dizzy.


Snowfall violently kicked the night beast, but instead of pushing the night beast away, Snowfall retreated far away due to the recoil.

“Haa… haa….”

– I guess I’m not used to eating it cooked since I’ve only been eating it raw for a while.

– Tataki is not your type…

– Ah haha, everyone else has grown up like that haha

Kangseol’s vision was dark, but the situation seemed to be clearly visible on the screen that the viewers were seeing.


Because it was not an arm that could use a sword, Snowfall let the original blood recover and rushed forward again.

‘You have to aim for the neck!’

Fortunately, the night beast did not move quickly.

It was just so hard that it was beyond imagination.

It’s so hard…

Snowfall has the energy of a night crow wrapped around its hands.

His hands soon changed to resemble the skin of the night beast in front of him.

Snow penetrates into the arms of the night beast and uses the elbow of the arm holding the sword to strike its armpit.


‘This works!’

A night beast with its arms raised unnaturally.

It was a golden opportunity to slit his head, but the interval was not appropriate.


Snowfall rotated furiously and swung the sword horizontally.

The night beast’s other hand bent at a right angle to stop the grief from swinging towards its neck.



A sword cutting through the wrist with a tingling sensation.

At the same time, the hands and head floated.


A night beast that kicks snowfall as if it still has nerves even though its throat has been cut.

Quasi profit-!


Snowfall flying and hitting the trees.

I was hit so hard that I couldn’t even move my body.


The night beast fell.

[The darkness is collected.]

[A very small amount of darkness has accumulated.]

[The grace of darkness falls.]

[An unexpected talent! Awakens intermediate swordsmanship.]

[Understands the movement of the sword quite well.]

Even when a positive message came to mind, Kang Seol did not raise his head.

The battle was won, but if you made a mistake, you died.

‘I… what am I doing?’

Did he act as if he could achieve anything with these skills?

It was a poor performance, as if to prove that the movements and strength shown in the raven state were not his.


their her her her her her her her her her her her she her her she she her her she she her her her she she she she her or or/ or or or or or or ( ()) () ( () it ( it ()) it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it’s it?

Snowfall was stuck on the bottom like a flatfish, suffering.

Before he knew it, Grief placed his hand on Kang Seol’s head.

〔It’s okay.〕


〔It’s my first time.〕

After hearing the words of grief, Kang Seol bowed down a little more to deal with the pain.

For a moment, I thought back to the first time I was transported to Pandea in a really long time.

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