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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 360

Chapter 360

After hearing Kang Seol’s request, Shin Lip thought for a moment and nodded.

“Okay, this will also be an experience. “Pack your bags, because I don’t think I’ll be returning to my residence for a while.”


After finishing his business, Snowfall trudged back and disappeared.

“how is it? “Am I right?”

“… The energy has definitely changed. Before, it looked like a bird with broken wings that couldn’t fly… but now it feels like its wings were forced back together. They said I was given two months, but that alone doesn’t explain my current mood…”

“Hehe… Anyway, good things are good things. Isn’t this guy thinking of his own way? We’ll just have to find out what that method is during this hunt. “It doesn’t seem like there’s much to hide, right?”


After Shin Rip agreed with Shin Hyeon’s words, he moved to pack his luggage.

Meanwhile, Kangseol was also busy organizing things in the outbuilding.



Kangseol did two activities for two months.

The first of these is to dismantle the bodies of night beasts and understand and learn their structure. This could be seen as something that could simply be seen once and overlooked.

Although Shinhyeon emphasized understanding them, nothing special was hidden as it seemed.

‘Until just last week…’

Surprisingly, the secret existed.

‘Night beasts… can move even without a soul.’

It was a secret I discovered through all kinds of misdeeds during the process of repeated disbandment.

‘Do Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon know this secret?’

They had been doing this process for a long time and were aware of its importance. There was a high probability that he knew. However, whether or not they were taking it seriously was a completely different question.

‘Because the power they wield is not the same as mine.’

For Kang Seol, this secret came as quite a shock.

Just a week after learning this secret, Kang Seol experienced new heights. Of course, I was talking about the level of shadow summoning, not the level of humans.

‘They say a thirsty man digs a well… but he eventually found a way.’

It was not an exaggeration for Shinhyeon to say that if a person who controls shadows steps into the jet-black labyrinth, he or she will die.

Due to the nature of the individual, physical strengthening was not something that could be achieved in a short period of time, and the summoning magic that he boasted about and poured all his resources into was also useless here.

It became a frustrating situation, as if even that good smartphone was useless in a mountain valley where radio waves did not work.

Snowfall dismembered the carcasses of night beasts every day. After they were dismantled, before their characteristics collapsed, they went inside them and used them like coffins, and even held them in their mouths.

Viewers always wondered why Kang Seol was still alive. Because I have done countless unspeakable acts.

And in the end, such actions proved to be the clue.

‘Why can’t I use my shadow, but these night beasts can move?’

I had that question.

That’s why I delved into the differences between the two.


The nature of the two was different.

Although it was sticky and black, the power of the snowfall was precisely ‘shadow’ and what made up the night beast was ‘darkness’.

I don’t know if the exact attribute is darkness, but I decided to think of it that way to define the concept.

If you put water and oil together and then insist that they are the same, you will only end up with a sore mouth.

Anyway, the reason for going on this hunt is to advance this theory further. Kang Seol was confident that the clue to breaking through the labyrinth would also be found here.


The power of the night beast absorbed while disposing of the corpse.

They greatly increased the power of shadows.

Other abilities, including Shadow Summon, which was used as a main ability, became an excellent source of proficiency to the point where the level increased by more than one level.

Additionally, other additional shadow abilities that were left untouched because they were considered a waste of ability points were also created.

‘It’s as if you’re just following the ability tree… even though you don’t actually use ability points.’

For Kang Seol, this place was nothing short of a gold mine.

A place where no matter where you walk, it is full of gold nuggets, and even when you fall, you fall on gold. However, there was a limit to becoming stronger with that alone, so I had to get closer to the first secret mentioned above.


I finished packing my luggage.

After putting it all together, it was pretty simple.

“… Hey.”

As I sat down on the rock in the garden, grief spoke to me.

“I have something to say.”


“The Yasha is the same.”


“It’s that Yacha… no matter how much I lick it, it won’t shrink. What do we do? Did grief do something wrong?”

Grief, like the starfish in mythology, had a habit of swallowing up both weapons and souls. And it was also possible to take away its power.

Kang Seol hoped that grief would swallow the yaksha and reveal its ability to steal the opponent’s swordsmanship, which was also a symbol of the yaksha.

‘Can’t wonders be absorbed?’


The Yasha I took out of my belongings seemed to have shrunk in size a little, but the difference was so slight that I thought it might be an illusion.

Kang Seol asked, looking at the sorrow.

“You can’t swallow it?”


Bitan stuck out her mouth and looked like she was pouting.

Perhaps he told Kang Seol because he thought he couldn’t swallow it.

“I can’t help it. “I’ll take a look.”


Night has come.


courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrva mode…

The sleeping night beasts appeared from somewhere and walked through the forest.

“Walk close, because there are some people whose presence is vague.”


Kangseol followed Shinrip and Shinhyeon as they walked, carefully observing their surroundings.

‘… hmm?’

I felt eyes on me from somewhere.

I could feel the intense malevolence as it struck a distance of more than ten trees.

Indeed, the image of a huge night beast caught my eye, albeit vaguely.

“In front…”

“I know. “It looks like your eyes have gotten used to it.”

“… yes.”

Thump… Thump… Thump…


A night beast that charges and screams.

A tingling sense of murderous intent.

And the soul of a more dangerous guy.

‘It’s a strong soul.’

Even if you don’t have to think about it, it would have been quite a difficult opponent in the past.

Finally, the guy lunged at me, breaking the tree.

It’s enough to be eaten in one bite.


For a moment, a line appeared.

With Shin Lip’s movements that seem to connect heaven and earth.


[Shinrip Iihap: Uses Kang Sundering.]

[Quickly draws the sword from its sheath and deals enormous damage to a single target.] [

This is an unavoidable attack.]

[50% fixed damage is applied to large opponents. ]


The night beast split in half.



The night beast, split in half, wriggled.

The soul contained within it has already disappeared.

“Burn it.”

– So f*cking cool!

– Does Shin Lip have any broadcasts?

– I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before… This is the test ㅠㅠ

– It’s a treat for the eyes haha. Isn’t there anyone who has reached that level yet?

– At that level, even a snowman can be cut with one shot lol

– Winter is almost over lol

– ??? : Summoning… Ugh… Cowardly!

– How about learning swordsmanship, even if it means passing between the crotches?

– The gentleman was thinking the same thing as me.

Snowfall slowly approached the wreckage.

“What are you doing? Even if you tell me to burn it quickly. “The big guys will soon disperse into the darkness of the labyrinth.”

“I don’t plan on burning it.”

“… what?”


Snowfall gently closed her eyes and absorbed the huge wreckage.

[Passive: Shadows respond to the sticky darkness.]

[Absorbs shadows.]

[Shadow space is permanently increased by 50.] [ The

grace of darkness is granted.]

[Proficiency in shadow-related abilities increases.]

. ..

Shinhyeon tilted his head at the sight of him absorbing the darkness.

“Hehe… look at this? “So you’ve been doing this funny thing for two months?”


“Is there anything wrong?”


“What do you think, brother?”

Shin Lip pointed to the other half with his hand and said.

“If you’re going to do it, just do it.”

“All right.”

While the snowfall was sucking up other debris, Shinhyeon approached Shinrip and said.

“I’ve been looking into that guy since he had a unique idea…” “I

never thought he could suck up the darkness of the labyrinth… There was a reason why he decided to go on a hunt.”

“What do you think? At first, I thought that someone like a thunderbolt who didn’t know that the labyrinth was dangerous had come in…”

“I changed my mind a little too.”

“Hehehe… I guess I saved the life of the guy that the labyrinth hates the most…”

“You become stronger by absorbing the labyrinth itself… How far do you think you can go?”

While Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon were talking, Kang Seol approached and said.

“It’s done.”

“So, I heard there was something I wanted to check. Has it been resolved?”

“Has confirmed.”

“Okay, that’s it. “I will start clearing the area, so please follow me slowly and remember to remove any debris.”

Shin Rip steps forward first.

Shinhyeon, who stayed behind, tapped Kang Seol on the shoulder.

“You came all the way here, so you can’t just look around, right?”


“You can handle small things yourself.”

“… yes.”

In fact, snowfall was also hoping for that.

Because the question I was trying to confirm gave a negative result.

‘Just because I kill Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon doesn’t mean I can acquire darkness.’

In the end, you have to collect the darkness yourself to advance to the next gateway.

In such a situation, the idea of giving Kang Seol a chance to hunt even if it was a small and safe object sounded sweet to Kang Seol.

“Of course it’s a small bay. Even if the middle brother wins, there is a risk of getting hurt. Then, I will hand over the surrounding small items to you, so don’t get too excited.”



Shinhyeon disappeared in an instant.

It was so fast that it looked as if it had been struck by lightning and evaporated.

Kang Seol walked in the direction where Shin Lip and Shin Hyeon disappeared.

Soon the corpses of night beasts appeared everywhere.

Even though their numbers have been reduced considerably, these are the ones that appear in droves at night.



Snowfall rapidly absorbing the by-products of the labyrinth as if it were a vacuum cleaner.


A night beast appeared from behind the snowfall.

Even at first glance, it was the weakest entity.


Snowfall cut off the guy’s limbs without hesitation.

[Uses unsettling energy.]

[When used on a weapon, the sharpness is maxed out and the attack deals additional negative damage.]



One of the auxiliary abilities gained by absorbing night beasts for two months.

In addition, since he acquired numerous abilities, Snowfall’s attack methods became quite diverse.

Snowfall, which did not decapitate, but cut off limbs and rendered them unable to move.

This was another confirmation.



[Gathers the darkness.]

[A very small amount of darkness has accumulated.]

[Passive: Shadows respond to the sticky darkness.]

[Absorbs the shadows.] [

The shadow space is permanently increased by 30.] [The shadow space is permanently increased by 30.

] Grace is granted.]

[Proficiency in shadow-related abilities increases.]

[Enlightenment! Awakens a new ability.]

[Continuous: Awakens shadow affinity.]

Absorbing a living night beast.

Amazingly, it was possible.

Although the process was quite tricky.

‘Is it a burden?’

It seemed like it couldn’t be used carelessly against night beasts that were medium-sized or larger, not small.

‘And even if you absorb it right away, darkness is accumulated.’

It seemed like they recognized the absorption process as a hunting process.

Snowfall, who was alone with her thoughts, felt as if the air around her had suddenly become heavy.

‘… hmm?’


[Veldre uses Vicious Killer.]

[The sound produced here cannot travel far.]

[The extra damage of the preemptive strike increases.]

“… What is it?”



Two people appeared a little away from the snowfall. They were people who also knew about snowfall.

“… that mask.”

Five conquerors who entered the labyrinth before the Federation.

Among them, two were wearing masks.

“He was still alive. “I will ask.”

Someone other than the one who just spoke spoke.

It was quite a shameless tone.

‘Why are you still here?’

If he was still alive, he should have gone to the next gate. However, not only was he alive and well, but he did not attempt to break through the gate.

The question ‘why’ lingered in my head.

If they showed the power of an overwhelmingly strong person, you would think that they had some plan, but they were not that strong.

The power they had actually didn’t feel that big. But it was definitely superior to the transferees.

‘These guys… aren’t they transferors?’

Since the only people who had been in and out of the labyrinth so far were transferencers, I naturally assumed that they were transferencers.

If they were not transferees, they could have been people who had built up their skills before transference.

‘Even so… the jet-black labyrinth is not easy, so how can…’

Kang Seol paid attention to their masks.

After looking at it for a while, it seemed that the mask allowed me to see through this darkness.

One question has been resolved.

‘It’s a night animal, so it’s only active at night…’

If you can see, it’s quite possible to survive.

“Have you come into contact with the Hand of God?”

“… God’s hand?”

“Answer me.”

Kang Seol frowned at the absurd sound.

The gods are just strutting around in the heavens, so there’s no way their hands would suddenly drop here.

If so, it could be inferred that the term “God’s hand” does not really refer to the hand of God, but rather is a symbolic expression.

What kind of divine object is it that gives it the grandiose name ‘Hand of God?’

‘No, wait a minute… really?’

It seemed like Kang Seol knew what they were looking for now.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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