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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 362

Episode 362

No matter how fierce the beast was, it couldn’t resist at all if it bit you on the back of the neck. Veldre’s situation was exactly like that right now.


Veldre said while supporting Belian.

“Next time… I’ll see you again.”

“huh! See you later!”


When Grief waved his hand brightly in greeting, Veldre shook his head and left the place.

– Grief is so sad.

– We became friends quickly haha.

– It seems like Bitan is the only friend. Haha.

If no one died, it would be fun for Bitan. Kang

Seol shakes his hands and looks at the place they left.

‘It’s still not easy to achieve detailed control.’

Controlling night beasts brought about a different level of fatigue than dealing with crows, which were creatures.

Instead, more diverse and deeper movements were possible.

If Veldre had continued to attack the night beasts, he would have tasted them all.

‘Unfortunately, that’s next time.’

You will have to test it on someone other than Veldre.

“It was pretty good.”

“… yes?”

“Yeah, I expected something would have changed, but…”


Shin Rip also appeared, adding to Shin Hyeon’s words.

‘Is it quite enough?’

Didn’t this come too late?

When Kang Seol made a puzzled expression, Shin Hyeon gave a supporting explanation.

“I was watching.”

“Since when…”

“From the beginning. Hehe… Your arm flew off and landed! And I saw it all come back together again. “You have an amazing body.”

Not only that, they must have also seen the power to control night beasts.



Shin Rip approached and said.

“Do you know how dangerous the power you are trying to control is?”

“… I know.”

“That power… is the pitch-black labyrinth itself. The power that took away everything from our brothers. Bonds, future, life…”

“But this power…”

“Listen to the end.”

Shin Lip’s tone was gentle, as if he didn’t say it to scold Kang Seol.

“All dangers are connected with danger from their very birth. Whether it is directed at the enemy or at oneself. “Moreover, there is no law that prevents the sword’s owner from being harmed on that day.”

“Hehe… that’s right, it’s the same with swords and at least with bare fists.”

Shin Lip placed his hand on Kang Seol’s shoulder.

“If you sharpen yourself, the danger disappears.”


“Go forward and approach the essence of the risk you have chosen. Then…”

This is what he means.

“Your danger will soon become a threat.”

Shin Rip says that and even mentions his future plans.

“I will change my future plans. “Hyeon and I don’t plan on hunting night beasts anymore.”

“… yes?”

“Hehehe… That gap means you have to work hard! “I don’t know about you, but when the night beasts here start to increase in number, they proliferate uncontrollably.”

Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon went hunting every day. How many night beasts could a powerful person like them have killed so far? Even if I can’t do it, wouldn’t it be enough to have at least one movable property?

Despite this, the labyrinth was still active. Night beasts wandered through the forest.

“My brother and I reduced the number every day, so it was at least like this…”

Shinhyeon grinned.

“Now, let me pass on that terrible… no, glorious task… no, I’ll hand it to you.”


“I’m saying I’ll try to trust you. “There will probably be more of them than trees for a while.”

* * *

Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon accepted Kang Seol’s wishes.

In fact, it was no different from special guidance.

It seemed like they were going to patrol the area to check for any dangerous creatures and then designate an activity area.

‘It’s an offer I can’t refuse.’

I’m still not sure how powerful the night beast that Kangseol created was, but this was still a difficult gateway for Kangseol.

A place where if you misstep, the cliff below is right there. I haven’t encountered one yet, but there are probably larger ones than medium-sized ones. If such a guy appeared, I had to flee no matter how snowy it was.

Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon seemed to rule out such dangerous situations.

Kang Seol accepted the offer.

Cracking… crackling…

As I sat down by the fire, I could see their blurry shapes.

At times like this, it felt real again.

They were souls of a world without light. Having to wander around this darkness forever.

‘Oh, now that I think about it…’

Kang Seol thought it was time to bring up the story.




Shinhyeon scratches his chin as if he had already thought of the answer even before Kangseol asked.

“Hehehe… Those… You seem to be very interested in other people’s household chores. Is it a holy relic or something…”

“That’s not the hand of God.”

Shin Lip denied its existence.

“This is our brother Shinyu.”


Snowfall already knew about its existence, but she didn’t know the whole story. Therefore, in order to hear the part I wanted, I had to wait for their story to come out.

“Yes… that child was our family’s treasure. From me to Shinhyeon and Shingang. “I heard that everyone was gifted with swordsmanship, but…”

Shin Rip’s expression became heavy.

I felt like I could tell what kind of expression he was making just by looking at his bushy beard, eyebrows, and hair.

“It couldn’t even be compared to Xin Yu.”


“Xin Yu has been a sword since he was born. “No sword technique could last more than three days in that child’s hands.”

“Hehehe… I still haven’t forgotten it. “That monstrous talent.”

“It was called Mangeom (萬劍) or Demon Sword (魔劍). There was no sword technique that Shinyu could not interpret, and there was no sword technique that he could not handle. “That child had a talent that humans couldn’t understand.”

As Kang Seol listened to the story, he realized that Shinyu had some similarities with the yaksha.

The devil’s power to understand and use all sword techniques.

Whether it was a sword or a person, it had enough power to be called a magic sword.

“But the world is a place of harmony. “The child was weak.”

“I didn’t live long. “The congenital disease eventually caused seizures.”

“Our family lost that child before he was even 10 years old. And I just thought that was it.”

“Yes, I thought so. I cried so hard I couldn’t open my eyes. But… you didn’t know that at the time.”

Shinhyeon grinned.

“I never thought he would come back alive….”

“Shinyu appeared one day. The arms of the third child, Gangi, are dyed black…”

The biggest reason and special power that allowed the one-armed sword saint Shingang to reach that level.

‘It’s the same power as one person.’

There have been quite a few cases where hands have turned black, but in this case…

“It’s the hand of a ghost.”

The hand of a ghost.

The intense desire of the dead person appears to the living.

Just as more than a dozen sisters appeared in his hands, a Divine Yu appeared in Xinjiang’s hands as well.

An ordinary person used that power to reach extraordinary heights.

The ghost’s hand was powerful in itself, but what was even more frightening was that the ghost in the hands of one person was his sister, who did not have much power.

However, the hand that Xingang got was a ghost of Xinyu, who was gifted with sword skills that were among the best on the continent.

It was also thanks to the presence of Shinyu that Shinkang was able to get ahead of the other brothers and survive in the pitch-black labyrinth.

‘What I knew up to this point…’

Now the latter part.

So, I was curious about what happened after Xinjiang and Xinyu fell apart.

The reason Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon were able to wake up may also depend on that.

“Then, as they said… is it true that the hand imbued with divine healing still remains in the labyrinth?”

Shin Lip closed his eyes.

“It’s true.”

Kang Seol went back to her past memories while listening to Shin Rip’s story.

* * *



A world full of blood.

If we were to find light in the black darkness, wouldn’t this be the moment?

Shin Kang was gasping for breath with the sword thrust into the shoulder of the owner of the labyrinth.

The sword was completed here.

No, he himself became a sword.

Shin Kang strengthened his right hand holding the sword.

“Ugh… Even if you… kill me… nothing will change… I am the master of the jet black… The labyrinth will eventually return to its original form.”


“And… your brother… is still alive, right? “If you kill me….”

“All my brothers are already dead.”

“Kihihi… They say they’re alive… Their spirit… Ugh… The body is just dead. That’s what the soul is like.”

The owner of the labyrinth spoke with a face that looked just like Shin Kang.

“If you kill me, their existence will be purified once. In other words… the soul that has gone through purification is no longer your brother.”


The worst being I encountered upon reaching the end of the terrible labyrinth.

Although his strength was mind-boggling, the power of the peerless swordsman Shin Kang and the rare genius Shin Yu combined their powers, so he would have cut down any enemy in front of him.

It would have been cut.

So you have to cut it down.


“… Shinyu.”

Xinjiang’s right hand did not swing the sword.

His right hand is the hand of a ghost imbued with young divine healing.

Xinjiang and Xinyu have been together for a long time.

So guessing Shinyu’s feelings was not a task.

Shinyu really liked his brothers.

So, he must have been swayed by the devil’s words.

“Are you hoping I don’t cut that monster down?”

Although he did not answer, it seemed as if the divine healing message was being conveyed. The right arm still didn’t move.

This was the moment when Xin Kang and Xin Yu’s intentions diverged for the first time.

Will he remain a prosecutor or a brother?

Xin Kang said.

“I will respect your wishes. However, a swordsman does not need hands that cannot swing a sword.”


An arm cut off at about the shoulder.

As is the case with Shin Kang’s personality, more parts were cut out than the cool-headed parts that were stained black.

Xin Yu was cut off from Xin Gang’s shoulder and wriggled in disbelief.

The hand wriggled on its own.

“Go away from me. “I don’t need you.”

It felt like my hands were crying.

My hand jumped up and headed toward the labyrinth.

As Shin Yu turned around and left, he heard Shin Kang’s voice.

“I hope we meet again at the end of this road.”

This was the only memory Kang Seol had left about Shin Yu.

Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon talked about what happened afterwards.

“Xinyu has returned. I could tell. I abandoned my brother. “I’m worried about Kang.”

“Kang is a strong child. “He would have escaped even without Shinyu.”

They don’t know any news from Xinjiang.

‘Didn’t Xinyu tell you?’

Kang Seol brought out the story behind it.

“But… how did you wake up? There’s really something…”

“Hehehe… Shinyu is stubborn. “He came to us.”

“… yes?”

What does this mean?

“That’s literally it. It nested in the arms of the night beast and trained us. It’s because our unconscious souls were weaker than that child. “We moved our bodies arbitrarily.”


“How much time did you spend like that? When I came to my senses, I realized that I was training hard. I was swinging a log. Hehehe! Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it funny? “A night beast that practices by swinging a log!”

“It was the same for me too. “He must have been constantly reminding us by going back and forth.”

“I never thought that the memories of painful training would eventually regain our spirit.”

For some reason, Kang Seol couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Xin Yu’s childlike thinking ultimately saved his brother.


Shin Lip continued to say.

“The years of suffering we went through eventually woke me and Hyeon.”

“If it were me, I would have given up. It was only possible because of him. “I wish I had left with that foolish b*stard Kang.”

“Then why aren’t you here with us?”

Shinhyeon bitterly mocked himself.

“You know…”

“We are not living beings. “They are ghosts who have to live in the labyrinth forever.”


“He’s dead. Shinyu eventually realized that too.”

I tried to save him, but I couldn’t.

His brother is already dead.

The owner of the labyrinth lied.

“It seems that Xinyu couldn’t accept that fact.”

“He still hangs around with us, but he doesn’t hang out. “If he admits our death… then the possibility of us coming back alive disappears.”

“You’re stupid! “He’s already dead. We’re… idiots.”

The moment something you risked everything for turns into frustration, the monster called despair opens its mouth.

It was clear that Shinyu was suffering.

“Kangseol, you have talent.”


“Youngmin and stay awake. Since they don’t know how to stop, they always run forward. That too is a talent. I saw potential in you and felt you were someone worthy of challenging the labyrinth. But… that alone is not enough.”

Shinhyeon nodded.

“You can’t break through the pitch-black labyrinth with just that. No, even if we break through, we don’t know how long it will take.”

“listen carefully. “We plan to pass everything on to you in the future.”

“… yes?”

“It is not a sword. There is no need for you to learn a sword. It is not because of the power you wield, nor because you are unsuited to the sword. “You will find out why later.”

“So what do I get?”

“Your strength. I will show you how to amplify that power. And even a way to remove that messy darkness.”

They are very friendly towards Kangseol.

However, these transactions always came with a price.

“It’s probably not just because of favor.”

“Okay this is not a deal. “Please.”

Shin Lip spoke heavily.

Even those who were already dead still had the same love for each other. One dead man stayed in the labyrinth for his dead brother, and another dead man struggled to get the dead man out of the labyrinth.

“Take my younger brother Shin-yu out of this hellish place.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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