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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 368

Episode 368:



I don’t know where he came from, but Shinyu appears from the beginning holding a sword.

Both arms were still attached.


Kangseol took a deep breath.

Tests in life are like bumps in the road. This is the moment to check whether you are going too fast or not so slow that you cannot even get over the bumps.

In that sense, Shinyu’s test was an important process to check whether Kang Seol was moving forward properly.


‘…come. Get ready.’

The slash we saw before will come.

It is a terrible slash that even the Dark Lord has experienced once.



With a loud noise as if the air was exploding, Shinyu stopped swinging his sword.

The slash has already been fired.


‘…there is.’

The darkness was trembling with its sword raised horizontally.


Shinyu looked in wonder at the darkness that blocked the slash and then swung his sword.



Even though the Shin brothers carved their marks all over the Darkslayer’s body, the Darkslayer really took attacks well.

Kang Seol clenched his fists.

[The Shadowfly uses Fox Rain.]

[If you block in succession, 20% of the damage reduced by the defense is converted to defense-ignoring damage.]


The Shadowfly attempted to attack for the first time.

It was the first verse of Gangwoogeom that Shinhyeon had taught me.

That damn sting.


When Shin-yu saw Shin-hyeon’s sword skills jump out from the darkness, he seemed slightly surprised and kept throwing his sword away.




The sword of darkness made a sound and shook the spirit.

The scary thing about fox rain is that if you are surprised by the power of the sting and focus on defense, you can suffer damage like your clothes getting wet in a light rain.



Hwii Iik…


One defense, one dodge.

There was no way Shin Yu didn’t know about his brother Shin Hyeon’s sword. It was a standard way to deal with fox rain.

‘…It’s difficult.’

The swordsmanship that the darkness could handle best was Shinhyeon’s fox blade.

He has a physical condition that allows him to grow as large as Lee Lee, and even explosive breathing.

Now that attack has been completely blocked.

Kang Seol recalled what Shin Hyeon had said.

– Hmm… I guess I can learn enough to get to verse 2. The first verse may be the limit for unfolding.

– yes? Why….

– It would be better to find out for yourself later. Even if you know, you can’t prepare.

It was only after three months had passed that Kang Seol realized the meaning of what he said.

‘Dark Life is already too strong with a single ability.’

That does not mean that the season itself is strong.

Karen’s linked season from incomplete combustion to complete combustion was powerful enough to defeat Yuhyeon, the former yaksha, in one blow.

Of course, if the current Dark Life were hit by her blow, it would burn up without leaving a trace.

‘In short… it’s a strength appropriate for its class.’

The severity of the snowfall was still unknown.

Karuna would have absorbed the enlightenment Karen gained by breaking down the wall of supremacy. Because of the characteristics of the connected soul.

In other words, both Karen and Jamad Karuna achieved enlightenment and passed through a tunnel emitting light.

Through her experiences with Karen and Jamad, Kang Seol was clearly aware that such a boundary wall existed, and she knew well that she had not yet set foot on that threshold.

In other words, if you were to compare yourself to a summoned animal, wouldn’t you be drifting somewhere between transcendence and immortality?

It didn’t make sense for his season in that position to be more powerful than Jamard’s or Karen’s.

‘The limit has been reached.’

In other words, the word limit means that it is the best that can be made now.

It would be enough to say that I did my best at this level.

While snowfall was seriously confirming the war situation, an unexpected situation occurred during the battle.


The ground suddenly shook.




Kangseol was startled and clapped his hands to make the darkness retreat.

It was a reflexive decision because I thought it was Shinyu’s action.


Shinyu was also feeling puzzled.

‘Isn’t it him?’

The ground shook once, but no further abnormalities occurred.

In the end, the two collide again.


Kang Seol realized that the fox rain wasn’t working and sent a signal to the darkness.

The Dark Life pulled out the sword wrapped in the primordial leather.



Shinyu lost his defensive posture due to the darkness’s continued movements and immediately tried to step back.

[Dark Life uses Iai: Kang Sundering.]

[Quickly draws the sword from its sheath and deals enormous damage to a single target.] [

This is an unavoidable attack.]

[50% fixed damage is applied to large opponents. .]

Following Shinhyeon’s Yeobi, Shin Rip’s [Iahap: Splitting the River].

Shin Yu must have decided that it was already too late to escape the area, and eventually blocked the sword.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The aftereffects of a slashing sound.

Snowfall looked at the situation on the battlefield where dust was rising.


The darkness seemed to be tired, so its sword hit the ground, and Shinyu’s body, which had allowed the attack, had cracks here and there.

‘…It’s not enough.’

But that was it.

Iihap is a sword technique that requires so much strength that even Shinrip cannot use it continuously.

In a long-term battle, it was obvious that Shinyu, who had overwhelming basic skills, would defeat the Dark Lord like he was handling a toy.

‘It’s a battle here.’



The body of the darkness screamed at Kang Seol’s request.

But it’s okay to break.

‘Burn them all, darkness.’

The past time spent in the labyrinth passed by like a panorama.

This strike was the best that Kang Seol could do.


The sword of the Dark Life soars upward again and slashes diagonally upward.

[The Shadowman uses Iai: Shower.]

[Uses Iai 3 times in a row.]

[Can be used as a combo ability of Iai.]

[This is an unavoidable attack.]

[55% fixed damage to large opponents. Damage is applied.]

[Iai’s cooldown increases by 300%, and stats decrease by 20% during the cooldown.]

Only a Shadow Living with lungs that will not lose consciousness while maintaining movement and tremendous strength can do this. attack.

The swords of Shinhyeon and Shinrip were applied with insufficient study. It was unfinished and incomplete.


The moment the second slash came, Shin Yu’s sword used the same sword technique as the Dark Life’s sword.


This unfinished sword that Kang Seol designed was already completed by someone.


The body of the darkness flew away.

While holding the sword, it was cut in two again.


It’s defeat again.





Shinyu’s body also began to break down.

‘…I see!’

Shinyu’s body was forcibly taken from Lee Lee’s body and used. Of course, compared to the darkness, it would be in poor physical condition.

In other words, his swordsmanship was perfect, but his body was bound to break.

Thump patter…

Something black jumped out of the collapsing darkness.

【Ugh! I’m surprised.】

This being that jumped up and startled Bitan was a black hand.

This is the true form of the ghost’s hand, Shinyu.

Xinyu moved his hand like a spider and wrote on the floor.

– You are amazing!


– amazing! That’s awesome!

Xin Yu’s praise did not sound very good to Kang Seol. Anyway, it wasn’t his mistake that he lost to Shinyu and his body was broken.

– What do you plan to do now?

“…Well, I’ll have to try again.”

– The heart of a prosecutor who never gives up! good! I think it’s good!

Bitan glanced at Snowfall.

You’re probably holding back what you want to say.

‘This guy is a chatterbox. ‘You might want to say that.’

Kang Seol already knew that Shin Yu was a talkative person, so she sighed and was about to leave.


– Are you going? Are you leaving now?


– I need a friend to talk to….

Shinyu puts the ellipsis after the word slowly.

Since Kang Seol was in a situation where he couldn’t find an answer if he went back now anyway, he decided to sit down on a nearby rock and keep Shin Yu company.

– Can you keep me company?

Snowfall sighed.

“Ha… I thought I might end up in the labyrinth after the fight just now. So it’s okay.”

If you are going to be stuck in a labyrinth, it would be good to get used to having company.

Of course it was a joke.

– Where are you from? I’m curious about you.

Kang Seol was worried about Shin Yu’s question.

Can these little hands understand the world called Earth?

“That’s it…”

Kang Seol didn’t give up and explained about the Earth and Jeonja.

He said that he was a transferee from a world called Earth and that all of Pandea had already accepted him.

– what? Really? Are strangers coming to visit?

A hand tapping the ground as if the story was interesting or excited.

Kang Seol found that reaction amusing and continued talking.

He was a summoner and had to explain everything from start to finish.

Even though I tried to get over it, I was exhausted because of Shinyu’s stubbornness.

– A guy named Jamad! That’s amazing! Karen too! No, you all are amazing.

Kang Seol had the illusion of seeing a chattering young prosecutor before her eyes.


Conversation is a strange thing, and when you talk, there are times when things that are inside you suddenly pop out.

“They are great guys. “I can’t even follow your toes.”

Like right now.


Xin Yu wrote quickly.

– Do you really think so?

“huh? Ah…”

Shinyu snapped his fingers.

– I get it! It’s a wall!


What kind of nonsense is that?

– Kang said. He says he feels strange when he faces the wall.

‘Is it getting weird?’

Kang Seol thought for a moment and said this.

“I have to prove it. “I…”

– I proved it, right?


– You helped me find a new house in just one year. You already proved it.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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