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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 369

Chapter 369 When Kang

Seol heard those words, he was dumbfounded for a moment.

– All stories start from one day. Everything you achieved wouldn’t have happened without you.


– The path you have walked is your proof. You are not weak. Strong? Although it is a different kind of strength than mine.

Kang said that all roads eventually come to a crossroads. The same goes for the path you walk.

Suddenly, my heart sank.

I tried to be strict with myself, but I felt like I was comforted by Shinyu.

– When I look at you, I think of Kang.


– My brother was always strict with himself. And that’s how I got stronger. For some reason, when I see you, I think of my brother.

“I see…”

The two were talking about other things.

Shin Yu was so excited that he didn’t let go of Kang Seol.

– You know, how is it outside?

“It’s always the same.”

– I see.

“…are you curious about what’s outside?”

– I’m curious, but I shouldn’t be curious.

Kang-seol asks Shin-yu about his strange words.


– Because I can’t go out of the labyrinth anymore.

“Can I ask why?”

– no! Not yet! We’re not that close yet!

As if he had asked a very rude question, Shinyu was embarrassed and left in a hurry.

【What is it… that guy?】

Bitan looked in the direction where Shinyu had disappeared, as if to see all the unusual guys. I brushed off the snowfall and woke up.

‘Ha… But where should I start from when I try again?’

Since he was defeated by Shinyu, who used the body of a wolf that was no better than a water balloon, breaking through the gate seemed difficult.

It was another journey to find a clue.

‘Can I become stronger?’

As I continued to worry, I suddenly felt a vibration beneath my feet.


‘Uh… is this…?’

A vibration that occurred once during the battle with Shinyu.

Kang Seol lamented that she had not been able to ask Shin Yu about the shaking and waited for the shaking to stop for a while.


But the vibration didn’t stop.


Kwahiah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh!

A large hole opened in the ground a little away from Snowfall, and something appeared.


Kang Seol corrected her broken posture and quickly retreated.


A head that looks just like a snake.

And it’s so powerful that it looks like it could easily be eaten.

‘This guy…’

This is an animal that was hiding underground in the gateway where an unidentified cave was created some time ago.

‘This is a night beast?’

No, it wasn’t.

Snowfall was sure.

This guy is already close to being a magic beast.


The guy pretended to be snowfall and started absorbing the surroundings.


The vegetation was fine, but nearby night animals began to be sucked into its mouth.



And the tail of the guy that broke through the floor was aimed at Snowfall.



Wood-dud-dud-dud -duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk

-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk-duk….” Kuk-huh….”

Snowfall reflexively summoned a night beast to block her path and used it as a cushion.

However, it was inevitable that it would fly backwards with a tremendous impact and hit the tree.

Blood spurted out from all over the body due to the blow just now.


What kind of power is it?

This guy is much more dangerous than Shin Lip and Shin Hyeon said.

Kang Seol guessed that something was wrong and realized that the guy was looking this way.


The night beast that Kangseol had summoned was sucked into its mouth.

Night beasts and shadow creatures are almost all of the power that Snowfall can currently muster.

That doesn’t work.


Kangseol gave up on summoning the night beast and summoned the darkness, entrusting himself to the darkness.


Thump thump thump!

The darkness ran, leaving the night beast behind.

If a large night beast is a tiger, then that thing is a whale. It has a body so large that it can swallow a tiger in one bite.

‘We have to go to Brother Shin… They must have felt the vibrations too.’

The Shin brothers will be able to find a way.

The original blood was filling up Kangseol’s broken body, but recovery was slow.

‘Damn it… of course…’

Since they had planned to fight Shin Yu, the Shin brothers will probably stay in their residence today and wait for Kang Seol’s return.

There was some distance between my residence and this place.

‘Can I hold out until they come?’


That beast’s mouth kept sucking something in.

All the nearby night beasts floated into the air and were sucked into its mouth.

And… Kang Seol realized the situation she was in.

‘The darkness… is getting smaller.’

What used to be the size of a wolf is now so small that it can rival a rabbit.

Looking closely, I saw that a thread-like darkness was flowing out of the darkness and heading towards the beast.

In the meantime, the darkness held on to Kangseol tightly to fulfill its duty.



The darkness has stopped.

Kang Seol clenched his teeth.


“Are you going to lie flat on your face?”

If you lose everything here, you will lose a year of time.


Tentacles erupted from the beast’s body, which was growing bigger and bigger. The more it absorbed the night beast, the stronger it became exponentially.

‘If we don’t stop it now… it won’t happen in the future.’

It will remain in the labyrinth forever.

All the darkness was taken away and I couldn’t even find a way to fight it.

‘Think, think… The Shadow Life cannot use its power properly against this guy. ‘Why?’



A shadow that cuts down thin tentacles.

However, we were slowly being pushed to our limits.

Snowfall thought as she leaned against a tree and recovered.

‘But why can’t you take my darkness away?’

Snowfall is already surrounded by night shadows and engulfed in darkness.

The beast was unable to take away this darkness.


For some reason, my thoughts became clearer when my head was spinning due to lack of blood.

‘Hardness! It’s hardness! My darkness has already solidified! ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

In order not to lose the Dark Life, I had to harden it.


The shadow was retreating.

But there was no longer any place to retreat.

‘Darkness is of no use. ‘Because it will be taken away anyway.’

Snowfall complained.

“Did I take the wrong route… Haha… Wait?”

As if something flashed through my mind, inspiration came to me.

Kang Seol grinned.

“I see. That’s right…”

[Owner! hurry! Anything!】

I shouted while the grief turned into a chain and was trying to rip off the tentacles.


Kang Seol slit his wrist.

【what? What are you doing! I’m sorry!】

“It’s not the path of darkness.”

What Shinhyeon said to Kangseol.

– The border of the road has collapsed, making invasion possible. Darkness flows everywhere, light blinds, blood soaks, storms rage, and nightmares loom.

There are no dark paths here.

– The way of everything.

“This is it, right?”

I finally found out.

Why, despite the time it took, improvements using the original blood continued to succeed without major failures?

[Bless of blood is granted.]

[The blood of origin becomes one with the Shadowlife.]

[A large amount of ability points are required.]

This is because this was the crossroads.


The blood of origin began to eat away at the Dark Life’s hide.


Just when a new being is about to be born.

Kang Seol faces two events simultaneously.



Bitan shouted in surprise.

Because the mysterious sword Yasha, which was vibrating in Kang Seol’s arms, escaped of its own will and headed towards the Dark One.

Kang Seol was too shocked to continue speaking.


However, Bitan was surprised by the yaksha, and Kangseol was surprised to see a being other than the yaksha jumping into the darkness.

I was confused when I saw the different things.

What Jiang Seol saw was…

“Xin Yu is not allowed! Dangerous!”

It was a divine healing seeping into the blood.

When connected with Kangseol’s blood, Shinyu’s thoughts were transmitted.

– All the animals I would harbor are gone! I can’t help it!


Shin-yu also felt in danger and tried to infiltrate the night beast, but all the nearby night beasts had already been sucked into the huge snake.

For Shinyu, this was the only option for protecting his brothers right now.


[Ability points are consumed.]

[Use ability points.]

[Use ability points.] [Use ability points.]

[Use ability points.]


Ability points Use.]

[Use ability score.]

This message came to mind countless times.

Until the blood-covered Shadowlife changes into a whole state.



The tentacles could not reach the darkness.

If I approached the sharp, dark, and sticky energy he gave off, I would get hurt and have to retreat.

Eventually, as the blood was washed away, something revealed itself.

“This is….”

[Season: Shadow Life changes using a large amount of ability points.]

[Yasha’s special ability activates.]

[Yasha Immortality activates.]

[ The yaksha will definitely be resurrected.]

A dark creature wearing a mask.

That mask was one that Snowfall also remembered seeing.


The mask of the Yasha that was destroyed after a long battle with evil spirits.

[enlightenment! A new ability is awakened.]

[Season: Awakening the Yasha.]

[Season: The Yasha is born!]

He is back again.



The masked yaksha slowly turned his head and looked at the snowfall.

“Oh my…”

Sometimes reality outstrips imagination.

Snowfall is now standing at the crossroads where everything meets.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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