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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 371

Episode 371

The four brothers of the Shin family had humble beginnings. Until the hidden power of a child born with unprecedented talent is revealed.

Until then, all attention was focused on Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon.

Everyone was not interested in me.

“brother! With me…”

“I’m busy, Yuya. “Go over there and tell your servants, and they will do whatever you need.”

“… huh.”

Is it because I have been weak since I was young?

Entry into the training hall was strictly prohibited and no vigorous exercise was allowed.

There, the second brother passes by.


“Oh, it’s Shin Yuro. Hehehe… I have a sparring match with my brother, so let’s talk later.”

The second older brother, who always seemed excited, also disappeared into the training ground just like that.

The third brother, Gangi, was not at the training ground to begin with.

‘You’ll be there today too, right?’

It’s a secret I only recently discovered.

The fact that Xinjiang spends time somewhere other than the training ground every day.

“Heo-eok… Heo-eok….”

Did I follow you for no reason?

… pressure! Haaaap!



A loud sound could be heard even though it was a short distance away.

I was confused as to whether my heart was pounding at the thought of surprising him or if my weak body was making it pound.

“Hyung Kang!”


“Huh… Huh… Aren’t you going to the training ground? “Brothers…”

“It’s comfortable here. “Why did a guy who wasn’t in good health come all the way up here?”

“That’s right…”

My eyes naturally went to the third brother’s hand.

Even though his mouth was torn and blood was coming out, he was training with a bandage on.

“There’s blood on my hands…”

“… It’s okay. The air is cold here. “I’ll take you there, so let’s go down.”

“You can wait….”



Although I received a scolding that wasn’t a scolding, I couldn’t disobey Kang’s words.



“My legs gave out. So don’t overdo it. Now, get on your back.”

Gangi’s back was damp with sweat. A hot, steamy light.

‘It’s comfortable…’

I fell asleep on the wide back.

When I came to my senses, Kang, who had taken me to the mansion, had already disappeared.

To be left alone in this vast mansion.


I asked my father, the head of the family, that day.

I want to learn how to use a sword like my brothers.

In hindsight, it was clear that those words changed our fate.

“You’re a genius!”

“This is a martial talent that will never be born again on the continent! “If you start from now, you will succeed!”

I remember the moment I first held the sword.

‘It’s comfortable.’

It just feels like my hands have gotten longer.

But maybe it felt different to others.

A year after taking up the sword.

A lot happened.

As the brothers all practiced kendo (劍道), we got to hang out a lot more. There were times when we would presumptuously say one or two words about each other’s swords and our voices would get louder.

I was silent.

The people in my family, except for my brothers, took what I said as if it were the truth, so it felt like I was deciding the path that others would take.

‘I’m scared…’

It’s not God.

It’s human.

So this was wrong.

Mental illness came.

I didn’t want to hold the sword.

The moment I held it, the universe came into my mind.

Everyone tried desperately to see that beautiful moment. Kang’s sweat-stained backboard was warmer than the universe in my head.

It’s been a long time since I felt warmth.

Still, I did not give up my sword.

When I thought of my older brother Kang, who climbed the mountain every day, even such laziness felt like a sin.

One day, I overheard the story behind the dispute. They gossiped freely about the family, even if it was fair.

“Xinyu, that little guy knows something… doesn’t he?”

Envy and jealousy always followed me, but I didn’t feel very good when I heard it directly.

‘You’re insulting me.’

The painful thought suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to hear more about the story.

That’s why I didn’t dissuade them.

There was no more gossip that day.

But every day at that time, we gossiped there.

Perhaps the gossip was a means of relieving the agony of their labor.

“Shin Rip is talented for being the eldest son….”

“Shinhyun acts lightly….”

They even cursed at the brothers.

And in the end, the name of Xinjiang was even mentioned.

“I feel sorry for Xinjiang… he’s stuck in the middle of talented brothers…” “

I heard he can’t even go in and out of the training hall by himself? “I can’t bear to show it to others. It’s embarrassing.”


Unable to hold back, he jumped in and became furious. I was so angry that I ended up losing blood and when I woke up, I found myself in my room.

“Are you awake?”

“Brother Kang….”

“Your brothers waited for you to wake up and then went out. “Is it any good?”

I was so upset that I told Shin Kang about what happened that day.

The third brother has a ruthless personality and will definitely discipline him.

“I see.”

“…Aren’t you angry?”



“Everything is correct, right?”


Kang’s answer left me speechless.

“Words only express the present and cannot determine our future. Their words are ultimately just an obstacle that must be overcome.”

The reason I brought this up is probably purely out of selfishness. If the third brother gets angry, say,

“Aren’t you angry?” The saying that you are inferior to your brothers…”


“… yes.”

The third brother said.

“Brothers are family. “Not a competitor.”


“Our paths are connected. “In the end, we are all people walking the same path.”

The man named Shin Kang was huge.

“In the end, we will stand side by side.”


This was the moment when I started thinking of my third brother in a special way.

I thought he was someone who would serve as a guide for me as I walk my path in the future.

That’s what I thought…

“How can this be…”

“Tell me! “Explain it to me properly!”

“… It’s a wonder to be alive. “All of the body’s major organs have already rotted away.”



“Matriarch! “Matriarch!”

The family laughed because of me, but ended up crying because of me. I was facing death at an early age.


“Are you awake?”

“Didn’t you say that often?”

“So it’s okay if you don’t make it happen often?”

“… What about your brothers?”

“He’s waiting outside for you to wake up. Fire…”

“Am I… going to die?”


I had to ask suddenly.

The third brother looked at me blankly and said.

“It seem to be like that.”


“It’s a unique disease that causes the body to rot and loss of senses.”

“I see… That’s why it doesn’t hurt…”

Still, I can feel it.

“Please call everyone.”


“I think it will be the last time soon.”

It was the first time in my life that I had seen Kang’s eyes get so big.


Kang kicked down the door and shouted something loudly.

I couldn’t hear it in detail, but I could feel the family members rushing towards me at the sound.

Everyone walked lightly, knelt down and listened to my breathing. Maybe they will know. The sound of my breathing is gradually becoming lighter.



“Thank you. I received so much that I wanted to repay everything and leave…”

“Stop! “Don’t say that.”

Since my father and mother had already lost consciousness and collapsed, my eldest brother answered on their behalf.

The eldest brother who is always dependable.

I think it’s great.

“Smile, Yua. “You had fun, right?”

The second brother tries to make us smile on the way to the end.


And even the third brother who was silent.

“I’m sorry… for not being with you until the end.”

The eldest brother closed his mouth and answered.

“If anyone reaches the end of this road, they are all there. So Shinyu, you are there too. Your dreams, and your brothers’ dreams, will continue to move forward. “As long as everyone doesn’t fall, the road continues.”

“… I have one last favor to ask.”

My brothers and I were always together.

As always, the word always includes the past, present, and future.

It is as natural as the water flowing and the mountains being there.


“Do not cry. Because we are together.”

I honestly couldn’t remember the last words.

Still, I did spit something out.

“Hello, brother…”


I later found out that not a single one of the brothers kept their promise that day.

* * *

Kang Seol continued to listen to Shin Yu’s story.

Although I had heard most of these, there were some that I did not know in detail.

– Death was like a dream and one day I became the hand of my third brother.

“All my brothers must have been surprised.”

– My second brother fainted while laughing.


– I became a family again. Still, doubt remained in a corner of my mind.


What do you suspect?

– Am I really divine?

“… what?”

– Couldn’t it be the hand with Shinyu’s memories? And when those doubts reach the end of the pitch-black labyrinth…

And when you reach the end of the labyrinth, you realize it.

Shinyu himself.

– It’s gone. All I could think about was my brothers. The thought of saving the brothers left behind.

And brothers.

His heart for his brothers.

He is divine.

– I am Shinyu. The youngest member of the Shin family. The reason I can exist with divine healing rather than with a demon-possessed hand is because I have brothers.

“… Do you blame Xinjiang for leaving?”

– Our dreams continue! We can’t all stop here. Someone has to move on. Kang went out for that purpose.

He becomes a sharp sword and cuts through obstacles. There are brothers here where Shinyu currently resides, but there are also brothers there.

Then why…

“Xin Yu, why don’t you leave… or rather, can’t you leave?”

– It becomes true when I leave.


– It is true that the brothers… died in the labyrinth.

Shinyu, who was always with his brother even after death.

‘… Now it’s become a shackle.’

Guilt, regret, regret, denial.

Shinyu, with all his emotions mixed up, cannot move forward.

I can’t take a single step forward because I’m worried about my brothers who fell.

Kang Seol suddenly stood up and said.

“The choice is yours, Shinyu.”

– I can’t choose. Because I am a hand.

“That’s just an excuse. There will come a moment when you have to choose. “Is it the past or the future?”

Shinyu stopped and wrote on the floor.

– Did you choose?

Kang Seol nodded and said.

“I’m going to get out of the labyrinth. If I can, I’ll take you with me. So…”

He burned with persistence.

His obsession with Shin-yu was his last hope of saving him.

“Be prepared with an answer.”

* * *

In the few days since the conversation with Shin Yu, Kang Seol prepared to move on to the next gateway.

Are you as strong as you wanted to be? If someone asks, you would say yes, and is that the direction you wanted? If you ask me, I will say no.

I obtained the Sword Demon Yasha, but it was an unstable entity and a time bomb that could explode at any moment.

If this happens…

‘The second gateway will be important.’

What Kangseol remembers about the second gateway was being thrown into a boring and boring space.

However, this was information about the previous gateway, and information about the changed gateway had to be asked from Shin Rip and Shin Hyeon.

“It’s a dream.”

“… yes?”

“I told you, right? “The dream demon has taken over the gateway.”

“…What happened to the gateway?”

“Hehe… The dreams of everyone who enters there will be mixed up. “A person you knew may appear in a situation you never imagined, or they may be a completely different being with the same name.”

Shinhyeon explained for a moment and then passed the baton to Shinrip.

“I think it would be better for you to speak for me.”

“The trials there will change your unconsciousness. “The dream begins from the moment you step into its territory.”

Why did Shinhyeon let Shinrip speak?

“My brother and I once stepped into its territory.”


“My brother visited him one more time after that.”

“yes? Why…”

Shin Lip said.

“Dream will do anything to destroy your existence. Through dreams, people from the past or the unconscious will be brought in to torment you. It’s quite distinct and plausible. “The moment it is encroached upon, I will dream forever.”

“Then why did you come there again?”

“It is also an opportunity to take a leap forward.”

“… yes?”

“Look at your shadow.”

Kang Seol checked his body.

A shape created by being eaten by darkness while attempting to resemble a night crow.

The broken part of the face looks pitiful.

“Your strength has become stronger than when I first saw you here. However, the shadow did not disappear. “I guess that alone is not enough.”

Shin Rip raised his sword and said.

“Once you get out of the dream, you will find the strength you desire. “You will never be able to experience something like that being dismantled and reconstructed.”

“Is the gateway that likely?”

Shinhyeon explained in detail.

“My brother’s powerful sword was an unfinished sword technique. “The entire third verse was put into practice.”

Even snowfall knows this.

‘No way…’

“Yes, the wall power sword has been completed. Through that dream.”

A sword that gave up even snowfall.

I remember practicing the second verse to the limit because it was the last verse.

“…What kind of world is that?”

When Kang Seol asked, Shin Rip answered.

“It’s another life… experience it for yourself.”

Snowfall turned back.

There was a huge door firmly closed.

The situation ahead of the next gateway.

But then someone’s high-pitched shout was heard.


A blood-soaked red outfit.

‘…who was it?’

the woman shouted.

“Lucia! Did you forget? “You even said hello!”

The woman who entered together.

The snowfall was also memorable.

‘But where did the man go?’

There was definitely a handsome white man next to him.

‘No, I didn’t even encounter those with the badge.’

I had no recollection of contact with anyone from the federal side either.

Kang Seol frowned and asked.

“What about men?”

“She’s dead.”

“… Have you ever encountered a latecomer?”

Lucia grinned.

“They killed them.”

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