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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 373

Episode 373

“… Do it in moderation. “It’s not good to make too much of a fuss.”

“Ha… Hap! yes!”

“You all should quickly clean up and return to your seats.”

Karuna laughs and disappears.

There is a saying that he is a close associate with a smiling face.

Although Karuna had a smiling face, her eyes were cold.

In the end, thanks to Karuna’s hypocrisy, the incident passed without any problems, but the supervisor was very upset. Yurim and I messed up the order of food so that we only ate half of what we normally eat.

If this had relieved his anger, it would have been better.

‘Looking at it like this, it seems like there’s something wrong.’

The wounds from the whipping were probably festering. If it turns into a serious situation, it will be thrown into the sea.

‘I can’t live like this anymore.’

If it were normal, I would have thought that a wind had passed.

But something happened that instilled hope in my heart.

Kwon Seong Jamard is visiting Melton.

He gathers the public once, gives a speech, and then tours the city. It may have a symbolic meaning, but I’m not sure about that…

“Let’s leave Yurim.”

“… what?”

“Let’s leave this damn loading dock together, Yurim!”



I explained the plan to Yurim, who couldn’t answer.

The day Kwon Seong Jamard visits the city. Invade at a time when the city is turning upside down. Let’s stand in front of the hero and wait for salvation.

“Are you taking me there?”

Yurim smiled brightly.

Even though my body wasn’t in good shape due to the whipping, my heart was excited.

We were still young and innocent.

Time passed quickly.

Jamard’s visit date is just around the corner. However, the loading dock side also seemed to be aware of the problem.

It is obvious that the hero Jamard would be very angry if he saw the actual conditions of the loading dock with his own eyes.

“Everyone, please stay here for a while. “Work will resume in a few days, so rest until then.”

“Whew, a break?”

“Shut up and all you have to do is answer.”


Children smiling brightly.

However, Yurim and I did not smile.

In particular, Yurim had a hard time hugging her knees in the building where all the children were crammed.

“What’s wrong with Yurim?”

“The plan failed, Seol… they knew we could escape…”

“Fail? who?”

I didn’t tell Yurim too much. Because I am a delicate friend, I will definitely be disappointed if I fail.

I whispered to him.

“I knew this would happen so I saved the key to the back door.”


“I took a peek. of course.”

“also! Seol-ah, you…”

“Shh… the plan continues.”

Is it a big deal to have a plan?

If it’s Kwonseong…

Even in this rotten world, wouldn’t the famous Kwonseong definitely save them?

We waited for the sun to rise without losing hope. I don’t know the exact time when Kwon Seong tours the city, but I heard that it was during the day.

Perhaps because Jamad visited the city, the daily life at the dock was different.


Please look here!

The noise of the city reached here.

Children laughing at being able to relax even though they are locked in a pig pen, excluded from everything.

It will soon be noon.

The guys in charge of guarding the warehouse were only at the front door of the building, and even they left their seats in between to burn cigarettes.


Daeeeenn… The bell

rings, signaling noon.

Most people go to eat and the dock becomes quiet. And right now…


“Run Yurim!”


It was the only chance to escape.

The other guys probably don’t even know what just happened. The only ones who had the courage to come forward were Yurim and I.

What made me feel lucky was that the fence I had seen in advance was located close to the building.

It is a relatively low wall that collapsed during a typhoon. This is a place where repairs were not made on time.

A child’s feet cannot be faster than an adult’s.

Obviously, if they notice us running away, the laborers will come running and catch us. So, the first thing to do is to get out of the loading dock.

‘We have to go to Jamard!’

I held on for today.

A new life will begin!

And those expectations were shattered in just a moment.

“How can this be… when…”

The fence was surrounded by barbed wire. Before you can escape, your skin will be torn and you will die first.

“Wrong. Seol-ah. Even now…”

“No, no! “Not yet!”

I desperately shook my head.

In the end, there is only one way left.

‘There’s only the front door.’

Make judgments quickly.

Running is faster than that.

The front door was obviously open waiting for Jamard’s visit. My head worked well in an emergency situation.

“Find it!”


The loading dock was filled with voices looking for us.



Even the scary hunting dogs were released.

Strangely, my mind felt calm.

As if this was familiar.

Like a person who always walks through a typhoon.


The iron gate received a request for support and guards were coming quickly.

If it had been even a little late, there would have been no way at all.

“The man on the left is limping. “Go over there!”

Yurim told me.

‘How do you know that?’

Anyway, I believed Yurim’s words and advanced past the guards on the side of the gate.

“Ugh… these guys!”

“done! it’s okay!”


Yurim also escaped safely.

At that moment, I saw a cloud of people, including Kwon Seong, gathered there.


Someone was chasing me.


Kwon Seong’s face became increasingly clear.

Thick eyebrows.

Angled chin.

And even the scars covering his features.

The appearance of a hero was strong.


I had to run.

I had to tell the hero.

The lives of children living in this living hell.


The screams do not reach.

The noise made by the personnel instantly drowned out my shouting.

Then faster!

Even more stubbornly!

I had to get closer.

But for some reason, my feet suddenly became heavy.

It was from the moment I made eye contact with Jamard.

‘The snow… the snow…’

Yurim said, pulling me as my speed slowed down.

“Seol-ah! what’s the matter! “You have to run!”

“Ah huh!”

It was then.





We fall and slip on the floor.

“You are bothering me. “Trash.”

It’s Karuna.

Those cold eyes were glaring at us. My body has already been subdued by him.



“Hey, what are you doing on the main street in the middle of the day?”


“I asked what you were doing.”

Jamard approached and asked.

Yurim was full of expectations.

I thought this was the moment I was finally saved by a hero.

“… These are my younger brothers. While I was looking away for a moment….”

“Not my brother….”




Yurim and I’s mouths were covered by Karuna’s hand.

Jamard, who was watching it, said.

“Listen to what your younger brothers have to say. Now, like this.”

Jamard leaned over and listened to us. He even went so far as to tell me to speak quietly to myself.

I didn’t say anything.

Instead, Yurim spoke excitedly.

“Wow, the smiling face is forcing young kids like us to become slaves! We were sold here and we live together every day…”

Jamard looked at Yurim.

“Every day…”

And I saw his smile.

Yurim has now seen everything I saw in his eyes.

His eyes…

“I see. But what should I do?”

It was like Karuna’s eyes.

He placed his hand lightly on our shoulder and spoke quietly.

“I have a smiling face.”


Jamard stands up and jokes with the public.

“ha ha ha! Brothers can do that. “If this Jamard had a brother, they would have been in trouble every day.”

“Oh, what else can I say… It’s the kids’ business.”

“I knew it.”


I couldn’t move my mouth.

Jamard’s power kept us speechless.

The rotten world was so festering that even a fake like this could be made into a hero.

It felt like I was falling into black darkness.

The hero I believed in was the same person I thought was the greatest villain in the world.


I wanted to vomit out what was inside.

But right then.

“It’s still the same, Jamard! That bad smell! Are you still acting like a hypocrite?!”

When I turned my head in the direction the voice came from, there were two people wearing masks.

‘Who are they…’

Jamard asked, tilting his head.

“Who are you?”

“The Veil is watching you, Jamad.”

“… A tent? “Did you just say it was a tent?”

When the word “veil” came out, Jamard with a smiling face was taken aback.

‘Is the veil great?’

If their names are enough to embarrass Jamard, who is both a hero and a rare villain, they must be truly great people.

“Hehehehe… these were bluffs.

“… what?”

“It’s been quite a while since the veil has been inactive. But you suddenly appear like this and block Jamard’s path? Why? And if you say it is a tabernacle, is there any reason for it?”

Among the two, the muscular giant trembled.

“The curtain was just suffocating. And it is time to spread those wings again.”


“You’ll just have to listen to the end to find out whether it’s nonsense or not. “Anyway, there’s one reason we came to see you.”


Everyone in the room will know that the corners of the mouth hidden behind the mask are smiling.

The man was easy to understand.

“Because you are a wicked person.”

“… These guys are always going to get caught. So what’s your name?”


The muscular man said, highlighting his biceps.

“I am Zilliac, aiming to become the strongest martial artist! And this one…”

“You idiot! “What if I tell you my real name?”

“oh! mistake! Hahahaha! “Now that I’m telling you what’s going on, I want you to feel good too.”

“Damn it… I didn’t mean to do this. Then there’s nothing we can do.”

“Look at that!”


A name I think I’ve heard before somewhere.

And a thin man next to him.

Just by looking at his exposed eyes, he was handsome.

A man raising his rapier with a handsome expression.

“I am Kiri. And…”

Kiri pointed to the sky.

Naturally, everyone’s gaze follows suit.

My gaze too.

‘… ah.’

The sky I saw today is something I will never forget, even if it lasts my whole life. It felt like the entire sky was covered in black.


“That guy is a Koopa.”

“Tsk… avoid it!”

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A created dream world.

The dream world was so twisted that even Shinrip and Shinhyeon could not have expected it.

They didn’t know that Kang Seol had so much soul and ego.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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