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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 377

Chapter 377

Yurim was startled by my seizure and quickly shook her body.

“Why are you doing this! snowfall!”

She seemed upset because she didn’t know exactly what my condition was.

On the outside, he looked like a guy with his cheekbones sunken in and not even getting blood, so they might have judged him to be in the worst condition.

But now the mental blow was more serious than the physical one.

– Torquay Apparently that was my name in the outside world.

– My whole reason… was you.

– Young man… never give up till the end. And while living, if possible, do good deeds sometimes.

“Huh… Huhuh….”

Toki’s other actions and words come to mind.

‘I… I… the hell…’

I had definitely seen Toki before.

It felt like they really happened.


Toki gave me a look and glared at Agras.

“What did you do to the boy?”

“Tsk… if you say that, it makes it sound like I did something bad.”

“What bad guys do is bad. is not it?”

“I just gave him a great future.”


“… a great future?”

“Although he had a special constitution from the beginning… I must say that this Aggras breathed life into that mystery.”

“I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

“…time will tell.”


Agras clapped his hands and shouted.

“This insight of Agrath!”

[Agras uses a black hound.]

[Summons a black hound of the dark attribute.]

[All damage from the black hound is proportional to the summoner’s abilities.]

[All damage from the black hound is attribute damage.]

. ..



Three dogs the size of a dinner table suddenly jumped out and targeted Toki.

Since it is aimed at close range, it will be difficult to respond.


Toki did not use his abilities.

He faced the black dogs with only his familiar martial arts skills and improvisation.



A dining table that lowers its body and raises its corners to float in the air.

She …

Paaah Ah!

I held on to the legs of the table with both hands and pushed the table with one foot.

It was a movement that required delicate force control to avoid making holes in the table.


Wow! Wow-!

Toki stops one hunting dog from attacking at the same time by blocking its view with the table, and then greets the other dog.


A hunting dog lunging forward with its teeth bared.


Toki sank to the bottom and turned upward toward the broken table leg.

It was so fast that it all seemed like one movement.

It was as if he was reading the flow of battle.


A hunting dog pierced through the abdomen.


The darkness seeps out and falls away.

Then another hunting dog also arrived in front of him.


I easily dodged the swinging front paw and stuck the remaining table leg behind the hound’s neck.



The hounds seemed to have been struck by a sudden shock and disappeared into darkness.

“Where are you looking?”


Agras appeared right next to Toki, perhaps hiding behind the hound’s huge body.


Agras’ hands turned black. His black hand landed on Toki’s abdomen.


[Agras uses the Night Curse.]

[The Night Curse turns the target’s body black.]

[The Night Curse’s effect increases by 50% at night.]

[ Objects dyed black are affected by the caster’s abilities.]


As the abdomen, including the clothes, turned black, Toki asked Agras.

“This is a power I’ve never seen before.”

“In exactly three minutes, you will become my puppet.”

“Ahaha… this is a big problem.”


Toki grinned.

“It’s a bit tight to finish in 3 minutes.”

“… what?”


Toki rushes towards Agras, who retreats.


A black hand leapt out and stopped Toki’s charge.

‘… It’s amazing.’

Snowfall now admired Agras, not Toki.

I have learned here over the past time. So, we could see that all of the magic that Agras had improvised was of a fairly high level.

In particular, those black hands showed tremendous power considering they were just summoned.



The force struck the mountain lodge and destroyed it.

“It’s going to collapse, we have to get out.”

I have no strength in my body.

Yurim helped me, who had difficulty moving, and escaped through the broken exterior wall.

It’s been a while since I felt the outside air.

It’s been a while since I last tasted fresh air because damn Agras doesn’t have proper ventilation.

‘By the way…’



Inside the mountain cabin, continuous applause is heard. It almost collapsed halfway, but neither of us could get out.

‘… strong.’

Agras was truly the devil himself.

Even if you think hard about the insidious magic that comes from deep and extensive knowledge, you can never stop it at your current level.

However, Agras showed all his strengths against Toki.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu their….”


Eventually, the cabin, which could not survive, collapsed.


Dust and floating debris briefly obscured the battle scene.

“That’s… Agras’ true face…”

Yurim also couldn’t take his eyes off the battle scene. There were so many things that caught my eye.

Among them, the appearance of Agras caught the most attention.

A monster whose body swells like a tumor and is completely surrounded by black energy.

An eternal demon wearing a human shell.


This was the true face of the person who preyed on the wizard Snowman and performed dangerous experiments.

But even Agras seemed unable to believe the current situation.


“The conversation ends here. “You are subject to summary judgment.”

“What kind of… mad power is this?”

The devil’s cry was close to a scream.

Toki… was like an angel sent down from heaven. His body was glowing darkly.

I know this is contradictory, but I had no choice but to express it that way.


Have you ever felt such clean and warm energy?

Black energy gathered in Toki’s fist.

“This is not power.”

“… It’s not strength?”

“It is the belief of the veil that embraces the darkness.”

Toki pulled his fist forward.

Then there was a noise and shock as if a cannon was being fired.


“K… ahhhhh!”

Agras was caught in the dark light and lost its shape. That too for a while.

Aggras became a human figure with bones attached to it, like a mummy that had been left unattended for hundreds of years.





Toki grabs Agras’ neck.

It was the appearance of an overwhelmingly strong man.

A question came out of his mouth.

“Where is the child?”

“Huh… Hmm….”

Agras looked like he would soon run out of breath.

“Answer me, where is that child now?”

“Kick… Kihihihi… It’s too late… It’s already too late…” “


“I also wanted that child’s body, but it was already in his hands. “It’s already been like that for a long time.”

Agras said his last words with snake-like eyes turning cloudy.

“The most… painful encounter will be waiting for you…”

“… Talking as you please.”


When Agras passed away, the black energy that had spread through Toki’s body also naturally disappeared.


Toki takes off his coat.



He walked towards me.

“It must be cold.”

He put the coat on me.

“… Let’s leave.”


Where can I go?

I don’t have the wings you have.

That’s why I was thrown into hell again and again. I always faced darkness with dusk.

The place I was in after sending Yurim away was the darkest place.

That was the price I paid for protecting my friend over the years.

“To the tent.”

“Jang… just…”

I first saw them when I was 9 years old.

And now, after eight years, I was able to reach them.

“Let’s go together boy. “Please support Yurim.”


Yurim’s voice became brighter.

Are you happy to be with me?

‘It’s warm…’

The coat Toki took off.

The warmth of Yurim you can feel as you lean against it.

A world that says it has not been abandoned again.

If you look at it this way, all roads are connected. Maybe everyone is standing on the same path.

It’s a road…

It’s a road…

I think I forgot something important…

[Intermediate Perception is activated.]

[I didn’t find out anything.]

[Intermediate Perception fails.]

* * *

The Seclusion of the Veil It was hidden deep in a mountain valley.

This is just one of the hideouts, and very few people know where it is.


As I entered the cave in the mountain valley, the faces I had seen before seemed to recognize me.

“huh? Who is this? Oh my… that kid from back then. “You’ve grown a lot!”

“hmm? “Who?”

“You stone head. You saw it once! You know, when I collided with Jamad, Yurim was my friend. … The child I left there at that time.”

“Ah, that time…”

Ziliac seemed to suddenly remember our past. That bad breakup.


“Zilliac, what are you doing?”

There was a reason why Toki asked that question.

Because Zilliac hugged me tightly.

“It’s great that you’re safe! Obstacle! As if that wasn’t enough, he has grown so wonderfully!”

“Let go! You crazy guy! Anyone who sees it will think it’s my younger brother! Ugh… I have so much affection for no reason…”

Kiri shook her head. And I asked Toki.

“What do you plan to do?”

“I have to take it to the old master.”

He pulled me away from Ziliak’s arms and led me forward.

“It is up to you, Master, to decide whether this child will stay in the tent or live a different life.”

Who is the person they are talking about, Nosa?

I moved to Simcheo with Toki leading me and Yurim clinging to my side.


A dangerous energy seeped out of the flimsy door.

“Labor and management have arrived.”

【Come on. “Let only the child in.”

A mixture of the voices of a child and a devil who had experienced all the ups and downs of the world could be heard inside.


Yurim was about to refute, but she bit her lip and said.

“You must not be rude to labor and management, Seol.”

“huh. “Can you please let me go now…?”

“Ah… maybe I held it too tight…”

After Yurim and Toki left, I opened the door and went inside.


“… ball?”

【It’s not a ball!】

I forgot how I answered when I was told not to be rude and immediately became rude.

I couldn’t help it.

A black ball was sitting.

A being with short limbs and a round body.

He was also big and similar to me.

If I had looked at it wrong, I would have thought it was just a fat person.

【It’s heartbreak!】



Deja vu again.

I’m sick of it.

【I am heartbroken! They call me Nosa here! Because I lived a long time!】

“… Are you kidding me?”

Grief sighed and came to me.

【Even if Grief is a child brought in by Toki, the executive of the veil, the past must be confirmed.】

“It doesn’t matter, but… how do you confirm it?”


A cute hand grabbed my hand.

【Grief will read everything about you. Don’t reject it, we’ll both get tired.】

“There’s no way something like that is possible…”


Black energy gushed out from Grief’s body and flowed into my ears, nostrils, and mouth.


【Just a little bit… hold on and remember…】

– Goodbye! bye! Yurim! leave! Don’t come back again!

The memory of sending Yurim off with a smile.

– You can be prepared.

Memories of fate being held in Jamard’s hands.

– Yes, today was your 9th birthday. Happy Birthday.

Two painful and rewarding years with Goal Run.

– Of course you idiot!

Time with Santos.

– Either suffer and die, or survive and become my body.

And even the memory of falling into hell as a reward for saving Yurim once again.


The black energy gradually subsided.

【Uh ….】


Tears of grief flowed freely.

【I’m so sad! It’s so terrible! You should have told Bitan in advance! Before dinner!】


【Did you tell Yurim? “Your past.”

I shook my head and grief placed a hand on my shoulder.

【Don’t tell Yurim. I might faint. That child likes you very much.】

“Yurim, do you mean me?”

Yes, that’s probably why he came to rescue me.

【huh. I thought things would change as I got older, but even during missions, I always searched for your whereabouts. I thought I had given up…】

The grief that makes me cry again.

【I never thought something like that would happen there. I didn’t know heartbreak. Well… I can’t help it. Now!】

“… Yes?”

【You can use Bitan because it’s soft!】

Bitan spread her arms and closed her eyes.

“Are you saying you want to hug me?”

【Darkness is more comfortable than dazzling light. I embrace everything. Write your heartbreak.】


The round ball was fluffy.

No embrace could be more comfortable than this.

I took a break in it.

【You saved Yurim again this time. Thanks to you, we also eliminated Aggras, who was causing trouble.】

“… Agras, what was his identity?”

【It’s a ghost. It’s the soul of an old wizard, but it moves around here and there. And… it was a story of faces.】

“… Faces?”

[Jammard, who sent you to hell, was one of the faces, and there were many others. The faces are where such villains belong.】

“… I see. Are the tabernacles against them?”

Bitan thought for a moment and then answered.

【… Strictly speaking, the veil has the same roots as the faces. The person who created the tent also had the same thoughts as the faces at first.】


【Of course, he had completely different ideals now.】

It was fortunate.

If he were to be taken care of by the monsters who turned him into a complete mess, it might be better for him to die.

[We will block the faces. Hiding in the dark… secretly! And you too will soon become a member of the tabernacle.】

“I have little power.”

【Strength is not important! In the end, beliefs and intentions are what matter! boy! Grief peeked into your past. You saved Yurim twice while you were 17 years old. Instead, you went to hell. What is the reason?】


【Why did you save Yurim?】


That’s natural.

“Because it’s natural. “Saving Yurim.”

【Is it obvious?】

“Because I thought it should be so. “Because we are friends.”

Bitan grinned.

The fangs shined.

【Beliefs and noble intentions are not created overnight. It has to be forged like a sword. Those in the tent are also rarely strong from the beginning. Now, from now on, I’m going to check your strength.】

“I’m sorry in advance.”

I held out my hand just like before.


the dark energy seemed to come only through my mouth this time and tear through my internal organs.

【The veil was greatly defeated in the battle with the faces in the past. A lot of people died and we had no choice but to hide for a while. I didn’t have enough strength! But the heartbreak is our future…】



The darkness of grief spread throughout my body.

I found hidden things all over my body, including blood vessels.

Grief’s eyes turned into a perfect circle.

【… what? So… this…】

[The blessing of darkness is activated.]

[The arrangement of darkness is awakened!]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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