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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 380

Episode 380


Sisters spitting blood mixed with blood out of their masks. Even after being hit by the Dark One’s fist, he moved his body unharmed.

“For a summoner, he’s pretty good.”

“I was so surprised.”

“The curtain took quite a bit of effort.”


Belian and Veldre split into two sides.

The battle will continue.



Now that I have summoned the Dark Life, I can move freely. Yurim could not come forward, perhaps because of the aftermath of having just blocked the attack.

Me and Shadowslayer had to hold them off for a while.

‘After Yurim, it’s my turn.’

It happened to be like this.

Yurim will temporarily correct the distorted energy and join in. Then the world will pass to us.

‘If I can fulfill the role of two people.’

First real experience.

The heartbeat did not speed up at all.

But I could feel my blood getting hotter.



The shadow followed her older sister.

Even for its large size, it was quite agile, so it would feel like an iron wall to Veldre.

‘The problem is my brother’s side.’

I judged my younger brother to be a little weaker, but since the sword techniques I learned were different, a clear comparison may not be possible.


A vibrating sword.

First of all, since the opponent did not know my strength, it was a weak attack that doubled as a search attack.

‘Then me too…’

I had to gauge the opponent’s swordsmanship.


I pulled the new type down and hit the blade with my fist.


‘It was accurate…’

It was a fairly accurate blow, but the sound was not satisfactory, perhaps due to the vibrating nature of the sword.

“… Martial Arts?”

Belian was also taken aback when I, the summoner, went into battle bare-handed. Did the face under the mask really look surprised?

‘What do you know?’

To me, the only weapon that had comparable range to a sword was my feet. However, in this battle, I decided to use my feet only at the most important moments.

Stretching out a step that would be difficult to retrieve against strong prosecutors could have resulted in defeat.

– Feet should be extended when sure.

This is what Toki, another teacher of mine, said.



Fortunately, the cutting action was visible.

– As long as you are n.a.k.e.d, fighting with the swordsman is always accompanied by fear. What you fight is not the sword, but fear.

That was right.

Swords are sharp and human flesh is fragile.

If cut, it is fatal.

– But the human spirit is stronger than the sword. Believe it.


‘Trust me.’

The time I was absorbed in.



A sword that vibrates and attacks diagonally.

With a clever step, he blocked the direction I was moving.


[Use Shadow Stretching.]

[Move to a location within one step.]

Move a short distance.

The reason you can use these tricks during battle is because you have failed and failed.


But Belian is a skilled swordsman.

As soon as he was out of range, he retrieved the sword in what felt like one movement, supported the handle with his palm, and thrust forward.

This cannot be avoided.

Attack coming from the front.

It wasn’t that fast and didn’t have that much power.

Still, if you get stabbed, you die.

That fact brought to mind an ominous imagination.

I will die if I am pierced by that vibrating sword.

– Boy, you know how to read the flow. You know what’s most important. Believe what your heart cries out for. I just have to trust you.

You have to catch it.


– Don’t ignore the time you put in. Go with the flow.

‘Get it!’


“… What?”


Holding the sword between both palms, he applied firm force.


When Veldre was trying hard to rotate the blade, I prepared the next move.

I leaned over and pulled my right foot.

As if preparing to fire a cannon.


‘When you’re sure…’

I imagine a movement that seems to ignore even air resistance. I have wings.

can do.



[Use the head of the air.]

[The targets per hit in the air will increase all damage 20% for 3 minutes



Belian falls without losing his sword.

It was an opportunity.


If we kill her here, it will be easy to capture Veldre alive.


I lunged at her like a wild animal.

The beast’s fearful eyes returned from the mask.

However, I soon felt that the gaze was not on me but on the back.

‘It’s strange…’

A strange feeling suddenly felt.

And then the first of the three suspicions left behind by the informant came to mind.

– The surprised face is the sister. As far as I know, there are two. But… there might actually be three. They weren’t real sisters to begin with.

Now someone is standing behind me.


Instinctively, I lowered my head and used a falling technique.

[Lucia uses the Bloodletting Sword.]

[When the Bloodletting Sword inflicts a wound, it causes massive bleeding in the target.]

A trace drawn with blood.


Fortunately, he survived by rolling on the floor.

However, you will be helpless against the next attack.

‘No, this side was also prepared.’



Yurim blocked the newly appeared sword with a surprised face.

“…did you know from the beginning?”

“The three of you are so insidious.”


“My name is Lucia. “Everyone who remembers my name is dead.”


I felt like I’d heard her name before.

“sister! “Let’s go a little faster!”

“I saw for a moment just how sharp the claws of the baby crow of the tent are.”


Belian gets up and shakes himself off.

“Now I want to deal with someone other than this guy! “It’s so frustrating!”

Beldre, who could not overcome the darkness, was upset for no reason.

The three sisters finally showed up and got together.

That composition is probably what made them rise to the top of the ranks of the Faces.

‘There are three of us, but…’

It hadn’t been that long since the Dark Life was completed, so there was no way to deal with all three.

If we had met a year later, I would have been able to win really easily. Of course, time will not wait.


The three sisters spread out in a circle, each with us at the center.

I quietly whispered to Yurim.

“You have to keep the three of you apart. “Did you see it earlier?”

“Yes, that sword…”

The sword that greatly hurt Yurim’s energy.

There was no way three people could not use the sword that two people used.

If exposed, the wound is fatal this time.

“The problem is… they’re probably thinking the same thing as us.”


The Shadow Life has overwhelming power and will not fall. However, their goal was not to defeat the Dark One. It’s about taking us down.

Therefore, the key to this battle was neither me nor the darkness.

It was Yurim.

“Yurim, this time it’s the opposite of before. “I will take my time and you will come save me.”

“… I?”

“You can do it, right?”

Yurim unconditionally followed whatever I said.


“Yes! “I’ll give it a try!”


The circle plotting murder went round and round.

Lucia faced Darkslayer, Belian faced Yurim, and Veldre faced me.


‘More seasoned.’

Veldre was definitely more skilled than Belian.

Beyond simply swinging the sword, he anticipated the opponent’s response and kept his compound eye hidden.

‘But… I can see it.’


Veldre’s sword grazing the edge of the leather armor.

Kwahiaang …

The land killed in front of the energy broke out.

Spreading sword.

I felt like I had to be careful about getting stabbed.

The slash actually had less power than the vibrating sword.

‘When you stab me…’


It’s now.

At this time, the attack…


Veldre shot forward in a stabbing stance and passed me. Even though it’s a situation where you could be counterattacked if you’re not careful.

‘…There’s no way I can fight back.’


On the other side, Lucia, wielding a sword pulsating with blood-red energy, fired a slash.

The opponent has changed.

Yurim’s opponent also changed from Belian to Veldre.


They used the fact that the three of them had different sword techniques, different body types, and different movements to confuse us.

I was busy responding as if I was running at full speed.

“I almost want to praise something so great. “Are you not interested in faces?”

“doesn’t exist!”

“I also like that you are firm.”

Blood profit-!

The sword grazed my face.

When the blood started to seep out, the area was covered with darkness and blocked.

“… I really want it?”

I didn’t train to get praise from my enemies. It was to defeat the enemy.



It goes round and round.

The guys took turns harassing me and Yurim. As I had to deal with three sword techniques at the same time, my hands and feet started to feel dizzy.

Some time has passed since I started relying on my senses to respond. Contrary to expectations, the cycle has tightened our grip.

‘Toki… What should I do in times like this…’

Toki had advice on every situation I could face.

– Think simply, boy.

While thinking about his words, disparate sentences came together.

– There is nothing more to teach in cooking. If you are skilled, you will be able to get through the rest on your own.

‘… uh?’

– Haha, it’s because I lack experience. The movement isn’t bad.

‘… Have you ever heard anything like this from Toki? Ugh….’

As expected, the headache came.

Now is not the time.

I had to think of it.

Toki’s teachings.

I held his words like gold and remembered Toki’s words without a single mistake.

– Nosa did not limit your power to magic. That’s why I stuck with you. So what was the question?

What if you have to fight in a chaotic situation? What if there are a lot of enemies?

– Boy, there is one thing that makes you more dominant than others. It is a view of space.



– I won’t be swayed by the waves. Your senses are pretty accurate.



If you make a mistake even for a moment, it will be a cruel battlefield that will be stained with blood.

I could feel the breath of all life here as if I was looking down from above.

Faba Park-!

The way I diligently move both arms to defend myself.



The sight of Yurim striking back.

It was like a play that had been carefully put together over a long period of time.

I can feel

the ‘flow…’

The moment when we can bring this uniform flow towards us.



Veldre’s stab.



I bent my waist backwards as if lying down and kicked my feet. Only when you are sure of your feet.



When Veldre bounced off, Lucia, who was startled, tried to ignore the darkness and come across.


[Use the black flower.]

[The shadow hand strikes repeatedly. The damage of a single attack is the same as that of the Shadow Hand, and when hitting the same target, 20% additional damage is applied for each hit.]

A black flower bloomed on the thigh of the Shadowslayer.



The application was canceled.

What I’m targeting isn’t Veldre.



A formation that we practiced tirelessly.

Yurim changed his stance and took the right side.

As I was running, I turned left.

Just like the left and right wing of the crow.

As always.



She blocked the sword, but the shadow hand attacked her.


At that time.


Applause was heard from behind.

[Lucia uses the connected blood.]

[Summons nearby targets with whom the contract was made to the current location.]


At the same time, Belian and Veldre disappeared.


The attack failed.

The opponent was also no stranger.

“You two little crows are stronger than you think.”

“Shouldn’t we defeat that summoned beast first?”

“It’s solid. It is not easy.”

“That boy’s movements keep getting better. “It’s not good.”

“Girls are more of a problem.”

Lucia nodded.

“Did you feel it? “That girl started imitating our sword.”

“The thief cat…”

The reason why I was confident in the long game.

I’m getting used to fighting, and Yu-Rim understands their movements.

The longer it goes on, the more we have no choice but to win.

But I could smell a dangerous smell from the surprised faces whispering among themselves.



Just when the round cart wheel was about to turn again, they suddenly gathered at one point.

The target was Yurim.

Both I and the darkness were slow to react.

[Velian uses the vibrating sword.]

[The sword vibrates, making defense difficult.]

[Veldre uses the spreading sword.]

[The effect given to the sword gradually expands the range. It widens and spreads.]

[Lucia uses the Bloodletting Sword.] [

When the Bloodletting Sword inflicts a wound, it causes massive bleeding in the target.]

As the three swords stab at the same time, different colored energy erupts. This formed a vortex.

Yurim can never be stopped.

“no! Yurim!”


The moment the three swords crossed, everything seemed slow, as if time had stopped.

Along with that came a huge headache.

A choice suddenly came to mind, as if I had realized something I had forgotten.

[Yurim is in a dangerous situation. But if you give up on her, the Shadowlife will be able to take down its enemies all at once. What would you do?]

1. Save Yurim.

2. Command the Shadow to attack the enemy.

‘What is this…’

I was perplexed, but I couldn’t make time to adjust.

I am the one holding the sword hilt.

He could kill them by sacrificing Yu-rim, or he could ignore everything and save Yu-rim.

I had to choose.

‘…what a choice.’

From the beginning, there was only one choice.


The frozen world was broken.



As soon as I shouted, the darkness exploded.

[Sacrifice the Dark Living to create a dark cloud.]

[The dark cloud temporarily forms a protective shield proportional to the Dark Living’s vitality.]


I’m not going to fall in!

Their darkness was blocked and offset by dark clouds.


I frowned as I caught the bouncing Yurim.

“What should I do? “The size is gone so the numbers aren’t right anymore?”


The sneer behind the mask.

They forced me to make a choice, and in the end, things turned out badly.

The tense fight suddenly took a turn for the worse.

“I’m sorry Seol… because of me.”

Yurim felt sorry for me.

No, they are just stronger.


“Either cry, crow. Caw! “I said.”



“… What?”

I really cried.

I really heard a crow.

Everyone looked at me, but I couldn’t imitate the crow sound like that.

Yurim stiffened as if convulsing.

“The sound of a crow… It’s the sound of a crow, Seol!”


A crow flew in and sat on Yurim’s shoulder.




The crow pecked Yurim’s head with its beak.

It looks as if he is being scolded.

Lucia asked, looking into the darkness.

“Who are you?”

“I saw the sign. “I haven’t gotten over my impatient side yet.”



black cloak.

Black hair and black eyes.


“It’s been a while, Yurim.”

Lucia asked when she saw the man approaching Yurim.

“Are you a raven?”

big crow

The strongest person in the tent, excluding the owner of the tabernacle.

Yurim’s teacher.

“I am Yoohyeon.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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