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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 382

Episode 382

“A hideous stab wound on the body. “I can guess the pleural effusion.”

“Why… why Tokigaaa-!”

Yurim cried and mourned his death.

But for some reason, I didn’t shed any tears.

‘… what?’

As if I had already accepted his death a long time ago.

Rather, I felt like it was natural.


Am I not able to shed tears even when someone close to me dies?

Why was his death natural?

“Your suspicions were correct. There will be a traitor inside. Also…”

We have not neglected information collection over the past three years. The suspicions I had received from the information dealer were investigated one by one.

“It turns out it’s true that Jamard lost his smile. His place…”

Yuhyeon closed her eyes and spoke with difficulty.

“The child of the tabernacle took over.”

Jamard’s smiling face.

Even at the moment I was being tortured in his villa, he was colliding with the veil.

Yuhyeon fatally wounded him, and Jamard went into hiding.

And now I heard that someone has taken his place.

There is something I heard from Yurim the other day.

– I am not the only one who learned from my teacher. There was also a kid my age.

Also known as the child of the tent.

In the past, there was an incident where the faces kidnapped the child that Jangmag was raising with Yurim.

I heard that the child has greater talent than Yu-rim.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t kill the child, but turned him into their own limb.

The child’s name is…

“Shinyu.” “It’s that kid.”

Divine Yu…

It’s Divine Yu.

“If we leave Xinyu like this, things will eventually get out of control. “The only thing a genius lacks is time.”

Things turned around quickly.

Countless amounts of blood flowed between the curtains and the faces. There is no telling how much blood will flow in the future.

“The Master of the Veil has decided that the situation cannot be postponed any longer and may enter into an all-out war depending on the outcome of the final meeting.”

This is what our fate depends on.

“Are you ready…?”

I looked at Yurim.

Yurim looked at me the other way.

I had the same thought.


“… good.”

* * *

About three months since then.

The place and date for the meeting of the Faces and the Veil were decided. And now I was at the meeting place.

“Yurim snowfall. “Just listen to me for a moment.”

He called us over before meeting the tent family. It seemed like he had something to say before joining them.

“The talks will collapse.”

“… yes?”


“I have come face to face with the angry face of their leader. He… will never give up his ambition to dominate the continent. “We also will not give up our goal of stopping his ambitions.”

Talks broke down.

‘Then what about the people gathered inside?’

“If you mess up, everyone will die.”


“From now on, listen carefully to what I say. “If a collision occurs…”

He placed his hands on Yurim and my shoulders.

And only after hesitating, breathing in and out alternately, was I able to say this.

“Run away. “You guys.”

“… What is that!”

“Master, how can we…”

“Listen to me!”

I felt pressure in his hand.

We were strong enough to withstand the pressure, but we were still embarrassed because it was our first time doing something like this.

“You guys should at least run away. “You are not worthy of being lost here in vain.”

“Why… we are also tents!”

“I know. But before he was a tent, he was a disciple of me and Toki…”

He laughed.

This laugh was a little awkward.

“This is a child born from the tent’s heart. Even if things go wrong and the tabernacle is defeated, if you are alive… the tabernacle is not defeated.”


“Promise me. “If a conflict occurs, I will leave the meeting place immediately.”

Yurim and I were both confused.

How can we be sure of what will happen next?

However, someone speaks with confidence.

“Please, Snowfall. Please take Yurim with you and leave. “It’s okay to just forget about us and live your life.”

I had no choice but to answer.

“… All right.”

“Thank you…”

After our promise with him, we joined the tent family.

“hey! kid! “It’s bigger!”

“Seup… isn’t it bigger than you? “I guess it’s not a kid?”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous! He’s still smaller than me. “Hey kid!”

“Don’t take it seriously you idiot.”

Kiri and Zilliac.

【A long time! It’s really bigger! “Humans grow like weeds that have forgotten!”

Bitan toddled over and grabbed my hand and shook it.

Yurim and I laughed and hugged Bitan.

【… Welcome.】

I enjoyed the warmth for a moment.

“You are those kids.”


【Greetings, Daesan.】

Bitan introduced a book with thick lines.

His sturdy muscles proved that he does not neglect training.

Since I was an outsider, I never had to face anyone.

Quite a crowded tent.

Still, it felt a little empty.

Originally, Toki would have been here and Ryan would have been there too.

But here, a person appeared who could melt away that loneliness all at once.

“Kahahahaha! “It’s been a while, you idiots!”


“How long have you been cooped up? “I thought you were dead!”

A red-haired woman.

Even a cool smile showing his teeth.

The moment I saw her, I knew who she was.

He was a very transparent person.



‘… strong.’

Similar momentum to Yoohyeon.

No, maybe higher than that.

She wasn’t unfamiliar either.

“You are those children.”

“… yes.”

She was so shy that she even saw Yurim for the first time.

“You know, I… um? Ah, now that I think about it, I don’t think I need to know. “Okay then, enough about self-introduction!”

As expected, it is as arbitrary as I heard.

Still, there was no doubt that he was strong.

She walked forward.

“Go to the meeting place.”



A castle built on a cliff with waves crashing.

It was not that big for a castle, but when you count the people participating in the meeting, it was still relatively large.

“I’m here! “Open the door!”


The door opened without even complaining about that arbitrary request.



The tent walked calmly, but in reality, the person was very alert and was looking around.

We were ushered into a huge VIP room.

No light came into the room.

The only fire lit by a candle illuminated the surroundings.

There were many people wearing bizarre masks.

Everyone sat down at the table.

“Kahaha… But I still paid attention to the treatment. Hey angry face! “You said you wanted to come and have a meeting with me?”


darkness falls.

And before I knew it, someone was sitting across from the head of the table where Karen was sitting.

“… Ur.”


All the names and faces I heard here seemed familiar.

The phantom pain, auditory hallucinations, and déjà vu never left me.

The meeting proceeded calmly.

“I can’t give up.”

“It doesn’t even sound like a horse!”


Everyone except Karen and Ur said a word.

Everyone knows that the talks will collapse.

Yurim’s trembling hands.

I held her hand and squeezed it tightly.

There will be a collision soon.

Right at that moment.





Karen and Ur’s hearts were pierced at the same time.

At the same time, they pierced each other’s hearts.

Karen’s sword burned and became lodged in Ur’s heart, and the magic created by Ur tore a hole in Karen’s chest.

My hair stood on end.

This is a signal of a breakdown.

After everyone saw the results, they started moving no more than 1 second later.




At the same time, swords and weapons were drawn out, and the heads of those who were slow to act rose into the air.

Everything went slowly.

No, only to me the world seemed to stop.

[This is a bloody conference! Everyone lost their senses and pointed their swords at each other! What choice will you make here?]

1. Join Yuhyeon.

2. Check Karen’s condition.

3. Protect the forest.

4. Run away.

‘A familiar sensation.’

Even in the VIP room, which was in chaos, my senses awoke.

An eerie feeling.

Someone was targeting Yurim and me.

‘… fist?’

What is flying is a heavy gun.

And that was from the side of the tent, not from the opposite side.


He’s a traitor.

‘We have to respond…’


Gon, who was flying in with great vigor, was blocked by someone’s sword and had to go back.

At the same time, all my options disappeared.

Someone said something.

“Come to your senses! snowfall!”

“… ah!”

“You promised me!”


‘Yes, that’s right!’

A promise with Yoohyeon suddenly came to mind.

“Are you going to protect them?”

“Daesan… How come?”

“The tent was never my home from the beginning.”

“No way…”

No matter what they were talking about, I took Yurim with me and left the place.

“Seol-ah! stop!”

It shouldn’t have stopped.

My senses warned me.

Even if we joined, the defeat of the tent was certain.

I must protect Yurim.


I broke the glass with my elbow and ran out of the castle.

Fortunately, the drawbridge was down.

‘You have to run!’

I have to run.

We have to get out of this place quickly.

“…Where are you going?”


At Yurim’s words, I stopped in front of the cliff.



The sea with waves.

Where should I leave the tent and head to?



someone made a sign.

Is it a tent?

“… long time no see.”

This voice… is not a veil.

When I turned around, there was a person wearing a mask standing there. The mask was smiling.

Smiling face.


The child of the divine tent.

“It’s been a while, snowfall.”

“…Do you know me?”

Shinyu tilted his head after hearing my answer.

“Is it possible… you still haven’t realized it?”

“… What are you talking about?”

At this time, Lucia’s will suddenly appears along with his words.

– Deja vu… I forgot… If I forget… No…

Xinyu said firmly.

“Where is this place?”

Shin Yu took off his mask.


That face is unfamiliar.

“Ah, is this your first time seeing your face like this? Actually, this is my first time seeing myself grow up like this.”

“What are you talking about… you and the faces…”

“Faces? tent? What does it matter? “It’s all an illusion anyway.”

“…an illusion?”


[Intermediate Detection activates.]

[I didn’t find out anything.]

[Intermediate Detection activation fails.]


[Intermediate Detection activates.]

[I know nothing. Could not.]

[Intermediate insight activation fails.]

I felt as if my senses were being torn apart.

I was now waking up from a fantasy.

“Smiling face Shinyu… you….”

“Smiling face? “What are you talking about, Snowfall?”


Shinyu waved his mask.

“This mask is not called by that name. I don’t know?”

“… what?”

“You know that. Remember. “The name of this mask… Isn’t there really a need for that?”


Shin Yu’s mask spun and flew away.


And it hit Yurim’s chest and fell to the floor.

“It was originally yours. Right?”

I instinctively felt that something was wrong.

No, I felt like something was wrong.

“No… don’t pick it up.”

Yurim bent down and picked up the mask.

then no.

You must not pick up that mask….

The past passes by like a flash of light.

A talent for understanding and imitating movements.

The hell she would have gone through if I hadn’t taken her out of her fate.

“I’m not standing here because I like it, Kang Seol. “Everything is twisted.”

“… Twisted?”

“If fate hadn’t been twisted by the mask’s original owner’s mixed dreams… it was her who wore that mask, not me. She must have lived in hell. “That’s how it was born.”


Don’t make me wear a mask.

“no! Yurim! “Put down your mask!”

Yurim slowly took the mask in her hand.

Smiling face mask.

Why didn’t I remember it?

Why couldn’t I remember that name?

“Ugh… Ugh….”

Yurim is crying.

“It’s a dream… all the snowfall. “Everything you experience and feel is happening in a dream!”

Xin Yu scolded me.


This is all a dream.

But not my dream.

The only reason the souls I know appear is because my dreams are mixed up.

Neither the hell I experienced nor the pain I experienced are completely mine.

The curtain and the faces are things I have never heard of before.

This… is hers.

Yurim muttered.

“A girl found in a garbage dump at a loading dock.”

“Stop it, Yurim.”

“I never had a friend like you from the beginning.”

“Please… stop…”

“I was taken away by the veil, but I was subjected to human experimentation by an evil wizard.”

“It’s not fun….”

“I put on a mask of faces with my memories and thoughts cut out.”

Yurim looked down at her white jade-like hands.

“With these hands… I killed them all. The members of the tent… and the faces that used me. how is it? “It’s a scary story, right?”

Her home nowhere else.

I was not the main character in this world.

This is a story that has already ended once.

Shinyu spoke to me.

“Listen carefully to the snowfall. Even though I am aware of the dream, I cannot wake up. “Something is wrong.”


“Yu-rim, the owner of dreams, she trapped us here!”

[Intermediate Detection is activated.]

[Nothing was found out.]

[Intermediate Detection activation failed.]


[We uncover many secrets!]

[Intermediate Detection’s mastery increases significantly. ]

[Intermediate seer has reached maximum proficiency.]

[The talent ‘Intermediate seer’ is promoted to advanced seer.] [

Seee sees more often.] [Seee

sees’s accuracy increases.]

[The area where seeper is activated . This becomes wider.]

[The insight describes the phenomenon a little more clearly.]

[The advanced insight activates.]

[This is someone’s dream now.]

Everything came to mind.

The snowfall here is not real snowfall.

“… Seol-ah.”

Yurim looked at me.

Her eyes were watery, as if tears were about to pour out at any moment.

“Why did you save me…”


“Your souls… are all fools. “Leave me alone… me…”

She grabbed the hem of her dress on her chest.

“Don’t teach me happiness… let me live in hell… if I did…”

Tears fell from her eyes.

“I wouldn’t have felt the same way now…”

We entered the second gate of the pitch-black labyrinth.

Here we wander the dreams of the soul.

This is Lucia Belian Veldre Shinyu.

Lastly, there were countless souls of Kangseol.

And… a soul that Snow Snow had not expected to be mixed in came in.

There was one more person.

One more dreamer.


Yurim put on a mask.

The mask fit like it was custom-made for her face.

“Seol-ah. “There was a secret I hadn’t told you yet.”

Smiling face mask.

A mask with torn eyes and the corners of its mouth turned up.

Yoohyeon said.

– huh! They say all strength comes with a story. Um… So I…

I always need a story to become stronger.

“Seol, I…”

All of these dreams were stories about how she was able to have such strong power.

“Are you smiling now?”

The mask was smiling, but tears were flowing down from the eye holes in the mask.

[Many things are distorted due to lucid dreaming.]

[The existence of the Yasha is recognized.]

[The unexpected adventure ‘Dream of the Yasha’ occurs.]

Yurim puts on a mask and makes an expression.

Kang Seol couldn’t tell what the expression on the mask was like.

“…I am Yaksha.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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