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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 385

Episode 385 Hwiiiiing


The snowfall was getting heavier.


The sword that Yu-rim and Shin-yu pulled out was emitting a strange energy.


Shinyu kicked off the accumulated snow and went out.


His sword collided with Yurim’s sword and sparks flew out.

The fight has begun.

Now Yuhyeon’s three disciples will dance on the snow field.

People who have lived through different hells.

They were intertwined like at a crossroads.


Yurim, who raised the power of the Yasha, was on par with Shinyu in terms of physical ability alone.

Yaksa was such a being.


[Use the black flower.]

[The shadow hand strikes repeatedly. The damage from one attack is the same as the Shadow Hand, and when hitting the same target, 20% additional damage is applied for each successive attack.]


Thick shadow hands appeared and spread out like wings behind Yurim.



Xinyu cut off all the shadow hands with a dull expression.

Since it was an elemental attack, there would have been a mistake in response, but his sword seemed to be an all-purpose weapon, and it easily overcame the danger.




Yurim followed closely behind him.

Rather, it was judged that the farther the distance, the more dangerous it was. That was the closest answer I could give right now.

Of course, that wasn’t the correct answer.



Shin Yu’s solid kick accurately hit Yu Rim’s sword.


Shock enough to shake the hand holding the sword.

If a swordsman cannot hold a sword properly, it is the same as standing on the battlefield without armor.


A flying sword.


However, Xinyu had no choice but to retrieve the sword along the way.

Because something black appeared and targeted where he was.


Shinyu walks away.

It was the darkness that targeted him.


Immediately, the shadow’s fist fell on the spot where he was, creating a crater.

It seemed like he had completely avoided it, but thanks to Yu-rim’s delay, Kang-seol was able to prepare enough strength.


there was one more.

Quasi profit-!


Shinyu raises his sword horizontally to block the darkness’s fist.

What awaited him who was swept away by the fist was the third death of darkness.

Snowfall’s abilities were more advanced than before, and she was now able to maintain the darkness of three wolves.

A dark creature waiting at a predetermined location and preparing to launch an onslaught on the incoming Shinyu.

At a glance…

Shinyu missed the second darkness, but caught the location of the third darkness.

That’s why I decided not to be pushed out.

[Shinyu uses Ground Spilling.]

[Half of the impact received is absorbed by the ground.]

[The ground may collapse.]

[It has a very long cooldown.]


When half of the damage Shinyu would receive disappeared, he was not pushed away. Instead, the mountain’s foundation simply collapsed in the aftermath.

Now that he has withstood the barrage of attacks, it is Shinyu’s turn.


A darkness that puts its arms together to form a shield.


Shinyu had a sword suitable for living in the dark like this.

[Shinyu uses Iai: Kang Sundering.]

[Quickly draws the sword from its sheath and deals enormous damage to a single target.] [

This is an unavoidable attack.]

[50% fixed damage is applied to large opponents. ]

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Shinyu kills a wolf-level dark creature with a single slash.

However, the snowfall was also expected.

His inspiration continued like a flower pot.

A power that came to mind after seeing the fragments of the demonic beast he faced at the first gate of the Jet-Black Labyrinth.

The scattered remains of the Dark Life soon created numerous Dark Life.

“… what?”

Their power was weak, but since they were so numerous, it would blind them for a moment.



The Yaksha’s mask was visible.

Yurim’s attack crept in through the tiny shadows.



[Xinyu uses a breeze.]

[Sword wind flows over a wide area.]


An all-out attack was launched centered on Shinyu. Shinyu, who seems determined to stand alone, lays waste to his surroundings.

In the end, Yurim had no choice but to step down. Shinyu took a longer breath here.


[Shinyu uses Fox Rain.]

[If you defend in succession, 20% of the damage reduced by defense is converted to defense-ignoring damage.]



Yu-rim, who avoided the stab, instinctively made the same movements as Shin-yu.

[Yurim uses Fox Rain.]

[If you defend in succession, 20% of the damage reduced by defense is converted to defense-ignoring damage.]




After a fruitless conflict, we were finally able to step back and take a breath.

Xin Yu’s expression did not change.

The appearance was so cold that it made one wonder if the person wearing the mask was Shin Yu.

“… Are you just imitating other people’s swords all your life? Yurim.”



Yurim shakes off the moisture accumulated on the sword without answering. Kang Seol stood in front of her and countered instead.

“Isn’t that the same for you too?”

“… That’s what I heard.”

Shin Rip, Shin Yu, and even Shin Kang.

He mastered all of the Shin family’s swords, but not his own.


Snowfall causing fallen darkness.

“It’s useless.”

Shin Yu pointed out Kang Seol’s behavior of trying to keep fighting.

“… Why are you so confident?”

“Because I finally caught it.”

“… what?”

Xin Yu lifted the sword in his hand and said, shining it into his own eyes.

“Brother’s sword.”

Firm tone of voice.

“The old past hidden within.”

And a shy smile.

“I haven’t even completed the first verse yet…”

An eerie feeling…

After seeing Shin-yu’s easy-going smile, Kang-seol felt extremely anxious.

“I told you before. “The brothers’ swords were made by chopping up our ancestors’ swords that had been used in combat.”

“… It was like that.”

“I figured it out.”

“… what?”

“Thunder, rain and wind. “Inspiration from our ancestors.”


The breath breathed life into his sword.



“According to the records handed down through the family, our ancestors were said to have been ronin. In some records, they are said to be slash-and-burn people who fled to avoid exploitation.”

“… What does it matter?”

“There is a record that our ancestors left directly about enlightenment. “Most of them are unrecognizable, but… they said something was chasing them.”


a flash of lightning flashed in his eyes.

“I realized it the day I fell off the cliff. The power that our ancestors feared. And with that power…”


The sword was vibrating like crazy.

“That there is a way of brothers. The first brother, Shin Rip, the second brother, Shin Hyeon, the third brother, Shin Kang…”

Shin Yu raises his sword high as if he is strengthening his resolve.

“And I, Xinyu. “Everyone is here.”

I’m going to go to the middle of the day!

“Yurim! “Damageeeeeee!”

“This is my sword.”


[Shinyu uses the season: storm.]

[It is an imperfect sword technique.]

[It puts an enormous strain on the body.]

[It swirls around.]


As soon as Snowfall witnessed the force of the thunderstorm, wind, and rain, she flew away. At the same time, all the darkness gathered in front of Yurim.


The darkness explodes, unable to withstand the shock of the slash. Snowfall intentionally exploded the darkness.

I was afraid that the impact of the explosion would cancel out at least some of the power of the slash.



Snowfall flying with Yurim.





Fortunately, Yurim flew far away and hit a tree, but no major injuries were visible.

The problem was the snowfall.


Half of the body was missing.

One of his arms was completely torn off and he could barely hold on to what was spilling out from under his ribs.

“Huh… Huh….”

The original blood continued to regenerate the body as if it could not bear to see such an injury.

It will probably take around ten seconds for you to feel fine as if you never got hurt. Of course, the pain will remain.

“… There is no other monster like that body.”

“Huh… Who cares….”

“Have you realized that resistance… is meaningless?”

overwhelming power.

The god of the dream world seemed to have given Shinyu’s hand.

“Tsk… tsk tsk…”

Kang Seol suddenly started laughing.

And I answered.

“I decide that.”

“Your resistance does not reach me…”


What Kangseol has studied over the years.

One possibility.

Kang Seol, recalling memories, recalled his past as research material. What happened in the pitch-black labyrinth.

Why couldn’t I peel it off?

And instead, I was eaten by the shadow.

When I turned 27, I discovered the reason.

‘It’s because of fear.’

Because I was afraid of the shadow.

Getting closer to this unknown power.

What if the shadow was created by Kang Seol himself?

The results would have been different.


A newly reborn darkness.


And it soon dispersed into darkness and enveloped Snowfall’s body.

A heavy darkness engulfed him.

No, he encroached on the darkness.

Yurim was taken aback by seeing Snowfall for the first time.

Shinyu was equally surprised.


“That appearance….”



[Takes the form of a night crow.]


A painful experience of having previously failed.

However, only as time passed was I able to accept its power.

[Envelops the body in complete darkness.]

[Approaches the true source of shadow.]

[Physical abilities increase dramatically.]

[Absorbs all the power of the Shadowlife.]

Phrases that emerge below that. .

[It is a perfectly balanced power!]

[It is not given any restrictions.]

[The description of Season: Night Raven has been changed.]

A power that was once lost.

But I got it back with these hands.


Shinyu laughed.

“It wasn’t like he was just breathing.”

“They say a guest is coming, but that can’t happen.”

Kang Seol looked back at Yu Rim and said.

“Can Yurim stand up?”

“Be quiet… please… Be quiet…”

An appearance that instantly reminds me of a yaksha from the past.

The yaksha is currently maintaining its composure, but it is a dangerous force that could collapse at any moment.


“Seoul… I….”


Kangseol held out his hand to her.

“Hold my hand.”


“We have to move on.”

The tremors in Yurim’s body stopped.

And she placed her hand on Kang Seol’s hand.


And then he got up, whispering quietly.

“Help me with a smile… so I can remain Yurim.”

The Yaksha did not answer.


The three race again.

The snowstorm didn’t seem to stop.

As if he wanted the world to be covered in snow and forgotten.

The weather was fitting for their final days.



There was definitely a chance of victory.

Yurim’s movements, assimilating with the yaksha, became faster and more violent than before, and Kangseol, who gained the true power of the night crow, was also able to follow Shinyu’s movements.




Shinyu’s movements became sluggish.

The slash from earlier was incomplete and clearly put a lot of strain on the body.

‘The only chance is now!’


[Use the black flower.]

[The shadow hand strikes repeatedly. The damage per attack is the same as the Shadow Hand, and when hitting the same target, 20% additional damage is applied for each hit.]

Snowfall uses its body as a host for a black flower. As his physical abilities increased dramatically, the strength and speed of his shadow hand and the power contained within it also increased explosively.


Shin Yu blocked the attack with the sword in one hand and was pushed back.

I couldn’t cut them out this time.

Shin-yu tried to get away from Kang-seol and Yu-rim, while Kang-seol and Yu-rim tried to get closer to him.




A distance where you can feel your breath.

It wasn’t enough that he had stepped into the prosecutor’s territory; it was as if he was confronting him with the tip of a knife stabbed under his chin.


[Using Yurim Iihap: Kang Sundering.]

[Quickly draws the sword from its sheath and deals enormous damage to a single target.] [

This is an unavoidable attack.]

[50% fixed damage is applied to large opponents. ]


As time passed, Yu-rim was taking away everything that Shin-yu had in almost perfect form.

From this moment on, her talent flared up like a comet.



The three of them were laughing as they mixed their bodies.

As if playing a fun game.

They had already returned to their childhood.

Because we were both desperate, we were able to acknowledge each other.

A world at rest.

Ironically, the three left in that world moved more violently than ever.


Shinyu, who defended against Kang Seol’s fist, used the handle to hit Kang Seol’s cheek.



Of course, it couldn’t have caused more shock.

This was the best.

Because Yurim will dig into the gap.


[Yurim uses Fox Rain.]

[If you defend in succession, 20% of the damage reduced by defense is converted to defense-ignoring damage.]

Verse 1 of Kangwoo Sword (降雨劍). Fox rain.


Clean action.

Since Shinyu understood his brother’s sword best, he was able to dodge it without difficulty.

However, even Shinyu could not have predicted the next attack.



Familiar action.

A sword technique that curls the body like a snake and fires 10 consecutive strikes at once.

[Yurim uses a shower.]

[Makes 10 consecutive attacks.]

[If the opponent allows damage, the evasion rate decreases by 10% for each attack, and conversely, the swordsman’s attack power multiplier increases accordingly.]

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

A barrage of sword strikes at incredible speed.

If it weren’t for the swordsmanship I knew about in advance, or if I hadn’t learned it myself, I would have been in big trouble.


Shinyu allowed only one attack out of ten stabs.

“I didn’t show it to you…”

“… I read it.”

Yu-rim only read the first part of the book and guessed the contents of the back.

Her talent for perceiving movement was in full bloom.


“That’s it.”


Shinyu’s sword is intertwined with Yurim’s sword.



Shinyu broke her posture with her sword.

If things continue like this, fatal injuries can be tolerated.


At that moment, Kang Seol appeared, targeting Xin Yu’s flank.

“I knew it.”

It’s a profit!

Shinyu kicks Yurim and sends her flying away.

This was the moment Shinyu was aiming for.

Kang Seol always took the risk himself when Yu Rim was in danger.

There were no exceptions.

Because it’s always been like that.

Now it was time to pay the price.


After pulling the sword, I held it backwards and held it out forward.

Perfect stab.



“It was slightly to the right.”

Although he narrowly avoided being stabbed in the heart, Snowfall’s chest was pierced.

“No way!”

Yurim screamed.


Shinyu twisted his sword and pulled it out, creating a large hole in his chest.


Sticky blood was scattered on the floor.

At this level, no matter how much Snowfall’s body is, it will still have an impact for a while.

“Uh… Ugh….”

“I’m watching from there. “I will end up with Yurim.”



“Let’s put an end to Yurim.”

Shin Yu walked towards Yu Rim with great strides.

Right then.



A snowball flew and hit Shinyu’s head.

Xin Yu did not avoid it on purpose.

“… what are you doing?”

“… wait. “I haven’t lost yet.”

“… What can you do with that body?”

Shin Yu frowned.

“I found my way out of hell. “No matter how hard you struggle, you cannot defeat me.”


Kangseol laughed at him, spitting out blood from the corner of her mouth.

“Is there anyone here who hasn’t been in hell?”


“Don’t make me laugh. Everyone here has experienced hell. “Still you arrogant b*stard.”

“… I’m arrogant?”

“okay! You b*stard! “Let me come to your senses right now!”



The original blood scattered on the floor began to return to Kangseol.

Something was about to begin.

“Do you think you’re the only one who got something out of hell?”



The blood mixed with the snow goes to Kangseol.

But it didn’t look completely normal.

Snowfall’s veins stood out from her skin.

Blue-colored veins.

It was disgusting, but it was a sight that made you instinctively feel that something strange was going on.

“… Seol-ah?”

Yurim asked, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“Yurim. Again. “It’s another choice.”

“Ha, don’t do it! “What are you trying to do now…”

“I don’t know if I can succeed. “This is a last resort.”

“Don’t do it!”

“But… this is the only way. “I may never be able to go back to the way I was before.”

“No… stop!”

“No, you have to.”

Different hells.

Yu-rim became a yaksha and Shin-yu realized the storm sword.

Of course, Snowfall had at least one thing saved from hell.

A magical engineering blood vessel planted by Aggras.

A strange body infused with atromil, a strange substance that can concentrate magical power.

“I never thought I would be grateful to Agrath… Atromil! “Eat my body!”


The magic engineering blood vessels glowed like a seizure.

[The Blessing of Blood is activated.]

[The Blood Arrangement is awakened!]

[The Blood of Origin remembers the appearance of the host.] [

The Blood of Origin takes effect.]

[The hextech blood vessel collapses.]

[Chain Collapse The effect is achieved.]

[Atromil promotes abnormal reactions in the body.]


All of Kangseol’s blood vessels swelled.

Pain beyond the limit that a human can feel.


Even he, who had endured the pain, could not bear the pain of having his raw skin torn.


It wasn’t blood that was sticking out through the skin.

It was the darkness inside him.




Kang Seol’s body literally exploded.

The darkness inside his body, which even Atromil had endured, exploded all at once.

Shinyu covered his mouth with his sleeve and watched the situation.


black darkness was there.

[Athromyl and the original blood form a new body.]

[Enlightenment! Awakens a new ability.]

[Season: Awakening Midnight.]

[Season: Midnight is born!]

[You are a shadow.]

[You are in the source state.]

Xin Yu closed his eyes.

“The only way I thought was to become a monster? The opposite s.e.x is… the only thing that exists is…”


When the shadow attacked Shinyu, Shinyu easily avoided it.

If the intention was to attack, it was an exaggerated movement. There was nothing special.

When Shin-yu retreated, the shadow turned towards Yu-rim. The momentum was not diminished one bit.

“…is it a runaway?”

While Shin-yu stood back for a moment and observed the situation, a shadow reached Yu-rim.

Yurim was not shaken by the shadow that approached with a threatening force.

“Seol-ah… are you there?”


She stretched out her hand.

“It’s there… right?”

Instead of answering, the shadow enveloped Yurim.

Like eating food.

Yurim accepted that shadow.

I hugged him tightly.

She was momentarily taken aback by the shadow that invaded her body, but then accepted the warmth she felt inside.

Snowfall is definitely here.

Still alive.

“… I’m okay. So… show me the path you should take.”


The shadow formed a vortex.

A shadow covers Yurim’s body so that it is invisible.

And then a phenomenon that I had seen several times occurred.


“… No way?”



Shinyu hurriedly widened the distance.

[Try the raven with a non-summoned target.]

[Check communication with the target.]

[Perfect match.]

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