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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 395

Episode 395

[Achieve the first achievement ‘Supreme’]

[Acquire the first title ‘Giant of the Ages’] [Achieve the

first achievement ‘Legend’] [Achieve

the first title ‘Darkest Light’ I get it.]

A message that comes to mind countless times.

At the same time, when the gateway to the twisted dream closed, an offensive of support from viewers began.

They were unable to see Yu-rim’s dream and were only looking at the black window for a year. Many viewers left, but when the sight of Snowfall returned, they came back like migratory birds as if they had never left.

‘What should I do in times like this?’ sponsored Madness by 3000!

[I peed my pants.]

– No, why are they showing the intersection event scene after not showing anything for a year lol

– It’s really kind in an absurd place and it’s Mac in an absurd place LOL

‘Viewers turned around’ is madness. You donated as much as 2000!

[Viewers have already turned around! It’s already too late!]

– I turned 360 degrees…

– I’m just spinning in place…

– I’m already addicted to turning around…

‘Is Jamad true?’ sponsored Madness by 3000 !

[What kind of fake is this good? Why is it so cool! Bring it back to life!]

– If the original ingredients are good, making ramen with them is delicious.

– I understood it right away. Are you a wise man?

– I’m eating ramen.

The sharp rocky mountain covered in blood stains has disappeared. The shouting and urgings we made here lingered in our ears like echoes, but now silence has replaced them.

When I first arrived here, the chair where the owner of the labyrinth was sitting was placed in the exact center.

A chair with half of the backrest cut diagonally.

It was once a splendid symbol, but now it is just a broken symbol.



Kangseol approached the chair covered in blood.

His entire body was covered in blood, and the blood was a mixture of the other person’s blood and his own.

The blood he covered proved how reckless and extreme the path he took was.


Kang Seol naturally sat down on the chair.


I was exhausted.

Shin-yu was shaking and Kang-seol was shaking all over.

A terrible feeling of fatigue came before the thrill.

A group caught his eye.

Sisters Lucia and Belle were looking at the fallen owner of the labyrinth in disbelief.

No one could say anything.

Who will break this silence?

It was such a cruel fight, and it was a fight that went far beyond their understanding.

The world of transcendents.

They witnessed that world before their eyes, even if only for a moment.


The Yaksha mask slowly disappeared like dust.

It was with all his might.

It would probably be difficult for him to become a yaksha again until he recovered.


It seemed like it wouldn’t be a bad ending even if I died in the chair like this.


Light flew in from beyond the open door. Snowfall knew very well what these little lights were.

This is the light of the Shin brothers.

As you may have already guessed, they met complete death.

Kang Seol raised his hand and accepted their support.

[The transmission of ‘Sinrip’ begins.]

[The transmission of ‘Shinhyeon’ begins.]

A maintenance transmission process that shows the moment of death or a moment of regret.

What Kangseol saw was them grabbing the final gate and exploding.

It was only then that I learned that there was a story like this before Shinyu announced that he was on the other side of the door.

And even their sacrifices.

I didn’t feel any regret from them. They are those who have already accepted death. They marked their final moments with the best choice right before they died.

However, the transmission process depicting the point of death somehow ended up being an event of losing the soul rather than an event of losing the body.

It seemed as if he was saying that the death of the soul is the true death. Does this mean that it was at that point that they truly faced death?

It’s unknown, but this is how they came to rest.

‘Rest… Ira…’

[You inherited the strength of ‘Sinrip’]

[You inherit the abilities of the deceased.]

[You inherit strong muscles.]

[You inherit strong muscles. .]

[You inherit the spirit of ‘Theophyn’]

[Inherit the power of the deceased.]

[Inherit deep breathing.]

[You inherit deep breathing.]

They are stronger than others. An innate strength that helped him stand tall as a prosecutor.

Snowfall inherited all that legacy.

But before we even had time to look at them, another change had already begun.

[Compensation calculation is completed.]

[All gates of the Jet Black Labyrinth have been destroyed.]

[The Jet Black Labyrinth is in an unsustainable state.] [

The Jet Black Labyrinth has been decided to close.]

[The darkness held by the Jet Black Labyrinth as compensation. is granted.]

‘… What?’

The change came so suddenly.


The huge darkness that had been casting over the whole pitch black area was sucked into Kangseol.


My body was already under so much pressure that it felt like it was going to explode.


[The body can no longer accommodate the darkness.]

[Darkness seeps into your shadow space.]

‘What is this….’


I thought I barely survived. This time darkness poured into the shadow space.

Although the pain suffered by the body was greatly reduced, there was clearly life residing in the shadow space.

‘The legacy of Jamard and Tancred…’

No, Jamard would have been able to return to nothingness on his own.

In that case, only Tancred’s legacy will be left in the shadow space.


But the small amount of inheritance that remained was too much.

I finished my meal with the shadow space absorbing half of the darkness of the labyrinth.

The fact that half of the darkness had been absorbed by the shadow space was a problem, but where the remaining half was headed was also a big problem.

If you pour it into your body again, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to predict that it would explode.

‘If this goes on…’

The darkness found a way.

Another way for the host not to die in vain.

[Darkness seeps into your independent space.]

‘Independent space?’

Kang Seol wondered for a moment whether she had an independent space, but then her eyes widened.

‘It’s nothing!’

[Darkness seeps into your emptiness.]


The snowfall brought joy.

If it were nothingness, that place would be able to sweep away all this darkness.

In an instant, darkness began to be sucked in with tremendous force.


The surroundings quickly became brighter.

As if asking when it was dark.

– The snowman has a lot to eat…

– Guys… Dad will only eat this… I’m full just looking at you guys eating…

– I’m really full.

When all the darkness disappeared, Snowfall noticed that something had changed.


I looked down at the chair he was sitting on. Previously it had been an ungainly chair with half of its back cut off, but now there was a huge chair decorated with gold.

[The emptiness possesses sufficient energy.]

[The construction of the nihilism becomes possible.]

[The substance of the nihilism can be summoned.] [

This is nihilism.]

[The nihilism is Snowman’s independent space.]

‘.. . what?’

It seemed like it could literally bring emptiness, a mental space, into reality, the material world.

It was still unknown what advantages it would have.

‘Wait a minute… What you’re saying is that this place is empty…’

The surrounding scenery has changed.


The empty ruins were turning into a historic palace.

In addition to the gorgeous wallpaper combining white and gold, there is even a red badge.

And the biggest change is…


someone appears from behind the chair and puts a hand on his shoulder.

That hand was smaller than Kang Seol’s hand. But the power in his hand was too strong.

“… long time no see.”

Red hair.

Karen’s energy had changed a lot since we broke up.


Next to him, a knight in armor stepped forward, putting his foot out.

“You are back, master. “I was waiting.”

Even Karuna, whose energy is as great as Karen’s.

Nothing stood still.

“Hehehehe… It’s definitely been a while since I’ve seen you this close.”

A spirit approaches with its glasses raised.

The first wizard, Ur.




“You appear so loudly…”

The person Karen is grumpy about for no reason.

Overwhelming size and huge fangs.

“What a fool…”

It was the real Jamard.

I wonder if his anger has not subsided yet.

“… It took a long time.”

They greet each other with a grin.

“You know, that guy. Actually, I was very upset. Sometimes you see it only has a lot of muscles but is completely delicate…”

“Stop! “I have no hobby of ruining a fairy’s face.”

“P… Do you know how much I languished in nothingness? If he were next to me, he would have stopped that fake guy in an instant…”


Damn it…

When Jamard hit the floor, cracks appeared in all directions.

“It’s noisy.”

No one was frightened by Jamard’s attitude. Ur was especially spectacular.

“You b*stard! “What are you doing in vain!”

Puk puk!

Ur’s cute fist tapped Jamad’s shoulder.

“You only know how to destroy this illusory day! The person who makes it doesn’t even think about it! “Reflect on yourself!”


Karuna approached and encountered Snowfall’s right arm.

It was divine.

“This arm is that great swordsman.”

Shinyu folded his arms as if he was embarrassed.

“Nice to meet you.”

Karuna offers to shake hands.

Xin Yu hesitantly held his hand.

Karen smiled, showing her teeth.

“Anyway… welcome to nothingness.”

While Ur was preaching to Jamad about what conscience is, he came close to Kang Seol.

“How do you feel?”

“… what?”

Are you asking about nothingness?


“A chair.”

“… chair?”

“This chair was made with special care in anticipation of something like this happening someday. The meaning of the decoration on the backrest is from my homeland… no, from that trashy warring country of Khagon…”

Karen was disgusted.

“Here we go again! That narcissism. “Sometimes it explodes in strange places.”

A tendency that was revealed once when encountering Azran.

Ur doesn’t hide what he likes and reveals it without adding or subtracting. At one time, magic would have held that position. And after reaching the peak, you would have set your sights on other values.

“Hmm… so what? “How do you feel?”

“If it’s that precious, shouldn’t you just sit down?”

Ur responded with a straight face to Kang Seol’s answer.

“Why am I not the master of nothingness? “I am only your advisor.”

Although he was eccentric when we first met, his personality definitely became more mature compared to when he was imprisoned in Alcatron.

However, it was impossible to know when his old self would suddenly appear.

“… What about research?”

Ever since Ur gained emptiness, he had been confining himself there and studying something.

Because of that, there were many items of rare value that I received from Kang Seol.

“Hehe… Hehehe….”

Ur laughed like a villain.

“You mean the study of this body? You can look forward to it. Because it’s just before completion. As long as stability is secured, it can be presented to the world at any time. If that day comes…”

He ripped his mouth evilly.

“The world will turn upside down with cheers…”

It was at that time when we were in the middle of our conversation.

[Another reward is given.]

[The right people and the right events come together in the right place.]

[A new force is born.]

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