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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 396

Chapter 396:

In a place called nothingness, those who had reached the highest level gathered together and destroyed the pitch-black labyrinth.

The birth of a new force.

This phrase looked familiar.

I’ve definitely seen it before.

These were the messages when Yeongsaeng Church was created.

[They are beings bound together.]

[A secret society is born!]

[A new force is formed!]

[The scale of karma begins to measure.]

[Is it order or chaos?]

[The scale’s measurement has been completed. .]

[The tendency of the secret society is determined.]

[The tendency of the group is chaotic good.]

The birth of the secret society.

To be precise, it could be seen as a force.

Because Kangseol already possessed so much power that he could not be considered an individual, he became a walking force.

[The era power held by the secret society is determined.]

[The era power is determined by the story held by the being.] [

The secret society is granted the era power.]

[The bounty is set. When a member of the organization dies, part of the era’s calendar belongs to the killer.]

[The name of the secret society must be announced to the world.]

[What is the name of this great secret society to which you belong?] After

thinking for a moment, Seol-seol smiled. I laughed. Because an interesting idea occurred to me.


that’s a nostalgic name.

It was a name that would never be heard again.

“A tent… a tent.”

[The name of the secret society is decided to be ‘Template’.]

[The secret society ‘Template’ generates a certain amount of era power just by existing.] [

Depending on the activity level of the secret society, more era power can be acquired. There is.]

[Settlement is made in the middle of the long journey.]

[The jet-black treasure is acquired.]

[The jet-black treasure is stored in nothingness.]

If it is an item obtained after breaking through the labyrinth, you will have to spend all day looking for it. .

Was he concerned that a treasure of enormous value would be abandoned in a storehouse of nothingness?

Labyrinth handed at least one item directly into Kangseol’s hands.

[Obtain the Jet Black Seal.]

[The Jet Black Seal embraces the Seal of Penance.]

The pattern of the Seal of Penance has begun to change.


A pattern in the form of dark fog.

[Mysterious: Seal of Jet Black]

Grade: Wonder

Appropriate level: None

Resistance: None

Durability: 400/400

Weight: 0.1kg

A seal given to those who overcome the Labyrinth of Jet Black. Absorbed the seal of the Labyrinth of Penance.

Basic ability: Does not use the equipment slot. Durability recovers over time.

Special ability: Ignores the curse of monsters. The basic abilities given by the monster are doubled.

An achievement emblem was displayed along with the acquisition of the seal.

[Achieve the first achievement, ‘The One Who Breaks the Darkness.’]

[Obtain the first title, ‘Jet Black.’]

‘The first? Shin Kang… Ah!’

Xinjiang left without finishing the labyrinth. Therefore, it is as if Kangseol was the first to defeat the Jet Black Labyrinth.

No, to be exact, it was closer to explosion than destruction.

Lucia and Belian Veldre were not given a seal.

Lucia and her sisters approached.


Lucia lowered her head and muttered.

“Oh my god….”


She was completely fed up.

Veldre and Belian noticed and lowered their heads like Lucia.

It must have been a strange sight.

Supreme beings who appeared out of nowhere. And their owners.

It made no sense to think that these dangerous people would calmly let them go out into the world.

You know very well that you have to get out of this place without going crazy… or even pretending to be crazy.

‘…It didn’t cause any major harm. However…’

Kang Seol thought that their admiration would be useful.

“…Leave, someone will call you someday.”

“Yes… yes…”

Belian and Veldre had contact with the Relic Society, one of the forces, and Lucia also belonged to the axis of the powerful.

What to use them for is a matter to be decided later. However, a means of contact had to be created.

In this case, there was an appropriate means.

– damn! Friend exchanges are a thing of the past!

– Uh-huh! How dare you to God! Even believers must have at least some friends!

– Shindo doesn’t want to eat alone!

They left the labyrinth without gaining anything.

No, to be more precise, since I survived with only a few aftereffects, that in itself may be the same as gaining a lot.


[It’s time to decide on the symbol of the secret society.]

[Think of the symbol you want.]

[You can easily edit it later.]

If it is the symbol of the tabernacle, then of course it is that pattern.


When Kangseol came up with the pattern, a small brooch was given to each of them.

A brooch that can be hung anywhere, whether on a cape, robe, or top. Since it was just decoration, the equipment compartment was not used.

“A crow? “Isn’t that too gloomy?”

Karen grumbled, but Kangseol laughed it off.

For a curtain, nothing other than the crow pattern could be used.

[This is the final reward.]

‘There’s more reward left?’

Since it was a labyrinth that I stayed in for quite a long time, there was no shortage of rewards.

[Defines your existence.]

[You are not a shadow summoner.]

[You are a crow.]


I thought it might be like this.

When you complete a succession adventure, the new name of your class is determined according to the direction of your abilities.

A new framework and path are presented. If she had only delved into summoning skills, she would have gotten the high-level job of shadow summoner, but Kang Seol has now realized various abilities.

I needed a job that could wield it all.

An entity that is neither a shadow summoner nor a shadow swordsman.


It was a pure job title that had nothing to do with the veil.

Now that he is talented in both swordsmanship and summoning, he can expand his realm without penalty.

[The ability tree is reorganized.]

[Ability points are returned according to the number of branches that have spread so far.]

[Bears fruit.] [The

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is given.]

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is a fruit that resets ability point investment.

This would mean using the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to get back the ability points used on the previous tree.

[Crows are creatures that are active in all weather on the battlefield.]

[Continuous: Cloth specialization is changed to Continuous: Leather specialization.]


However, among the changes, this was a rather serious problem.

There is no penalty for using cloth as usual, but it is clear that leather will be much more efficient in the future process.

In fact, in close combat, the battle aspect varied depending on the material of the armor.

‘If it changes… it might be right for everything to change.’

This was a matter to think about slowly.

Finally, all compensation was completed.

Now it was time to leave.

However, Shin Yu called Kang Seol and stopped him.

– Can you give me just one piece of paper?


Kang Seol handed out an old paper and brush to Shin Yu. Because Shinyu is probably more familiar with a brush than a pen.


I felt like I knew what Shinyu was trying to do.

It was an action taken when offering a ancestral rite.

A superstition that if you burn a piece of paper with unsaid words written on them, they will be passed on to those who have already left.

– I wrote it all… take this…

“Shall I burn it?”

Shinyu paused for a moment and then said yes.


The ends of the paper started to get scorched.

The writing there was burned away.

– Shinrip Shinhyeon My brother. Are you at peace in the place you all went to first? Everything is new here and I’m feeling anxious. But I think you’ll get used to it soon. It all feels good.

Along with the burning paper, the dark days in the labyrinth also gave off smoke.

– And… because there is snowfall next to it. I feel like if I’m with him, maybe I can fly farther than my brother Kang… It’s just a feeling for now.

Xinyu remembered everything that happened here.

– Brother, I was too young to accept my death and yours. But I think I know now. We are dead. And… I know full well that that doesn’t mean our story is over.

You leave when you have to leave.

– Our paths continue. With my sword, with Brother Xingang’s sword. If the goodbye is long, the regret will also be long, so I will keep my words short.

It is the second death after the first.

– I will always miss you.

What Shinyu said comes back.

– Hello brother….

Thorne honored them in the most tangible way he could.

My hands shook left and right.

The dead were sent away.

[The jet-black labyrinth collapses.]

[The jet-black labyrinth disappears into history.]


As they leave the collapse of the labyrinth behind and escape through the door through which light flows, federal personnel are left devastated by the news of the collapse. They were talking loudly.

“It’s collapsing!”

“Get back!”

Since two years have passed without any news, this change may have been a big shock to them.

Everyone inhaled and exhaled outside the labyrinth.


breath flowed out.

The weather was cold.

No, it was too cold.

– They specialize in leather, so if you’re wearing cloth, everything will break through haha

– Shinyu, aren’t you just waving for me to put it in your pocket?



it was snowing.

It was the middle of a winter day that would never stop.

– It’s Seol-ah’s eyes.


– It’s snowing….

Smiling snowfall.

It felt like Shinyu’s heart was getting warmer, the exact opposite of the cold weather. And that goes for him too.

Eyes that didn’t want to stop.

However, the snow stopped once.

“Yes… it’s winter.”

When it snowed, it felt like she was right next to me. Snowfall alone made me feel good.

Now the old ones are by his side.

said Jamard, who was covered in a large cloth.

“So where is the veil heading now?”

“Rather than that, you’re covering your body, right?”

“…I don’t mind making small quibbles.”

“No, it’s not trivial at all. I’m asking you to please don’t decline. Have you left anything behind in vain? Conscience or something…”

“It’s quiet and noticeable.”

“So what I’m saying right now is that you’re so noticeable… something the size of a garden is moving.”

A fight between a fairy and a troll seen again.

Snowfall enjoyed the pleasant noise and received the snow falling from the sky with her right hand.

Xinyu enjoyed the coldness.

He exhaled and said.

“I’m going back.”

As the snowfall gripped the snow tightly, the ice became water. Just like that, everything changed.

A crow flies at the end of the intersection. For the promise that hasn’t been kept yet.

The seasons have begun to change again.

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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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