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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 49

Episode 49:

Snowfall was now at Nobira’s vocational training center.

This is probably a place he should visit every break before his skill proficiency reaches its peak.

As expected, the black magic training site was a bit inhospitable, but Kang Seol didn’t really care because she had no intention of staying here for a long time.

“Come this way.”


The room the woman guided me to was dark on all sides and had no windows to let in any light.

In the meantime, the good news was that it didn’t have an unpleasant odor, probably because it was taken care of quite well.



As the door closed, a glowing tree shape bloomed in the dark space.

The first thing that caught my eye was Snow’s shadow summoning that had reached level 3.

As expected from its core ability, countless branches stretched out above it.

Snowfall did not look around at other core abilities and only focused on the branches above it.

‘I only have 2 ability points… so I have to learn new abilities or strengthen abilities other than summoning…’ I

may be able to learn new abilities, but even now, I haven’t found anything particularly inconvenient.

With 2 points, I couldn’t develop any abilities that would make a huge difference, so I postponed new abilities.

[Continuous: Strengthens ‘Summon Strengthening’.]

[Uses 2 ability points.]

[The abilities of your summons increase by 10%.]

Since the previous level of strengthening summons increased ability values by 5%, the higher the level, the higher the ability values. It could be seen that the increase was 5% at a time.

Considering that only 2 ability points were sacrificed, the difference was quite narrow.

However, this meant that the summoned beast’s abilities accounted for a large portion, and Kangseol had the means to supplement this.

[Galota’s Tongue]

Grade: Treasure

Exclusive Occupation: Shadow Summoner

Appropriate Level: 14 – 23

Attack Power: 42

Durability: 68/68

Weight: 0.2kg

A treasure made from the tongue of the jet-black snake Galotta. It contains the power of a snake that emits shadows. However, because it is imbued with Galotta’s shadow poison, there is a risk that the user will fall into a state of addiction.

Basic ability: Wisdom + 22

Special ability: Shadow summon’s stats increase by 15%. Succession chance increases by 20% when using Shadow Summon. The wearer has a chance to be poisoned by shadow poison every 6 hours.

A treasure that increases summoned abilities by as much as 15%.

Of course, the shadow poison was a problem, but that will soon disappear as a worry.

Snowfall finished strengthening her abilities and returned to the annex.


When I opened the door to the annex, a terrible smell of food that I had not yet been able to put away wafted out.

He disposed of these by-products as quickly as possible and moved the huge pot from the fire pit to the table.

This liquid is an antidote to shadow poison and is more precisely the poison of poisonous herb.

The snowfall dipped Galotta’s tongue into it.


A thick cloud of black smoke rose.

Since inhaling the smoke could cause poisoning, Kang Seol left all the windows and doors open and went out into the yard in front of the annex for a while.

And after a while,

when the bad smell stopped coming from inside the annex, Kang Seol went to the table and checked the pot.

Using the deerskin gloves and tongs prepared in advance, I took out Galotta’s tongue.

I washed away the poison under running water and dried Galotta’s tongue in the bright sunlight.

– Hey, am I watching the daily life of a housewife?

– I don’t know about battle rest! Everyone can’t just pretend it’s a public holiday! Dry the blanket from now on. practice!

Why does the time of patience feel so long?

A few hours as the snowfall waited for Galotta’s tongue to dry out.

Finally, a response came.


A black sheen formed on the whip.

A change has occurred.

Snowfall picked up the whip.

[Galota’s Tongue]

Grade: Treasure

Exclusive Occupation: Shadow Summoner

Appropriate Level: 14 – 23

Attack Power: 42

Durability: 68/68

Weight: 0.2kg

A treasure made from the tongue of the jet-black snake Galotta. It contains the power of a snake that emits shadows. Galotta’s poison, which threatened the wearer, actually became a weapon.

Basic ability: Wisdom + 22

Special ability: Shadow summon’s abilities increase by 15%. Succession chance increases by 20% when using shadow summon. Creates a link between the summon and the summoner. When a connected summon successfully attacks, there is a certain probability that the target will be poisoned by shadow poison.

– Ah… this heavy and cool sensation…

– Of course it’s Gallotta’s tongue…

– Wow, haha, you’re writing it like this?

– Shadow poison is a poison that penetrates the nervous system in a short period of time and causes paralysis. It has weak killing power, but… f*ck.

– Isn’t this a dog scam? Haha

– I guess you have to hit it with a whip and get poisoned ㅡㅡ Why is this a summoned animal?

– It’s God, it’s God God…

– Good job, Moon Staff Temple. You can stop coming out starting tomorrow.

– ??? : yes? president? Why…

– Don’t personify it, it’s heartbreaking haha.

Kang Seol wrapped Galotta’s tongue around one hand.

‘It’s definitely less noticeable and more comfortable than a cane.’

Not only was it much lighter in weight, but it was also good for self-defense in times of emergency. Of course, it didn’t mean much to the attack power.

When I got my hands on Galotta’s tongue, the black energy of the snowfall became even more intense.

‘How strong have you become?’

Snowfall started the inspection that had been postponed for quite some time.

‘First of all, me.’


Title: Master of the Exalted and 9 others.

Race: Human

Level: 9

HP: 690/690

MP: 1320/1320

Abilities: 0

Strength 10 (+17) Agility 10 (+21) Stamina 18 (+51) Intelligence 18 (

+19) Wisdom 60 (+80) Spirituality 18 (+24)

Talent: Cooking 1 Perception 1 Trollfish 1 Horseback Riding 1

Ability: Shadow Summon 3 Shadow Hand Persistence: Enhance Minion 2 Persistence: Expand Shadow Space 1

Shadow Space: 800/1771

Unlike the first, the ability is different from the first. There wasn’t.

However, in terms of abilities, the difference between when I first created the character was like heaven and earth.

Naturally, Kangseol invested all of his floating ability points into wisdom, and now the character was somewhat on track.

‘The universe is a big help.’

Thanks to the power of all abilities + 15, the abilities that should have been poor have risen considerably.

There is probably no one with higher abilities than Snow Seol right now.

‘The physical strength and wisdom are like monsters.’

Wisdom was ridiculously high, and physical strength was much higher than that of the warrior class, even considering that it was a caster class.

Kang Seol carefully checked his abilities and checked the size of the shadow space.

Even with Jamad and Karuna, there was as much space left as the two combined.

‘Is it really time to get a new summon?’

While Snow Seol was ignoring him, he also checked Karuna and Jamard’s abilities.

[Moonlight Knight Karuna]

Title: He who cut down the mountain

Grade: Hero

Race: Shadow

Level: 9

HP: 1130/1130

MP: 540/540

Abilities: 0

Strength 71 (+35) Agility 66 (+23) Health 76 (+37)

Intelligence 42 (+15) Wisdom 40 (+14) Spirit 51 (+18)

Talents: Dignity 1 Guard 1

[Tyrant Jamad]

Title: Great Warrior of Izumokan

Class: Hero

Race: Shadow

Level: 9

HP: 1310/1310

MP: 740/740

Abilities: 0

Strength 81 (+35) Agility 48 (+22) Stamina 91 (+40) Intelligence 61 (

+32) Wisdom 50 (+24) Spirit 40 (+19)

Talent: Trollfish Magic Absorption

Karuna’s level has risen by 8 levels and Jamard’s level has risen by 6 levels.

Although it was only a small amount compared to the increase in abilities, it also meant that it was growing at an incredible rate.

– Is it really that stupid shadow summoner… My heart is pounding…

– It’s cheap to press it with real abilities ㄷㄷ

– The summoner’s ability increase is really overpowering ㄹㅇ

– Perdem increase stat percentage increase scam confirmed!

– Even with these abilities, the adventure is difficult? What happened to the balance design? Haha

– a world where only the strong can survive! All those who are disheveled will die!

Most teleporters would be horrified when they found out about Snowfall and his pet’s abilities.

Even if they were at the same level, there were differences in equipment and titles, so I couldn’t predict how wide the gap would become.

That was the reason why a great white shark was torn to death by a jamad in Kongori.


A lot had happened in running all the way here without stopping.

There were several near-death crises, and there were many dangerous moments when others would have given up.

But in the end, Kang Seol survived and did everything as he wanted. He was a winner at this moment.

‘Madness plays a much more important role than you might think. ‘Is it true that in order to become strong, you need to be in the spotlight?’

I looked at the wolf head ring on my finger.

The benefits obtained through this madness shop include this ring, purification of Galotta’s Tongue, the number of the Black Wraith, and the completion of the Cloudy Day Jelly.

‘Is it okay to think that you can’t get ahead just by being ordinary?’

Fortunately, snowfall was able to be more special than anyone else.

Kodon, who sent him down here, probably expected that too.

‘I’ll have to do things more extravagantly from now on.’

Kang Seol smiled at the visible results and left the annex to find the next thing to do.

However, when he left, there were people who secretly followed him.

* * *

It was dark outside and people were gathered in a secret space.

Their leaders, Kibo and Shuur, controlled the people.

“Is everyone gathered?”

“yes! “There was no tail!”

“There are a lot.”

Kibo felt lucky that Shuru came here.

I wondered what would have happened if Heka and Doju had caught up, but thanks to Kibo acting faster than them, Shuru didn’t seem to be shaken.

Shuru said.

“It’s today.”

“…is today.”

“Yes, we can’t stay in an uncomfortable cohabitation forever. “There are enough greedy people in Nobira.”

“Hey, Heka and Doju have more people, will it be okay?”

“We are more elite. “There’s no one on Heka’s side who uses their brains.”

After that, there was talk about the operation.

“No, there’s no chance of winning that way. “You have to hit Doju first.”

“How stupid! Will Heka stay still? In terms of combat power, Heka is much stronger!”

“There are many members of the Doju faction who have dangerous positions. “In fact, when it escalates into an all-out war, it would be much more inconvenient for this side to remain.”

Yumira took a deep breath.

Tonight, an all-out war between the Nobira Ruins hunter factions unfolds.

If someone asks if they can’t coexist, Yumira will think that person is foolish.

‘If you are pushed out, you die.’

Stronger power and stronger wisdom will rule over all the ruin hunters of Novira.


The tension did not resolve.

It felt like someone was walking a tightrope above my heart.

It would be easier if you let go of the tight tension, but you absolutely had to not let go until the fight was over.

She knew that Kibo had made his decision thanks to the participation of many other transferees besides her. The transferees also try to stand against Heka’s evil deeds.

Yumira felt grateful to them.

Perhaps the power gathered now is the best and greatest.

‘Tonight it will be decided who will be the owner of Nobira. Calm down, Mira. ‘I have to protect Kibo.’

But then.


“Huh… Huh… Mr. Kibo, Mr. Shuru….”

The once heated meeting atmosphere became cold again due to the member who suddenly burst through the door.

“What’s going on!”

The member gasped as he heard Kibo yell.

“Huh… Heka moved first. 3 There was a crash at the Third Street bar! No, it hasn’t happened yet…”

“Collision? with whom? “We’re all here?”

“That… I couldn’t see it in detail, but there was a man with golden eyes and a dangerous atmosphere…”

Kibo shouted as soon as he understood what he was saying.

Without thinking long, the person who collided with Heka was the Snowman who had made a deal with Kibo.

The mysterious helper was targeted.

“From now on, this unit will attack Doju! “Yumira!”


“You, Recruit Jirmo and the others and go to 3rd Avenue! He is probably still holding out!”

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