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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 52

Episode 52:

Snowfall was going to the place that Kibo had talked about.

To confirm the information obtained in return for cutting off Heka’s head.

‘By the way, time is a bit tight…’

During the break, I got caught up in more things than I thought, and now there are only about 15 days left until the next adventure.

And now, I had to use the 15 days to find traces of Chao, but unlike my mind, my body was heading in the wrong place, so I felt impatient.

‘If it seems like it will take a long time, I should postpone it until later.’

The most important thing now was to track Chao’s whereabouts, so there was no need to focus on this information.

But at the same time, Kangseol felt a little excited at the thought of meeting Xiamen, a descendant of Orgo, in person.

‘Is it really that Xiamen?’

Even if things went wrong and he couldn’t get anything from Xiamen like this, Kangseol planned to visit Xiamen.

Xiamen was the trace he left in the eternal world. It may have been a very painful memory for Orgo, but Kang Seol wanted to meet him.

“Where is this place?…”

Even in Nobira, where there were quite few people, Snowfall walked along a distance that was more than just lonely, it was almost eerie.

The surrounding houses were empty, taking up space, perhaps because no one was living there, or for some reason.

– This place is very suspicious;;

– Kibo: Tsk tsk… I got caught

– There’s a place like this in Nobira too.

Snowfall felt ominous and was about to check the surroundings when someone pretended to be there.


He looked back to where the sound came from.

There, a young man of outstanding beauty was watching the snowfall.

‘Tear point…’

Kang Seol quickly caught the young man’s physical features.

A young man with bronze skin and tear spots.

‘Xiamen is right.’

It was just like the Xiamen he remembered as Orgo. Of course, he looked much more mature than then.

As Kang Seol was looking at Xiamen with emotion, he spoke to her.

“I heard what Mr. Kibo said.”

“Was it rude by any chance?”

Xiamen shook his head.

“Adult Kibo is my benefactor. “If it weren’t for him, I would have died with my mouth full of sand.”

I was glad that my faith in Kibo did not fade.

Xia Moon bowed her head to Kang Seol and then turned around and walked away.

“Please follow me. I don’t think we have anything worth talking about standing here.”

“All right.”

It was not common for houses lined up in a row to give off a cool vibe. Unusually, there were no windows, so it was impossible to look inside.

Even in a slum, there are bound to be traces of people staying there.

‘Is there some story?’

With that in mind, Kang Seol followed Xia Mun.

Xiamen entered the house, which had an eerie atmosphere but was set in a rough space.

Then, when Kangseol followed him there, Xiamen showed him where he had placed the tea in advance and then tried to serve it.

“I’m not sure if you’ll like it.”

“Oh, I got kicked.”


“Someone is handing it to me because I don’t eat or drink… It’s an occupational disease, so please understand.”

Xiamen said quietly.

“You are saying the same thing as Master….”


“no. Anyway, the picture got a little strange as the landlord had guests sit down and drink tea alone.”

“It’s not Xiamen’s fault.”


Xiamen drank tea and made eye contact with Snowfall. He was a quiet person.

‘It’s the same as when I was young.’

Unlike children of his age, Ha-moon surprised Kang-seol because he had very few dialogue scripts. Even now, Kang Seol couldn’t believe that such a Xiamen was right in front of him.

“Do you have any problem?”


“Anyway, life is unpredictable. “I thought I would be forgotten like this after being saved by Kibo in the desert… I never thought I would have to pay back my debt to someone I never knew.”

Kang Seol happened to be curious about the story, so she asked.

“Who were you chasing?”

“They were people who coveted the teacher’s belongings. Oh, do you know anything about my teacher?”

I know.

“I tend to know a fair amount.”

“Do you know him before he was given a shameful nickname?”

“…the golden hand rises.”

Since he demonstrated extraordinary abilities in everything he made, it was no wonder that he was given such an extravagant title.

“You are correct.”

“Why are you wondering if I know about you, Master?”

“It gives me great joy to hear his name mentioned by others. “Are you offended?”

“I did it because it felt completely unique.”

Xiamen continued talking.

“When the Master became disillusioned with the world and left, his works had already fallen into the hands of evildoers or his whereabouts were unknown.”

“Is Xiamen still being chased?”

It was Kang Seol’s consideration that prevented the whereabouts of the items from being known.

So that Xiamen can live on its own. Because I knew that if I left something to him, I wouldn’t be able to protect it.

And I knew that if those items remained, it would bother Orgo.

“It was then that I realized that evil is more persistent than good. They kept me under close surveillance. “I wonder if he is living a normal life or if he is in contact with Orgo.”

“Then you ran away.”

“I thought I would give up if I chose the difficult path, but I had no idea that I would end up crossing the desert.”

“I’m so glad I met Kibo.”

“If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been this healthy. “Thanks to you, I was able to settle down here.”

“What you are currently doing is…”

Xiamen smiled bitterly.

And he gave a different answer than Kang Seol expected.

“I have long since forgotten the anvil and the hammer. “I currently run a tea shop in the city.”


“Ah, but regardless of that, grace is grace. I plan to somehow repay the favor I received from Kibo. Now, tell me, Snowman, what you want.”

With Xiamen’s words, a choice came to mind.

[Xiamen asked what you wanted. What would you ask of him?]

1. [Required: Changing Xiamen’s mind] Weapon

2. [Needed: Changing Xiamen’s mind] Armor

3. [Needed: Blacksmith] Passion of the arcane

4. Repairing or strengthening items

. ..

It was a truly miserable choice.

‘Everything is locked.’

Gray options.

Except for one or two of these, they were completely useless.

‘I don’t have time to change Xiamen’s mind.’

Because it was an unexpected reward, Kangseol did not have time to spare.

Now I had a lot to worry about finding Chao, but I couldn’t get hung up on something that had no clue.

Snowfall eventually gave up on making new things and chose another option.

Two items fell out of the window of his belongings.

One was Karuna’s Moonlight Sword, which boasted its sharpness, and the other was a dented helmet.

[Helmet of Control (Destroyed)]


Abomination Appropriate level: None

Defense: 0

Durability: 0/0

Weight: 5kg

A helmet made using spirit stones, a rare material. The creator’s resentment took over and it became corrupted. It is now completely destroyed, and even if it is restored to its original state, its full strength will not return.

Basic Abilities: None.

Special Abilities: None.

This helmet was obtained from the Hall of Temperance and was a treasure that Borgo was using at the time.


Xiamen seemed to be interested in the object and observed the Moonlight Sword and the Helmet of Control in succession. This passionate side was hidden within him.

‘It’s the same, Xiamen.’

Xiamen gave a thumbs up every time Orgo created a new work.

He remained where Orgo left.

“This helmet is made of spirit stones.”

“you’re right.”

“I think the helmet needs to be thawed again. Even if we were to put it back together like this, it wouldn’t be able to produce even half of the power of the spirit stone.”

“Is that so?”

Xiamen looked away from the helmet and focused on the moonlight sword this time.

Snowfall awaited him. I expected that he would soon show the same reaction as before and start talking to me.



Even after a while, there was no response.


“Why are you doing that?”

“Wait a moment…”

Ha-moon took out a thick book from the bookshelf and checked each page.

Because of that, time passed again.

– Xiamen… That’s why I don’t like Xiamen…

– Do you want to have a private taste?

– It takes a long time;;

Snowfall was as still as if dead.

Finally, after waiting for a long time, Xiamen spoke.

“Where did this… come from?”

“where? “Nothing in particular…”

“Can you tell me?”

It wasn’t that difficult to say, but information about the Moonlight Sword flowed out of Kang Seol’s mouth. It was discovered from ruins on the moon forgotten by people.


“Why are you doing that?”

“There are always records left behind on things. It was created at a certain time and for a certain purpose. And it’s a shame, but I am a person with the insight and eyes to find out such records.”

Kang Seol hesitated and asked back.

“Is there no trace of that on the Moonlight Sword?”

“Yes, how could something like this exist? If Master had seen it, would he have known?”

“Even Master, you probably didn’t know.”



Xiamen’s muttering continued.

“It probably came from before our current civilization.”


“You may find this strange. But obviously, based on my insight, I can only judge it that way. Everything from the material used in the sword to the power contained within it is unknown. And the most questionable thing is that an unprecedented power is acting in opposition to the power of the sword.”

“What do you mean?”

“In short, it means that the power of the sword is being suppressed. “Perhaps these techniques engraved on the sword are suspicious.”

Kang Seol did not intend to ask Xia Moon about the source and history of the Moonlight Sword. Therefore, it was not right to worry about this issue over and over again.


“I’m very interested! Can you tell me who might be using this? “I don’t think you are Snowman?”



Karuna, a trustworthy knight, stood next to Kangseol.


“you’re right. “This is what this guy uses.”

“It’s a sword used by shadows… interesting.”

“Which of the two items would you like to keep?”

If you choose the Moonlight Sword, he will ask you to strengthen the sword, and if you choose the Helmet of Control, he will ask you to repair the helmet. Even if the helmet of control lost its strength, it was impossible to force it to create a new object.

But Xiamen made a completely unexpected decision.

“I will take care of both.”


“I became interested. “With this sword.”

Then why did he decide to take charge of the helmet when he could just take charge of the sword?

As Kang Seol looked at the helmet of control with that thought in mind, Hamun said.

“If it was a request I wasn’t interested in, I would have declined the pitch. But I’ve just caught fire, so I’ll take the pitch.”

“I only have 15 days, Xiamen.”

“Fortnight is enough. Leave it to me. “I may be one of the few people on the continent who can awaken the power dormant in this sword.”

“…All right.”

* * *

When Kang Seol left the sword and helmet and left, Xia Mun took them and headed somewhere.



The place he headed was the basement.

Of course, it was no ordinary basement.

The basement was connected by a long passageway leading somewhere.


“Phew… It’s been a long time.”

Dusty equipment, anvils, hammers, bellows, and even furnaces.

Contrary to what Ha-moon said about not touching such things anymore, this space was equipped with everything.

These were windowless houses where snowfall was questionable.

In Xiamen, the inner walls of houses were joined together to form one huge blacksmith shop.

What he brought here was not only the Helmet of Control and the Moonlight Sword.


A sword that emits a five-colored light.

It was truly a beauty that would take one’s soul away just by looking at it.

The name of this object is ‘Storm.’

It was the first work of his teacher, Orgo.

The grade was great for a first work, but it was a ‘treasure’ grade that was bound to be a little shabby among the precious items scattered around the continent.

The reason why Xiamen was chased by his pursuers was not just for the vague reason that he might know the whereabouts of his teacher’s belongings. It was also because of the only legacy left to him by his teacher.

“At best, it is a treasure…Why did they try to take this away from me?”

Clap –

He, who had put the storm in his sword sheath, let out a quiet sigh and spoke as if making a promise.

“I will rise and surpass you this time.”

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