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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 586

Chapter 586

There is no end to suffering.

From the moment she was born, whenever the wind blew, her entire body was torn apart, causing unbearable pain.

It hurts… damn…

so painful…

I am small.

The universe is very big compared to that.

I am small in the universe.

A being worse than dust.

Worthless and useless.



I am great!

Better than these stars! Even better than the galaxy!

Look at this! It’s getting bigger…

Uh… crashing.

…It’s falling!


The woman lowered her head and vomited out her water.

“Cough… Cough… Haa… Ha….”

After catching her breath a restraint is placed in her mouth.


A state where you can’t say anything.


She was in the middle of being tortured.

Even though no facts or information can be divulged.

Because I don’t know anything.

Her tormentors have long since realized that fact, too. Nonetheless, her torture continued.

A torture that creates a sense of exaltation to become a transcendent being and then makes you realize that you are worse than dust in the universe.

What is truly scary is that a future is envisioned where we will face such fears again in the future.

If you drop it, do it from a higher place.

Among those imprisoned in Heroing, it is a form of torture that is only used on those who have committed extremely serious crimes.

“Prisoner number 1072291. This is the final trial. From now on, you will be escorted to the courthouse.”


What is coming has come.

final trial.

The terrible things she did will not be forgiven.

Perhaps because what she had done had a huge impact, quite a few noble people took charge of the trial.

Space Council.

That is why, despite her status as a prisoner, she is grooming herself and removing her foul odor from her body.


She, along with her numerous frigates, was transported in her convoy.

Transfer was impossible.

Spatial coordinates are confidential to exclude the possibility of the council being targeted.

That’s how she enters the courtroom.

“We will proceed with the trial of prisoner number 1072291 on numerous charges including disturbing the order of the universe. seating.”

The trial proceeds.

A restraint that covers the mouth of a criminal.

The only thing that can move is the eyes.

Although I was frustrated, there was nothing I could do.

The members of the council did not consider this a big deal until today when they were deciding her treatment.

A ripple in the peace that has existed since the creation of the world.

Her defender gave up defending her.

Delivered to her trial, she is a delicious dish brought to her table.

It will be broken down into forks and knives and used as a propaganda tool for the Council.

Probably described as the worst criminal in the universe.

Paying the price for my sins wasn’t unfair.


As she glared at the Council with empty eyes, the Council instructed.

“Release the prisoner’s restraints.”

There was no response of ‘but’ or ‘but’.

The will of the council is absolute.

No one could protest or express an opinion.

It’s a pretty old-fashioned order.


The only thing that was released was the subordinate’s restraint.

It looks like they are expecting you to make a lot of noise and blame them.

“Ah… ah… hmmm… Respected council elders. Nice to meet you. “It’s Janet.”


She had bet on her infinite birth and seemed to have failed.

“It looks good.”

“Isn’t this a crime committed by arrogance?”

“It is your destiny to ask for forgiveness there.”


“Is that something you want to ask me?”

“Once the trial is over, you will be thrown into the depths of Heroing. “Days more painful than any torture I’ve ever experienced await me.”

“Scared… what should I do?”

She said that and looked around.

The judge was leaning against the wall, watching the trial.

Escape is impossible.



“I will give you enough time… so you will definitely regret it.”

Janet’s eyes were filled with reverence.

“You sought to destroy the order of the universe by pursuing the vain value of freedom.”


“The order of the universe is nothing short of truth. If you don’t follow the rules, there will be only chaos. Is it chaos you desire? Do you deny the omnipotence of fate?”

Janet answered neatly.

“I deny it.”


“You still haven’t come to your senses.”

The council expressed its displeasure.

Anyone who was in charge of torturing her would probably experience harsh hardships.

“Why? Even though I was defeated and torn apart like that. “Look at yourself now.”

A low position looking up at the council.

“That is your position.”

“Without knowing….”

“…Speak straight.”

“Don’t make conclusions without knowing anything.”


The council’s face hardened.

Janet continued to vomit.

“You who have had it all from the moment you were born do not know… You say that the legitimacy of your existence is fate, and that the authority to rule you hold in your hands also comes from fate. As if it were omnipotent! “As if we don’t allow even the slightest doubt!”

She didn’t stop talking like a devil.

“They build a fence in a narrow area and push us into the fence. They say this too is fate. “The fence you built… is said to be the entire universe.”

“Are you trying to deny that it’s the right thing to do? “It is a path for order.”

“Order… Order… Order!”

As she became increasingly aggressive, the gods, including her judge, watched her closely.

“The order you speak of is not a stable state. It just… stopped. “Even the last remaining will to resist has been trampled upon… It’s just a state where it can’t even budge.”

“…What can you do? It is your destiny to be ruled.”

Destiny Order.

A basis for being imposed according to the will of the ruler.


The council laughs.

There is no beauty in that smile. There is only ugliness.

They have no value other than the animals they live to dominate.

Janet suddenly asked someone else.

Judge, do you think the same?


“You asked me. Right?”

– What would you do if there was a universe that was closer to perfection and greater than the one I exist in, or if there was another universe that ruled over us?

What he asked Janet.

He also answered like this:

– I will take it away. And you will get it.

“Are you also… just hoping to get your fate in your hands and just afraid?”

Since they only wanted to rule, they did not stand up to their rulers.

To become the next ruler.

Domination will only continue.

“Whoever destroys it… won’t appear.”

As Janet chanted, the council spoke.

“Regret your choice.”

“That is the way to atone. To the order that has been corrupted by you.”


“I didn’t sin. The choice… you just forced it on me.”

She turned on her back, her body shaking.

Her audience is there.

“You know, everyone here… Does anyone have any objection to my ruling?”



“It’s wrong! “I didn’t sin!”

She is silent.

Being outside of her council’s eyes means that you could end up in the same situation as her.

A hopeless situation.

But finally Janet couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing.


She laughed as she held her stomach.

“Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahaha!”

I laughed until my vocal cords hurt.

“Keluk… hahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahaha!”

It’s crazy. She just laughs like crazy.


“…Hey. “It was my last chance.”


“I give you… last chance.”

“Have you gone crazy? There is no salvation for you.”

This is a dimensional gap.

Hidden universe.

In order to save her, she must break through all the boundaries the council has built.

Even if there is such a move, her trial will probably be over before they reach the court.

Does she believe in miracles?

Does she hope for salvation?

It’s completely absurd.

she muttered.

“A mysterious magic was born in a distant universe. “Our secret, quiet discovery.”

“…What are you talking about?”

“You lost your mind. “I will make a ruling…”

“If you remember. “You can come visit me anytime.”


Great wizard.

Your magic even imagines the universe.

“Okay, if you remember…”



A strange sound echoed in the courtroom.


It’s so scary!

All the lights in the courtroom blinked.

“What… what’s going on!”

“I’m sorry! “There is something huge… something…”

“I didn’t receive the report!”


“Here… there is an overwhelming world.”


“I hope that your positions will not change.”


She held out her palms forward.

A strange pattern began to form on one of her palms.

Lip marks.

A trace left in the last encounter with snowfall.

She wishes and does not wish.

Just prepare.


The lips change into the black teeth of an animal.

A beast in the palm of your hand that opens its mouth as if it will tear open.

Oh my…

It spits out a huge amount of shadows.


“Ahahahahahaha! Ahahahahaha!”

Janet’s laughter mingled with the screams of the audience.


“What are you doing!”

“get out! outside….”

the council shouted.

“Judge andaaaaaan!”

The judge frowned and looked at something that appeared in Janet’s palm.

A black man stands in front of her.

“It’s no guys.”

“You must escape quickly!”

Liberation Front tent.

Despite their appearance, the audience is still in an uproar.

“Be silent.”

The place becomes quiet.

The sound disappears with a single word from the man in black.

Liberation Front tent.

“Be silent.”


The place suddenly becomes quiet.

Janet held out her wrists.



The restraints that bound her wrists were cut off by black light.

“It’s sore… Hahaha! Say hello! “My overdue credit payment just arrived.”


she says

“I’ll give you time.”

Janet looked in danger at any time, but not now.

She gained her freedom by the side of the black man.

“It’s okay to regret it.”

“Judge! Come forward!”



The Judge exercised his power as the loser of the universe.


His sword was engulfed in light.

[The judge uses Holy Season: Supernova.]

That moment.


The light disappeared in an instant.

The Judiciary and the Council noticed what had just happened and turned to the man in black.

The great emperor of infinity.

Anyone who steps into his territory is not protected.

There are no rules there.

Emperor Kangseol says:

“With this ruling….”

The judge freezes.

“I have objection.”

Janet said, shivering as the feeling of release coursed through her body.

If you say that surrendering to fate is the only way…

“Look carefully! this….”

Yeah, this one…

“It will be a new destiny for you!”

* * *



Where are we?

I’ve been watching the snowfall…

– Ah… can you see it? Hey, can you see it?


What are you?

What is that floating thing?


– Damn it… I was found out.


– I mean us.


That can’t be… I don’t know you?

– Shhh, it’s a curtain.


“Gotcha! Kahahahaha!”



– Wow!


– Wow…

What what! They’re all killing it!

That white-haired woman… a fairy… you…


Ahh! don’t do it!

“huh? “This guy…is the color different from those guys?”

okay! that’s right!

I am not!

I was just… watching you guys.

Damn…what happened…





Stop your sister!

“Karuna, this guy. “Something…strange?”

“…I guess he’s a wanderer.”


“Didn’t you hear from Milan?”

“…What did Milan say without me?”

“Milan has never been left out in the first place.”

“…Can you explain again?”


okay! You must have misunderstood something, right?


“Let’s take him first. “You just have to ask what to do when the Emperor comes.”


Wait… where are you going?

Where are you taking me?



“Your body is cold, so let’s put it near the fire.”

“I feel like I can’t even talk, is that always the case?”

“I didn’t listen that closely. “All I can say is to be careful because you may encounter wanderers…”

“What is a wanderer?”

“Dimension wanderer. …This guy has probably been watching us for quite some time.”

“Ugh… I hate it! you!”

Don’t grab it!

“Since when have you been watching us?”



“Um… I can’t answer.”

“It’s probably because of the influence of this place. “It is a place where the power of the great emperor has not yet taken control.”



Warm… asleep…

“They were here.”

“How are you?”

Jamard! Ur! Tancia!

Everyone was there! You were worried!

But I’m so sleepy…






what? what?

A weapon!?

“So you’re going to say that our journey is going wrong?”

“…even if it wasn’t intentional, gradually.”

“gibberish! Have you forgotten what we had to experience? Are you going to blame me for all that?”

“I am….”



Why are you guys fighting?

More than that… what are you talking about?

“Obviously… life made a wrong choice.”

“It is meaningless to blame the process after the results are out. Also, have you forgotten that that process created the current emperor? “If the process was that important, we wouldn’t have gotten this far!”

“Don’t say results are everything! Even though a massacre clearly occurred, it is wrong to take it for granted!”

[You got caught up in a discussion without even knowing what was going on. How should the process be approached for great results?]

1. Results are important. Good results ultimately make the process fair too!

2. You shouldn’t focus only on the results. If the process is ignored, even if the result is good, it is meaningless.

3. Everyone is mistaken. In the end, it just depends on the situation. A bad process does not necessarily bring only good results, and a good process does not necessarily bring only bad results.

4. Don’t think of process and results as bundled together. Even if the process is good, if the results are bad, you should be criticized for the results. Even if the results are good, if the process is bad, you should be criticized for the process.

what’s this?

“If you’re talking about weapons, then you’re saying that the lives Kodon exterminates for your own life don’t matter?”


“okay. Without Kodon, there would have been no great emperor, and Pandea and the Earth would have perished. “In the end, you’re full.”

“Hehehe… That’s extreme! “Well, I don’t really care.”

Thaliad… If you’re going to do that, just stay quiet….

“I… I think Codon’s ideas are dangerous. “Because it’s too extreme.”

Azran! Is that really the case?

Because Codon is crazy.

Yes, that’s it….

“It’s too harsh on Mugina.”

what? Are you… Charlie?

“Charlie, you think differently?”

“It’s not as extreme as Mugina, but… it’s different from you.”

“Which part?”

“How much should we tolerate?”

“What do you mean?”

“Cordon is the one who exterminated all humans in an era. Of course, I agree that it’s dangerous. “Of course it seems like obvious evil, right?”

“Say what you want to say until the end.”

“But there are guys similar to Kodon.”

“A similar… guy?”


“That guy Jin was the same way.”


“And Yasha Yurim also killed many people, but in the end, it gave the Great Emperor the strength to move forward.”

“…Yes, that’s right.”

“Finally… heartbreak.”


“Grief kills people too. “That’s quite a lot.”


“But everyone fought for freedom. They are all bearers of sin. “I wonder if among those who criticize Mugina, there are some who have forgiven one of these three?”

[Have you forgiven someone? If you have forgiven, is it because of the magnitude of your sin? Or is it because of the attachment of the relationship?]

1. Doomsday codon. He started this war, but without him he couldn’t have won the war. A fighter who fought for true freedom.

2. Taeyang Jin Audem Montra. If the emperor had not made a decision, he would not have ascended to heaven.

3. Yasha Yurim. Yurim provided great help to the Great Emperor during his most distressed time. The wars of the times were also largely influenced by the power left behind by Confucian scholars.

4. Grief, the sword that separates fate. It’s heartbreak! Grief isn’t bad! The reason why Bitan killed him was… there must have been some reason.

“Hmm… I guess that’s why it’s hard to say for sure.”

“It’s a difficult story. “Let’s put that aside for now.”

Okay… then.

Let’s talk about something else.

“…Have we escaped our destiny?”

Oh please… who is it again this time?

…It’s Milan?

“what are you talking about?”

“Even though the rules of the universe have been broken, is it true that the Great Emperor has achieved true freedom?”

[Do you think life has reached true freedom?]

1. The birth of a great emperor was just another fate.

2. There is no need to go all the way to the birth of a great emperor. From the birth of codons.

3. Destiny Destiny! How long are you going to just play fate? Fate was broken long ago! The Great Emperor created a universe where fate does not exist!

4. I only defeated the enemies I could see. What if more dangerous, more secret entities are orchestrating it? Maybe fate is something we can never escape from?

Oh, my head hurts.

“But what is he?”


me? Are you talking about me?

“Ah, this guy….”

“The great emperor is coming.”



I can’t breathe…

That is the Infinite Emperor….


“Are you a wanderer?”

“that’s right! “I found it.”


Why aren’t you answering?

But… the Emperor’s eyes look empty.

It’s an illusion… right?

I’m so tired…

“The territory was taken. “I pushed away the fate around me.”


Oh yeah!

I see!

What you showed me just now was fate.

The Emperor is still fighting…

“Before we do anything about this guy, I want to ask you guys and this guy one thing.”

Pin what…

“What was this journey like for you?”

Jamard, are you talking first?


Karen Karuna!

Please answer too.


“To me…”

It’s fun to see so many answers coming out.

Everyone is different, right?


iced coffee!

I can’t speak!

“I think I know who you are.”

You know me?


eye! Don’t look at them like that!

It’s burdensome….

“I ask you.”

We had a lot of discussion!

With your companions!

“What was this story about to you?”




Why are you all disappearing?

Are you going back to the shadows?

…Is that so?

Why do you disappear like smoke like that?

That can’t be possible… they all came back to life.

That’s what it is, right?

…If not, the empty eyes of the great emperor…

“You must have watched everything. “Our journey.”

great emperor.

No snowfall.

…that’s right. I watched everything.

“Answer me.”



The words come out.

at las!

I can now speak.

Before that, I want to ask you a question.

“…For you?”


He smiles.


…Then I’ll answer too.

“I am….”

Snowfall Is this the answer you wanted?

“is it….”

Snowfall I…




– Completed –

Author Review

Hello, this is Wang Mochi.

Only after two years of holding on to this article have I been able to tell my complete story.

I have a strict mindset that the writer should not reveal his or her presence in the writing while writing.

I am concerned that if my presence is revealed in the writing, the readers’ immersion will be interrupted and they will think through the filter of me.

The imagination that unfolds in writing is infinite, but the moment the reader recognizes that the writing was written by an author, the author’s thoughts take priority.

Anyway, let’s move on to the story related to this article.

This article is about my struggle with denial.

Can’t there be a remake of a TRPG? The main character has no choice but to act passively. In order to satisfy the pleasure of reward and vicarious satisfaction, various emotions must not be added. The reader must not be made to think. The previous story must not be used for the next story.

And so on.

I ignored everything and wrote it down.

This violates the first rule that a commercial writer must never forget:

Write articles that make money.

Even the second rule was violated.

Write down anything that doesn’t make money quickly and get rid of it.

The reason why this kind of adventure was undertaken must go back quite a long time.

I remember the title of the first article I wrote when I first decided to become a writer.

‘Memoirs of the Black King.’

It was quite an arrogant piece of writing that did not fit the format of a web novel. I remember it was in the form of a dark person who had been through many hardships telling a story about the past while recalling what had happened.

I wrote this article by myself, about 100 episodes of 5,000 characters each.

I published it serially on a serial publication, and only 10 people saw it.

The number that includes me…

The Black King disappeared into my heart before I could even start talking.

After I became a writer, the dark king of writing often came to me.

He stuck out like a thorn and stained my writing black.

One day, I suddenly came to my senses and realized that the story of this work was indistinguishably similar to that thorn.

That’s why I stuck with it until the end, even though it was a difficult piece to write at the time.

The idea was to pull out the thorn this time.

Fortunately, I was selected at once.

Let’s stop talking about thorns and talk about something else.

This time it’s about choice.

Written as a commercial novel, it is written to provide pleasure and pleasure to readers by eliminating all unnecessary things.

This article was not like that.

If you tell me that it’s because I can’t write, I’ll nod my head and deny it.

There is one example I would like to give.

The question is whether this is a glorification of villains or criminals.

Surprisingly not.

In the story, increasingly dangerous things happen.

It starts with Gunt.

It makes the village sick.

He may have had some unfortunate experiences as a child, but he certainly seems evil.


He killed quite a few humans.

Yasha Yurim.

Although she had an emotional connection with the protagonist, she was also a vicious murderer.

Both the Sun Emperor Jin and Kodon have committed great mistakes.

However, readers, haven’t you already forgiven one of these characters in your heart?

And has the target committed the smallest mistake among these?

If not, it’s very fun.

I was hoping that opinions would be divided.

I actually wrote it that way.

Some people were often overwhelmed by the highlight parts of the work, while others felt great resistance.

This is by design.

I wrote this with the hope that at least one person would feel rejected.

Then it becomes clear that it is a choice.

Even if you look at the same article, you make different judgments… Isn’t this really the perfect article to choose?

It was an eccentricity that was detrimental to the writing’s performance, but I really wanted to do it.

At that moment, my post was not just in the white window where I wrote it, but also in the comment window of the platform.

It also expands the hearts of our readers.

Now, this is the explanation of the work using the interlude.

Next are some of my recent questions.

What is good writing?

An article that makes you forget the painful reality is definitely a good article.

However, while writing this article, a thought occurred to me: Isn’t writing that makes us face painful reality also good writing?

I hope, presumptuously, that my post will be helpful.

There is so much I want to say.

I hope someone sneaks into my head and spreads a rumor that this author is actually thinking this and that.

The last is all up to you, the reader, to think about, but I would like to tell you about the most important thing I wanted to include in this work.

This is the part about faith.

The more failures a person experiences, the smaller he or she becomes. Other people’s perspectives social universe.

And yourself.

The most painful thing is endless self-loathing and the fear of failure because of it.

The person who is hardest on yourself is yourself.

The person who distrusted himself the most was himself.

I hope that readers who have reached the end of this article will receive a different ending.

Like Mochi Wang, who is now sharing my novel with many people, even though less than 10 people had read it when she first woke up.

I have grown more than before.

When you stumble and fall and feel like you will never get up again, the black man comes to you.

I conclude with my sincere hope that the 31st word will come to readers.

I am leaving the writing that bloomed in winter in winter.

Thank you. It was King Mochi so far.

Epilogue Episode 1

– what?

– I see… I see it!

– I’ve been waiting for this moment!

The time when madness was blocked in his universe through the will of the transcendent Kang Seol goes back about a thousand years from now.

And a thousand years passed.

They once again entered a space that had been cut off.

A universe of purity, uncontaminated by madness and prone to negativity, greeted them.

One question remains.

Why was madness able to visit this universe again?

Is it because the power of snowfall has weakened over a thousand years? Has he now declined to the point where he doesn’t even have the strength to stop the invasion of madness?

But if it isn’t…

Who brought madness into this universe?

* * *


Good profit…


A man stood up in a neatly organized laboratory.

“Finally… I see. “I finally finished it.”

A cool-headed look with white hair and glasses.

It was Ur.

“I don’t know if I wasted too much time on something unbecoming of poetry.”

Questions like this don’t suit him. Because he was the first to be confident and act.

Nevertheless, when Ur has doubts, it is usually not when he is doing something he has to deal with, but when he is doing something that is biased by his own emotions.

In that sense, the name ‘Regret’ was given to the mechanical device completed before our eyes.

Regret is an emotion that ranks high among the mistakes humans make that he despises.

Funny enough, he had those feelings and devoted himself to creating this device.

“…What are you expecting?”

Ur learned that as a result of Snowfall’s fight against the Judge, Pandea and Earth went back in time and finally regained their freedom.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for him to be resurrected.

However, the interesting fact is that, unlike other lives whose souls were reborn through the cycle of reincarnation, he was resurrected as just Ur.

Become stronger than before.

As far as he knew, there were only two such beings on Pandea since the Celestial Struggle.

It’s a little different from the other two, but the old troll Mael, who has already passed away, also experienced a similar phenomenon.

However, he only remembered the snowfall, and nearly hundreds of years had already passed since his life ended and he entered the cycle of reincarnation.

Ur evaluated Mael as having survived for a relatively long time, perhaps because something had gone wrong with his body during the time regression.

After Mael passed away, there were two special beings who remembered the snowfall.

“Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve seen him.”

Ur himself and the ‘guy’ he referred to were overcome with complex emotions when they woke up after the time regression.

This is because not everyone in the world remembered the snowfall.

In that case, it is right for both of them, including Ur, to forget him.

What should I do?

How should we live in the future?

Ur gave an answer.

– I will watch.

I will watch the life of life.

As a watcher and observer.

The remaining person’s answer was as follows.

– I will take care of it.

No… it was her answer.

The two separated because their paths were different.

Perhaps about a thousand years passed.

A thousand years…

It’s almost a thousand years.

For the first mage who lived for eons, a thousand years was just a number, but it was quite a boring time.

He, who had been watching to prevent too much chaos in their lives, realized that they no longer needed his help.

He owes it to her for taking a different path from him.

Now Ur is free.

What should a great mage who has experienced most things in the world live for now?

The answer was in this mechanical device. No, it would be correct to say that it is an engineering device.

“It’s all because of you.”


Scorpio archmage of the great zodiac.

His groundbreaking ideas about ultra-long-distance teleportation still existed in the mind of Ur, which was almost like a library for humanity.

In a more advanced form.

“If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have done this.”

It is transferred using memories and emotions as coordinates.

The hazier the memories and the weaker the emotions, the more difficult it is to coordinate magic power, and if you make a mistake, you may fall into a misaligned space.

That’s why I’m thinking of getting help from this mechanical device.

Because the transference he is trying to do is not an ordinary transference.

River in the meadow.

From city to city.

From country to country.

From continent to continent.

A transition from space to space beyond that.

Of course, this wasn’t possible through Jaune’s idea alone. Another helpful memory.

This memory is not your own, but someone else’s.

Yuriko and Asmodon.

This device was operated properly only after referring to the method used by the magicians of time and fate, later called Kodon, to send a snowman to a distant heaven.

The coordinates have already been fixed.


With the sound of clapping hands, a huge pillar of light rose up.


His appearance disappeared along with the pillar of light.

Where is he headed?

What else is regret?

* * *

Fantasy dream.

A symptom experienced by many people living in modern society.

This hallucinatory dream, which suddenly and explosively emerged at some point, was a bit strange to call a disease.

Fantasy dreams are more vivid than any other dreams and are different from lucid dreams.

It feels like a movie showing what kind of life you lived in another world.

What patients with hallucinatory dreams have in common is that they all have had similar experiences with similar worldviews.

Because it is such a strange thing, it has been a long time since hallucinatory dreams were treated as a mental illness.

Instead, in order to consistently collect data on this, patients must regularly visit designated medical institutions for consultation.

“Uh… so a dragon appeared in your dream today?”


“A dragon flapping its wings?”

“Oh, so a dragon is a dragon, but it feels like all of its strength is gone and it’s drooping?”

“Oh anyway. “He even talked to the dragon?”

“yes. He definitely talked!”

“What did you say?”


Han So-mi forcibly pulled out the memory of a fantasy dream that was about to fade.

– Hello Han So-mi.

‘Do you know my name?’

– We spent time together without knowing it.

‘It’s a lie… it doesn’t make sense.’

– My name is Nier.

‘Ni… er?’

There is no way Han So-mi could remember the name of the first dragon, Nier.

However… that name somehow feels nostalgic yet familiar.

And one thing.

There was a part of me that sensed that it was different from the fantasy dreams I had had so far.

It was different from before that she could move and speak on her own.

‘Nier, why did you come to see me?’

– I have to leave now. The reverberations left in your memory are the last pieces of me.

Han So-mi couldn’t say anything.

The dragon is saying something in front of me and I can’t help but gasp in surprise.

– I have seen both your downfall and your prosperity. And even that sad fate. Nier… was sick.


– Asmodon… Yuriko also achieved what she wanted. But Nier has not achieved it yet. That’s why I came to see you.

‘What are you talking about?’

– I… wanted to give happiness. I wanted to become that kind of person. But I don’t know exactly what happiness is. So… I’m going to leave it to you.

Han So-mi in a dream tilts her head to an unknown word.

– I will give you the power to choose. My last power… the power of my first dragon. I will make a miracle happen for you no matter what, with this power…

The dragon laughed.

He appeared to be smiling.

– Take true happiness with your own hands.

“You mean…”

“Your dragon said that? Really!”

“A typical fantasy dream is like watching a film… but you had a direct conversation?”


The consultant looked embarrassed and adjusted his glasses.


“Eh… Dreams are usually something that you desperately desire, then that’s the way to go…”

“…Anyway, that was it. “All I have to do is leave a record of the consultation, right?”

“…All right.”

I thought you wouldn’t believe it.

Han So-mi quietly grumbles and leaves the clinic.

He looked towards the people sitting in the waiting area and waiting for a consultation and made eye contact with someone.

“uh? sister!”

“Yes, it’s Somi.”

“Mira was next after me.”

Mira Yu laughed.

“Yeah, your voice was really loud. “I could hear it outside.”

“Did you hear me?”

“are you okay. “Because I was the only one.”


“Anyway, I’m going in now?”

“What did you dream about?”

“It’s the same.”


Mira Yu moved one of her arms up and down her body.

“Dream of splitting a person’s head with an axe.”

“…I’ll go.”


Han So-mi, who came out onto the street, wandered in the crowd for a while.


People who were born in this country but miss the world of their dreams.

It was ironic.


The way she walked aimlessly resembled her current life.

She visited a neighborhood park and sat down on the old bench that marked the birth and beginning of the park.


Whenever she feels frustrated about something, she sits here and sighs. Because the bench was located in a remote place, not many people found it.

Filling a large space with lonely thoughts.


“…The earth will disappear in one breath.”

Someone spoke to me.

She recognized that the person she had just spoken to was sitting on a bench, and that there was no sound coming from the old bench when he sat down.

But it disappeared from consciousness in an instant. When she saw her man sitting next to her she recognized him in her long coat and fedora.

Her face… I didn’t see it.

No, even if I saw it, I just forgot it like before.

She said while looking at the empty park in front of her, not at Han So-mi.

“I have concerns.”

“worry? “Why don’t you tell me?”

“Is that so? Hmm…”

Han So-mi felt comfortable with the man sitting next to her, even though it was her first time seeing him.

She somehow felt like she wouldn’t be in danger at any moment if she was with this man.

“I’m not happy.”


“I worked hard… and achieved what I wanted. “I got into the college I wanted, made my parents happy, and… I think I’m enjoying a normal college life that everyone else enjoys.”

“But why?”

“…is this the life I want?”


“I definitely wanted it, but looking back, I feel like I was just following the life other people wanted… and I’m confused.”

“Thoughts are bound to change. “What was right in the past may be wrong in the present.”

Han So-mi sat down and listened to her man.

“Thoughts are not fixed. In the past, I thought I could accomplish anything on my own. But… now I realize that was a stupid idea.”


The man looked at Han So-mi.

Although she didn’t notice.

“I have achieved everything in my life and at the same time lost everything. “What will I be bound to now that I have found freedom?”

Spit out bitter words.

“It’s a memory. Life has become addicted to remembering. I want to go on an adventure again… “I hate to admit it, but this is how I have changed.”

Lonely… lonely words.

“I dream of being with the guys from back then… who don’t exist anymore.”

“It’s an adventure…”

At those words, Han So-mi suddenly recalled a fantasy dream.

“Ah, if it’s an adventure… the kind of thing that comes in dreams.”


“Sometimes I have similar dreams over and over again. “I dream of going on an adventure with cool colleagues.”

“Was that dream fun?”

“It’s really a dream….”

What was it like?

What did it mean?

Han So-mi there laughed and cried as she pleased. That… I was really jealous.

“He looked happy. “Much more than me.”

“…Han So-mi.”


I felt a sense of déjà vu, as if I had suddenly come back to my senses.

“Do you know my name?”

“Then I heard it myself.”

“…did I tell you?”

Her sense of déjà vu grew even stronger.

“It’s time to say goodbye. I can’t afford to stay any longer. “One last thing before I leave… I didn’t hear your answer back then, so I want to hear it this time.”

the man asked.

“…How do you feel about time travel?”

“Of course it was the best! …what?”

Words that jump out as if they were predetermined answers. Why? Time travel…

At that moment, Han So-mi got a huge headache.

“Ugh… my head….”

With special memories imprinted on her soul.

– …Then let’s go back. name is?

– yes?

– Your name.

– Ha Han So-mi. Did you not know my name?

– A name only has meaning when you hear it directly from the other person.


– I change.

– That’s me. Take your advice. and….

A memory so strong that it makes you lose your mind.

– My name is the mage of Ursicho.


When Han So-mi turned pale and looked to her side, her man was no longer there.

She hurriedly turned her head and looked toward the park, but luckily the man was standing there.


“You seem to be doing well.”

“How did you get here…”

“I wish you were happy… I just wish.”

Ur smiled bitterly.

“Me in the distance… and you here too.”

It’s so sad…


The figure of Ur disappeared along with the pillar of light.

Memories that were almost like a aftermath poured out to Han So-mi.

– Pick up the hammer and break that stone.

– …So, how do you feel about time travel?

Memories of the time travel I spent in Star’s End.


– Times change. It’s something I’ve seen over and over again. Most of the people around me died every time the era changed. Well… I haven’t had any regrets so far. but

this time….

– Somehow, I think the next era will be a bit boring without you.

– … Jamaard take her to her next era.


I was out of breath and tears were pouring from my eyes.

All the memories from back then.

Memories that cannot be faced again are like scars.

she wishes

Back to that time again.

please please…

A morning dream that comes to mind at that moment.

– My name is Nier.

Yes you were there!

– I… wanted to give happiness. I wanted to become that kind of person. But I don’t know what exactly happiness is. So… I’m going to leave it to you.

You said you wanted to help me.

– I will give you the power to choose. My last power… the power of my first dragon. I will make a miracle happen for you no matter what, with this power…

If you had predicted all these moments…

– Take true happiness with your own hands.

“Take me… take me!”

There again.

I’m going to go to the middle of the day!

A dragon symbol engraved on her wrist.

It matched the pattern carved in Pandea.

Nier is a dragon who wishes for happiness.

Although that wish did not come true during his lifetime, at least one person now lies under Nier’s wings.

[Niere uses Holy Season: Happy Dragon.]

[As long as you can afford it, the target’s wish will come true.]


A beam of light surrounded Han So-mi.

Epilogue Episode 2

It’s already been a month since Ur met Han So-mi and returned to Pandea.

Immediately after returning, he destroyed the mechanical device he named Miseryeon.

Grumbling about being such a pathetic idiot.

It was an uncharacteristic behavior for him, but now it actually seemed like his behavior.

He has changed.

Either in a good direction or in a bad direction.

“I got caught up in useless tasks, and now I have a lot of backlogged work. “The most urgent one among them is… this one?”

– In this place, there is always war.

– Humans are ugly! Oooh

– trash!

It’s madness.

Madness began to appear in his eyes.


Why did madness, which had not been allowed to visit for a thousand years, reappear?

In this universe… I wonder if something happened to Kang Seol.

Or… maybe someone is planning something using madness again.



He looked up at the night sky.

One star that dyes the sky red.

“Eragon… This is the first time I’ve seen it on such a scale, even though it came without any sign.”

If a star of that size were to crash into Pandea, an unprecedented situation would occur.

“…I have to stop it.”

He opens the door and steps out into the world.

* * *

There is one legend in Pandea.

There is a legend that if you approach the white tree, the giant world tree located in the center of the continent, you will be cursed.

Although legends sometimes contain exaggerations, this is not the case with the legend of the White Tree.

In fact, there are many people who ignored the warning and went there and suffered misfortune.

It can be said that this is a legend that is still alive and well, as the corps that tried to traverse the tree itself experienced great trouble.

Because of this situation, no one approached the white tree.

For a very long time… a place that has been banned because an event so big that it reminds people of the legend once someone forgets it.

A pilgrim was approaching the place where the tree was now.

There were more than one pilgrim who tried to approach the white tree under the pretext of asceticism, so it was an incident that occurred once every few decades.



The pilgrim did not hesitate in his steps, as if he had no idea that such a legend existed here.


The white tree is at the top of the mountain he climbs. He climbed a little further and he could reach the white tree.


Stand tall…

Someone stopped the pilgrim.

– No more, you can’t climb the white tree.

They were the guardians of pure white.

The pilgrim answered them in a heavy voice.

“I have to get up here. “Would you please move out of the way?”

– you….

A voice mixed with regret flowed from the pilgrim’s mouth.

“I came to see an old… friend.”

The guardians looked at each other and hesitated. This is because I realized who the pilgrim was and what kind of soul he was inside his shell.


– …Let’s meet. Maybe this too is fate.

The pilgrim smiled and walked up past them.



The pilgrim finally reached the top of the mountain where there was a white tree.


A pleasant breeze created small vortices in the fallen leaves.

There is no curse…

Yes, there is no curse here.

It’s just a legend created to protect the white tree.

Seeds of the morning Seeds of the night.

Two beings who created the wondrous white tree.

The white tree stands tall and protects all beings on this earth.

In this way, it led to the prosperity of a new world.

Pilgrims are different from other invaders who coveted the power of the white tree.

His concern is not the power of the white tree.

There was no way he wanted power maintained through someone else’s sacrifice.

The seed grows into a tree, and the tree grows and bears fruit.

“…You came just in time.”

What he wanted was the fruit of the white tree.



As the pilgrim tuned in, two fruits from the white tree fell to the ground.



A pilgrim approaches the fruit.


The magical power in his hands broke the fruit’s skin.


So so so so so…


The skin of the fruit shattered in an instant, like cracking dry ground.

And the pilgrim was silent for a moment.

The inside of the fruit was empty.


As he was staring blankly at the broken fruit, someone spoke to him from behind.

“no way! Not funny! “You should at least act surprised!”

“Sister… I told you that pranks like this wouldn’t work.”

“What do you think! “It’s been a while, right?”

The pilgrim slowly turned back.

A fairy with red hair and only the white hair that sprouted out separately braided like a crown.

Likewise, a fairy with blue hair and white hair braided like a crown.

People who seemed to only appear in fairy tales were smiling with their arms crossed.

“Yeah… It’s been a really long time, Jamard.”


The pilgrim took off his hood.

Protruding tusks and a scary look.

And even huge size.

The pilgrim who visited this place was Jamad.

After a long period of training, he regained his past memories and strength.

He has come to meet his old companion, the Twin Knights.

It was a conversation full of laughter, but in fact, there were other emotions behind it.

It is sadness and longing.

Jamaard spread his arms slightly.

“Old friend.”

He grinned and hugged the twin knights with both hands.

“Ugh! “Break your back!”

“Let go! …Warning!”

Jamaard finally finished his troubles and returned to his original place.

Now he is comfortable.

The twin knights in his arms stopped moving and asked.

“Everything… is over?”


Karen shed tears at Jamard’s words.

“Thank goodness… thank goodness….”


“Everything went well.”

“There was a tough fight. but….”

Jamard responded with a cool smile.

“I overcame it in the end.”


“You did it, Jamard. And… snowfall.”

When Snowfall’s name came out, Jamard’s face quickly hardened.


“Now that I think about it, the snowfall didn’t come together? “How much time has passed since we went to sleep?”

Jamard… seemed frozen as he stood, unable to continue his words, and then began to speak with difficulty.

“Snowfall… has left.”


“What is that…”

“Carrying all the burden… became an umbrella to protect life from fate.”

That must be….

“Just like the choice you made.”


“It’s all true.”

“No… no, that can’t be…”

Karen’s body was shaking violently.

She begins to sob with her whole body.

Her crying hardly subsided.

“Then why… did you wake us up, Jamard?”


“I heard everything was put back in place thanks to that guy’s sacrifice? But why…”

Jamard said firmly.

“What we have gained is only half freedom.”


“At least that’s what it means to you and me who are involved in this fight.”

“That means….”

“We will fight. You have to fight. “By his side.”

he asked the twin knights.

“I intend to continue the struggle.”

“Even though it would ruin the freedom we have gained so long ago?”

“True freedom comes from struggle. Leaning on someone is something I don’t want to do. and….”

He chuckles.

“The arrogant guy forgot to leave this body behind.”

Karen has now stopped crying.

“Can you…help me?”

The twin knights ask.

“…What should I do first?”

“When do you plan to start?”

* * *

“Come with me!”

“The road is a bit rough. “Have you lived in a place like this, Jamard?”

They have traveled a long way and are in a new place. During the trip, Jamard talked a lot with the twin knights.

“Hey… heaven? “I want to go.”

“It was heaven in name only, but the sight I actually saw was nothing short of hell.”

“…is it that much?”

“I guess it was because I was pushed into that situation.”

They traveled on horseback and enjoyed the trip itself.

Karen’s playfulness continued even as she moved to avoid the rain.

She imitated her frog, which came out to catch her rain.

“Look at this frog! Buu-! “How do they look alike?”

“They don’t look alike at all.”

“That’s a harsh review!”

“Let’s give points for effort.”

“Thank you so much! Tsk…”

Karuna picked up the frog from her side.

“Sister, look at this.”


“frog. Boo-woo-woo-!”

Karuna retorted her joke.

“Phew…what is that!”


The twin knights looked at Jamard in surprise.

“…Are you laughing now?”

“Can’t I smile?”

“No… that’s not it.”

No one would have guessed that the day would come when Jamard would laugh at a lame joke.

Even if the soul of life enters the cycle of reincarnation, it is engraved like an imprint and hardly changes even after reincarnation.

Just getting rid of your old and worn-out body and getting a new one.

Life simply does not remember it, so it regards reincarnation itself as a new birth.

In contrast, Jamad or those close to him are no different from before reincarnation because they recalled the memories engraved in their souls through practice.

In other words, Jamard was not reborn through reincarnation… but he himself changed.

Big events have a big impact.

A big shock changes many things.

The change that happened to Jamard is just one of them.

“I’ll tell you in advance, Jamard, don’t do this. “Because you won’t smile.”

“…That’s a bit unfortunate.”

“Hehe… Anyway, the weather is nice.”

“…I’m just trying to avoid the rain.”

“I just like it. just….”


The three looked like drowned mice, but were smiling brightly.

“Everything… is good.”


“It feels like I’m back to the way things were before. …Is it strange?”

“No, it’s not strange.”

“I thought about it when I fell asleep in the white tree.”

Karen said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“When I wake up… everyone will be there. “Everyone… will tell you that they’ve been waiting…”


“Well, that’s what it is.”

Jamard said after rising high into the lead.

“You’ve arrived.”

“…were you not listening at all?”

“I heard that, but I tend to focus on reality rather than complaining.”

“What a complaint! “I’m just thinking about this and that.”

Karuna asked Jamad.

“Then why did you come here?”

“Do you know where this is?”

“Of course I don’t know.”

“Of course I don’t know.”

When they both answered at the same time, Jamard explained.

“It is a sharp rock mountain.”

“Oh that!”

“This was the home of my people who served Tancrid, Mother Earth… the Rock Mars. “Well, it’s a story from the past.”

“It’s different now, right?”

“It’s different because history has changed several times. This mountain also changed hands just as often. but….”

Jamard tapped his temple.

“I was born here during several reincarnations.”

“Why is that?”

“It was fun. “As I recall, I realized that even around that time, there was a tribe worshiping Mother Earth settled on this sharp rocky mountain.”

“Jamade, you must have been part of that tribe too?”

“Yes. “I couldn’t remember it at the time.”

Karen, who was continuing her thoughts, tilted her head.

“But why is that?”

“The tribe had a ritual. “The ritual involves calling on Mother Earth, their protector.”

“…is it possible? “Do you know how far away it will be?”

“Of course, that would be the case… but there’s nothing you can’t do. “Because she is the biggest and fastest being in the world.”

When I waved my hand at the top of the mountain, something flew in the form of powder.

Karen and Karuna could not take their eyes off the magic they were seeing for the first time.


As Jamard performed the ritual while muttering, the powder slowly took on color and rose into the sky.



Soon, an aurora appeared in the night sky.

“You can see it and feel it anywhere.”




Suddenly it started raining.


“…Is this also a ritual?”

“No, I didn’t expect this.”


Rain suddenly pouring down hard as if there was a hole in the sky.

It’s heavy rain.

“…Wouldn’t it be better to leave the place?”

“…Maybe so.”

It was then.


The three gaze at the sky, watching the lightning strike.

But what was hoped for did not happen.

Mother Earth was nowhere to be seen in the sky.

“Isn’t this ritual wrong?”

“Why do you think that?”

“If it’s a tribal thing, wouldn’t it be hundreds of years ago? “The owner of this mountain must have changed several times during that time.”

“You are right. but….”

Jamard laughed.

“She will remember. “The owner of the mountain has changed several times…”


“There was always only one Mother Earth.”



The mountains and rivers began to tremble.

All nature stepped aside and trembled.




A being that never appeared in the sky.

A huge ancient dragon slowly emerges from the bottom of a cliff.

Even compared to Tancred in its heyday, it is several times larger in size.

The three were overwhelmed by the wings and atmosphere that seemed to be studded with stars in the sky.

A unique being who escaped reincarnation with Ur.

Mother Earth, who has lived for a thousand years.

“Mother Earth….”



The dragon just looked down at Jamard indifferently and did not react.


“Tansia Indeed… it was a long silence.”


“I remembered everything. “Your loneliness… is over.”

With those words, the dragon’s face distorts.

– Uuuuuu….

“Let’s go together.”

It didn’t even take a single breath for the giant dragon to transform into a tiny child.

Tan Sia jumps up and hugs Jamaard, who opens her arms.

“Aaaaaaaaa uncle! “You remembered me!”

– Hmm… do you know my name?

– Isn’t this Tansia?

– …I haven’t thought of it yet.

In her Jamad’s memory, her Tan Sia had pretended to know him many times, but to her pity, he could not remember her at the time.

Her twin knights hugged Tan Sia.

“Tansia… It was Tansia.”

“You’ve grown wonderfully, Tansia.”

“Ugh! Where are you going now? “I… I’m scared of losing everyone now!”

Even though a thousand years had passed, her disposition remained the same.

She is the Earth Mother, whom everyone in Pandea respects, but to the three of them, she feels like nothing more than a child.

Just like back then.

Yeah, just like back then.

Epilogue Episode 3 (Complete)

It has been three days since the party arrived at Eragon’s expected crash site.

There were no signs of a fall yet.

Jamard was once again telling them what to do next.

“Are you trying to use the power of Eragon to fall?”


“Hmm… That reminds me of immortality.”


Another name for an era meteor.

The immortal once used Eragon’s power to revive the fallen Montra Empire.

“No matter how much I think about it, I can’t picture a good ending? “Does Eragon have that much power?”

“An ordinary Eragon would not be like that at all.”

Jamard continued.

“It is a grotesquely large Eragon. “If you use this power, you can instantly create miracles beyond common sense.”

“Isn’t that… too dangerous?”

“…I won’t deny it.”


Karen asked Jamard.

“By the way… we haven’t seen any signs yet, so why did we head here so early?”


Jamard smiled.

“I guess I was expecting an unexpected meeting.”

“…no way?”

His prediction soon became a reality.

* * *

A few days later, someone visited their location.

“…This is troublesome.”

A man who looks at the four people and expresses disapproval.


“It’s still the same, Tansia.”

She clings to her Ur and rubs her face.

Her cry didn’t necessarily push her away.

He then looked at his twin knights and Jamard and said.

“Everyone gathered in one place. “I expected that, but…”

Ur had gone into hiding, so Jamaard could not find him.

Then all you have to do is call him out.

There was no way he wouldn’t come here after discovering Eragon’s abnormal symptoms.


“long time no see.”

“It’s been a while, Ur.”

“Yeah, it’s been… a long time.”

As Ur exchanged greetings with them, he realized one thing.

“The corners of your mouth are weird!”

It was just as Tansia said.

Surprisingly enough, without even realizing it, a gentle smile had not left my face since I came here.

No, I noticed that they were all gathered in one place and I had to accelerate my pace a little… I realized.

“…I, too, am helpless.”

Jamard expected to meet him again, but he did not expect to meet them.

I thought I would endure the ordeal alone this time, just like the times I had passed by.

But I never thought they would come together to share memories at this time.

“Indeed… that’s why.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why is Eragon so huge? “Now I understand.”

Transcendents were born on Pandea.

Did Eragon’s grotesquely large presence call them together?

It is meaningless to consider the sequence of events.

Perhaps their gathering itself may be the reason why Eragon became so great.


Tansia called Ur.

“Why did you come here?”

“That’s to minimize the damage to Eragon…”

At that moment, Ur noticed something.

“…They’re targeting Eragon.”

Jamaard nodded his head.

“Why? “Even if you have that much power, is it still not enough?”

“You know it’s not because I want power.”


It was not difficult for Ur to guess the reason why they had gathered in one place.

“Are you planning on finding him?”

The only person who is not here.

A person I definitely want to meet again.

“I think so.”

“impossible. “What do you think of him?”

Ur explained that this plan itself was meaningless.

“Eragon’s power is not preserved. Perhaps the force is maintained only immediately after or during the fall. Of course, that power is not ordinary, but…”

Karuna asked.

“Why do you say it can’t be done?”

“Finding snowfall… is not something that can be done with magical power alone. “What do you think of him?”

Karen and Karuna did not fully know what happened in heaven, so they could not have predicted it easily.

“…He would have become a completely different being from what we knew.”


“Wilding a power more powerful than that of God… fighting against beings even greater than that…”

Ur bites his lip.

“I became someone who could bear all that responsibility and suffering alone.”

“…Is that really the case?”

Jamad had doubts about Ur’s thoughts.

“Can he really handle it all on his own?”


“It can’t be possible. “No one can do that.”

Ur was speechless.

Actually, I know.

It was just the truth behind it that couldn’t be said out loud.

“I… have no intention of leaving him alone.”

“Even though you don’t want our help…?”

“Yes, even if that were the case. Power… tends to expand. “Just as he was nothing at first, we too may be able to reach him someday.”

Yeah just…

I wanted to be together.

Just like before again.

Everyone envisions that future.

“Just knowing that he exists somewhere out there… I can’t bear it.”


Ur also wanted to meet him again at some point.

He ended up thinking that he had become unreachable.

“As expected… it is dismissed.”


“I’m not talking about intention. There is no method.”

Ur explained this in detail to the group.

“Eragon is pure power itself. If you want to find out where the snowfall is, you can’t do anything by force alone. We have to transform that power. “That too during the crash or in a short period of time immediately thereafter.”


“There is no way that is possible. “No one…”

At that time, someone suddenly intervened in this conversation.

“Is that… if possible?”


In an instant, everyone’s alertness rose to extremes. Because I expected that no one who knew about snowfall would show up here again.

“What if that is possible?”

If I go there.

The two merge into one… the mask of the apocalypse.



A monster created by Kagon, the Empire of Time and Fate.

That terrible figure appeared again.

Ur said while remaining tense.

“The one who brought madness into this world… was it really you?”

“Insanity… Ah, that is it.”

Kodon shook his head.

“…that’s not me.”


“I’m also looking for the cause. “The re-invasion of madness means there is a high probability that something is wrong with Snow Seol’s personal life.”

Kodon’s words were interpreted a little strangely. As if something had gone wrong and he was the one who had to stop it.

“Stop playing around Yuriko.”

Then another man appeared behind him.

At his words, Kodon took off his mask.

“It was a fun time, Asmodon.”

The group laughs out of frustration.

“I see… Codon doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Code? iced coffee….”


This mask is a replica that merely imitates the cursed mask.

“Cordon is no longer in this world. Because that person broke it. no….”

Middle-aged Yuriko says.

“Because I broke it.”

“…Has he achieved at least one thing?”

Jamard chanted.

“It’s about saving yourself from the past.”

“Yes, I and Asmodon were saved by him. So this time…”

Asmodon and Yuriko.

they say

“We intend to save him.”

“Going back to the question from earlier. how?”

“The method is the same. But the person who executes it will change.”

Ur immediately understood the meaning of these words.

His gaze moved from Yuriko to Asmodon.

“…It’s you.”

“I plan to create a huge resonance in the universe.”

“This is crazy.”

“Weren’t you gathered here to do something crazy?”

“I am….”

Ur looked around at those gathered here. There was no one who was not a transcendental person.

Still, the chances of this plan succeeding were slim. so….

“…I will help. “There’s nothing I can do.”

Karen laughed.

“Kyahaha! “I thought so!”

* * *


A sky with a clear red glow.

The end of an era was approaching.

The moment that meteor plummets into Pandea without any preparation, something terrible will happen.

“Let me explain the plan again. First, stop Eragon from falling. And at that moment, I deliver your calendar to Asmodon. Asmodon gathers the power of that era and Eragon’s power and transforms it.”

Now it’s time to explain the expected threats.

“The moment when each other’s power connects lasts for about 3 to 5 seconds at most. “For 5 seconds…”

Ur warned.

“Concentrate on not letting your body explode.”

“What other threats?”

“Once you survive, prepare for what comes next. “What will happen… is honestly unpredictable.”

Just trying to prevent your body from exploding within 5 seconds due to loss of concentration will probably feel like your lifespan is shortening.

Not only Asmodon, who must transform enormous power in an instant and create miracles, but also Ur, who must accumulate the power of the transcendents in his body and then let it flow to Asmodon in a stable manner, must risk his life.

Why are you doing this?

…Because this is the only way.

To meet him again after reaching that far away place.

Yuriko said while looking at the sky.

“Get ready for it to come.”

None of them answered.

Because I wasn’t relaxed enough to spit out the sentence and complete it.

The era meteor Eragon began to fall.


The burning meteor began to accelerate explosively at some point.


The one who stops is Yuriko… he is the great mage of time.


[Yuriko’s fantasy season: If time has stopped, use the sun.]

[The target is confined within a limited time.]

Quasi profit-!


Eragon is a red malefic.

To say it was gigantic would not be enough, as it seemed to have swallowed up the sky.

Geek, Geek, Geek…

It was so vicious that it was a miracle that Yuriko stopped him even for a moment.


Eragon resumed his slow fall again.


Yuriko concentrated to the point where her veins burst.

This was the same for everyone else who participated in this crazy plan.




The era calendar of the transcendental people was passed down to Ur.

5 seconds to the limit of my body.



It took just one second for Asmodon, who received that electrifying power, to touch Eragon, who was slowly falling.

There is no time.


It takes another moment to reconnect the spirit that is about to collapse.

Conversion enforcement.

– Gangseooooooooo!

[Asmodon uses Holy Feast: Evil!]

[The message is spread over a wide area in proportion to the amount of magic consumed.]

– …Seol.

– ……spirit.


Eragon’s power was instantly converted into magic using everyone’s era power.


Eragon instantly turns into powder and disappears.

Everyone collapses from exhaustion.

“Heo-eok… Heo-eok….”

“Haaa… Haa….”

No one lost their life.


“Kyahaha… we failed resoundingly!”

“…There was no reaction.”

“This is the result I expected.”

There is no response.

Seeing that there is no response even though I sent a signal with all my might, I may have headed to a world that I cannot reach.

he is….

“More than that, a problem has arisen.”


“Look over there.”

Ur’s finger pointed to the sky.

A red star appeared in Ususoo.

“…oh my god.”

“no way….”

Ur said.

“It’s all Eragon. I guess… there are a lot of people in this universe who hate snowfall.”


Yuriko said.

“It has to be stopped. “This is what we did.”

“How on earth can we handle that many numbers….”

It was then.

The red stars that decorated the sky gradually decreased.


“Was it a mistake?”

Ur is shocked.

“No… no. every….”

It’s breaking.

They are destroying everything.

As if they were trying to prevent even a single Eragon from setting foot on this land.

Like someone’s will.

Nevertheless, disaster occurs.

The three surviving Eragon descends towards Pandea.

Those gathered here cannot block that many people at the same time.

The transcendental people who stand up shakily with their exhausted bodies.

look at the sky

I see the night quietly falling as red stars burn the sky.


The sword that separates fate neutralizes all Eragon at once.

Midnight comes as if nothing had happened.

Time stops.

Yuriko is the only one who stutters and stretches his hand towards the sky.


I have to say something.

you saved me

Me from the endless abyss… yes. your past.

However, it is conveyed even if it is not conveyed.

“Ugh… Ugh….”

Even if all I can convey is crying.

The sky walker looks down.

I look at the people gathered here.

“The tent….”

And he says:

To those gathered at another intersection, this moment…

“I’ve been waiting until this moment.”

– Kagon has been waiting for you until this very moment!

Yuriko noticed.

Those words from the past that I shouted in anger came back as a calming sound through Kang Seol’s answer.

A miserable past and a lonely future collide.

A past that finally becomes brilliant and a future that is no longer lonely.

The two correct each other like that.

It announces to the entire universe that their struggle was not at all meaningless.

Ur realizes.

“The one who caused the madness… was you.”

Madness cries at tragedy.

Because I witnessed a tragedy.

Madness laughs at comedy.

Because I witnessed a comedy.

They are not unclean.

They are just people who say what they see.

Snowfall had brought them here on purpose.

To tell him that he is alive and well and that he has not yet fallen as he faces fate.

To make madness sing of his struggle.

The struggle will continue in the future.

Freedom may always be only half-hearted, and fate may never be overcome.

Nevertheless, the struggle will continue.

Because only the moment of struggle will set them free.


It’s so sad…

A suspicious sign that breaks the silence.



A pillar of light falls.

Someone is standing there biting his nails.


Han So-mi As always, her coincidence pushed her into her new adventure.


Everyone laughs at this absurdity.

New crows flew into the tent’s nest.

The adventure continues.

It is unknown whether the end of the adventure is a tragedy or a comedy.

Yes, because the adventure continues.

[Yes, black one. Your adventure will continue in the future.]

[…Because I like your story.]

The fateful being that guided him in the darkness of the intersection a while ago muttered to himself.

* * *

And here is a woman still stuck in the past.

The reason why the space of about one pyeong became larger again was because her consciousness continued to expand in this disconnected world.

The memories she brought up recreated her snowy field and the tree house built there.

But she couldn’t even create a lie like the people who lived there with her.

She spent over a thousand years in unfreedom.


“Yurim… are you okay?”

Her blue wolf looked at her pitifully.

I don’t know how much time has passed.

I also don’t know whether the flow of time here and outside is different.

This is because Yurim had long since stopped counting the time that has passed.

If it’s going to be this painful, it would be better to stop.

“Just a little… Just stay like this for a little while and it’ll be okay.”

She was falling apart little by little.

No matter how many sins she had committed, it was useless in the face of overwhelming time to place them on her scale.

Because no one knows how much time will have to pass before she can be forgiven anyway.

It was relatively recently that her mind began to break down.

Waiting without promise breeds fear.

The fear that this waiting will continue forever comes as if I am swimming in the deep sea.

The wolf says.


He said he would kill her for her.

“Wear a mask, Yurim.”

“Are you asking me to become a Yaksha again?”

“…that’s the only way.”

The only way to free her from this hell is for her to become a yaksha again.

The wolf persuades.

“He’s not coming.”

“…He will come.”

“Yaksha is strong, Yurim. “I can get you out of this hell.”

Yurim clenches her teeth and answers.

“…That’s right, the yaksha was strong.”

She says she has already made her choice.

“But Yurim is stronger. therefore….”

Letting out her pain through her suppressed moans.

“I can bear it.”

In this dead world, it is always winter and it is always day. A world where the midnight sun never ends.

It was as if the prison was forcing her to live the life of a dead person.

– Will we ever meet again?

– What if one day… he becomes a god?

– Ah… that’s….

– He was a person who believed in anything and could accomplish anything.”

Yu-rim becomes faint and Man-ga forcibly supports her spirit.

She remembers the moment of farewell.


“I… I…”

“It’s night.”

“I am….”

“Look out Yurim’s window.”

Yurim glanced out the window at the wolf’s words.

Darkness has come.

A darkness that could never come fell on a world frozen in the middle of the night.

no way…

That can’t be possible…

The benefit of joining…

She forces open the creaky door and steps out into the snowy field.

There are footprints in the snow that should not be there.

Footprints slightly larger than hers.

A world that will never… never move.

The world slowly began to breathe.

The snow on the snowy field slowly melts and disappears.

Welcoming a new season.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh….”

The wolf says.

“Yurim, you were right. really….”

So slowly… it starts to disappear.

“He came to visit.”

Yurim approached the guest who came to the world of the dead and spoke.

“I’ve been waiting… all along, Seol. Ugh…”

She speaks of her own waiting.

“Here… for a while… I….”

Waiting for you to tell me it’s done.

“I waited for you.”

Kang Seol responds by wrapping both hands around her shoulders.

“Let’s go out….”

Each person’s choice leads them to a new chapter.


To a new ending achieved through struggle.

It’s night

And spring.


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