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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 64

Episode 64


A brilliant light burst out and the box opened.

[Check the Dead Man’s Chest, which is the highest reward.]

[Your level increases.]

[Your level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire Galifa’s Robe.]

[Acquire the Training Clothes of Vain Foreknowledge. ]

[Acquire 17 platinum coins.]

[Acquire 98 gold coins.]

[Acquire 321 silver coins.]

[Acquire 30 medium red potions.] [Acquire

24 medium blue potions. ]

Even if you put aside all the other items, you couldn’t help but notice the two clothes that took up quite a bit of space.


Karen lifted the two objects as if curious.

“It’s not yours, Karen.”

“I know. “Can’t you even see?”

“… It’s not like that.”

“Now, I think you saw it because you wanted to see me. It’s because I tripped. “I’ll give it back.”


Kang Seol checked the two pieces of equipment handed to him.

[Galifa’s Robe]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 16 – 24

Defense: 45

Durability: 75/75

Weight: 0.2kg

A robe that retains the warmth of the dead.

The lion-shaped Shinrikyo symbol is richly decorated.

Basic ability: Wisdom + 17 Stamina + 8 Spirit + 8

Special ability: If there is a corpse within a 50m radius, all abilities +5.

Snowfall immediately changed his clothes without saying anything.

Viewers responded to his natural reaction.

– LOL Honestly, the rock robes are a bit embarrassing.

– Ah, I need to change right away.

– There weren’t any suitable items on sale at the auction house…

– I’ve been using it for a long time. We must let go of the earthly robe.

– The colors are different. Black clothes seem to be popular.

– Look at the superior clothing.

Kang Seol, who had been using the Earth robe until now, was already planning to change her top.

I used low-level items for too long, and the level was too low to continue using them.

At that moment, he received the robe of Galifa, and it was as if he had undergone a complete transformation.

[Training Clothes of Vain Foresight]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate Level: 18 – 30

Defense: 82

Durability: 92/92

Weight: 1.2kg

A training uniform made from the skin of some animal.

Basic performance was maximized through perfect processing.

Basic Abilities: Intelligence + 8 Wisdom + 8 Stamina + 12

Special Abilities: All Stats + 4

– Honestly, put on your jammad

– that’s right! What a trash owner!

– You b*stard!

– The swearing was severe.

– sorry.

– Jamard, you’re still acting like a beggar.

– An evil employer who stripped me n.a.k.e.d and made me wear only ski gloves.

– But this one shows 2 treasures, even though I’m solo.

– Because I’m single, it’s all a treasure. This is an adventure that is difficult to overcome even as a party

– right?

As soon as Kang Seol saw the training uniform, he thought of Jamard.

Jamard was still wearing the basic equipment from when he was first summoned, so he had to gradually adjust his equipment one by one in order to upgrade his specifications.

[Tyrant Jamard is equipped with the Training Clothes of Vain Foreknowledge.]

“… Are you even paying attention now? Anyway, thank you.”

Jamard wore the equipment given to him by Snowfall in the shadow space.

– Jamard has never complained even once.

– And yet he always says thank you.

– Finally, Jamard will stop walking around n.a.k.e.d.

When Snowfall looked at the two pieces of equipment, there was another box.

‘It’s an additional reward.’

For some reason, Karen was squatting in front of him and not opening the box.

Kang Seol asked, surprised by her polite response.

“Why don’t you open it?”

“Don’t open it? “You said it’s not mine?”

“Yes, but.”

“I have no hobby of deliberately nagging.”

“But why are you sitting in front of it?”

“Still, I’m curious.”

He grinned and checked the additional reward in front of Karen.



[Check additional rewards.]

[Unexpected luck! Additional ability points are acquired.]

[Obtain frequent lucky gloves.]

[Obtain a scarlet sword.]

– The end?

– Is it over?

– Ah… these days, there are a lot of things I wish for! Speaking of latte…

– How funny is it that Snowman’s expression rots? LOL

– Karen is laughing in the background LOL

“I guess there’s something… heh… missing?”


[Red Lotus Sword]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 12 – 22

Attack power: 0

Durability: 77/77

Weight: 1.4kg

A sword that was destroyed, leaving only the handle.

Base Abilities: None

Special Abilities: None

– Nope

– Yes! It’s a disaster.

Since she was quite looking forward to additional rewards, Kangseol looked at the next reward, gloves, with disappointed eyes.

[Frequent Lucky Gloves]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 16 – 22

Defense: 70

Durability: 80/80

Weight: 0.2kg

Long-necked gloves.

It is suitable for protecting the wrist and back of the hand, and the palm part of the fingers is protected by a chain, allowing free movement.

Basic ability: Strength + 8 Dexterity + 6 Stamina + 6

Special ability: 2% chance to increase the grade of the reward box or 1% chance to obtain additional rewards.

‘It’s ambiguous…’

The reward acquisition options were difficult to achieve meaningful results unless the options were collected quite diligently.

Even if I collected it, if I was asked whether it would be more useful than other equipment settings, I hesitated to answer.

‘I guess I’ll have to hand it over to the auction house.’

While Kang Seol was thinking that, Karen was staring intently at the gloves.


“That… what should I do?”

“To the auction house….”

“Isn’t it too beautiful to be just a device?”

“… what?”

Karen quickly grabbed the glove and brought it into her arms.

“Can I have this?”

“That’s not a good option.”

“Because we expect too much from the equipment! Well, rookies often have such fantasies about equipment, but as an experienced knight, I think these gloves are amazing…”

– My ears are bleeding…

– Snow-na… Just do it, sister…

– Snow Man: So you bought the crown here two hours ago? yes? You want me to bring a receipt? I can’t get any refunds the way I want!

– Her expression is even worse than when she got the snowman gloves. Haha.

Snowman nodded.

“You can use those gloves for now.”

“really? Really? There is no softness? “Are you sure I’m going to use it?”

“Let’s think about it when we get better equipment.”

Karen put on the gloves with an impressed expression.

“It fits perfectly…”

– The equipment is tailored to the original size of the wearer…

– Sister… Just stay quiet…

– Karen (the type that is easily impressed)

– By the way, Snowman is wearing gloves as his basic equipment today as well. Wear it only.

– Following Jamard, the next victim occurred…

Kang Seol looked at Karen.

She was a shadow.

She had nothing and only her red eyes proved that it was her.

The sight of her being happy while wearing rough-colored gloves on her hands felt a little strange.

Jamard’s words were heard from the shadow space.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve been a dead person for so long that I’m being needlessly sentimental.”

Karen responded without looking back.

“I don’t think that’s what the smelly troll over there would say, right?”

“… damn it. “I can’t even get my money’s worth.”

“But I’m not discriminating against any race. Don’t take it to heart. mister.”

“Hey, it would be better to call him a troll. “He’s a troll, but he’s not an old man.”

“Oh sorry.”

– I can’t follow the conversation…

– The conversation between a troll and a fairy is amazing.

Kang Seol left them talking among themselves and checked the newly acquired titles.

[Title: Trickster]

Related Achievements: Acquaintances across the street (Adventure: Residual Fire)

Special Ability: Whoever the opponent is, they trust you very slightly.

[Special Title: Challenger]

Related Achievements: Insurmountable Gap (Adventure: Burning Fire)

Special Abilities: All stats increase by 15% when dealing with enemies that are 20 levels or more different.

[Special Title: Outlaw]

Related Achievements: Dice Are Just Numbers (Adventure: Unfinished Money)

Special Ability: When the travel luck rolls a number of 3 or less, there is a 50% chance that the travel luck is fixed at 3.

– This is so crazy hahahaha

– I was picking my nose when I saw the scammer and my nose bled when I saw the special title

– It was so deep…

– Are these crazy titles true?

– Isn’t the challenger a scam?

– Outlaws seem more fraudulent;

– Come on, this is such a scam. It’s a disaster. Haha.

– This is why you have to give it a good name. Haha. A scammer is called a scammer and is crying up there.

– Even cheaters have no target limit, so it’s a useful ability. Why are you doing this…

– Don’t listen to scammers. There’s nothing wrong with you!

Kang Seol was very satisfied with his new title.

In particular, in this case, I knew that I might face an opponent whose level was significantly different, so the title of challenger had no choice but to look good.

‘And the outlaw will somewhat offset the randomness of travel luck, which is the culprit behind all this.’

The probability that the ghost you encounter is an ancient knight.

The luck of travel sometimes brought about such great hardships that the adventurer was left with a double curse.

“Hehe… I can go back now.”

Kang Seol said that and looked at Karen. Karen also felt the gaze and faced the snowfall.

The two looked at each other like that for a long time.

Something was strange.

– The End…

– The two lovers lived happily

– No, Shiva, why don’t you go in? Haha, aren’t you paying attention?

– ??? : Karuna, do bad things have to come out of my mouth? Don’t you provide training to new recruits?

– I suddenly burst out laughing.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

“No, I’m thinking of going back now.”

“You can go, right?”

“I will go back only if you go back to the shadow space.”

“Aha, what else can I say?”

Even though Karen was a shadow, she stood up and patted her butt as was her habit.

“Nope? “I don’t want to be with that guy.”

“Hmph, me too. “There’s already a dull piece of metal sleeping behind there, so it’s narrow here too.”

“Don’t call Karuna that!”

“Hmph, if you don’t call me that, I’ll think about it.”

She changed her words without hesitation in response to Jamard’s response.

“Okay, you were harsh. “I’ll call you a troll.”

“… good night. Me too… No, I call this friend Karuna. Hehe….”

Kang Seol knew why Jamad laughed at the end. He figured out Karen’s weakness.

‘Probably Karuna.’

Since she is self-indulgent and has a low attitude when it comes to matters related to Karuna, anyone will notice.

“Anyway, it would be quite troublesome to walk around like that.”

“What a shadow! Are shadow summoners being persecuted in this era? “I didn’t know…”

“That’s not true, but there’s nothing good about being noticed.”

“What was that reason?”


[Karen uses Haze.]

[Karen’s disguise activates.]

Karen suddenly moved both hands to cover her face. And at the same time, a fire broke out and surprised Snowfall.


“You make a fuss! “Is this okay?”

“… what? “Now wait a minute.”

Snowfall has always surprised Karen, but this time it went beyond that.

Her face was surprisingly not dark.

“how is it? Seems like a good idea, right?”

“The shadow… isn’t it?”

“Kahaha… look at your surprised face.”

Her power recreated the beautiful appearance she originally had when she was alive.

The problem is that her power is trying to spread throughout her entire body, not just her face.


The black skin around her neck was burning and turning into a smooth, pure white color, but Kang Seol stopped her.

“Wait a minute, I don’t have any clothes.”

“Armor? Oh, the armor is all broken. “You said you don’t like walking around as a shadow?”

“That’s… haha… go into the shadow space.”

“Um… I don’t like it, so what should I do? “I don’t know if I buy you some clothes…”

“Okay. “I’ll find out as soon as I get back.”

“Okay, if you ask that much.”

– I got hit.

– Snowman, the weakest member of the group.

– ??? : Come back Karuna… take your younger brother…

– Snowman hates Karen.


Karen’s shadow returned to Kangseol.

Snowfall quickly chose to end the adventure as if she was sick of it.

Jiiiing –

His body was surrounded by particles and disappeared.

After a while, his body was transported around Nobira.

And then a message came to mind.

[The following is the current score ranking up to Adventure 9.]


[Information is private.]

[Your score is 1312300 points.]

Messages that always come to mind.

Naturally, Kang Seol thought that the score ranking would follow, but soon found out that her prediction was wrong.

[Adventure score exceeds 1,000,000 points.]

[Achieve the first achievement, ‘Stepping on the First Snow.’]

[Obtain the first title, “Albooza.”]

“… Huh?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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