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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 68

Episode 67:

Because I chose a quiet lodging, I didn’t encounter anyone while going up and down the second and first floors.

“for a moment!”

Kibo, who had been tilting his teacup for a moment, turned his head when he heard a sound coming from upstairs.

It was clearly Kang Seol’s urgent voice.

A woman came down to the first floor quickly, making a thumping noise.

She asked, looking at Kibo.

“Are you a scoundrel named Kibo?”

“Uh… who?”

“How dare you come here so early in the morning? Don’t you know that meal is the most important start to the day? What happened…”

“Karen, stop.”

The snowfall that followed soon calmed Karen’s anger.

Karen huffed and sat down next to the chair where Kangseol was sitting, glaring at Kibo as if he were going to kill him.

“Oh no… was it rude to ask you to have breakfast together?”

“it’s okay. “Anything is fine.”

“I bought some freshly baked bread from the bakery in front of here. It’s a bakery I often go to.”

At those words, Karen’s eyes as she looked at Kibo melted.

“Why shouldn’t you have said something sooner? I wondered if I should teach manners again. It’s better to spend the morning together! Kahaha!”

“Well, how about I introduce you to who this woman is?”

“Well… you can think of him as my colleague.”

“Colleagues… It’s kind of an unusual combination. “Nice to meet you. I’m an old man named Kibo.”

“Karen is my name.”

“Hehe… I never thought you could see fairies so easily in Nobira. “It’s something to live for a long time.”

– Kibo: Yare yare… A dangerous combination has been born?

– It’s really dangerous… This combination is really dangerous…

– And Karen lived longer…

Snowfall confirmed with her eyes that Kibo’s subordinates were on guard and asked Kibo.

“Breakfast is nice, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you something.”

“Is there anything to be rude about? “Say it.”

“What happened to Novira recently?”

“Why are you asking that question?”

“People are saying that residents are anxious.”


Kibo replied, scratching his chin.

“Yes, something happened.”


“Do you know where the northern city closest to Novira is?”

“Well, if you include the village, it would be Wiggleton in the northwest. “Isn’t it a border area?”

To the west of Novira was a great forest, to the south was the free city of Kongori, and to the northwest was a town called Wigeultong, which was vaguely called a city.

‘Wiggletongue is a city in the border area with other races?’

Kibo nodded.

“That’s right, I heard that place was attacked a while ago.”

“… Is that really true?”

“The problem is that pleural fluid is unknown. Even though there is a Gulia fortress nearby, looting occurs frequently, and not long ago, the entire village was completely devastated.”

“Are there no witnesses?”

“They were so deliberate that they attacked the village while avoiding the fortress’s surveillance network, leaving no witnesses behind. The good news is that about half of the village residents were in other areas due to infrastructure projects, so their lives were saved. “When I returned, I found a burned down village waiting for me.”


“Now do you understand why the residents of Nobira were afraid?”

“I definitely understand.”

Kang Seol nodded and agreed.

It didn’t really matter to him whether he was a wimp or a slave.

Here he is a complete stranger.

Moreover, he was not a person swayed by patriotism or petty affection.

“So, would you please listen to what I have to say?”

“The reason for this expensive breakfast is finally revealed.”

“Kkeke… I’m not being sarcastic, so let’s just say it’s true. “I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Please tell me.”

“No matter what you think, I envision a future where the residents of Novira mingle with the transferees.”

Kibo’s expression was even more serious.

“The problem is that it’s too much for me alone.”

“Do you want me to help?”

“I am old and times are changing. “If you want to catch the flow, it would be better if you were young.”

“Isn’t there Mira Yu?”

“Yes, she is there too.”

“Are you looking for direct help?”

“I’m not shameless to that extent, but please check on Mira from time to time to see if she’s doing well.”

“You make it sound like you are going somewhere.”

Kibo laughed at Kang Seol’s words.

“I heard you worry more as you get older, so it would be nice if you looked at it positively. “To the extent that preparation is thorough.”

Suddenly, Yu Mira’s face came to mind.

She was trying, but it seemed like she still had a long way to go to keep up with Kibo. But even so, it was undeniable that she was strong.

“I don’t think I’m such a weak person that you should worry. “A person named Yu Mira.”

“That’s the way the world is. No matter how strong a ship is, it will be swayed by bigger waves. When a storm comes, you have to learn how to avoid the big waves. In my opinion, Mira is still clumsy.”

What Kibo said was not wrong.

Yu Mira was clumsy, and Kang Seol was able to act as her lighthouse.


“I am the one who will be leaving soon.”

“At least until I leave… No, Mira is not the type of person who will only stay in Nobira. Because he has big dreams. When that time comes, don’t be afraid to turn away your helping hand. “My heart is ahead of me, but Mira puts in all of her effort.”

It was a trivial request.

I didn’t ask for anything specific.

Kang Seol nodded, remembering how much stronger she had become thanks to the Xiamen that Kibo had introduced her to.

“I will engrave it.”

“Thank you.”

* * *

Day after day passed.

The time of snowfall passed very quickly as we made various preparations in preparation for the adventure.

“I’m full! “I can’t eat any more!”

“I’ve never had anyone force me to eat…”

“Shh! For now, I want to enjoy this leisure time, owner. Please don’t break my mood.”

We have already prepared Karen’s weapons that can be used for a limited time.

Although it was of normal grade, I had prepared something heavy and durable, so it should be able to withstand these two adventures.

‘When that time comes, Karuna will return.’

That was enough.

If Karuna returns, there will be no need for Karen to be the leader of the snowfall, so the issue of burning equipment can be slowly resolved.

‘Rather than that… is this a long-distance adventure? ‘Will that system work here too?’

Long distance adventure.

This is a system used when the distance between the base and the adventure area is long.

When traveling short distances, the player was surrounded by blue particles, perhaps for convenience.

But what about long distances?

When Snowfall ventured far away from her original base in Pandea, there were two ways.

One is to move from base to base as quickly as possible and shorten the distance to the adventure area.

This method was cumbersome and you could get caught up in something along the way, so it was a method that was only used in certain situations.

A different method from this is the expedition system.

When the expedition system is selected, time passes in the game the same way, but the actual player moves to the designated destination in an instant.

In the process, you choose several options, and the results of those choices determine your condition when you arrive at your destination.

‘Seeing that travel luck dice were also applied… it is highly likely that an expedition system was also implemented.’

If it were to be enveloped in particles and move to its destination just like before, it would be a perfect situation for snowfall, but if that wasn’t the case, we had to think about it in advance.

“How long will it take to come back?”

Karen asked Kang Seol.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be back within a month.”

“I fell in love with you….”

“At a restaurant?”

“Those are places where I have a special affection. Unlike Montra, the food called Nobi is spicy. “Is it because it’s in the south?”

“So it wasn’t that good?”

“i love it. Montra’s food was so bad that I sometimes wanted to throw the table over. “Nobira is the best!”

Kang Seol chuckled and told Karen that it was time.

Karen also received the armor box from Kang Seol and carried it on her back. Karen was now wearing simple leather armor and waiting for the transfer.


The transmission of snowfall has begun.


Normally, my vision would have returned as if lightning had struck, but for Snowfall, I had to wait with my vision blacked out.

And then options began to appear before his eyes.

‘This… is an expedition system!’

[On the way to the destination, I came across a merchant whose wagon wheels seemed to be stuck in the mud. A merchant spots you and asks for your help. What would you do?]

1. Help those in trouble.

2. Ignore it because you are too busy with your way forward.

3. Find someone else to help him.

4. [Required: Evil alignment title] Aim for his items.

This option was slightly different from the options Kang Seol had always seen. It was sticking out as if it would be pressed down by hand.



When I clicked on option 2, the color of the options changed and all options disappeared.

A message immediately came to mind.

[Nothing happened.]

– Oooh!

– Is it a success?

– Of course, if you see someone in trouble, you should pretend not to notice!

To be honest, there is a 50/50 chance that this option is the right one.

If the merchant is a good person, you will receive a small reward when you take out the carriage. If the merchant is an evil person, you will be attacked if you try to help him.

‘Even if you take risks and help, the rewards are not good.’

If the reward was generous, I would have taken the risk. Kang Seol looked at the next option that came to mind.

[You tried to make a meal after starting a fire in an appropriate place. But the goddess of fate was harsh. There was a hole in your bag and most of the food disappeared through the hole. What would you do?]

1. Skip meals.

2. Search the nearby area.

3. Go hunting.

4. Give up on adventure and turn back.

It may sound obvious, but they were all risky options.

‘Damn… my travel luck is in trouble here again.’

In normal times, there would be no such thing as a hole in the bag and loss of planting material, but ironically, a combination of bad travel luck and the expedition system created this situation.


Kang Seol chose number 2.

[Consumes a small amount of stamina.]

[Fatigue increases.]

With Karen, I was confident in my actual hunting abilities, but in the expedition system, the option to hunt was influenced by the player’s actual strength and agility and was also linked to related talents. It wasn’t a very efficient option.

[You searched around. However, this is a barren land, and the few ingredients that can satisfy you have been eaten away by wild animals. However, as you continued your search, you felt something caught under your feet and checked. Oh my god, it’s a mushroom! But the color…]

1. I’m hungry, but is the color algebraic? Take it straight into your mouth.

2. It is not normal for mushrooms to be blue. I guess I’ll have to starve.

3. [Required: Persimmon] This mushroom is poisonous.

4. [Required: Cooking] Know how to cook mushrooms safely.

Snowfall chose number 4.

[I had a great meal.]

[Fatigue is restored.]

[My steps become lighter.]

[Negative thoughts disappear.]


Fortunately, I was able to protect my body from bad penalties such as fatigue and mental illness.

Kang Seol went through other options that kept coming to mind.

[Encountering a swamp….]

[Fatigue accumulates.]

[Status abnormality: Exposed to chills.]

[The durability of boots decreases by 10.]

Breaking through the swamp area bare-handed.

[I was unable to sleep all night due to the cries of wild animals…]

[Fatigue is accumulating.]

[Status abnormality: exposed to sleep deprivation.]

[You are in a nervous state.] I was

unable to sleep at night due to the cries of animals . Installation.

[A dead animal was found. Excellent meat….]

[Fatigue is accumulating.]

[Through excellent cooking, you have avoided the risk of parasites and food poisoning.]

[You are very satisfied.]

After experiencing many twists and turns, you have finally reached the final print. .

[You were in a half-asleep state. An arduous journey always remains as a memory, but it is painful at the time. You walk and walk. And finally, you look around.]


Snowfall experienced her vision changing like a bird coming out of an egg.


The sound of crows rang in his ears, and the strong wind stung his eyes.


[Arrived at Shadow Canyon.]

The message kept coming to mind.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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