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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 76

Episode 76

The sight of a person being engulfed in a halo of light on a moonlit night could only be described as fantastic.

A brilliant light emanated from Snowfall’s entire body as if fireflies had attached themselves to it.

[Continuous: You inherit Resonance.]

[You inherit Continuous: Resonance.]

[You now have smoother communication with your allies. Your emotions and intentions are communicated to your allies without delay. When the proficiency is low, the target is limited to summons or creatures, but as the proficiency increases, all allies within a certain radius understand your meaning.] [Calling: The contents of the things that need to be recovered change.


The one who comes to you when you forget . It was a moment.

Emptiness and sadness.

Taking over the will of a dead person was a huge burden for Kang Seol.

Because it wasn’t just about exchanging abilities, it was about inheriting the person’s life, thoughts, values, and regrets.

[Continued for Karen: Resonance works.]

[Continued for Jamard: Resonance works.]

“Uh… Huh?”


As Snowfall’s summoned beasts came under the influence of resonance, some of his emotions were conveyed.

It’s sad and painful.

They were exposed to somewhat raw emotions and looked at Snow Seol’s back.

Snowfall was making eye contact with Koopa.

Kiri’s regret, which had been weighing heavily on his heart, became a little lighter.

Because the lone Koopa was Kiri’s regret.

Now that Koopa has grown like this, his regrets have also eased a little.



Koopa bent down and placed his beak on Snowfall’s outstretched hand.

And the guy’s body gradually grew.

[The Koopa absorbs part of the power contained in the corpse.]

[Flame resistance increases significantly.] [

Increases in size.] [

A flame cyst is formed within the body. ]

[The feather becomes shiny.]

[Burns the stench. It becomes possible.]

“… It’s changing.”

“Ha! “It’s spectacular!”

Corpse hawks shed their skin throughout their lives. Throw away the unclean and bad things in the wind and become a better being.

Some say that the process of removing a corpse is mysterious and fascinating.

Kang Seol and the viewers who watched the process were overcome with unknown emotions.

– … stylish.

– Everyone… If you are a bird of prey hunter, let’s raise a corpse hawk…

– It’s overwhelming, really;

– Wine is what binds a corpse. The longer it ages, the better it tastes!

The Koopa approached Snowfall and he stroked the Koopa’s feathers.

Suk- Suk-

Koopa had a proud expression on his face.

There was no longer any foul odor from this corpse hawk.

Koopa has grown up proudly.

Snowfall spoke to Koopa on behalf of Kiri.

“You’ve grown wonderfully, Koopa. Kiri would have liked it too.”



When Kiri’s name is mentioned, the Koopa becomes even bigger and flaps its wings.

Koopa was looking at the snowfall.

A choice occurred to Kang Seol.

[The adult corpse hawk Koopa is looking at you. You can see a look in his eyes as if he is examining your intentions. What would you like to say?]

1. Let’s go together, Koopa.

2. Can you fight for me now?

3. Hope to see you again.

4. From now on, I am your master.

Snowfall told Koopa what he wanted to hear most.

“You can fly, Koopa.”



Koopa flapped his wings toward the sky.

The huge corpse hawk took in the sight of the snowfall once before disappearing into the sky.

Koopa will probably never return to Shadow Canyon again.

[The attractive presence activates. You gain additional affinity.]

[You gain the helper ‘Corpse Hawk Koopa.’]

[The rank of ‘Corpse Hawk Koopa’ is Hero.]

[Helpers have a chance to appear in every adventure.]

[They depend on their affinity. It provides help to the player.]

With the message that Koopa had become a helper, Koopa suddenly disappeared.

Kang Seol’s heart was consumed by emptiness and something that could not be filled.

Due to the influence of resonance, such feelings were also conveyed to Karen and Jamard.

“Why are you downcast? “It makes me depressed too.”

“Cheer up Snowman.”

Kang Seol grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

It was the most positive sign he did his best to express.

“Now, shall we check what we got?”

When he tried to change the mood like this, Karen also agreed.

“Mine! “I’m sure at least one will come out, right?”

“If you don’t do post-processing anyway, it’s all going to be burned.”

“The post-processing will be handled by whether it is the front door or the back door. yes?”

Kang Seol burst out laughing.

Jamard approached him and put down a treasure chest stained red.


“The moment has come again, like always.”

Snowfall opened the red box.


Light spread out from inside the box.

[Check the Red Descendant’s box.]

[The level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability activates.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Heart of Atarak Obtain.]

[Acquire Boiling Blood.]

[Acquire Leech’s Hat.] [

Acquire Gaiters of Dim Flame.] [Acquire

23 platinum coins.]

[Acquire 12 gold coins. ]

[Acquire 1 silver coin.]

[Acquire 2 large red potions.]

[Acquire 13 medium red potions.]

‘Oh Albuza.’

The special ability of Albuza, the special title for the first achievement of exceeding 1 million adventure points, has been activated.

Thanks to that, Snowfall gained free ability points.

Free money always feels good.

This time, Kangseol checked the items while thinking about which abilities to invest in with the ability points he had gained.

[Heart of Atarak]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.1kg

The heart of Atarak, the last descendant of the ancient spider species Anakindria. Although it has already stopped beating, it still retains the faded ancient blood within it.

However, the use of this treasure is very limited.

Special Abilities: Unknown.

‘It’s a heart type… I don’t have a place to use it right now.’

In Pandea, by-products of dangerous spirits, including Naedan, could be used for various purposes.

The Heart of Atarak, which Kangseol had just obtained, was also this type of item, but strangely, it had no abilities written on it.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Kang Seol didn’t know how to use this treasure.

‘I won’t be using it for a while, so I’ll have to stock it up.’

For now, Atarak’s heart is heading towards the inventory window.

– This is a really good product, but there is no manual.

– That’s extremely unkind lol

– You weaklings! Find out for yourself!

[Boiling blood]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 15-20

Weight: 0.1kg

Blood containing boiling magical power.

Drinking it as is is most effective.

It contains the energy of fire.

Special ability: Strengthens the user’s fire attack power by 5%.

“It’s mine.”

Karen snatched up the glass bottle filled with blood.

When Kang Seol looked at her with a puzzled expression, she grinned and poured the liquid in the glass bottle into her mouth.

[Use Boiling Blood on the Twin Knight Karen.]



Flames flew out of Karen’s mouth for a moment.

“It doesn’t taste good.”

– I will take this blood with me!

– ??? : I’ve never used it? Why is this happening!

– Now the era has arrived where summoners must pay attention to their summons.

– I was going to pass it up anyway, but I can’t work like this!

– It’s refreshing haha.

Kangseol shook his head and checked the next item.

[Leech’s Hat]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 16 – 22

Defense: 25

Durability: 81/81

Weight: 0.1kg

A hat imbued with ominous energy.

It is unknown what kind of fabric it was made from, but the effect of the finished product is very rare.

Basic Ability: Wisdom + 12 Intelligence + 5

Special Ability: All abilities and attacks show a health steal effect of 3% of damage.

Kang Seol almost spit out harsh words out of her mouth.


“Why? “Not so good?”

“No, it’s a bit disappointing compared to what I expected.”

Since the summoner rarely loses stamina, this option was not helpful at all.

Although Snowfall’s stamina was monstrous for a summoner, it was not a suitable option for him to withdraw from the battle line and fight.

It certainly seemed that way before I checked the detailed explanation.


When I looked at the detailed description, I saw something written in small letters.

– (Effects apply separately to summoned creatures and creatures.)

“… Huh?”

I rubbed my eyes and read carefully, and found out that the damage inflicted by the pet is healed by the pet.

It seemed like it was a shadow hand or some other type of magic that applied to Snowfall.

‘yes! It’s not a treasure for nothing.’

If it is equipment worn by the caster class, the abilities will have to be applied in a special way. Because there are so many unique professions in this armor class.

Since ancient times, in order to receive a treasure level, you had to do this much.

– Look at the way the corners of his mouth turn up haha

– he’s that excited!

– Already 2 treasures ㄷㄷ

– Was this adventure a bit intense?

– Since it is a long-term adventure, we should give this level of compensation.

– ㅇㅈ.


Feeling much more at ease, Kang Seol also confirmed the next reward.

[Gaiters of Faint Flame]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 18 – 25

Defense: 80

Durability: 111/111

Weight: 3.5kg

Gaiters made entirely from sulfur stones rarely found in volcanic areas. Because of its heat nature, it has enormous fire resistance. As a result of special processing, it does not wear out due to heat.

Basic ability: Strength + 9 Dexterity + 10 Stamina + 10

Special ability: Fire resistance +15% Ignores damage from heat.

As soon as Kang Seol checked the options, he looked around.

Karen’s face was visible above the head of Kang Seol, who was sitting comfortably.

“Mine, mine, yours?”

– Argh! Mine is a ghost!

– stop! Stop eating! You pig knight!

– Karen Happiness Hahaha

– Greed It led to the division of the group.


Karen snatched up her gaiters in an instant and disappeared into the shadow space.

[Have twin knight Karen wear gaiters of faint flame.]

“… Ha.”

– I’ve never made you wear it! Damn it!

– I’m struggling to do this, feeling ashamed and suffering…

– In fact, Karen caught everything lol

– I have to admit what I have to admit

lol whirly-!

Karen spontaneously popped out again, showing off her gaiters.

“how is it? “I think I can use this right away without having to hand it over to Xiamen, right?”

“… Good.”

“What about trolls?”

“… “What are you asking?”

Jamard’s expression was extremely cold.

– Someone please comfort Jamad hahaha

– Frustration and futility are what raise a man!

– Winter is coming soon, so wouldn’t it be too cold to walk around n.a.k.e.d like this? Haha

– Involuntary exhibitionism haha

It was a shame that Jamard didn’t have any usable equipment, but it was true that he was able to successfully overcome this adventure thanks to Karen’s performance, so it wasn’t such an unfair result.

While Karen was talking to Jamad, Kangseol checked the next harvest.

Equipment wasn’t the only harvest from this adventure.

[Title: Uninvited Guest]

Related Achievements: Why did you come to my house (Adventure: Predator Beneath the Canyon)

Special Ability: Reduces the harmful effects of unfavorable environments by 20%.

[Title: Bird]

Related Achievement: If I Had Wings (Adventure: Predator Beneath the Canyon)

Special Ability: Falling damage is reduced by 30%. (Can be stacked)


Each of the newly acquired titles had intuitive special abilities.

An uninvited guest effect that reduces heat in sulfur terrain and cold in snowy mountain terrain.

And the bird effect that significantly reduces damage when falling from a high place.

Everything was worthwhile.

‘It’s worth going on a long-term adventure sometimes.’

This adventure was a great success, as a lot of treasure was poured out and good titles were obtained.

Except there was a little delay.

‘I hope the next adventure ends early.’

Snowfall got up for the remaining adventure.

“Now that you know, can’t you stop bragging?”

“No, look at this delicate curve. now!”

Karen, who was still showing off her gaiters, made Jamard look at the snowfall and shake his head.

A signal to move quickly.

Snowfall pressed the end of the adventure.

Jiiiing –

Their bodies were enveloped in blue particles and disappeared.

And the long-distance adventure begins once again.

Fingerprints began to appear before his eyes.

[You have arrived at a sparsely populated village. The name of this place is Dungeon Village…]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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