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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 78

Episode 78

[The twelfth adventure begins.]

[Adventure 12. Medicine to make you sleep]

Adventure 12. ‘ Medicine to make you sleep’

You contacted Chao, the shadow summoner whose whereabouts were unknown after disappearing from Novira. After listening to what she said, it seemed like she had no intention of returning to Kongori.

But that doesn’t mean I refuse your request. She looks busy, and she has a favor to ask of you as you head towards Shadow Canyon.

Her true identity is the last disciple of Gregory, one of the strongest Shadow Summoners. And in order to gain true learning from her, you are now at the place written on the scroll.

You will have to faithfully complete the tasks she tells you to do. To learn even just one lesson from her.

Goal: Achieve the goal written on the scroll.

If you fail to achieve your goal, Chao’s favorability decreases.

Current remaining time: “Approximately 30 days.”

‘We were given quite a bit of time this time too.’

Going through a series of long-term adventures was quite mentally tiring.

Basically, the difficulty level of long-term adventures fluctuated, and the slower the adventure progressed, the more my will was weakened.

Kang Seol moved his body slightly.


“My body still feels heavy…”

“Are you okay?”

“Maybe I drank too much water…”

Snowfall has not yet mentioned Karen’s change of mind while moving to the expedition system.

If Karen had been fine, she would have escaped safely even if the unknown being pressured her, but that was not the result.

‘Karen seems to be suffering quite a bit mentally…’

Just as Kang Seol had worried, Pandea was full of sad and painful things.

Even people who have done nothing wrong die, and some end their lives lonely after being caught up in unspeakable atrocities.

Pandea is that kind of world to begin with.

This was the reason why Snowfall lamented when she first set foot in the eternal world of Pandea.

‘Karen probably can’t accept it yet.’

It may have been like that in her day, but it’s still everywhere today. It was understandable that Karen, who witnessed the scene herself, was shaken.

‘But it’s true that something like this shouldn’t happen again.’

Fortunately, this adventure seemed to have some leeway, so it seemed like I needed to make sure I was clear about that.


Kang Seol put his thoughts about her aside and opened the scroll. Here was written what Chao had requested.

– When you arrive at Water Mist Village, stay there and check the situation. It won’t be long before you find out what happened there.

All you have to do is take the sleeping pills from the man whose face I so kindly painted.

But be careful because if you ask questions about this medicine carelessly, that guy might just hide. Understand?

“That’s arbitrary.”

It was truly a letter of instructions that could be described as arbitrary.

‘But there must be a way.’

Kang Seol changed out of his clothes, which he didn’t know when, back into his original gear, and then stood up.


When I opened the door, Sarah greeted me.

“Oh, you’ve all changed!”

“Thank you for your consideration Sarah. “But how did you bring me here?”

“The village people helped me! “I… I don’t have the strength to carry Snowman by myself.”

A woman named Sarah was a simple country woman.

Although I didn’t have the freckles that people usually think of, I didn’t feel noble or beautiful. But I got the impression that it was pure and clean.

“Sera, do you think I’m hated because I’m a foreigner?”

“I will never do that! Everyone will welcome you. “If it had been that kind of atmosphere in the first place, we wouldn’t have brought Snowman to the village.”

Sarah even waved her hand and told Kang Seol not to be uncomfortable.

‘It looks like there is a need to get information…’

For an outsider to stay in the village blankly and do nothing is like saying with his whole body, ‘I am suspicious, so please be suspicious.’

“What do you usually do in the village?”

“Me? Or the villagers?”

“The villagers.”

“There is a small farmland… but it is difficult to properly care for it now.”


Sarah’s complexion darkened a little.

Kang Seol was curious as to why this bright woman had a hard face.

“… Everyone’s sick.”

“Does it hurt?”

“It looks like an explanation is needed. Come over here.”

The village was not very big.

It’s amazing how I found this small town in one go.

Sarah spoke in front of a building that appeared to be the community center.

“Don’t be too… surprised.”


The building that Sarah opened.

There were patients inside.

There were more than ten beds, and all of them were occupied.

Everyone seemed to be sleeping quietly with their eyes closed.

Sarah placed her index finger on her lips. It means asking you not to make any noise.

Kang Seol nodded and left the hall with her.

“What on earth is going on?”

“The villagers… are sick. “It’s all because of the fog disease.”

“Is it an epidemic?”

Sarah shook her head.

“Doctor Gunt said it’s not a contagious disease.”

“Mr. Gunt?”

“You are the village doctor. “He originally stopped by the village on his way home, but some sick people caught him, so he had no choice but to stay here for the time being.”


A disease, not an infectious disease.

And the village people suffering from the disease.

Snowfall dug a little deeper.

“What are the symptoms of the disease?”

“Go to sleep.”

“Are you sick of sleeping?”

“Because it doesn’t wake up, even if its body rots and its bowel movements overflow, it continues to sleep…”


“…sleep forever.”

In other words, falling asleep and doing nothing leads to death.

Snowfall immediately remembered the details of this adventure and the medicine bottle drawn on the scroll.

A drug that makes you fall asleep.

The symptoms were not written in detail in the scroll, but I had a feeling that it would have a similar effect.

‘Could it be that the fog disease is caused by medicine?’

Or the drug itself is a means to create this disease.

‘There must be a reason why Chao sent me here.’

Everything about this disease will be known when we find the owner of the medicine.

The important thing is that the owner of the medicine may get scared and not show up.

‘You just have to pay attention to that and stay in the village. I need to find a suitable way…’

Sera said, trying to appear cheerful.

“Currently, about half of the village people suffer from that disease. That’s why everyone is depressed…”

“Is there no cure?”

“Not yet… Teacher Gunt is desperately looking for us, but there is no particular income…”

Karen placed her hand on Sarah’s shoulder.


“Is there nothing we can do to help, Sarah?”

“Helping…? “A village?”

“huh! “That man here and this fairy are the best people in the world!”

– Snowman: ㅖ? Me?

– The standards for a good person have been relaxed a lot, right?

– A national craze for good people!

– Come out!

– Such a good-natured b*stard is King Jeong…

Even the snowfall didn’t do much to stop Karen’s actions.

Even though she didn’t know what to say in advance, Karen’s actions were very natural. Kang Seol also wanted this situation.

Something that naturally seeps into them.

“Really… really? “I also sent word to Audenin, but they said there was no way they could help.”

“I only trust you. My sister is called Karen. “Can I tell you?”

“Yes… Karen… uh sister. But age… Ah! “I heard that fairies live much longer than humans, so I guess she’s older than me!”

“Well then!”

– People like this especially) Get angry when you tell them they shouldn’t talk to you

– Sera is really big lol

– Karen’s friendliness is no joke ㄷㄷ

– The owner only hangs out with Assara’s summoned animals lol

– No matter what Sera does, Karen is probably older lol

Sera’s The expression noticeably brightened.

She spoke brightly, as if she were someone who found salvation in an unexpected place.

“Thank you so much… It’s been a really hard time.”

“… okay.”

“Everyone just says they don’t know or can’t do it… and no one is helping.”

“It’s okay now. “You can don’t worry as long as we stay here.”



In a completely unexpected development, Kang Seol and his party infiltrated the village.

* * *

Perhaps, as Chao said, ‘It won’t be long before we find out what happened there.’ The words seemed to be talking about the current situation in the village.

A few days passed, and Kang Seol’s secret investigation and help with the village’s disaster continued.

“Is this enough water?”

“Have you filled it all already?”

“So this sister is very strong?”

– Really.

– That’s a lot of power.

Karen smiled brightly and showed off her biceps. Sarah was delighted with Karen’s actions.

“Actually, fetching water is something that even the village elders don’t like, so they put it off.”

“okay? Leave it to me from now on! “I’ll bring you some water, even if it takes a long time.”

“thank you!”

“What else should we do?”

“Well… I need firewood for fire at night, but…”

“Wait a minute!”

Kang Seol had mixed feelings when he saw Karen turning around and running away.

He also told Karen about the identity of the character in the scroll, so if she wanted to end this adventure quickly, she had to find the main culprit who spread the mist disease together.

But for some reason, Karen was more enthusiastic about helping the village and Sarah.

‘Do you need a break? Hmm… I guess I’ll have to take some time and hear Karen’s thoughts.’

I think I know how she feels about staying in the village, but it was better to hear it in person.

Kangseol approached Sarah and asked.

“But Master Gunt isn’t there?”

“Ah, there has been a request to visit a neighboring village, so he is staying across the country for a while. There is a shortage of doctors… Even if the villagers save up the money to pay for the visits, it is difficult to afford them, so everyone only looks for Dr. Gunt.”

“Why only Mr. Gunt?”

“They almost never charge a visit fee. Plus, Dr. Gunt is the only doctor who knows anything about the disease.”


“Other villages nearby… are in a similar situation.”


In fact, the snowfall has not yielded any harvest for the past few days.

‘Hmm… I didn’t see anyone who seemed related to what was written on the scroll.’

A man with gloomy eyes drawn on a scroll. But that person was nowhere to be seen in the village.

Snowfall, who believed she would be able to find her goal smoothly because it was a small village, faced unexpected difficulties.

‘This is all the villagers… they must be in here.’

Watching the number of patients increase while hiding their identity.

‘The problem is how to find someone who is hiding like that…’

While Kang Seol was thinking, Karen walked from far away.

“I’m done Sarah!”


“Firewood! “I piled it all up in the warehouse!”

“That’s a lie…”

“Is it true?”

Given Karen’s personality, there was no way she would have lied. When Sarah stopped by the warehouse and confirmed that what she said was not a lie, she was shocked.

“Are you that surprised?”

“You are truly amazing! “Even men have to do it all week long!”

“Well, it’s actually a bit rude to compare you with other people. Kahaha!”

That’s how my daily life with the village people, including Karen, Kangseol, and Sarah, began.

Rather than experiencing a terrible adventure, this kind of daily life dulled my sense of time.

It’s already been a week since Kang Seol and Karen helped Sarah without any change in their daily routine.

“Fairy girl working hard today too!”

“You need to work harder!”


“Why is it not wrong? Hehe… Hehe…”

“This person!”

Kang Seol stuck out his tongue at the sight of Karen casually joking with the villagers.

“You say you’re an adventurer, but when are you going on an adventure?”

“I’m helping you because you have some spare time, so won’t you put up a second?”

“Ugh… just say something when you leave.”

“Why do you think I’ll miss you?”

“haha! “This person is probably going to cry and hand over a packed lunch that he stayed up all night!”

“Oh, don’t talk nonsense!”

After Karen came to town, there was no stopping laughter.

Although it was a difficult situation, Kangseol and his party definitely helped the village.


“Are you finished?”

“huh. “The owner too?”

“It feels even more awkward to say that now.”

“I told you too, I was just a little surprised.”

In just a week, complete peace came to the hearts of the group.

Kang Seol and Karen talked while lying in different beds.

“You know, master.”


“Wouldn’t it be okay to do this?”

“… what?”

“Maybe I can live like this?”

Kang Seol focused on what Karen was telling.

“What is it like to live like this?”

“That’s right. Without worrying, without having to kill someone, clash with their beliefs, or wear out their hearts. “Just living quietly around these good people.”

She was completely at peace.

“Is it because of something that happened in the village we stopped by before coming here?”

“That too. Do the villagers even know what they did wrong? “Is killing such evil but weak people something we should do?”

“If we hadn’t come forward, there would have been more victims.”

“… Is that so?”

“I have work to do. There is no time to hesitate in the process. In the time you have to worry about it, you have to correct it one by one as much as you can. “I don’t have enough time to think about whether this action is right.”

Kang Seol has a grand goal: ascend to heaven. And we must also confront the gods who are the culprits of all this.

That’s why he had to move forward. Even if he made mistakes and fell on the way to ascension, he had to reach the end.

Because in the end, the results will prove that it was right.

“But I’m not sure…”


“How great would it be if we could just stay still like this?”

“People who know that the world is cruel but cannot change it will envy you.”

“How dare you discipline me!”

“That’s just it.”

Karen smiled brightly.

As if she had thrown away some of the bitterness left in her heart.



“If I had just come to my senses back then, it wouldn’t have been this hard. “You should have caught that guy back then, right?”

“The one who was chasing me.”

Memories of that day pass by in Kang Seol’s mind.

But the face of the person chasing him was nowhere to be found.

Other than wearing a hooded robe to cover his face and exuding an ominous aura, he doesn’t even have any features.

“I’ll make sure to catch it next time. “You can trust me.”


“Really, something like this will never happen again. “You are safe now!”

“I understand.”

– Hehe… (snoring)

– You guys reconciled?

– Don’t fight, just hug each other!

Karen seemed to have calmed down her unstable mind to some extent. It was fortunate for Kang Seol who had to trust her.

Then, there is only one thing left to gain from this village.

“You haven’t found it yet?”

“uh. “I’ve never seen anything similar.”

“If you see that the characteristic is so obvious but not shown, it means it’s not here or is hidden…”

“It’s most likely the latter. Now, how are we going to find him?…”

That was then.

bang! bang! bang!

Someone knocked hard on the door.

“Hey guys! Something big happened!”

The peaceful daily life of Kangseol and his party came to an end with the unusual screams of a village adult.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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