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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 83

Episode 83:

Messages that continue to emerge along with Karen’s cool kicks.

[Your level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability activates.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire Wanderer’s Armor.]

[Elastic Leather Pants Obtain.]

[Acquire the Ring of Refracting Hope.]

[Acquire 7 platinum coins.]

[Acquire 25 gold coins.]

[Acquire 35 silver coins.] [Acquire

21 medium red potions. Obtained.]

[Acquired 13 medium-sized blue potions.]


Snowfall stared endlessly at the light emanating from inside the box.

‘Is the light a bit weak? There is a good reason for that, though.’

Since the previous adventure was a great adventure to kill Anakindria’s descendants, the reward was just as great.

Rewards obtained from adventures of a similar level usually emit this much light.

Snowfall began to check the rewards one by one.

[Armor of the Wanderer]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 13 – 18

Defense: 115

Durability: 90/90

Weight: 9kg

Armor used by a wandering knight.

Because the knight traveled to so many areas during his lifetime, there are clear traces of wearing it, but the armor is no problem at all for welcoming a new owner.

Basic ability: Strength + 8 Stamina + 8

Special ability: The speed of changing direction is twice as fast.

‘Hmm… I wonder what it would be like.’

The evil spirit armor that Karuna was using was at an appropriate level, so its stats were slightly lower than this armor, but its special abilities were much better.

‘This special ability feels vague, but it feels too vague.’

The answer to the question of whether the faster the speed of change of direction is the better is, of course, ‘yes’.

Then change the question.

How about the answer to the question of whether an option that changes direction twice as fast is an appropriate option to attach to armor, which can be said to be one of the main pieces of equipment?

Karen whispered behind the worried Kangseol.

“Is it perfect for me to use?”

– Ugh what the f*ck! It’s a surprise!

– Don’t blow into your ears!

– It feels like it’s in my dream while I’m sleeping lol Is it mine?

Kang Seol asked.


“Are there any other friends spinning around here other than me?”

“Spinning and spinning? … ah!”

Flower of Fire, one of Karen’s abilities.

When she uses the flower of fire, it spins at incredible speeds and creates a whirlwind of flame.

The whirlwind causes enormous area-wide damage and devastates the surrounding area.

‘The armor’s abilities also apply to the flower of fire.’

What’s unique about the flower of fire is that it deals damage per rotation.

If so, wouldn’t it be possible to cause massive damage in a shorter time if it rotates faster?

Karen grinned, already holding the armor.

“There is no disagreement about my using it, right?”



“Okay then, I’ll change and come out!”

[Wear the wanderer’s armor on the twin knight Karen.]


Jamard said as Karen went to change her armor.

“Check it quickly.”

“… okay.”

– Hahahahahaha

– She’s coming! Check it out quickly!

– If I keep going like this, even my gold coins will be taken away!

[Elastic Leather Pants]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 13 – 17

Defense: 60

Durability: 75/75

Weight: 1kg

Pants boasting a solid texture and excellent durability.

It is unknown what kind of leather was used.

Basic ability: Stamina + 10 Spirit + 5

Special ability: Attacks hitting armor are deflected with a very low probability.

Just an okay option.

Since it was an option with nothing special or bad, it was a luxury to worry about.

“Thank you for writing this.”

[Tyrant Jamard is made to wear elastic leather pants.]


This time, Jamard disappeared into the shadow space and Karen returned in his place.

[Bending Ring of Hope]

Grade: Rare

Appropriate level: 10 – 18

Resistance: 27

Durability: 60/60

Weight: 0.1kg

The ring of those who did not receive salvation.

Basic ability: Stamina + 3 Spirit + 3

Special ability: Senses slightly increase.

Karen said as Kangseol was about to take the ring.

“Can I have that ring?”

“… why?”

– Why again!

– What’s the reason this time?

– Grandmother Jesara…

– That was the reason last time too!

Karen said indifferently.

“Remember what happened here.”

– Ah… then I have nothing to say.

– Wow, you’re using a cheat key for this?

– (Crying) You said this, but you’re not a bad person for not giving me a ring, right?

– Disband! I went over the water!

Kangseol shrugged his shoulders and handed Karen the ring.

[Equip the Ring of Refracting Hope to the twin knight Karen.]

If it ended like this, it would be like Snow had no equipment from this adventure, but it didn’t matter.

Because there was a necklace shining softly on Snowfall’s neck.

[Necklace of Distorted Faith]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 14 – 20

Resistance: 50

Durability: 82/82

Weight: 0.1kg

A necklace made of an unknown red metal.

There is an ominous energy surrounding the entire necklace.

Basic ability: All abilities + 3

Special abilities: All abilities + 2

Snowfall chose to wipe out the dusk village on a long-distance adventure and suffered several penalties in the process, but was able to obtain this necklace.

As a result, all members of Kangseol’s group became stronger little by little.

– This one is good. Even if you can’t use the item, your summons can use it.

– Come to your senses. I just ate 3 items, but can’t you see that they were all taken away? Hahaha

– ㄹㅇ They’re summoned beasts, they’re nabal, and they’re dirty people who steal the owner’s items

– Summoned beast: Summoner I understand your opinion well. Let me take note. Oh and this is mine.

– In reality, it’s a triumvirate lol

‘Ah, the title still remains.’

[Title: Savior]

Related Achievements: Find the Differences (Adventure: Face Collector)

Special Ability: The skill of seeing through increases slightly.

[Title: Quack]

Related Achievements: Overcoming Illness (Adventure: Face Collector)

Special Ability: All healing actions have an additional 10% effect. It can be used as an identity.

‘… The harvest is bigger than expected?’

Since the skill level of see-through was always lacking, increasing it was always a good thing.

In addition, the newly acquired title of doctor was a great basic option, but a big advantage was that it could be used as a status.

‘Because sometimes being an adventurer isn’t enough.’

When you must meet a person of high status, or when you have to enter a city that suffered greatly from thieves disguised as adventurers.

In that case, another identity was much more useful than the adventurer identity.

First of all, it is good to have the status of a doctor even if you are a quack.


“Are you done? Then look at this, these wonderful curves created by my armor…”

“Hmph, I see, it’s a solid armor with poor ventilation. Even if you rely on armor, you won’t be able to compete with high-quality leather.”

“uh? What is this sound? “I can’t listen to this because it’s being said by a n.a.k.e.d primitive race.”

“It is said that fairies stay away from iron and stay close to leather and plants, but I don’t believe the rumor. Oh, or is someone a weirdo?”

“what? hey! “Have you said everything?”

– Snowman closes his eyes again today.

– (Both ears bleeding)

– When is Karuna coming?

If she clicked End Adventure, she would go to Nobira, but because she didn’t want to worry about what would happen or where she might crash-land during the long-distance journey, Kangseol arrived at Audenin without pressing End Adventure.

“Is this Audenin? Wow… it’s really big. “I think it’s bigger than Nobira?”

“I don’t have time to look around. “I’ll be back right away.”


“The schedule is a bit messed up, so I have no choice but to arrive by the time I promised with Chao.”

“Uhm… that’s a shame.”

“I might come back here soon. “Let’s take a look then.”

“good! “It’s a pity, but I’ll have to see it then.”

The adventure’s time limit is running out.

Snowfall hurriedly set up a base in Audenin.

[The resting base is changed to Audenine.]

[The base is moving. Roll the travel luck dice.]


The dice stopped.

[The travel luck die rolls a 2.]

[A fairly unlucky roll is made.]

‘Damn it! also?’

– Kkkkkkkkk 22222222

– Is it 22222 again kkkkkkk

– Storm Diarrhea Snowman is coming!

– H-Mut

Kangseol had no intention of staying in Audenin, but even so, he was embarrassed by the bad fortune.

If done incorrectly, moving the base itself could lead to another unexpected adventure.

However, unfortunately for viewers who enjoy his misfortune, Kang Seol still has ways to deal with this misfortune.

[Outlaw is activated.]

[The travel luck die is fixed at 3.]

[A reasonably good fortune was obtained.]

[Your adventure near Audenine is played on normal difficulty.] [

You are a slave. There is a small chance that the adventure you choose in the vicinity of La will be forcibly replaced by another unexpected adventure.] [

It’s not a bad fortune to adventure in the vicinity.]

‘Phew… I’m glad.’

– Damn it ㅡㅡ

– Why doesn’t this come out as 1?

– Information) Even if he gets 1, he will change it to 3.

– Why did you create something like a special title?

Snowfall was relieved and pressed the end of the adventure.

Since this was the base anyway, the transfer phenomenon did not occur.

[The following is the current score ranking up to Adventure 12.]


[Information is private.]

[Your score is 1897700 points.]

Top adventurer ranking

1. Private (1897700)

2. Private (990020)

3. The Afterlife (882360)

4. Utopia (870210)

5. Strange Ceiling (860140)

– Overwhelming here too!

– Is the difference in scores real? Haha

– The rankings below are a hit lol

– Bottom rankings: What… what are you doing?

– The difference is two-fold…

The fact that the adventurer score is revealed when entering the city gave Kangseol some useful information.

‘This place is ahead of Nobira.’

Some adventures may have progressed in the meantime, but compared to Nobira, whose second place score was only 500,000 points, the quality of the top adventurers in Audenin was much better.

‘Once you finish your work in Nobira, you can come down here.’

I thought it would be okay to move the base once Chao’s work and Karen’s equipment were completed.

Anyway, after confirming that the rest area message came up, Snow asked the people in the square where the carriages were gathered and headed there.

After about 10 minutes of trudging, adventurers who appeared to be transferors began to buzz around the streets.

“Have you seen it? Almost 2 million points?”

“Who is it? “Changsik said he would get over 1 million points if he runs this adventure, but what kind of monster is 2 million points?”

“I heard there are some monster-like kids at the base further down.”

“Those trash b*stards? But I guess they aren’t like this either?”

“It’s crazy, really… I can’t even get 600,000 points, let alone 1 million points.”

“Changsik and his gang must have gone crazy. “Why did something suddenly pop out?”

“Maybe so?”

It was amazing that Kang Seol could create such a ripple effect just by moving his base.

Of course, I didn’t do anything stupid to show it off.

Snowfall finally arrived at the loading dock and began looking for a carriage heading straight to Nobira.

“Nobira? Why are you there? “Is there anything that could kill me?”


“go! “If you’re going to talk nonsense.”

But for some reason, the coachmen treated him like a strange person, and eventually one of the coachmen came up to him and said something shocking.

“Are you planning to go to Nobira?”

“Yes, it is. Why don’t the carriages go all the way to Novira?”

“That’s because there was a problem there.”


– Eh? Is Nobira okay and well?

– What’s the problem? The problem is with us?

– Don’t hit me suddenly.

The driver scratched his nose and said:

“You were attacked a while ago, Nobira.”

“What is that….”

“The shopping center and everything else was burned down and a lot of people were dragged away.”

Snowfall’s arms hung limply.

It seemed like there was a problem with Nobira while he was completing his long-term adventure.

‘A raid?’

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