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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Some time later, the transferors who had used Audenin as their base were in an uproar over the appearance of a new strongman.

“I’m serious? “It’s almost 2 million points!”

“Who is it? “Park Chang-sik just came back yesterday?”

“I never thought I would see Park Chang-sik being pushed to second place… It’s amazing.”

The man with the adventure score closest to 1 million among Audenin’s former students. He has thick lines and a handsome face.

Park Chang-sik was going crazy and jumping around.

“Huh… Hah… Did you find it? “Any news?”

“Nothing in particular, bro. Right now, everyone in the guild is going out and asking around, but how difficult is it to find even one transferee from Audenin in the first place…” “

That’s right. Still, try your best to find it. “Catch all the suspicious b*stards and ask them questions.”

“What kind of gangster are we?”

“It means don’t choose any means. Anyway, damn it… I figured it out! “Keep looking!”

“Your brother!”

Audenin’s members were tightly grouped together around five large guilds.

Although it was not possible to integrate like this from the beginning, it was possible for this structure to be established early on because the former people, led by Park Chang-sik, who drew their swords against the evildoers, drove them out.

Their guilds were divided into various values, including religion, and were similar in size.

Kongori also had a similar structure to Audenin, albeit belatedly, but the skills of its players were slightly behind Audenin.

And Park Chang-sik, the de facto leader of Audenin, who built such a strong player pool, was now looking for someone.

Even though he was recovering after returning from an adventure some time ago, there was a person who made him run out of the guild property and wander the streets.

‘2 million points… How did you reach that score?’

Park Chang-sik thought of himself as a very special person. The basis for his decision was clear.

A score that is clearly ahead of others.

Even when compared to the rankers of cities near Audenin, there were few who surpassed him.

Of course, there were rumors coming from the northwest city that the undisclosed transfer interest was over 1 million points, but he did not believe it unless he had actually seen it.

What adventures has he been on so far?

It was completely unbelievable that humans could go through more hardships than this and accumulate scores twice as high.

The first thing that occurred to me was that it was either an expedient measure or that the score itself was not true at all.

But now he saw that ridiculous score before his eyes.

A mysterious figure who took first place by pushing Audenin, who was ranked first, and doubling the score difference.

‘Damn… the information is private, so the only way to find out is this simple way.’

Still, Audenin’s principle of the transferees sticking together will be effective in times like this.

Since we had a lot of communication with each other, when a new adventurer appeared, we were able to find out who it was.

And there was a separate reason why he was wandering around looking for the newly emerged top-ranked adventurer.

An adventure I recently got a clue about.

The scale cannot be predicted by the current Park Chang-sik.

The level of difficulty was prohibitive, but it was a long-term adventure and there were incredible restrictions.

No more than 5 people allowed to enter.

It is an adventure that is difficult to take advantage of the size of the guild or overcome by Park Chang-sik alone.

However, while doing research related to the adventure, quite a bit of information was gathered.

It was the part about compensation.

‘There are more than treasures in there, but I don’t even think about going in…’

As always, Park Chang-sik thought that he was a great person. But apart from that, he did not trust those who were inferior to him.

In other words, he only acknowledged beings stronger than himself.

‘To go there, there must be at least one person stronger than me.’

Park Chang-sik predicted that even if Audenin were to lead other players and ranked players, the results would likely be uncertain.

Because everyone was weaker than me.

However, it didn’t seem to matter much who filled in the other members, as long as the one that appeared now with a whopping 2 million adventure points was the only one to join.

‘So we need to find it quickly. ‘I need to find out who it is!’

This will also be a good proposition for the newly emerged powerhouse. Because the strong seek out trials and dangers.

And it just so happened that Park Chang-sik had information about a dangerous ordeal that was scheduled to result in a huge reward.

“brother! Changsik hyung!”

A voice was heard looking for Park Chang-sik from afar.

He was the younger brother of the same guild.

“uh! “Did you find it?”

“… left.”


“It looks like he just left. “His name disappeared from his score.”



The wooden wall that Park Chang-sik hit in his anger was sucked in.

“… First, check the transfer information that went out during this time.”

“Shall the guards tell me?”

“What if I don’t tell you? “How much money have you spent so far?”

“all right. But what if I find out?”

“I guess I’ll have to catch it next time I pass by.”

“But this is my first time meeting you. Should I help you?”

“Help? No, this is a fair deal.”


Park Chang-sik’s eyes burned.

“Damn it… I won’t miss it next time. “I’ll make sure to tie it together.”

* * *

As predicted by Park Chang-sik and Audenin transferees, the snowfall had already left Audenin.

Knock knock… knock knock…

The horses pulling the carriage walked leisurely down the quiet road. Thanks to that, it was snowfall that made me anxious.

“Can you… please go a little faster?”

“It takes about 10 days to get from here to Kongori. And the carriage is not pulled by me, but by these horses?”

10 days.

It was equivalent to the time it took for the snowfall to reach Shade Canyon from Novira.

No, in fact, the distance was shorter and the road was better, so this itinerary did not make sense.

As he thought about that, a choice came to mind.

[The people of Oudenin have a reputation for being laid-back. The schedule the coachman mentioned could have been advanced much earlier if he had taken a carriage from another city. What would you say to the driver?]

1. What a crazy old man. You’re taking this easy road so slowly?

2. There are no slugs! Then it would be fun to cut off the limbs and turn it into a real slug.

3. Could you please go a little faster?

4. The people of Audenin are said to be relaxed, and they are really relaxed. But will death come so leisurely?

Bloody options came to mind, and when Kang Seol saw them, he thought for a moment.

‘The people of Audenin are easy-going, but once a relationship goes sour, they get really grumpy.’

How many of his words had passed through Audenin in the south up to this point? Also, it’s not like the Audenin people have never been treated harshly when they ignored them for being too slow.

Kang Seol chose his words carefully.

“Master, how about doing it this way?”

“You’re so persistent. “I’m not pulling the carriage?”

“We will pay you double for every day you advance the schedule.”

“… what?”

In short, even if you arrive at Kongori just two days ahead of schedule, you will receive four times the amount of money. Snowfall alone takes care of the four passengers.

The coachman paused for a moment and then said.

“Hmm… It’s still hard though. I need a break from talking too. And what about the passengers who were also there? “It’s not something I can do as I please.”

“Then it includes the passengers’ share as well.”

“…Are you sane?”


“I have enough money.”

Crumble –

Snowfall gently touched the bag of gold coins in her arms.

It wasn’t an action worth doing in a foreign country, but it was done because there were no people around who could pose a threat.

“Um… Passengers in the carriage over there. “It seems like something has come up…”

“It’s okay.”

“I’m OK.”

The driver nodded and spoke to the horses.

“How long has it been since you started running? You should use your strength too. “I will mix corn or boiled beans with the hay from time to time.”

Hee hee!


The horses, startled by the sound of the coachman’s whip, began to run.

“Please understand even if everyone is shaken.”

Snowfall sat in the carriage and sighed.

This seemed to accelerate the time to arrive at Kongori, the city closest to Novira.

‘What happened to Nobira?’

I had a brief conversation with the coachman earlier, but the coachman backed out, saying he didn’t know any more than that.

Kangseol quickly arrived in Kongori and wanted to get accurate information about this unexpected situation.

At that time, the old gentleman in front asked Kang Seol and Karen.

“Do you guys also have family in Kongori?”



“Isn’t there a story behind why you go up there in such an inhospitable time?”

Such a scary time.

Kang Seol asked because the old gentleman seemed to know about what had recently happened in the cities near the northwest.

“Teacher, do you know what happened in Nobira?”

“You know or you don’t know. “Even though I was a big trader before, I still have the connections I made back then, so I can get this information quickly.”

“Could you please… say something?”

“Well, there’s nothing else to do until you get to Kongori, so I’ll do it for you.”

“thank you.”

Snowfall felt very lucky to have met this old gentleman in the carriage.

If I hadn’t met this old man, I would have wasted time gathering information even after arriving in Kongori.

“So… where should I start talking? “Is it a transference?”


“It seemed so. “You probably know that this is the Kingdom of Nevenia, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

Kingdom of Nevenia.

Kongori, Novira and Audenin, as well as Yugo further south.

Although Nevenia was not very large, it was a kingdom with a great forest, the largest forest area in the south, so its name was widely spread even in the south.

“Do you know the places that border Nevenia?”

“It is known as Adeline East to the south and Setena to the north. Oh, and there are trolls to the northwest.”

“okay. The trolls continued to grow and eat away at Setena’s territory. Now we have taken over the northwest part of Nevenia.”

“I knew that Setena’s territory was shrinking. “But is there a reason you brought this up?”

“Yes. “Did you hear about the Wiggletongue incident that happened before this?”

“If it’s a wiggle… I’ve heard about it.”

What Kibo said to Kangseol before he left.

It was clearly about a village called Wigeulteong being attacked by an unidentified group.

– They were so deliberate that they attacked the village while avoiding the fortress’ surveillance network, so they left no witnesses. The good news is that about half of the village residents were in other areas due to infrastructure projects, so their lives were saved. When I returned, I found a burned down village waiting for me.

Kang Seol noticed something and asked the old gentleman.

“Could it be that what happened in Wiggletong was the work of trolls?”

“okay. They plundered Wiggletongue and killed all the survivors. “I don’t know where on earth it infiltrated.”

“Then… Are you even a slave?”

The old gentleman nodded.

“The next target was Nobi. “They attacked Nobira, turning it into a sea of fire, and eating or kidnapping many people.”

“kidnap? “Trolls?”

Trolls did not use humans as slaves.

Since they were a race whose physical capabilities were far superior to those of humans, when they captured humans, they would eat them or kill them for fun.


The old gentleman finished his story.

“Those who survived are taking refuge in Kongori. And this is all I know. “I don’t know what’s going on there right now.”

“…Thank you for the story.”

Kang Seol was so shocked that she kept her mouth shut throughout the trip.

‘Damn it… Xiamen and Chao are there.’

Although Chao did not know it, Xiamen was living in Novira.

In particular, as he remembered, there was a high probability that Xiamen, which had weak military power, would have been sacrificed at Nobira.

‘Please…stay alive, Hamun.’

If Xiamen was killed or something went wrong with him, it would be a big blow to Jiang Seol. It was difficult to immediately find a blacksmith with that level of skill, and the adventure related to him had already been completed.

‘If Xiamen were killed by trolls…’

Kangseol’s eyes were burning.

He tended to get angry at everything that touched him.

If the trolls did something that made Snowfall worried, they would have to pay the price.

A week passed like that.

“ruler! It arrived 3 days early! “You probably didn’t forget your promise, right?”


A few gold coins fell into the coachman’s hand.

“This much…”

“Thank you, then…”

The carriage arrived in Kongori.

Snowfall headed to the city without delay.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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