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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 85

Episode 85

Kongori was crowded with people, just like when the snowfall first arrived. And Kang Seol knew that it was not a positive situation at all.

“Are you telling me to believe that?”

“Oh, really? “There are already widespread rumors that Nevenia will remain silent about this matter.”

“No matter what, two cities were burned! What about the dead people! And what about the people who were taken away?”

“Where does the country move emotionally? Move with practicality. “What should I do when the Nevenian royal b*stards judge me like that?”

“This person lower his voice a little. “Who will listen?”

“If you hear it? “Is there anyone in Kongori who doesn’t swear at the royal family right now?”

“Yeah, but…”

What does this mean?

Snowfall first headed to the information guild, but for some reason, the information guild was not operating properly.

‘Damn… This is going to be difficult.’

Snowfall had no choice but to head to the next best option, the Adventurer’s Association. If you look carefully here, you will find useful information.

(New)[‘Post by ‘I’m the one’]

[Posting date: a week ago]

[Title: I’ve got a tight spot in Nobira, but is this where I stay?]

A duck egg in the Nakdong River overnight…

Is the water temperature in the Han River warm now?

– They say it’s in the Nakdong River, so go to the Nakdong River.

– It’s warm, but I can’t go to the Han River

– I want to go to the Han River haha. I want to set up a tent and play

Ramen is delicious too – Get over it, you idiots. Is this the right time to be talking about that?

– Then what should I do?

(New)[‘Recommended”s post]

[Posted date: a week ago]

[Title: Recommended other cities to move to.]

Kongori is excluded.

Here too, you never know when it’s going to blow up.

I want to go down there.

– Are you willing to accept it?

– When I go there, I eat salty kimchi

– Oh, that’s difficult.

– Is it really right for Nobira to explode like this?

(New)[‘Troll Killing”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Are you making fun of things that are not that big of a deal? I can’t do it.]

I have to call my private brother.

Private brother? yes? Please respond… I exploded because I was a slave.

– When will there be a private, shiny Korean paper lol

– Why are you getting involved in this situation because it’s a shame that it’s private?

– It is not large enough for the former to intervene

– Bring at least one person! I heard that Dawn is older than you?

– ㅈㄹ ㄴ The current situation is so serious.

(New)[‘Yeoeo”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Accept refugees!]

It was a real refugee who was a slave…

– Refugees should take off their affiliation and reveal their panties

– There are cases like this in life and death haha.

– I’m going crazy, really… How much did I invest in Nobira…

(New)[‘Hehehehehehe’’s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Is that real?]

The people who got caught by those damn Nevenia b*stards don’t know. Pretending? Really? why?

– We are thoroughly guarding the border and preventing trolls from coming in in the future. Haha Reggenone

– Post-mortem visit, fixing the barn after losing the cow, changing the password after being hacked… It’s a disaster haha

– What happens to us now?

– What’s going on? Just living.

Kang Seol felt that there were many criticisms and self-deprecating comments about the current situation.

‘They are no better than the remnants of the defeated soldiers…’

We can only guess at the scale of the attack from their words, but given that there is no mention of fierce fighting during the process, it was judged to have been a one-sided massacre rather than a proper fight. .

Soldiers who lost without being able to do anything in the war.

Those were the refugees who had now taken refuge in Kongori and the residents of Nobira.

(New)[‘Expert”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Why Nevenia cannot respond.]

Enemies are everywhere.

As you know, the land needs to be a little bigger. There are a lot of kids who are interested in them because they have very little ability but the land is so big. A representative example is the case of Setena, which borders the east and north, but they blatantly provoke Nevenia.

As a result, Nevenia’s power had no choice but to focus on guarding against Setena, and the northwest border became relatively weak, allowing trolls to break through.

– No, so what is the solution?

– doesn’t exist. I think that’s what Setena is aiming for.

– Eh?

– We have to accept a non-aggression pact or something, but it looks like Setena is acting in an ambiguous manner. So, there is some talk that Setena and the Troll Tribal Alliance are joining hands to devour Nevenia, a common enemy.

– Are you a troll?

-What are you kid?

– You know it very well.

(New)[‘Horrifying Fact”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Nevenia abandoned its people.] Nevenia

b*stards, the people of Novira and the ruin hunters, continued to remain unaware even though they were taken away in a cage haha. I need to leave this country quickly.

– I’m throwing up ㄹㅇ

– Since the superiors are incompetent, there is no solution even if something like this happens.

– From what I heard, it is true that the Nevenian military is incompetent, but it is also corrupt.

– What hat trick are you doing? They’re trying to dominate all the bad things.

– Nevenia was selected as the most hated royal authority by Koreans by Forbes, surprising the world… – Why did

Forbes choose something like that?

(New)[‘Ui-ri’s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title : But what about them?]

There are kids who went on a revenge adventure.

Yu Mira and their gang.

– Relic Hunters? I believe the transferees escaped

– almost escaped. But after Kibo was captured, several of the kids who came back chased after him, led by Yu Mira.

– ㄹㅇ True loyalty. I can not.

– Yeah, I can’t either.

– Kibo and Yumira were obviously close friends.

– I don’t think we went out on a limb just because we were friends.

– But can you still get it? This is crazy.

– He went to die…

– That’s amazing. If he comes back alive, he will say goodbye to Yu Mira and become her subordinate.

– I get a job as a robot vacuum cleaner at Yumira’s house.

– That’s even more amazing,

‘Yumira chased down the trolls?’

This was quite shocking.

I thought they would evacuate after seeing the situation, but Kibo was captured by trolls and Yumira was chasing them.

Thinking these thoughts, Kang Seol covered his mouth with his hand and was absorbed in understanding the situation.

It was then. “Oh


it’s Yeonhee Oh.”

“There’s Jin Jeong-tak too, what’s going on?”

“I know. What happened to the federation executives…”

They continued walking into the association. Even at that moment, Kang Seol was checking other posts to find information.


Karen, wearing a robe, disappeared and stood behind Snow Seol. And he spoke to those approaching.

“Until there.”

The message was to not come any closer to Kang Seol.

People who suddenly appeared were impressed that an unidentified woman was interrupting their work.

“…Who are you?”

“I don’t know this person….”

“Has anyone heard about the woman he’s been hanging out with?”

“I didn’t say anything like that…”

Kang Seol said without looking back as they were about to have a long discussion.

“Is there a problem.”

“… You are here as expected. “Mr. Han Yeo-myeong is looking for you.”

“Mr. Han Yeo-myeong?”

“Yes, you want to talk.”

When the names of about one person unexpectedly came up from an official of the Kongori Federation, the people around them started whispering.

“A few people? “Didn’t you just say there were about one person?”

“Why are one person looking for that person? “Do you know someone?”

“Are you trying to recruit us this time? “Is this your first time seeing me?”

“But who is that woman?”

“Isn’t it true?”

“Ah… no way.”

Since I had already received attention, it would be difficult to stay at ease even if I rejected their offer.

Kang Seol turned around and said.

“Let’s go.”

* * *

Kangseol arrived at a building visible from anywhere in Kongori, guided by some rather grandiose and attention-grabbing figures.

There was no building like this until he left Kongori, so it must be a new building that was recently built.

“Let’s go in.”

The sound of snowfall’s footsteps spread through the first floor lobby.

It seemed like it was a place shared by many guilds, so there were people of various colors mixed together.

They didn’t pay much attention to snowfall.

“Yeonhee! busy?”

“Yes, I’m busy.”

“It looks like you’re having fun?”

“Can’t you see I’m working?”

“hmm? But who is there? “Is that work?”

“If you find out, you’ll get hurt.”

“You always come home hurt? “Are you really not going to tell me?”

“Seup! “Don’t talk to me!”

“Tsk… That’s because I have a temper like that…”

“Mister, come down and see me.”

A middle-aged man with a light expression who was talking to Oh Yeon-hee laughed.

“Yes, uncle, it’s almost time.”

“F*ck… kind of.”

“Come and see!”


Kongori, free from predators and justice, seemed to be doing better than expected. Just like when you take out the most cloudy water, the water appears clear for a while.

Knock knock

Oh Yeon-hee knocked on the door.

“I brought you here.”

“thank you!”

A familiar voice was heard from inside the door.



“Mr. Han Yeo-myeong.”

There were Han Yeo-myeong, Han No-eul, and several other people who seemed to be quite high-ranking people here.

They were not knights of the round table, but they stood up across the round table and looked at the snowfall.

“Is that person the original source?”

“You missed it because of your adventure? Hey, I heard there was no such uproar. At that time, there were human limbs inside that temporary building… Ugh….”

“Shh, quiet. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“You’re such a dirty nag….”


“It’s hot haha.”

“It’s starting to be winter….”

“I’m Taeeumin.”

“… It slips away like a loach.”

About one person approached Kang Seol with his younger brother.

“I heard you found me. Rather, how did you know I was here?”

“I was constantly tracking the rankings, and as far as I know, my brother was the only one around here with a score like this.”

“Did you know you were heading to the Association?”

“yes. “We sent people to other places as well, but that seemed to have the highest probability.”

“You’ve changed meticulously while I wasn’t looking at you.”

– This neighborhood (X) This world (O)

– It’s strange if the ground doesn’t shake when an elephant passes by.

Oh Yeon-hee came up next to one person.

And he spoke while looking at the snowfall.

“Mr. Han Yeo-myeong, we are here too, so please introduce yourself…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Bro, so these are people from the federation, so let’s introduce them one by one…”

“We don’t have time for that. Because I’m quite busy right now. “I think we should just listen to the business and move on.”

“Ah… Is that so? “By the way, is the woman next to you a colleague?”

Karen said, pushing back her stuffy hood.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Karen.”

“Yo fairy!”

“A fairy?”

“and… “It’s my first time seeing you.”

Childlike reactions erupted from everywhere, and at least one person guided Kang Seol and Karen to their seats.

When Kang Seol winked at one person, one person started a conversation.

“The reason I found my brother was because of Nobira’s work.”


“What happened in Nobira. “You know that, right?”

“I know.”

“Are you interested in that?”

“Not so much to the work, but to the people caught up in it.”

“Oh, by any chance, do you know anyone among the kidnapped people?”

Kang Seol nodded.

And he added his words.

“There is no way to know exactly whether or not they were kidnapped.”

“Oh, we have a list of dead people and a list of missing people.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, if you want, I can look for you.”

Since no one in Novira knew Chao, Jiang Seol only asked to confirm whether Xiamen was alive or dead.

Soon, a person who appeared to be a member of the alliance came up and spoke.

“Someone saw a man named Xiamen being kidnapped.”

“You saw it yourself?”

“Among the ruin hunters who succeeded in escaping, there was someone who had a close relationship with Lord Hamun.”

Kang Seol’s expression became cold.


A few people flinched at his fierce expression.

“Damn, I got caught in the end.”


“Anyway, so what’s your business?”

“I… that…”

One person was speechless as they looked at someone else.

Oh Yeon-hee, who was worse off, stepped forward.

A confident and confident woman.

“I’d like you to join Kongori’s side.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“While Nevenia has not come up with any plans for the next attack, the people who can protect Kongori are the transferees and the private soldiers here.”


“I don’t know when the trolls that swept through Nobira will come over to Kongori. “We plan to work together to stop it.”

“Would you like me to help you with that?”


They thought that this offer was a good deal for Kang Seol.

If Snowfall has not yet settled down somewhere while the trolls are destroying its homeland, it would be a hundred times better to grow up in the arms of a solid alliance.

However, their proposal only brought Kang Seol a severe insult.

“I will defend Kongori at least? “Is that why you called me?”

“Was the offer bad?”

“… You’re not just adapting, you’re completely absorbing it.”

“yes? “What does that mean?”

“My fellow home village, city, nation, and race. “Are these the values that you find important?”

Oh Yeon-hee flinched and asked at Kang Seol’s cold voice.

“Then the snowman is… isn’t it?”

“I am not.”


Snowfall and Karen woke up.

“I move only for myself.”

“… Are you rejecting the offer?”

“I refuse.”

“I’m thinking of throwing away the bean curds.”

“I never had one.”

“Ha… Then later on, you won’t have anywhere to stand.”

“It doesn’t matter. I just need what’s mine.”

“Are you running away?”

Kang Seol looked at the audience with a puzzled expression and asked.

“You’re running away?”

“… They said they were leaving Kongori.”

“That is correct.”

“If that’s not running away, what is it?”

Karen, who was listening, chuckled.

“What’s funny!”

“Ah! I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Kang Seol looked straight into Oh Yeon-hee’s eyes and said.

“I’m going to take Xiamen back.”

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