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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 87

Episode 87:

Kang Seol asked Jamad after hearing his confident answer.

“Using Purga? “Are you talking about the Gentleman Emperor?”

“Do you know the Yuan Xin Emperor? “What on earth is in your head that you know all these things?”

Kang Seol narrowed his eyes and changed the topic.

“That’s why they kidnapped the people of Nobira….”

“Perhaps the sweep of Wiggletongue was also part of that. “He must have thrown all the kidnapped residents into Purga’s maw and taken over his power.”

“… Are you saying that if we stay silent, the same thing will happen to the people kidnapped in Nobira?”

“Of course. And we will use that power to attack again or target Gulia Fortress.”

“There’s no way that’s possible with just trolls… Is Setena also involved in this?”

The Kingdom of Setena, located in the northeast of Nevenia. A country that is constantly in conflict with Nevenia due to the issue of barren and insufficient land.

If Setena was involved with trolls, the situation was more serious than expected.

Jamard added as if agreeing with his thoughts.

“No matter how much power Setena accumulates, it is difficult to break through Nevenia’s knight power. However, if the Sulfur Skull attacks from the other side or shakes Gulia, a gap will be created. “This is what Little Zando of the Sulfur Skull claimed.”

“Why was it dismissed at the time?”

“I and the chiefs of other tribes were against it. “My relationship with Setena wasn’t that good at the time, and there were many reasons.”

If everything Jamard said was true, Kangseol would have gained invaluable information.

“time is? “How much time is left?”

“hour? “Are you talking about the time left before being sacrificed to Purga?”


“Well… I don’t know what tactics they used, but if they escaped by land, they would have arrived at the volcano in about a week, or today.”

This means that it takes a week to ten days for snowfall to reach the volcano.

“It’s going to be quicker than you think.”

“No, that’s not it.”


“Genshin is not their minion and there is no way he would get the job done in such a timely manner. Purga is the kind of person who likes to play pranks, so he’s probably having a hard time. “It will take a considerable amount of time for them to start with a comforting ritual to prevent Purga from becoming angry and proceed to offering sacrifices.”

“how much?”

“Maybe a month.”

“It takes that long?”

“okay. “It will take so long that if Nevenia decides to stop it, it can be easily prevented, but since the royal family of Nevenia does not know the troll’s plan, they will just guard the fort and wait.”

Kang Seol asked, stroking his chin.

“I guess it’s too much, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Persuading the troops to move from Gulia.”

“Is your plan to arrive at Hungulia, persuade the command, and then have the command persuade the Nevenian military to send troops?”

“I think you know without me saying it. Okay, for now, let’s go to Gulia.”

Karen laughed as if she were empty.

“Is it the same as before?”

“I’m giving up on persuading the command. What they want in the first place is to stop the invasion, and I have nothing to do with that goal. “We just need to save Xiamen.”

“Whatever you like. So, are you moving as soon as you arrive in Gulia?”

“Yes, it moves right away.”

Snowfall’s eyes looked at something invisible in the distance to the northwest.

“To Yognathun Volcano.”

* * *

No more than 20 people.

Even most of them seemed exhausted and out of breath.

They buried the words that had already spread and died long ago and moved forward.

“Huh… Huh….”

“You b*stards… they came in and out here.”

“The passage is not wide. “Only small troops can pass through.”

“Just as many troops as attacked Nobira.”

“What should I do, Mira? Shouldn’t we inform Gulia?”

Yumira looked at her colleagues with bloodshot eyes.

Perhaps because they didn’t sleep well, the eyes of other colleagues looked the same. Even though they all looked shabby and tired, no one was complaining.

“It will be late if you stop by Gulia. And if it was going to move, it would have already moved, you b*stards…”

“You idiots, you idiots, where are you guarding without knowing there is a hole like this?”

There was an odd story behind why Mira and her group came all the way here.

The Kibo Alliance, which has recently grown in size by absorbing all the relic hunters, is beginning to form a system.

Now, instead of Kibo unconditionally participating in the excavation of ruins, several independent ruin hunting teams have been created under Kibo.

Among them, of course, was Yu Mira’s hunting party.

They successfully broke through the first ruins and returned to Nobira, but soon encountered an incomprehensible situation.

[The base has been destroyed.]

[Nobira is released from the base.]

[A new base must be set up.]

It was neither Kibo nor the residents of Nobira who greeted them.

It was the charred remains of a city.

They wandered around Nobira in a daze.

To find even the slightest clue that could help them understand this situation.

Among the people dying here and there and the people hurriedly escaping from Nobira, someone called out to Mira Yu.

– Haa… haa… Are you a mummy?

– mister!

I met a colleague named Yumi who was barely alive after being crushed by the rubble of a building. It seemed like even he would die soon.

– What the hell… what happened!

– Nobira… was… trampled… by those guys.

– Guys?

– Trolls… trolls.

Mira Yu said, barely holding on to her senses that were about to fly away in unbearable anger.

– Just hold on a little longer. Get it out of here right away…

– No… I was wrong. Let me die like this.

– mister!

– Go… Now forget about Nobira, Mira. There is no place for you to return to here now.

These were words that shocked me as if the sky had fallen.

– …Kibo?

– Dead.

– Do not lie!

– I’m not fooled… I was kidnapped… by those guys.

– where are you.

– I don’t know. Since we pulled the carriage, we must have left traces…

– ….

– We have to leave, Mira. I have to live.

– No, you can’t do that.

The man said his last words with blurry eyes.

– Then… what are you doing here?


– I didn’t rush after him….


The man died.

– find.

Mira Yu and the ruin hunters searched the entire area of Nobira. And soon, traces of trolls’ movements were discovered.

– It’s north.

– What are you going to do?

One of the remaining prisoners in the village approached them.

– Don’t go, you’ll all die. No one chased the trolls.

– … what?

– A revenge adventure took place for the transferees who stayed in Novira. And they all fled to Kongori. You’re the only one who has to chase after them.

Mira Yu nodded at his words.

– Step back.

– This is… crazy! We’re all going to die!

– What should I do, Mira?

Mira Yu put her hood down deeply.

– Chasing.

– let’s go!

A message occurred to the transferees who were with Mira Yu.

[A belated revenge adventure is scheduled.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

[Skip the rest.] [

The next adventure begins.]

[The thirteenth adventure begins.]

[Adventure 13. Belated revenge]

That’s how Yu Mira and her group came here, following the traces of the trolls.

Their condition was at its worst because they could not get proper rest or eat nutritious meals.

After passing through the deep, dark tunnel created under the border, they arrived at the world beyond the border.

“So it’s no longer Nevenia from now on?”

“I knocked down the crypt, but I can’t finish it because I don’t have time. “Maybe they can break through again.”

“Yes, because there is something more urgent than that.”

Yumira looked at something far away in her field of vision.

“They’re heading there.”

“What are you planning?”

Where their eyes turned, there was a huge mountain.

“… Yognathun.”

The great volcanic Yognathun of Purga, the fire monkey of the primordial god.

* * *

Kangseol’s group also headed north without stopping, along with Yumira’s group.

There was no particular problem except that the road became a little uncomfortable along the way.

The north was a rough terrain from the beginning, and merchants did not use this road, except for contract merchants who regularly supplied goods to Gulia.

Moreover, the situation is currently in great turmoil due to troll attacks.

It was clear that the bandits who may have been stationed here also headed further south.

“How long until Gulia?”

“About 4 days?”

“Time flies! Oh, by the way, isn’t it a date to meet Chao or something?”

It was a one-of-a-kind story.

“Novira is on fire, there’s no way Chao can wait there.”

“Hmm… I’ve been trying so hard to get things, but was it in vain?”

“I guess I should resolve this matter first and then look for it again.”

“It’s the same situation as before. Damn it…”

Jamard asked Kang Seol.

“Even if we head to Yognathun through Gulia… how are we going to deal with the Brimstone Skull?”

“I plan to go and think about it first. “If you think and act, it will be too late.”

“That’s right…”

Karen made a gloomy expression and pounded her heart.

“Just trust me and Karuna. “If we are together, we are invincible, master.”

“No, I’m worried about that right now.”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Karen and Karuna had special abilities that made them stronger when summoned at the same time. The current Karen also has a hundred abilities, but if she succeeds in summoning the two, it won’t be that difficult to save Xiamen.

‘The problem is… you can’t summon both at the same time.’

Jamard laughed at Karen.

“Hey fairy. “I guess I didn’t really notice the problem because I was only going in and out of the shadow space for a short time.”


“It’s very narrow here now.”

That’s the problem.

Lack of shadow space.

Even if it was possible to summon Karen, it was impossible to summon Karuna, whose abilities were suddenly adjusted.

‘I lack wisdom.’

A situation in which the summoner’s core ability, wisdom, is lacking compared to the number of summons he has.

Even though we could have them now, it was difficult to manage them completely.

“Let’s think about ways to increase wisdom in a short period of time.”

“Where is that nonsense?”

“Or Karen will have to deal with the Brimstone Skull on her own.”

“I’ll think about it carefully. “If we put our heads together, something will come out.”

– Attitude change lol

– Can’t you spray the sulfur skull alone?

– You’ve been watching martial arts too much haha.

Night came again and Kang Seol set Jamad, who had been sleeping during the day, on watch and went to sleep.


The farther north we went, the colder the night air became.

With the chill penetrating her body, Snowfall approached the bonfire.

Come closer…

come closer…

Kang Seol’s eyes widened.


Someone’s voice that sounded like an auditory hallucination.

Kang Seol shook his head and looked around.

Jamard spoke to Kangseol, who woke up from her sleep.

“You’re awake, I was just about to wake you up.”

“… What’s going on?”

“Look over there.”

They felt something approaching them from far away in the dark field of snow.

“beast of prey?”

“No, the energy is a little unusual.”


When a sudden flash of light erupted from a being crossing the field, Karen also woke up, rolling over.

“What is it, a beast?”

“…you were all listening.”

“Hehe, I tried to make a joke. “What should I do, master?”

Karen asked Kang Seol and walked towards the sword that had been released.

“Should I kill him before he gets to me?”



‘… again.’

Kang Seol realized that the auditory hallucination he was hearing was related to that being and tried to dissuade Karen.

“Let’s just wait and see.”

After some time has passed, we have reached a distance where we recognize each other.

The existence of the field was clearly visible to the eyes of Kangseol and his party.

“… troll?”

“Is it a sulfur skull?”

The being that approached Kang Seol was a troll.

The only troll that could be encountered near the border of Nevenia was the Sulfur Skull, so when everyone was about to engage in battle, the troll pretended to know.

“Snowman! That’s me!”

“Who… that voice… no way!”

As the other person waved his finger, a bright sphere appeared in front of him.

A troll wearing old-fashioned glasses was standing there.

“This is Mael. “It’s me!”

[Conditions have been met.]

[Helper ‘Star Child Mael’ appears in this adventure.]

[Helper ‘Star Child Mael’ joins you as an ally in this adventure.]

“Why is Mael here? ”

In the north of Nevenia, Snowfall met an unexpected ally.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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