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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 90

Episode 90:

Yumi was taken aback by the situation where she couldn’t figure out exactly how a troll could speak human language or whether a human had become a troll.

“snow man? “Is that you?”

“Yes, Ms. Yumira.”

If the opponent was really a troll, needless to say, they would have arrested him and dragged him to the altar.

So, this troll was actually a person named Snowman whom Yumira knew.

“How did you become a troll? “What did they do to you?”

Kangseol said with a grin.

“I guess you were surprised by this appearance. “This is what I wanted to do, not the brimstone skull thing.”

“why! You want to be that disgusting troll, right?”

He answered, scratching his chin.

“This is the only way they’ll let me in there.”

“… what?”

“This is how the trolls will let me into the altar.”

I couldn’t speak for a moment, as if I had been hit hard on the head with a hammer, but then I remembered something more urgent and changed the subject.

“By the way, can you tell me to let go of this? “I feel like I’m going to break my wrist.”

“Oh sorry. Did I hold on too tightly? “If you make a fuss, you’ll be in trouble.”

Karen, in her troll form, carefully stepped back.

Mira Yu coughed lightly and asked Kang Seol.

“You… why are you here?”

“Why is Mira Yu here?”

“I… to save Kibo…”

“I’m similar. “I came here because of Xiamen.”

“Does that mean you also plan to face the Sulfur Skull?”


“Uh… with four people?”


She said, shaking her head from side to side as if she had heard something absurd.

“Hey, there’s no way something like that is possible.”

“Didn’t you, Mira, plan to recklessly charge up to the altar alone?”


a dejected voice escaped her mouth.

“Because there is nothing we can do… Because this is the only way…”

“A way to save Kibo.”


“As I was coming, I saw a man who appeared to be a member of Mira Yu’s group.”

“Did you buy it?”

“He died.”


Jirmo and Yumira’s expressions suddenly got worse.

“It’s my fault. If I… hadn’t brought everyone here… none of this would have happened. If I was going to die, I had to die alone…”

Jirmo retorted to Yumira’s self-deprecating words.

“Yumira, why is it your fault? We decided to come here to repay the favor we received from Kibo. Don’t throw the honor of dead members on the ground as you please. “You can’t do that.”


Jirmo said, turning his head to Snowfall.

“We chased them down to save Kibo and thought we had almost caught up. But… they noticed the chase and sent a troll.”

“Um… how many people were there?”

“Only… two people. Two people wiped out a hunting party of 20 people. “While fighting to protect the other members, Mira was pushed back by the two’s joint attack.”

Mira Yu nodded.

“They are strong. Especially those two. “They didn’t seem like ordinary guys.”

“Moreover, it seemed like those two were just someone’s subordinates.”

Jamard showed interest in the story.

“someone? “Have you seen anything?”

“no. “I couldn’t see any other features because of the ornate clothes he wore.”

“Hmm, anyway, what did those two who attacked you look like?”

“One used a long claw-like weapon and the other used a large axe.”

“Heungjoje and Kangorogun. “They are both powerful men of the Sulfur Skull.”

Kangseol, who was listening, asked Jamard.

“Do you know these people?”

“They’re pretty laid back, but they’re not people you should care that much about. They’re just bad-tempered b*stards. Rather, we should think about who they follow.”

“Their master… Is there anyone who comes to mind?”

“It reminds me of Jando. “He was the one who advocated this ridiculous plan.”

“Are you strong?”

“so so. I don’t know because I haven’t actually fought. “If we had fought, I would have crushed it.”

After Kang Seol finished assessing the situation, he asked Yu Mira.

“Yumira, what are you going to do now?”

“What do you mean, what are you going to do?”

“We’re thinking of going in there. What would you do?”

A feeling of weeping welled up in Mira Yu’s heart.

After crossing the border of Nevenia, it was a series of terrible experiences.

His comrades were torn to pieces by the trolls’ weapons and fell or ran away, not knowing if they were alive or dead. The wooden cage on wheels carrying Kibo could not be stopped for a moment from heading towards the volcano.

It seemed like the world was trying to drag her down into the abyss of despair.

Just when I thought I was tired, snowfall appeared.

And he asks her.

“Are you willing to fight again?”

Mira Yu stood up, supporting her shaking legs with a hatchet.

The only hope left to her was a hand held out, and she held it tightly so as not to let go.

“Take me with you too. To the volcano.”

Kang Seol grinned.

“That would require some preliminary work.”

“… what?”

“Close your eyes.”

“Uh… huh?”

* * *

The numerous chains supporting the fire altar were no ordinary chains.

It had been magically treated to enable it to support an enormous weight, and its size alone was enormous.

Very few people knew the source of this chain, but it was only said that it came from the headquarters of the Tribal Federation.

A group of people were now walking on such a huge chain.

It was Kang Seol and his party.

The guards at the altar shouted at them as they approached the altar.


Snowfall, who had changed from her usual appearance to look like a vicious sulfur skull, stepped forward.

A choice occurred to him.

[You have reached the entrance to the Fire Altar. But the guards have stopped you. What will you do?]

1. Kill the guards before the command finds out about this.

2. Approach them while ignoring their words.

3. [Required: Sleep Magic] Puts them to sleep instantly.

4. [Required: Prisoner of War] Say that you are escorting a prisoner.

Snowfall said, holding up the rope that bound Yumira and Zirmeau’s arms.

“Escorting prisoners! “Make a way!”

“what? Is that true? “Why didn’t you come with Jando?”

– Haha, are you going to get caught?

– Naruhodo’s guard refutation!

– I have an objection!

Kang Seol said without the slightest embarrassment.

“There were prisoners who escaped along the way, so we were a little late because we had to kill them and catch up.”


Kang Seol used improvisation when the guard seemed to have not completely let go of his suspicions.

“We can’t waste time here! “If, by any chance, the convoy is late and there are not enough sacrifices, and Master Jando accuses me of my sin, I will definitely bring up your story.”

“That’s… good! “Come here!”

– Phew…

– One of the Snowman gangs is ㄹㅇ hahaha

– Is this the vibe coming from Jjam…

Karen Jamard Mael Snowfall and even Jirmo and Yumira.

A total of 6 people reached the end of the chain. Now all I had to do was pass through the entrance to the altar, but the guard looked suspiciously right before the entrance to the altar.

The target was Jamard.

“Hmm… Was there ever a guy this big?”

“Giggles… He’s just as big as Jamad of Rock Tooth.”

“Why do you bring up this story about that guy?”

Jamard’s face was tense with anger, but he persevered as best as he could. The moment you slaughter the guards here, the first step of the plan goes awry.

Jamard was disguised as a sulfur skull, but he probably stood out because of his large size.

“By the way, didn’t you guys see it when you came?”

“You see? what?”

“Oh, haven’t you heard? Magra’s forces are coming to the altar. To receive Purga’s grace. “I heard you’re almost there, but I guess you haven’t seen it.”

At that moment, Jamard’s pupils shook greatly.

“huh? “Is there something wrong with you there?”

“No, there is none.”

“Anyway, Magra came here to help with the ritual, so the situation is a bit chaotic. “Jando is also in a sensitive situation due to the Genshinje issue, so it would be better to be careful.”

“Thank you, then.”

“Giggle… hurry up and go. “It looks like you’re already having fun.”

“… Did you touch the captive?”

“We will only be instilling fear in those who are highly rebellious.”

The Sulfur Skull’s cruelty had already spread to nearby kingdoms. They were experts at using torture to force the mouths of rebellious prisoners to open.

Of course, in this case, the torture may simply be for fun or as an example.

Yumira could not understand the words of trolls other than Jamad, the shadow of Snowfall, or Mael, who was fluent in language.

Because of this, I was able to maintain my composure.

“Then good luck.”

“okay. Opening!”


The southern door of the altar was opened.

The door was closed only after Kang Seol and his group were safely inside.


Jamard said as he walked slowly after confirming that there were no people around guarding this place.

“Hey, we have a problem.”

“Yes, this is serious…”

“Additional troops are additional troops, but the biggest problem is that Magra is here. Do you know Magra?”

“…Elder of the Tribal Federation.”

“There’s nothing I don’t know. “Then you know what that means, right?”

Federation of troll tribes.

A group with a long tradition.

There were many organizations that made up the place, but the most representative one was the Presbyterian Church.

They were the elders of the previous generation with monstrous abilities representing each tribe.

They were created to protect the well-being of the alliance rather than the prosperity of the tribe, and were nothing short of a symbol of the tribal alliance’s power.

‘… I never thought Magra would come.’

Magra was also a famous shaman who came from the Sulfur Skull and became a member of the Council of Elders.

“If you fail, you die.”

“Hehehe… Now that you say that, nothing much has changed. Here we go. Mael’s central axis will be at the lowest level.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. “I will find it quickly and head to the altar.”

As soon as Kangseol and his party entered the altar, they split into three parts.

Jamard continued to escort the prisoners and disappeared with Yumira and Zirmo, and Mael went off alone and went somewhere.

Kang Seol went alone with Karen without being noticed by others.

The plan was this.

While Jamaard, Yumira, and Zirmo rescue the prisoners, Mael causes chaos by damaging the central axis of the altar and joins Kangseol.

And Kangseol and Karen make their way to the ceremony site where the Genshin Festival is held.

These were simple issues, but if any of them were out of order, it could lead to trouble.

Nevertheless, Karen calmly talked to Kang Seol.

“You know what, master? “The owner is really ugly now.”

“You too, Karen.”

“Wow, this is the first time in my life I’ve heard people say I’m ugly. This is what it feels like. “I suddenly felt sorry for Jamard.”

– Jamard gets hit out of nowhere haha

– Jamard is said to be handsome according to the troll’s aesthetic standards!

– He’s even better looking than me!

– … okay? cheer up.

Karen and Kang Seol talked as they walked up the stairs one by one.

The sight of trolls conversing with each other was seen throughout the altar, so it was a very natural sight.

“You know, do you remember what I said last time?”

“You talked so much that it’s hard to remember everything.”

“Well… I have nothing to say. Anyway, back then. “When the Phantom of the Mist.”

Karen and Snow Seol had a war of words in Water Fog Village. She was talking about that time.

– There is only one thing you can be sure of. The world will be a better place when we reach the end.

“I remember.”

“I think that’s true.”

“… what?”

“The owner is not someone who acts to save the world.”

It wasn’t wrong.

The reason why Kangseol and his party came to this dangerous place was not to save the people of the corrupt Nevenia capital, nor to save the poor residents of Novira.

Only Xiamen.

He took this risk to save someone who could be helpful to him.

“But the funny thing is that the world somehow becomes better because of the owner’s actions.”

If he succeeds in this plan, he will unintentionally stop the Sulfur Skull from invading Nevenia and unintentionally save all the captives of Novira.

Snowfall does not act for the world, but by acting, the world becomes better. This will be the path he must take moving forward.

“so? “What do you want to say?”

“That was…”

That was then.

Kugugu Palace…

[The fire altar has lost its central axis.]

“It’s a success, Mael has succeeded!”

Mael’s ability to approach the control room alone and twist the central axis was worthy of Kang Seol’s trust.

Mael showed the ability of a helper that Kang Seol first acquired.


Armed trolls came pouring down.

It might be to find out who turned the pivot, but they won’t be able to find Mael.

Mael was quite confident in the mission entrusted to him.

After the troll soldiers rushed down like a storm, the troll following them looked suspiciously at Kangseol and his party.

“What are you? Didn’t you hear Jando’s command? “Why are you messing around here?”

“That’s right…”


[The effect of Karen’s elixir of stomach is canceled.]

[The effect of your elixir of stomach is canceled.]

Karen laughed, swinging her sword.

“Because we’re going up.”

Altar of Fire A slight crack appeared in this place where something terrible was about to happen.

It was still a very slight crack.

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