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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 98

Episode 98

, I also understood the unusual energy I felt earlier.

Soon, information about the fire monkey appeared before Kang Seol’s eyes.

[Buddha Exaltation: Obtain a fire monkey.]

[I obtained an item that did not exist in the world.]

[Buddha Exaltation (不世出): Fire Monkey]

Grade: Unexalted

Appropriate level: 25 – 35

Defense: 70

Durability: 165/165

Weight : 0.1kg

Magra of the Incandescent was a heretic born from a sulfur skull.

When he, who once again made the name of the declining Sulfur Skull known to Pandea, left the tribe, the tribe offered a sacrifice to Purga to commemorate his achievements.

On that day, Magra’s cloak was engraved with the symbol of Purga.

Basic ability: All abilities + 20

Special abilities: Heo Heo Silsil (Unique) Action Heron Helong (Unique) Action It’s fire! (Unique) Action Fire damage reduced by 90%

‘Oh my…’

All ability scores increase by 20.

It was difficult to add that many stats to equipment unless it was a major part such as armor, pants, helmet, or weapon.

‘This is more than the universe…’

The increase in the abilities of the universe he first obtained was enormous, but the fire monkey he obtained this time surpassed even that.

– No, it’s a cloak with a defense of 70 lol

– Vanguards wearing heavy armor with a defense of 70 are sobbing

– ??? : Ah… What kind of cloak has a defense of 70 haha. That’s crossing the line hahaha

– Wow, Exalted Exaltation appears as a drop; I knew this for the first time;

– Isn’t this the first time you ate it during your transition? By drop?

– Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a few guys with bad luck came out from across the street.

– Yes, we already have 3 Snowmen ^^ I gave one of them a discount haha

90% reduction in fire damage is a standard piece of equipment.

Kang Seol calmly checked the unique abilities attached to the cloak.

First of all, Heo Heo Silsil increases the evasion rate by 20% when the evasion rate does not exceed 20%, and increases the evasion rate by 5% when it exceeds 20%.

‘It’s a huge benefit because my evasion rate is now less than 5%.’

It was an ability that allowed a summoner, who was relatively less agile compared to the vanguard, to dodge even a boss monster’s attack once out of five times.

– Hehe… really…

– If a thief or a monk ate this, it would really fly.

– They have a high basic evasion rate, so their efficiency is probably not that great, right?

– Guys, I wish someone would eat the unsalted money… There’s no use in assuming something like this haha. It’s a one-of-a-kind item anyway.

– ㄹㅇ Haha, it would have been really good if the thief ate it. But what? The summoner ate it ^^7

– Whose it is? There is a lot of talk about who it is, but who owns it?

– This is for the person who ate the item.

The next Heron Helong is a persistent ability that significantly lowers the wearer’s presence and makes them relatively blurry.

‘This is good too. No, it’s really good.’

If the wearer, Kang Seol, does not attract attention, there will naturally be no danger to the group.

Since the Twin Knights and Jamard were all legendary-level summons, if the enemy did not target Snowfall, which could be said to be the group’s only weak point, an environment could be created where the summons could run wild.

‘However… the effect is weak against highly intelligent enemies, but it’s still not bad.’

It will only provide a little help against opponents like Magra, but it will be quite useful against enemies in the form of magical beasts.

And most of the monsters in Pandea were magical beasts. So, you will be able to achieve sufficient efficiency.

And finally, ‘Fire!’ ability.

‘This is…’

It was an ability that rolled execution dice when the enemy’s health reached 10%.

‘It’s an incredible ability!’

– execution? yes? Execution?

– Wait? 10%? Does a 10% execution make sense?

– Uh-huh! Come back! It’s not an immediate execution, it’s a roll of dice, isn’t it?

– Don’t be damned! You’re going to execute people 4 through 6!

– Seup! 3 is also being considered. Let’s not talk about this anymore!

– Crazy lol boss killer snowman! You are crazy!

10% execution.

Of course, it also applied to the damage inflicted by summons, so it was a good option for Snowfall.

‘There’s nothing like this against boss monsters.’

Unlike other monsters, boss monsters generally had enormous physical strength. Magra also proved his tenacity by holding out for a long time while being attacked by the legendary minions Karuna and Karen.

But ‘This is fire!’ This ability was a tremendous option that had a chance of removing 10% of the boss monster’s health.

– The biggest mystery of Yognathun is why Magra took off those clothes and fought hahahaha

– Oh, I guess he thought he would win hahaha He just took them off because his clothes got dirty.

– You have to take off your top when eating Jjambbong lol

– I guess you thought it was a mistake about halfway through?

– ??? : Ouch! It’s the season change, so you might catch a cold!

Karen was looking at the cloak with a fascinated expression.

Kang Seol smiled and put on his cape.


– What the heck haha

– We really need to put them in the pasture now. Otherwise, he will run away with the box later.

– The belt and cape are unexalted… There are two unexalted items, but neither of them are major parts. ㄲㅂ

– Is it true that even if you wear just the belt and cape, your abilities are a b*tch? Haha

– Hey, why has he become even more perverted than before ㅡㅡ

– The fire monkey is so cool… That is a legend with a softly shining pattern.

– ㄹㅇ It’s luxurious.

Kang Seol then confirmed the newly acquired title.

[Special Title: Burning One]

Related Achievements: Grace of Fire (Adventure: Piercing Flames)

Special Ability: Status Abnormality: Immune to burns.

[Special Title: One who opens a new era]

Related Achievements: Advancing the Era (Adventure: Penetrating Flames)

Special Ability: The cooldown of the ability is reduced by 5%.

[Title: Purifying Fire]

Related Achievement: Devouring Flame (Adventure: Penetrating Flame)

Special Ability: Flame attack power increases by 10%.

Even if we skip the Purifying Fire since it was Karen’s title, the other titles were very useful to Kang Seol.

‘The cooldown reduction is good for summons.’

For Snowfall, who only had Shadow Hand and Shadow Summon as skills, the cooldown reduction did not mean much, but just having it applied to summons together was a huge increase in combat power.

‘And the more immunity to abnormal conditions accumulates, the more the ability to see the light comes to light.’

There are so many status ailments that blocking just one won’t change the trend, but if they accumulate, it’s a different story.

Creating a utopia that exists only in imagination, such as imperviousness to cold and cold, impermeability to all poisons, and Geumgangbulgae, was only possible by building immunity to these conditions from the beginning.

From equipment to titles, this adventure at the Altar of Fire was a huge stroke of luck for Kangseol.

‘Even Karuna and Jamard have become stronger, so they are virtually invincible for the time being.’

It was very rare for Kang Seol, who excels at self-objectification, to evaluate something like this.

This was Snowfall’s reaction after arriving in Gulia and seeing Karuna and Jamad’s changed abilities.

‘It’s almost 1.5 times, no, 3 times more.’

Currently, Snowfall’s summons were only able to produce 50% of their original strength.

Meanwhile, in the case of Karuna, her abilities rose by a good 50% compared to before as she rose to legendary level, and when she was simultaneously summoned with Karen, her abilities increased by an additional 100%.

If converted into numbers, it is three times higher than before.

Jamard did not lag behind.

He also rose to legendary level and was able to use his original power except for his abilities, and his abilities also increased significantly.

As a result, the powers of the three summoned beasts are currently equal.

And that too in a very powerful state.

– I’m not confident… I’m not confident in my vagina!

– Crazy local people! There’s a tank here haha

– I’m going to crush them all ㄹㅇ

Kang Seol doubted himself every day.

Is this the best time? Is becoming stronger like this the right path?

Even though life in Pandea may be bumpy in the future, I was able to speak clearly at this point.

That he is the strongest now.

* * *

This place is filled with old-fashioned decorations and must-have items. It was the office of Patrick Cates, the owner of the fortress and a figure in the Nevenian military.

“Hey, Kibo. “Are you telling me to believe that now?”

“Whether you believe it or not is a matter for the owner of the fortress to decide, so is there any need to ask me?”

“How can you believe that the trolls were wiped out because they offended Purga!”

“Hehe… These are people who have lived and died. “Please be careful of what you say.”

“… I am the one who must report this matter to the military. “You keep saying strange things, so I’m putting off reporting it, aren’t I?”

“We are the ones dying in Yognathun waiting for rescue.” Nevenia abandoned its people.

Not a single soldier was dispatched to Yognatun to rescue the people.

Patrick, the head of the Gulia Fortress, could not convey any words of comfort to them. Since he could only move his troops on orders from the royal and military authorities, even when the kidnapped people were taken to Yognatun, Gulia’s troops could only guard the fortress.

That’s why he was relieved to see Kibo and his group come back alive, but at the same time he had doubts.

“You can’t believe you ruined a ritual that was so difficult to prepare… What’s more, most of the kidnapped people came back alive?”

“Can’t we come back alive?”

“Isn’t that what you mean? “Why aren’t you telling the truth?”

“I told you the truth because you wanted the truth. “It’s like a miracle that we went through hardships like this and survived, but if you say it doesn’t make sense… why are you holding on to us like this when we’re injured both physically and mentally?”

Patrick glanced at Kibo’s severed legs, sighed and said.

“Go back. “I will pass it on to the higher-ups as is.”

“Thank you, Patrick.”

Kibo left this space, pushing the wheels of the chair that Xiamen hastily made.

Once everyone was freed from Patrick, the kidnapped people huddled together and planned what to do next.

“Should I go back to Novira?”

“It won’t be a place where people live anymore….”

“If people gather together and live together, that’s a place where people will live, right?”

“I see?”

“We are people who have nowhere to go other than Novira. “We can just clean up the collapsed buildings and rebuild them, right?”

“good! “Let’s go back to Nobira!”

While people were excited about a new beginning, Kibo spoke to Yu Mira, who was standing blankly.

“It’s Mira.”


“Are you waiting for him?”

“… huh. “It’s late.”

“It will come soon, so don’t worry too much. “He was a man who remained sane even in the midst of the chaos.”

“I’m not worried, it’s better if you come early. “I have to finish my errand and take Kibo back home.”

“Hehe… what do you plan on doing when you go back?”

“Well… what’s left for me now?”

Mira Yu’s face darkened because she lost all her members.

“How about forming your own hunting team, Mira?”

“My own hunting party?”

“Okay, I’m not taking it over from this Kibo. “Well, now the hunting party I’m handing over has all disintegrated in the air.”

“That’s good too.”

“Now you are a wolf. You’ve been through chaos. “After all that I’ve been through, I’m going to have to share some of my secrets with you.”


“Why are you doing that? “I thought…”

“No, let’s talk about this later.”

“… this.”

Kibo and Yumira said as they saw someone confidently walking in from the entrance of the fortress.

“He’s here.”

* * *

When Snowfall arrived in Gulia, the first person she had to face was Mira Yu.

Mira Yu came to see him just as he had just finished his inspection and was finally feeling like he could take a breather.

“Miss Yumira?”

“We arrived safely, Snow… no, Seol. “Did your work go well?”

“Mael handled that well. As for the story about the wall…”

“We explained that well so that there would be no doubt.” “You don’t have to worry.”

“Fortunately, the.”

Karen saw Yu Mira and welcomed her.

“uh? “When did you come?”

“Ah… I just….”

“Sit down! The owner is so unfriendly that he is cold towards the guests, right? “Here.”

“Thank you… thank you….”

– Insada!

– Inssa… Huuk Huuk… It’s uncomfortable…

– Now I’m even acting like a hostess lol

– This savory… You’re not a shadow, are you?

– Yoo Mira and Kang Seol… they talk by name… I’m jealous.

– That’s right. Yumi succeeded. She even made a name for herself with Snowman. Haha.

– Huh????

Kang Seol pulled the chair across from Yu Mira and sat down.

And I asked her.

“Why did you come to see me?”

The other day, Yumi-ra said to Kang-seol that she would meet him in Gulia.

Why did she come to Kangseol?


A ring that radiated a magical light even at a glance was placed on the table.


“I want you to exchange it for Kibo’s item.”

She has come to retrieve the Wolf’s Warning, which is Kibo’s symbol and ring.


Kang Seol checked the information on the ring she held out.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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