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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 467

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 467
Chapter 129 Detected (3)

Frondier spoke now.

He said he was abandoning Pielot.

Everyone here has made an unacceptable decision.


“Pielot will come back.”

“…I got hit by an arrow. He suffered serious injuries. “I couldn’t even sit down properly just a moment ago.”

“No problem though.”


Elodie shouted.

Frondier took a deep breath and looked at Elodie again.

Those eyes were clearly the same as those she knew well.

“I sparred with Pielot right before I came here. “I know that guy’s strength well.”

“…But, in the current situation.”

“Elodie. “The reason I can’t control my anger right now is for the opposite reason than you.”


Frontier said:

He says he can’t control his anger now.

“Why the objection?”

“Pielot will definitely come back. I’m sure. But my heart tells me, like yours, that I should run to Pielot right away. “I clearly know the power of Pielot.”


“He’s angry at me for not trusting Pielot.”

After saying that, Frondier looked at Arald and Lili.

“If it’s a trap that draws me in, the main power will be there. “Let’s move on like this.”

Arald and Lili looked into Frondier’s eyes.

Frontier is not confused. It is a judgment derived from clear reason.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

As long as the frontier is not influenced by emotions, they follow the frontier’s decisions.

‘…If you think about it, you’re doing the opposite.’

Lily thought.

If Frontier had really lost his mind, he would have run to Pielot right away.

Or maybe he would have accepted Elodie’s offer and sent her away.

But rather than doing anything else, Frondier chose to leave Pielot behind.

It certainly seems like a crazy choice, but it’s also not a choice driven by anger.

“Then we’ll leave. … Basile?”

And when Riri came back in the car.

Basileo was shaking in the car.


“Basileo. calm down.”

“Oh, nothing,”


Lily placed her hand on Basileo’s shoulder.

Basileo’s eyes turned to Lily. Tears are falling from bloodshot eyes.

I look at Lily with eyes full of fear and regret.

“The gun exploded, arrows flew, Pielot was injured and dragged away, but nothing…”

Basileo said, trembling. I’m looking at Lili, but my eyes just make contact, it doesn’t feel like I’m looking at her.

Basileo made a mistake in the classroom in the past. I was mentally unstable and used my magic carelessly, almost hurting the students.

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He learned from Frontier. The mindset a wizard should have.

However, learning, being prepared, and facing it in reality are different.

-Then you will be the only one who survives.

“Well, nothing has changed,”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Lily hugged Basileo lightly.

“Not so, Basileo. “It was something no one expected.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Mr. Lili. Master Frontier, Pielot….”

It is not for Basileo to apologize. In fact, no one was able to respond.

However, Basileo was swallowed up by the shock of being consumed by fear and unable to move the whole time.

Lily thought as she comforted Basileo.

‘Frondier, you know Basileo’s condition.’

Basileo is currently in no condition to fight. In the current situation where a large-scale monster attack is predicted, a powerful wizard has disappeared.

‘There are many people to protect.’

If Elodie or Frondier are left here, this place will become dangerous. Frontier knew that.

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As the monsters approach, Lili feels it too. In the distance, there is a being that is clearly on a different level from other monsters.

A group of Minotaurs? Or is it something more powerful than that?

“Basileo. “My voice may not be able to reach you right now, but listen carefully.”


Basileo did not answer. In reality, Basileo was swallowed up within himself and his surroundings were blank.

“Your eyes are very familiar to me.”


“Everyone who went to battle had that feeling without a single exception. “Me too.”

Lili released her hold on Basileo and fell. I would need some consolation, but there was no time right now.

“Rest now. Because it’s necessary time. “And then,”

Lili said, going to the driver’s seat.

“Stand up again.”

The car starts, and Lili’s cold eyes look straight ahead.

“Then you will become a wizard.”

* * *

After trading information with Frontier, Colin sent him and his companions away and closed the store.

The deadline was approaching, and we had to move quickly to keep up with Frontier’s plan. Above all, this place is now dangerous, so we need to move to a new place as soon as possible.

While his hands were busy here and there in the cupboard.

[Is it really the right decision to stick with that man?]

A voice flowed from the basement stairs and reached his ears.

Colin answered with the same expression on his face.

“I told you. This is not a judgment. “It’s intuition.”

This time it was a different voice.

[That man is definitely strong. But it’s not to the point where I would betray my connection called Charon. Don’t you know the danger?]

“What should I do if I already did it?”

[I’m too complacent. You never know when Charon will notice and storm in here. There is also a guarantee that that man named Frontier will save the day.]


At that time, the store bell rang.

Colin looked up.

“sorry. “We’re open today,”

Colin continued, checking the appearance of the man who came in.

“…It’s over. Lord Charon.”

“I guess so.”

The man called Charon and Colin shook his cold eyes through his long white hair.

Colin looked at it for a moment, blinked a couple of times, and then finished the job.

“What brings you here?”

Charon looked inside the store for a while despite Colin’s question. As if they were conducting a search.

Meanwhile, Colin cleaned out the cupboard, closed the swing door, and locked it with a key.

“I came to hear the report.”

“Are you telling me to report?”

“Didn’t the man come with four ridiculous-looking women?”

“It didn’t come.”

Colin answered, took out the last key and inserted it.

It was a ‘locked door’ from the beginning, and

“──I see.”

Now it’s time ten.


A magic gun lifted from the shelf, silver knuckles worn on fingers.



The moment Knuckles created a magic shield in front of him, it was torn apart by Charon’s sword.


Charon’s kick flew through the crack in the shield.


The wall leading to the basement breaks down again,

and boom! Coo!

Colin tumbled down the basement stairs.


When I finally fail and raise my head, Charon’s leisurely steps approach me.

“Colin, do you know?”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Step by step, words fly in with each step.

“The question I just asked,”


said, “was my last mercy to you.”

Colin quietly took a step back while listening to Charon.

The idea was simple.

──Why did you get caught?

It’s been a few hours since Frontier and his party left, so there’s no way they’ll be caught in this short period of time. It will take several days, at most half a day.

Moreover, even if it takes, it will take a long time for Charon to reach here from his usual location.

‘You doubted me from the beginning, and you came today to check on me? ‘Have you been caught lying?’

Colin’s answer just now was the same as before.

Previously, Charon had not noticed the same type of lies. So I shouldn’t have noticed this time either.

And even if he felt a hint of a lie, there was no way he would act like this based solely on unconfirmed feelings.

Hissing –

Quad deuk!

Charon’s sword strikes from top to bottom. Colin rolled over. The blade scraped the ground harshly, and Colin lifted himself up on his elbows, smelling the dust.

‘Information is leaking. Long before I made a deal with Frondier, I was already aware of Frondier’s movements.’

So where?

Is that a person? Is it a means?


Charon ran towards the door. A small room where he always welcomes secret guests.

It is also a room where there are people who share the same thoughts as him.




The blade stuck in Colin’s thigh as he tried to run away.

I don’t know if it was just pain, but Colin fell to his knees due to the sudden feeling of dizziness and nausea.


As soon as that thought crossed Colin’s mind, he moved his still intact leg and rolled forward.

Charon’s sword passes horizontally through that empty space.

From daotranslate dot com

“You can easily escape like that.”

“…Do Paladins also use poison?”

Colin managed to speak with his lips that were difficult to open.

Charon looked down at him and said.

“Do not use.”


I knew what that meant. Colin didn’t ask any more questions.

Charon looked at Colin with a mixture of boredom and annoyance. As if observing.

“No matter what I do, that expression doesn’t change. I was a little curious. Do you really feel no emotion or pain?”

“I feel them both. Even now, hugely.”

Ssuk, swoosh –

Colin pushes his elbow and one leg that is still intact, and retreats a short distance.

Charon asks.

“Do you really want to go to that room?”

“If so, will you send it to me?”

“Of course, that can’t be possible.”

Originally, Charon was also a guest in that room. Of course, you know the layout of the room. There’s no way I’m letting Colin go.

“You die here, Colin.”

Charon raised his blade upward. Colin can no longer run away. You will not be able to escape his sword by acting recklessly.

Charon struck down his blade without delay, and


At the place where the sword cut,


There was a crow.



Charon and Colin were both surprised when they saw the crow cut in two.

A crow lying on Colin’s stomach. Charon was cut in two by the sword, so of course he died instantly. It’s still alive, but its lifespan will only last a few seconds.

[I came to see Frondier, and it looks like I’m going to save the wrong guy.]

The crow said with his eyes wide open.

The voice of a crow who was about to die was very calm.

No, in the first place, how can a crow talk to a person…?

“What is this monster?”

Charon frowned and said. The situation was so bizarre that it could not even be considered a monster, so I unconsciously said it was a monster.

[You monster, don’t you even know crows?]

“Go away.”



A gap created by a crow in an instant. Colin rolled his body to avoid it. The blade hit the floor and made a loud noise. Every time my leg touches the floor, it hurts to the point of tears, but I can put that behind me for now.

There is something, a crow or something, trying to save him. That alone fully justified my struggle to survive.

“What I will miss,”


Once again, the crow was hit by the blade swung by Charon and fell. This time it was a different crow.

The other crow fell again, opened its eyes, and let out the same voice.

[Ah, I killed him again, you Salzoma bastard.]

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