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The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Chapter 469

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Academy’s Weapon Replicator Episode 469 Chapter 130


The man laughed as if he was interested.

“Well, let’s pretend to be that strong.”

His smile deepened.

At that time,


Pielot bent over in pain.

The pain and heat rising from the spot where the arrow pierced.

“It’s not a poison that can be tolerated just by holding it in. Ahahaha!”

The man laughed out loud.

Smiling, I hung an arrow on the bowstring, pulled it, and shot it.


Pielot saw that and reflexively rolled on the ground.




Then, realizing his mistake, he stood up while rolling and caught the arrow that flashed right in front of him.

An arrow flew towards him, bent into an obviously impossible trajectory.

It is a manifestation of ‘must do’.

“Wow, is that amazing? “You can catch a flying arrow after rolling it once.”

The man was amazed. There was a hint of ridicule, but it is true that I was surprised.

‘Reflexes and reaction speed that are hard to believe in a human being. Moreover, the hand that catches the arrow is lightly imbued with aura. All of those characteristics are more than human…’

the man asked.

“Are you actually a devil?”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Or is it a hybrid with a devil?”

“What are you talking about? I am human.”

Pielot dismissed it as if it were nonsense.

Pielot looked at the arrow he had caught.

Now it seems as if he has lost his strength and has no sign of moving. Pielot put down the arrow. This arrow will no longer move arbitrarily.

‘This ability, there’s no doubt about it.’

Pielot was convinced when he saw the second arrow.

‘This is the same arrow my senior used.’

Pielot recalled as he forced himself to overcome the pain that was constantly gnawing at him.

‘What did Frontier say? This ability clearly…’

Pielot once asked about Frondier’s bow abilities.

I recalled the explanation Frontier gave at that time.

─This ability also has levels.

As the name suggests, ‘piljung’ means ‘to hit without fail’, but even though it has the same name, the performance varies depending on the weapon.

At low levels, it only provides a certain amount of aim correction when the archer aims accurately at the opponent. You can’t go beyond the natural range of a bow and arrow, and since it has a gentle trajectory, it often gets blocked along the way.

If it is a better grade, the arrow will definitely hit within the range, if it is better than that, it will reach beyond the range, and if it is of an even better grade, the arrow will definitely reach the target that the archer can see with his or her eyes. This is the Chrysellakatos that Frontier has.

And the highest level of arrows can pierce the enemy’s body regardless of whether the opponent blocks or tries to destroy the arrow. In other words, it is inevitable that it will pierce the moment it is fired.

These weapons are extremely difficult to find even within the Divine Wisdom, and according to Frontier’s compilation of game information so far, Odin’s only weapon is ‘Gungnir’. I’ve never seen one among bows yet.

Of course, Frondier’s knowledge is limited to the Palind Continent, so there may be others here in Agoris, but weapons with the highest level of accuracy are rare. An ability that the vast majority of humanity does not even know exists.

‘This arrow, the first shot, clearly flew from a great distance. Moreover, it was bent at a huge angle towards Selena, who had transferred.’

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Pielot saw the bow the devil was holding.

I definitely felt an unusual amount of mana. I understand what force exerted by force means.

‘But considering that it can hit you at such close range, it seems to be a slightly lower grade than the bow held by Senior Frontier.’

Chryselakatos, used by Frondier, can block or block arrows, but cannot hit them instead. Even if you lean forward, the arrow will avoid it again and hit the original target.

Moreover, Chrysellakatos is one with the arrow Iokeira, which is a set, so it shows its true power. That weapon, which only has the ability of a bow, is clearly inferior.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“You are carrying a grandiose weapon against the devil.”

“Aha, you mean this?”

The devil raised his bow. I shrugged my shoulders as if it was no big deal.

“I have to bring at least this much. is not it?”


Pielot didn’t answer, but he was convinced after hearing what he just said.

‘also. We know our approximate capabilities.’

The situation that Frontier and his party are now in.

Normally, it would be extremely difficult for any of them to be in such a dangerous situation when Frontier is by their side.

A sixth sense that most accurately detects life within the range, and a black sky that can respond immediately if it is within the range of the sixth sense. Frontier has a variety of weapons, but with just these two, attack and defense are almost perfect.

From daotranslate dot com

In addition, Elodie and Selena each have excellent sensing abilities in other ways.

Thanks to thorough research and planning, the enemy’s preemptive attack was successful.

‘No, I was brought here instead, so I guess it’s half a success.’

Meanwhile, the devil spoke.

“It would be best not to move if possible. “The more you do that, the faster the poison spreads.”

“Thank you for the advice.”

“By the way, when will you die? “It’s not a poison that humans can withstand.”

“…That’s funny.”

Pielot was bluffing.

The poison is already continuing to eat away at his body.

Pielot had a hunch. This poison is not the kind that can be cured by just leaving it alone. The more you leave it alone, the more likely it is that it will kill his body.

Disgust and pain, as if maggots were infesting the inside of the body and eating away at it. His mind continues to spit out images of death.

It is natural for a man to appear relaxed.

“Well, if I just stay like this, I’ll die, but it would be quite fun to watch.”

As he spoke, the man pulled his bowstring again. This time, I took out two arrows and pulled them with the bowstring at once.

“I’m a little busy.”


Two arrows were fired with those words.

A simultaneous attack of arrows that is possible because it is guaranteed to reach the enemy if you aim roughly.

Two arrows fly without time difference, and if you block one, the other pierces the body.

Just before that.

Pielot pulled one foot back and lowered his shoulders.

The hand touches the handle of the sword sheath. Two


broke and fell near Pielot.


The devil couldn’t understand the situation for a moment.

I knew that one arrow would break. I’m sure he’ll put in that much effort.

However, both arrows are broken and lying around.

‘With one sword, two arrows with completely different trajectories…?’

Moreover, surprisingly, the sword’s trajectory was not visible even with his eyes.

Pielot is already back in his feet stance.

‘It is said that the sword wielded by an extremely skilled swordsman with one mind is invisible. It’s a speed that even the devil’s eyes can’t chase.’

I understand that. I will make a hundred concessions and assume that this person is a swordsman of that level, so we can say that the sword he swung was not visible.

However, beyond not being able to see the sword being pulled out of the scabbard and swinging, you couldn’t even see the sword being retrieved and put back into the scabbard?

“…You’re amazing, you.”

The demon laughed with some fear and excitement.

I imagined that if everything had been perfect, I would have been the one to die here, and the resulting fear.

However, at this very moment, when he is in a near-dead state, there is the expectation that he will be able to ravage, and the resulting excitement.

“I was going to quickly clean it up, but I changed my mind.”

The devil lowered his bow and straightened his back. After taking a light breath, he said,

“Since I’ve met a strong person, I’ll introduce myself formally! “My name is,”

“Shut up.”

Pielot cut him off.

The devil’s expression crumpled.


“There is no name for you. “Because you won’t remember.”

Pielot felt pain in his abdomen and the devil’s voice that seemed to scratch his nerves continued to bother his ears.

He is in a near-dead state, shouting the countdown, there is no Frontier or Elodie who can catch him, and there is an enemy in front of him who must be killed.

Moreover, his mind and attitude were already ready for battle.

‘Oh, no.’

The worst feelings overlap and the fact that there is no one to hold him.

Pielot feels like he is going back to the old days.

“You bastard,”

his voice changed.

Pielot thought it was his own voice, but he felt like he really missed it.

“Do you always give a name to the trash you throw away?”

A cold voice. A gaze that seems to look down on the other person.

He said that he was the best talent on this earth, and his self-righteous actions looked down on all people as equals, not knowing how high the sky was.

Instincts close to nature that have been suppressed for a long time are slowly overflowing.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“What do you do when you hear the name of someone who will die soon? “It’s just a pity.”


The devil let out a dry laugh at the absurd statement.

The arrow penetrated and the poison spread, making it impossible to move. Plus he carries a bow, and Pielot’s sword doesn’t reach him.

In this situation, you say something like that.

Besides, it was clearly a bluff a while ago, but this time it’s sincere.


The devil pulled out an arrow.

“If you really want to, you can kill me like that.”

One moment when you raise your arm to aim,


Pielot has disappeared.



The devil turned around in surprise.

The temporary barrier he had made just in case breaks, and Pielot’s shadow falls coolly from above his head.


The demon rolled back.

An unpleasant sensation crept into his legs, and the devil widened his distance and looked at Pielot again.

‘…Tch, I got a little cut.’

The devil checked his thighs. Blood flowing from long blood vessels. Pielot’s sword had touched it.

“Was that just a trick? It’s a shame. “It almost worked.”

The devil said, hiding his cold sweat.

A barrier made of mana. This wasn’t actually made with Pielot in mind. It was made in preparation for another surprise attack by the enemy.

I never thought that I would be shattered by the person I was confronting before my eyes.

“But, now.”

But the devil was rather relieved.

That attack just didn’t work.


Pielot let out a violent cough.

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I vomited blood.

“Cough! Cough! “Huh, huh!”

Every time I coughed, my body felt like it was being torn apart, and blood flowed backwards.

“Ahahaha! “I told you not to move!”

The devil laughed cheerfully.

He felt embarrassed when his thigh was cut, but now he has become even more superior.

Now that you’ve tasted the price of your move, you won’t be able to lift a finger anymore.

“Huh, huh, huh…!”

Pielot finally calmed his breathing. Rather than struggling, I forced myself to get my body in order.

A voice flew from him at that time.

[Pielot, what has flowed into your body is not poison.]

It was a voice that had been heard for a long time.


It was Hypnos, the god who bestowed divine power on Pielot.

he said

[Mana of the Demon World.]


Pielot’s eyes widened when he heard that voice.

[When humans accept mana from another world, a huge rejection reaction occurs. The images, smells, and sensations contained in that world are crumpled in chaos and eat away at the body. Fortunately, it is holding on because it is a demon world. If it had been the mana of Tartarus or Helheim moving around in your body, you would have died immediately.]

Since there was a mana injection incident on the Palind Continent, the mana of different objects cannot be transferred back and forth. In the case of the mana injection incident, it was successful in almost eliminating side effects because it was done among the same people.

However, if it becomes a completely different world, even that is impossible. Moreover, the worlds each have a close conceptual distance, and as the distance increases, it becomes more difficult to accept each other.

[Now understand, Pielot.]

I hear Hypnos’ voice.

[You were abandoned by Frontier.]


[After you followed Frondier’s words, I left your side. Because you weren’t what I wanted. Because Frondeer removed your true power.]


Another arrow.

Even as Hypnos talks loudly, time passes.

The devil fired an arrow to see if Pielot could move again, and Pielot cut him with the arrow again.

Rather than calling it exploration, this time there are many purposes for playing with Pielot.

[But look. Even though the arrow pierced him and the Demon World’s mana spread throughout his body, he was on the verge of death, but Frondier had no intention of coming. But you are getting back to your original self. Your talent was never wasted. You already had a talent that surpassed that of Aster and Frondier. Frondia is the one who stepped on that bud.]


Two shots this time. Just like before, Pielot cut down the things flying in their respective orbits.

The demon still tilted his head, anticipating the outcome.

How on earth is that possible?

It’s not strange if Pielot falls down at any time, but he still can’t follow the blade with his eyes.

[Put everyone under your feet, Pielot! It is as it should be! Your true nature brings out your strongest strength! Stand above humans! That is the true form of your arrogance,]


Pielot interrupted Hypnos.

Just like you did to the devil earlier.

As Hypnos himself said, in a truly arrogant voice.

“You too, shut up.”

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